20 Things Employees Have Said About Working For Angelina Jolie

We see a lot of Angelina Jolie when she appears on the red carpet, during media releases, and, of course, on the big screen. We also get some sneak peeks of her when the paparazzi snap a candid photo of her during a personal moment, or when she’s out and about with her kids. If you search the web by her name, there’s no shortage of pictures or information about her, but we don’t ever really know what her life is like behind closed doors.

Until now! Some of Angela Jolie's numerous nannies and bodyguards have dished the dirt about what they’ve seen, heard, and experienced during their time spent with this incredibly famous actress. Here are 20 Things Employees Have Said About Working For Angelina Jolie.

20 She’s A Free Spirit

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We tend to see Angelina looking serious and staring down the cameras, but her nanny set us straight during an interview with Star Magazine. Apparently Angelina is lax when it comes to setting rules for her kids to follow and lives a happy, carefree, and very free-spirited life.  She says; “It’s like they’re living in a hippie commune most of the time, because Angie doesn’t believe in rules. She thinks it’s important for the children to have freedom of expression, but that doesn’t always work well.”

19 Her House Is Always Chaotic

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It’s not difficult to imagine that without any rules set for the children, Angelina’s house is a bit chaotic and noisy. She reportedly lets the children run around their house at all hours of the day and night, since there is no bedtime that’s enforced, and she allows them to tell the chef to cook anything they want – whenever they want it!

18 She Is Too Lenient With The Kids

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Lenient may be an understatement here. By all accounts, Angelina’s parenting trademark is to take a very “hands-off” approach. The children are permitted to use their devices and technology in an unlimited fashion, and they get to choose what they want to learn. That’s right – they are home-schooled and Angelina insists they only be taught things that are of interest to them.

17 Spends Lavishly On Vacations

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Angelina’s nannies may have their hands full with the chaotic lifestyle at the Jolie household, but there are definitely some perks. Radar On-Line reports that the nannies are brought along on expensive vacations. They say there were as many as 12 nannies on-hand to tend to the 6 children during a holiday in the Turks and Caicos. They stayed at the Parrot Cay – in the lap of extreme luxury. Imagine the cost of flying 12 nannies on your vacation, on top of paying their wage!

16 She Has Her Temper In Check

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When it comes to self-control, Angelina is the mistress of her domain. She has a very strict “no-fighting-in-front-of-the-kids” rule, and she sticks to it. Adults are not permitted to argue or raise their voices when her children are present, nor are they allowed to show signs of sadness or stress. Imagine how difficult it must be to show that level of restraint during stressful situations and not be able to express your feelings in your own home.

15 She Has A Lot Of Alone-Time

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For a woman that made it her mission to adopt so many children, it's surprising to hear she spends very little time with them. The nannies seem to describe Angelina as a woman who takes pride in her private-time. A former nanny told an interviewer from Hollywood Life all about Angelina’s frequent time spent without the children. She is quoted as saying “Even when she’s home, she is usually holed up in her room making phone calls”

14 She’s Not An Involved Parent

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If we pair her “no rules for the kids” belief with her frequent mandatory-alone-time and her 12 nannies, it’s easy to see that Angelina is not a very involved parent. She always makes sure she has staff on-hand to assist with anything and everything the children need, and for the most part it seems that she is very hands-off when it comes to their actual upbringing.

13 Body Guards Act As Parents

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In 2016, The Daily Mail featured a bodyguard that stated he felt like he was parenting Angelina’s children way more than she did. During the interview, he said he felt that he “fathered” them, and he felt like he was “more of a parent to the six kids than Brad or Angelina.

12 Staff Has The Right To Take The Children Out

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It’s one thing for Angelina to have staff at the house and during her travels, to ensure that someone is there to tend to her children. However, reports show she goes one step further and allows the bodyguards to get a free-pass to take the children out anytime, and any place they wish to go. In fact, one of them reported he was obligated to take them so often, it began to negatively affect his own personal life as he lost time with his own family.

11 She Has Been Sued By Her Own Staff

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In 2011, one of her own staff members filed a law suit against Angelina Jolie saying that she was wrongfully dismissed. She worked as an in-home translator for Brad Pitt and Jolie, and complains that she was fired shortly after taking some sick-leave. She went on to sue for $120,000.

10 Her Kids Attended Her Birthing Room

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This is a highly controversial and somewhat troubling point, but it has been confirmed by Marie Claire that a former employee can attest to this fact. Angelina flew the kids over in a rush so they could be inside her birthing room to fully experience child-birth. We're not sure how they felt about it, but we'll likely find out directly from them one day...

9 She’s Laissez-Faire

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Given her very laid back attitude towards the children, and rules in general, it’s fair to say that Angelina’s staff portrays her as being very laissez-faire in her overall approach to life. According to Daily Mail, a former staffer revealed that Brad is the tougher parent, and that Angelina and Brad used to argue frequently about this free parenting-style that she embraces.

8 Doesn’t Actually Parent Her Kids

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Let’s put together what we have learned so far; there are 12 nannies for 6 children, Angelina spends a lot of time alone, she doesn’t believe in rules for the kids, and the house is always chaotic. It seems as though she doesn’t really “parent” her kids. They seem to have a free lifestyle – it’s even free from her personal guidance, it seems.

7 She’s Indifferent To Children’s Routines

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According to an interview with Hollywood Life, a former nanny revealed that “the word ‘curfew’ isn’t used a lot in the Jolie-Pitt household.” Most parents put their kids on some sort of schedule or routine which dictates proper sleeping and eating hours, as well as study time, physical fitness time, etc. The nanny claims Angelina is indifferent to the children’s routines altogether, and says “In the middle of the night, they’re running down the hallway, waking their parents up and trying to get into their beds.”

6 She’s Puts Brad Through A Lot

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There may have been a lot of photos taken of Brad and Angelina over the years, but according to the nannies, their lives were far from being “picture-perfect.” The nannies reveal that Angelina was quite awful to Brad and didn’t hesitate to portray him in a way that they didn’t feel to be true. During an interview with The Sun with two of the nannies, one commented by saying Angelina “puts him through a lot” and went on to say she didn’t “think he deserves it.”

5 Shiloh And Angelina Aren’t Close

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Within the same article posted by The Sun, the nannies reveal that Shiloh and Angelina are not very close at all, and that in fact, they are often at odds with one another. One of the nannies stated that Shiloh “idolizes Brad and pretty much likes all the same things he does.”

4 She Isolates Her Children

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Angelina does not allow her children to have sleepovers or visits with friends. Most of the friends they know are family or very close friends of Brad and Angelina. Given the fact that they are home-schooled, this level of isolation makes it impossible for them to engage with other children outside of their home.

3 She Uses The Kids As Weapons

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According to the Daily Mail, a former nanny by the name of Krisann Morel is deeply concerned with what has happened within the Jolie-Pitt household. She draws parallels between how Angelina’s parents used her as a “weapon” during their marital battle, and how Angelina is handling the children’s well-being during her divorce from Brad. Krisann’s reference point seems to be a valid one, since she actually used to be Angelina’s nanny when she was young!

2 The Truth About Brad’s Violence

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Many have speculated that Angelina may have crafted the story of Brad’s violence, in an attempt to gain sole custody of the children. Morel has used the forum of the Daily Mail to beg that this topic be given more attention. She had seen the same behavior of Angelina’s mother in the past, and claims that Angelina is lying about this entirely, referencing Brad as “the only stability they have ever had.”

1 She Over-Steps

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Angelina over-steps with the people that work for her and with her while on-set. The Hollywood Reporter tells a tale of the time that 20th Century Fox nixed Jolie’s role on Murder On The Orient Express.  Apparently, they claim she made way too many demands for script changes, and was insistent and persistent in her efforts. Clearly, she had no right to be – her job is to follow the script she’s given.

Sources: TMZ, Daily Mail, The Hollywood Reporter

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