These Types of Men Are Cancers: Here's His Worst Trait Based On His Sign

Every sign has bad traits, just like each person. There's no good without the bad, right? While it's always fun to look at your lover through rose-colored glasses, it's just not reality. His true colors will eventually start to show, so if you're ready to face what his worst trait could be, then it's time to prepare yourself. Maybe you've already witnessed a few of his horrific traits, well, doesn't hurt to confirm them, right? So, if you're wondering what your crush or partner's bad traits are then this is a good starting point.

As long as you know his sun sign then there's a good chance you'll draw some similarities from the below bad traits. If you know his moon sign, then you'll start to understand him even more. And if you really want to dissect his personality, find out his ascending (rising) sign. Because there's three signs that make up a person, knowing those three will really help you make sense of their good, bad and ugly traits.

Just take into consideration that while he may exhibit some of these annoying and even intolerable traits, there's always good, and even great, traits to a person. Keep those in mind while reading before you send him a long-winded text telling him how he's too controlling.


15 Your Aquarius Guy Is A Bit Of A Narcissist

Because Aquarius is an air sign, he's highly intellectual and naturally intelligent. Unlike his fellow uber charming air signs--Gemini and Libra--the Aquarius man is less charming than the two but more intelligent. And he knows this. The Aquarius man isn't afraid to give someone an earful of analytical information to prove their point and show them how much smarter they are. In fact, the Aquarius guy loves doing this. Among other eccentricities, I'm sure you've noticed that he highly values himself as the most intelligent person he knows. So while the water bearer can be aloof and distant most of the time, at worst he is his own worst enemy by showing his narcissistic side. Let's just say if you ever find yourself in a debate with an Aquarius, get ready to be schooled.

14 Good Luck Getting Your Pisces Dude To Stay Faithful


The Pisces man is the ultimate daydreamer and romantic. If you've found yourself in a relationship (or non-relationship) with a Pisces, get ready for some dangerous mind games. He's one of the worst signs to fall for because he will pull out all the romantic stops right away like Aladdin showing Jasmine a whole new world. The problem is that he wants to show all of the women the world (enter roll eye emoji). Your Pisces man is a mysterious, tortured soul usually riddled with a bit of a drinking problem to top it off, but who can blame him when his sign if two fish swimming in opposite directions? He's always at a conflict within himself and this, especially, involves other women. He loves hard, but not just one person. So, if you find yourself involved with a Pisces guy, we don't blame you for going through his phone when he's passed out late at night.

13 BONUS: The Smoke And Mirrors Act With Your Pisces Man Will Get Old

Poor Pisces. He gets a bad rep for infidelity, but another terrible trait is his deeply secretive side. While he comes off as a tender, head-over-heels in love man, you know (as a woman's intuition just does) that's not the real him. Getting him to be emotionally honest with you takes time and the utmost amount of patience. Some days you won't even be able to tell if he's lying to cover something up or just because he doesn't know how to tell the truth. And, finally, you'll be done with wondering when he's going to open to you and you'll get tired...and leave. That is unless he's pulled you in too deep, then good luck getting out! Pisces men are the easiest to fall in love with, but the hardest to stay happy with. It's not their fault they're so conflicted deep inside.

12 Your Aries Man Thinks The World Revolves Around Him


If you love doting on your man, then get yourself an Aries dude STAT. The Aries man is the baby of the zodiac meaning he's a huge momma's boy. He will expect you to wait on him, make sure he's getting his needs met, and even bring home the bacon. Yes, seriously. This man is all about him and no one else. Unless he has a moon sign that balances out his selfishness, you'll experience this type of behavior from your Aries man to some degree. Some are worst than others, but he expects a lot from his partner without giving much back. Sure, he's the life of the party, the ultimate charmer, and super good looking, but it doesn't always cancel out the bad traits he carries at his core. Do you want to know his love language? It's all of them. Good luck.

11 If He's A Taurus, He's Probably Superficial And Materialistic

Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the planet of love and all things beautiful. So, it's no surprise that this man loves his women gorgeous, even superficially so. One of your Taurus man's worst traits is that he enjoys the finer things in life a little too much such as gorgeously over-the-top women, as well as material items. He may come off as superficial and way too into material items, but when you get to know him through all of the gluttony, he's a really loyal and genuine guy. But, meeting him at first glance you might just think he's another arrogant and ignorant dude-bro looking for an Instagram model as his girlfriend. Just have patience as you'll find he's looking for a much, much more deeper connection than he lets on.

10 BONUS: It's Your Taurus Man's Way Or The Highway


Another bad trait of a Taurus man? Well, he's the sign of the bull so it's his way or the highway. The Taurus man isn't very compromising and is as stubborn as they come. So, while he is the ultimate man's man and can be low-key romantic, he has flaws. If you're someone who has to have their way all of the time, then get ready for the relationship friction that is sure to come at you. If you're more go with the flow, then this relationship will be on the easier side. Want to test how much your Taurus man is into you or how much he loves you? Get him to compromise with you. This type of guy won't compromise unless he's in deep with the one he loves.

9 If You're Looking For Consistency, A Gemini Man Is Not It

While your Gemini man is charming, chatty and exciting, consistency isn't his best trait, if even a trait at all within him. Gemini's are as flighty as the element they represent (air) and while they fulfill their career responsibilities, they're less likely to be a routine type of partner, if that's what you're looking for. Sure, you may find a Gemini man who is super reliable and routine, but that just means he, most likely, has an earth sign as his moon sign making him more on the dependable side. So, if a Gemini has you head over heels for him, just revel in his romance because it could be there one day, but gone the next. This is the sign of twins, after all. There's one side of your Gemini man and then there's the other, which brings on the inconsistency you may experience with him. Don't say we didn't warn you.


8 Cancer and His Roller Coaster Of Emotions Will Drive You Crazy


This water sign has a hard outer shell (his sign is the crab, after all) but don't be fooled by his serious demeanor as he's a real softy on the inside. Once you've stolen your Cancer man's heart (this isn't hard to do as he tends to always be in a relationship), then you'll start to see his serious and calm side go through a series of others emotions. He's got a very jealous and possessive side that he's not afraid to show, so that will probably be your first show of emotions from him. He also has a very sensitive side that he will either disguise with anger or sadness. Either way, sensitive is this sign's middle name. It just depends how he deals with his emotions (check his moon sign for more intel on that). As the sign of the crab, he will either hold them in until they explode out of him in a fit of rage or crying. Or he will freely let his emotions show, in which case these could be fits of jealousy or possessiveness. Get ready.

7 Your Leo Man's Need For Attention Can Be Exhausting

If he's a Leo then you've, probably, already guessed his worst trait. He's the lion a.k.a. the king of the jungle meaning the need for attention can be and, ultimately, is exhausting. He's an alpha male that needs to feel important to feel good about himself so if you're not going to give him that attention, your Leo man will find it from somewhere (or someone) else. One of Leo's best traits is loyalty, but if your Leo guy doesn't feel appreciated or showered with enough attention, that loyalty can wane. So, go ahead and stroke his ego, compliment him, and make him feel like the king he is because while it can be exhausting in the moment, the outcome makes it worth it. When your Leo man feels like the king he is, rest assured he will make you feel and treat you like you're the only queen in the world and for him.

6 BONUS: Leo's Ego Takes Up Too Much Room


Another terrible trait about your Leo man? His ego takes up more room than his need for attention. What's worst about his ego than his need for attention, is that if his ego is bruised in any way, expect retaliation in the fullest form. He will go to great lengths to make you feel bad about bruising his ego in any form. From the cold shoulder to the silent treatment to downright spreading rumors, your Leo man deals with a bruised ego in a childish way. Not only will he not stand for a bruised ego, he expects you to constantly inflate it while you're with him. On the brighter side, you can kill two birds with one stone while stroking his ego, which means you'll have to give him attention. If you can happily keep both of those up, then you'll see a lack of his two worst traits.

5 Get Ready For Some Critical Feedback From Your Virgo Guy

Have you noticed how your Virgo man always needs to be right? Whether he is or isn't most of the time, his need to constantly be in a debate and be a complete know-it-all is one of his worst traits--and more annoying, if anything. Virgo is the sign of service so he thinks his critical feedback, which can double as nagging is his way of making you a better person. So, while he might mildly offend you with his backhanded compliments and criticism, he still thinks he's doing you a favor. If you're someone who isn't fond of hearing critical feedback in a relationship, you're probably not going to fall head over heels for a Virgo man. Sometimes, this terrible trait in a Virgo man can be endearing if he's smart enough to pair it with witty humor, but even that will start to get old.

4 Your Charming Libra Guy Is Nearly Impossible To Tie Down


The sign of balance, justice and harmony is too busy making peace and charming the pants off all of his female friends to ever settle down or, settle, in general. Your Libra man will have a rough time committing to you, and that's one of the worst traits when it comes to a relationship. Yes, he's always eager to make you happy and bring on the romance, but only when he's with you. Whenever he's not with you, it's safe to say he's probably helping another girl feel her best when she's with him, too. Sure, this doesn't mean all Libra men are out wooing every girl or are impossible to get to settle down. But, if your man is a true Libra, then it may take years, even decades, to get him to commit to you, and only you.

3 If Your Scorpio Man Is Betrayed, Get Ready For His Vengeance

If you're new to the Scorpio dating game, then get ready for a relationship like you've never experienced. With that said, Scorpio men are known for the mystery, discretion, intensity and for being the most sexual sign of the zodiac. You can take those traits as good or bad, but one undeniably good trait is that they're extremely loyal to their partners...once they've committed, that is. So, if your Scorpio man ever finds out you've betrayed his trust or been dishonest with him in any way, get ready for his vengeance. His anger goes deeper than short-tempered Aries and is more intense than Aquarius and his ice cold shoulder. A Scorpio man scorned will take a breakup to new depths. You can expect more of an eye-for-an-eye mentality, but worse. Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion and when angered, get ready for that sting. This sign doesn't take anything lightly. When they love, they love intensely and genuinely, but when they experience betrayal, their wrath is worse than a Scorpion's sting.

2 If He's A Sagittarius, He's Scathingly Honest


One of the best and worst traits of your Sagittarius is his honesty. The good news is that your Sagittarius man finds it extremely difficult, even impossible, to lie to you. The bad news is that his honesty can be worse to hear than a lie. So, if you like being fed spoonfuls of sugar with your truth, this sign may be too harsh for you at time. He's a fun sign to date due to his need for travel and his ongoing wanderlust, but, after awhile, you may find it exhausting if you're looking for more of a settled and low key relationship. So, due to his "Neverland" tendencies, your Sagittarius male finds it hard to "settle down" in the traditional sense. This is when he lets his truth speak and you may find it hard to hear. Either way, it's better to hear the truth than a lie, even if it is hard to digest.

1 Your Capricorn Man Can Be A Tyrant

Ohhhh, the Capricorn man. He's the sign of traditionalism, discipline and control. While many consider those great traits in a person, they can also border on terrible traits depending on how they're exercised within that person. With that said, if your man is a Capricorn then you've surely noticed he's a bit of a control freak, stickler for the rules, and lays heavily on the traditional side of society's spectrum. So, if you're looking for a partner who you can let your hair down with, exercise your free spirit, and not take too seriously, then the Capricorn man is not it. But, if you're overly serious yourself (probably a Capricorn too, right?) then this may sound like your dream guy. All in all, his worst trait boils down to being way too serious. Snooze.


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