20 Things Girls Think Guys Love (But They Actually Can’t Stand)

The battle of the sexes has been raging for generations, between men and women who – for some reason – find it almost impossible to communicate exactly what they want from a relationship.

Naturally, this has led to more than a few misunderstandings within couples, and among single men and women who are trying to find that special someone. Everyone plays a role to a certain extent on the first few dates, but by the time a couple has been together a few months, they should be on the same wavelength.

But that isn’t always the case. This list illustrates the kinds of things women do which they think men like – but which most guys secretly hate. Check below to see if any of them sound familiar, as it could explain why your relationships don’t work out!

20 Stealing Men's Clothes

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Girlfriends have a notorious reputation for stealing their boyfriend’s clothes, especially sweaters and hoodies. Girls seem to think it’s a cute habit, which demonstrates that they always want to stay close to their man, but guys just get fed up that their favorite clothes go missing – and often don’t get returned even if they break up.

19 Having No Female Friends

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Some girls think that boasting about the fact that they have no female friends but love to hang out with the guys will make them seem more down-to-earth and low maintenance when it just sets off warning bells for guys. How awful does someone have to be for no-one of the same gender to want to be friends with them?

18 Wearing Too Much Makeup

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Some ladies, especially younger women, seem to think that there’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to makeup. More mature women have figured out that less is more when it comes to the way they look, and that makeup slapped on with a trowel doesn’t impress the guys.

17 Baby Talk

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Perhaps the only thing more annoying than a woman who talks too much is one who uses baby talk when she is talking to her guy. She may think she is being cute, but chances are her boyfriend just finds the whole thing a little too weird. He wants to date a woman, not a little girl…

16 Needing A Man To Fix Their Problems

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Back in the 50s, every woman was supposed to depend on her man for everything. But times have changed now, and men aren’t looking for a damsel in distress. Sure, guys don’t mind doing the odd bit of DIY for their girl, but they don’t want to be opening pickle jars every five minutes!

15 Having A Supermodel Figure

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Men might drool over supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, but when it comes to a real relationship they want a real woman – not one who is so skinny she looks as though she’s slip through the cracks in the pavement. Girls don’t need to feel under pressure to lose a lot of weight to get a man.

14 Fake Eyebrows

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It isn’t just women wearing too much makeup that can put guys off. The trend for fake eyebrows has most guys completely bemused – especially when they seem to have gone terribly wrong! It seems that when it comes to attracting men, the trick is to keep things as natural as possible.

13 Dressing In "Trashy" Clothes

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Similarly, what you wear can have a big impact on whether you get a second date. There are some girls who seem to think that showing as much flesh as possible is the best way to attract guys – and there will be some who like that look – but not men who are interested in a serious relationship.

12 Acting Live A Diva

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High-maintenance girls are not fun to date. They are always making demands on your time and your money, and they know how to pull a diva-like temper tantrum if they don’t get their way. Women might think that guys want a princess, but most would prefer to find someone who is their equal.

11 Or A Doormat

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The same goes, however, for girls who don’t stick up for themselves – more doormat than diva. If your guy seems to like that kind of behavior, then the chances are you aren’t in a very healthy relationship. A good man wouldn’t want to walk all over his girlfriend, so stand up for yourself.

10 Being "Quirky"

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Hollywood has a lot to answer for when it comes to women thinking that they need to be “quirky” in order to be attractive. Think of Jess from the TV show New Girl, who revels in her eccentricity. While it might be fun in the short term, most guys will soon get fed up with your whimsical behavior and try and find someone more on their wavelength.

9 Talking A Lot

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First dates are a great time to get to know each other, and it is only normal for guys and girls to talk a lot in the early days. Eventually, most couples settle into a rhythm where they don’t need to speak all the time – except there are plenty of women out there who just won’t shut up.

8 Expecting Men To Make The First Move

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The days are long gone when men were always expected to make the first move. In fact, very few people even meet their partner in a bar any more thanks to internet dating! However, guys tend to be a bit more cautious about making unwanted advances, which means that women now have to take the initiative.

7 Playing Dumb

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Some women incorrectly think that they always have to be subservient to their man and that guys want a girlfriend who is always going to be dependent on them. Girls playing up to the dumb blonde stereotype might make guys feel good for a little while, but they will eventually want someone who is on their own wavelength.

6 Overly Plump Lips

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Kylie Jenner has a lot to answer for when it comes to the current craze for plumped-up lips. Most girls get the same effect thanks to clever makeup, but even young women have undergone cosmetic surgery in order to get the plump lips – and men aren’t really that bothered either way!

5 Pretending To Be Interested In Sports

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There are plenty of women who are real sports fans, and who love nothing more than going to a game with their boyfriend. The problem comes when a girl pretends to love sports and just ends up embarrassing herself and her guy by pretending to know what she is talking about.

4 Not Communicating What They Want

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Men are simple creatures, especially when it comes to communication. They tend to be pretty clear about what they want, and have no problem communicating this to others. This is why guys get so frustrated by girls who either won’t or can’t explain what it is they need from the relationship.

3 And Not Telling A Man When Something Is Wrong

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In addition, there are plenty of girls who would rather sulk than have to explain to their other half that something is wrong. Guys aren’t mind readers, and they really hate it when women give them the silent treatment, and won’t even give them a clue as to what they might have done.

2 Playing Hard To Get

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For years women have thought that the best way to win a man’s heart is to play hard to get. Apparently, the last thing any girl should do when meeting a guy is to let him know how she really feels, which drives men crazy. How are they supposed to know if a girl likes him if she’s only interested in playing games?

1 Dropping Hints About Anything

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Guys don’t always notice when girls are dropping hints, either about how they feel or if there is something they need. Subtlety is not their strong point, so women need to be clear about what they want if they aren’t going to end up in the middle of a major misunderstanding.

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