These Dupes Are Way More Affordable Than KKW Makeup

If we love makeup and consider ourselves pros, then we definitely are familiar with KKW Beauty. Kim Kardashian West started her product line in 2017 and ever since then, her website has been selling contour sticks, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more.

It totally makes sense that the star would go into makeup since, of course, her makeup always looks absolutely perfect and beautiful. Whether she has countered her face perfectly or is rocking a low-key lip, she looks great.

No matter what our opinion on the Kardashian-Jenner family, we can't help but admit that these ladies know what they're doing when it comes to makeup.

As makeup lovers ourselves, we've probably checked out the KKW Beauty website and dreamed of buying many of the products. While some are pretty affordable, there are many that are a bit steep in price, and it's definitely true that we can find products that are a bit easier on the wallet.

The interesting thing about makeup is that we really don't have to spend a lot in order to get quality products that make us happy (and make putting on our makeup each morning a total dream).

These dupes are way more affordable than KKW Makeup. Let's take a look at these 20 products.

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20 8 Piece Nabi Cosmetics Professional Selected Lipstick Set Of 8 Amazing Colors ($9.46)

via picmoonco.pw

Red lipstick is a must-have, even if we say that we can't pull it off like our BFF can. The truth is that we can and we just have to find the perfect shade for us. Thankfully, we don't have to break the bank on KKW lipstick products. The KKW Best Of Red Lipstick Set is $65 and we can buy this Nabi lipstick set of 8 for only $9.96.

The colors range from classic reds to light and dark pinks, so there's something for all of us no matter what our favorite color. At that price point, it's basically like getting each lipstick for $1-2 which is the best beauty news ever.

You can see the lipstick set here.

19 Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip By Kate Nude Collection ($4.72)

via Pinterest

If Kim Kardashian is known for rocking one kind of lip color, it would definitely be a nude lip. She's often photographed with glowing hair, skin, and makeup, including a nude-colored lipstick. It makes sense, then, that part of her KKW collection would be Nude Creme Lipsticks.

The KKW Nude Creme Lipstick is $18, but we don't have to spend that much. Instead, we can go for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip by Kate Nude Collection is only $4.72. That is honestly such a great deal and we're already dreaming of all the nude lip looks that we can sport this spring and summer season.

You can see the product here.

18 Maybelline Makeup Total Temptation Washable Mascara ($6.25)

via MakeupAlley

There's nothing like a good swipe of mascara. Okay, okay, so we would probably say that about any beauty product since we have so many favorites and each one serves such a specific purpose. But it's true that mascara can really make us look like we have our stuff together (even if we feel like we've had a super busy week at work or are otherwise a mess).

The KKW Glam Bible Mascara is $18. But, thankfully, we can find a more affordable product. At $6.95, Maybelline Makeup Total Temptation Washable Mascara is a total steal.

You can see the product here.

17 e.l.f. Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette, Four Blush Shades For Beautiful, Long-Lasting Pigment ($5.90)

via elf Cosmetics Australia

While many of us wish that we had a natural flush on our cheeks, it's definitely true that we need some help sometimes, and that means that we need to find a great blush.

The  KKW Glam Bible Blush is $18, but instead of going that route, we can find a more affordable product. We should check out e.l.f. Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette, Four Blush Shades for Beautiful, Long-Lasting Pigment which is only $5.90. It's pretty awesome to find a product that has four blush colors for that price, and we can have fun trying them out to see which one we like the best.

You can see the product here.

16 Beauty Glazed Make Up Eyeshadow Palette ($10.88)


When we were little girls who were playing in our mom's makeup bag or bathroom drawers, we might have been drawn to her eyeshadow most of all. We still love a good eyeshadow and while some of us wear it every day, others prefer to use it for fancier and special ocassions.

But the KKW Classic Palette is $45 for 10 shades. Instead of going for that higher-priced option, we can go for the Beauty Glazed Make Up Eyeshadow Palette which is only $10.88 and has 35 shades! One reviewer shared, "Love this product, I was very pleasantly surprised by the pigment of each of the colors and the size of the palette! I have now used it every single day for a new and fun look."

You can find it here.

15 Catrice Light Illusion Loose Banana Powder ($8.54)

via Pinterest

When we started getting really into makeup, we started learning about products like powder. At first, we might have been kind of confused about what to do with it or how to use it. But then we learned that it's good to use beauty products that don't make us look like we have an entire face of makeup on. We definitely don't want to use a powder that is heavy.

The KKW Brightening Powder is $18. But we can find an affordable option here, too. For only $8.54, we can buy the Catrice Light Illusion Loose Banana Powder.

You can find the powder here.

14 BYS Cream Contouring Palette Tin Collection ($12.99)

If there's another thing besides a nude lip that Kim Kardashian is known for, it would definitely be her contouring. She loves this makeup technique, which means using beauty products to make our cheekbones and other parts of our face more obvious. We can agree that she looks awesome all the time and that this technique is working well for her.

We want to contour at home... but at a price that we can afford. The KKW Creme Contour and Highlight Kit is $48, but we can find an affordable option for sure. We definitely want to try the BYS Cream Contouring Palette Tin Collection, which is much cheaper at $12.99.

You can see the product here.

13 COVERGIRL Lashblast Intensify Me Liquid Liner ($8.61)

via JennySue Makeup

Not everyone uses eyeliner, but liquid liner is a great way to make our eyes stand out and turn some heads when we walk into a room... and, honestly, who doesn't want to do that every once in a while?!

The KKW Glam Bible Eyeliner is $10 which is one of the more affordable options, but we can still find a product that is much cheaper.

We're probably super familiar with COVERGIRL because this is such a great, affordable makeup brand. Thankfully, the brand makes an awesome eyeliner at a great price, too. We should go for the COVERGIRL Lashblast Intensify Me Liquid Liner at only $8.61.

You can see the liquid liner here.

12 Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner In Rose ($7.46)

via stealing your sunbeams

Lip liner might not be a mainstay of everyone's makeup bags. Using lip liner before lipstick can make everything stay on our faces for longer, and that's always what we're looking for.

The KKW Glam Bible Lip Liner is $12, which, again, is one of the more affordable products. We can find something even cheaper, though, as we're always looking for a good deal. For only $7.46, let's try the Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner In Rose.

As one reviewer shared, "This lipliner is long lasting and keeps gloss and lipstick from bleeding and feathering. I have also used L'Oreal Endure liner and this is definitely better--long lasting and better at forming a barrier at the lip line."

You can see the lip liner here.

11 Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss ($9.93)

via Pinterest

Lip gloss is the makeup of the '90s and '2000s, right? Maybe we haven't even thought about it since we were pre-teens trying to look cool and starting to wear makeup... or maybe we wear gloss on a daily basis. Either way, it's always smart to have a variety of beauty products in our makeup bag and under our bathroom sink.

While the KKW Glam Bible Gloss is $18, it's also possible to find a more affordable option for lip glosses. We can't go wrong with Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss, which is only $9.93.

You can find the lip gloss here.

10 Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Palette ($9.60)

via Pinterest

What about a highlighting palette? This is a must when we want to spend a bit more time on our makeup routine in the morning and try some new products. While we might be more casual with our makeup and stick to lipstick and some foundation, highlighter can work wonders. Its main purpose to make our skin look better... and we can't say no to that.

The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Palette is another beauty product that is under $10 which is a really awesome deal. The KKW Glam Bible Highlighter is $20, so this product is half its price.

You can find the highlighting palette here.

9 Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color Assorted Bundle ($18.98)

via Bloglovin

If we're lipstick girls, then we're likely married to certain shades and really have a tough time leaving that comfort zone. The cool thing about a bundle of lipstick is that we can stick to peach, pink, or red lipstick and try a few different shades. We don't have to go too nuts since we're sticking to the general color that we enjoy using.

The KKW Pink Creme Lipstick Set is $144. The Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color Assorted Bundle is only $18, which is an amazing deal and definitely a lot cheaper. This is music to our lipstick-loving ears. The bundle comes with six lipsticks.

You can find the lip color bundle here.

8 NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Wonder Stick ($5.79)

via Pinterest

Now that we know that we absolutely have to contour, we want to find some awesome products. When we want to try out this makeup technique, we should look for a contour stick.

KKW Creme Contour Stick is $18, but for only $5.79, we can try the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Wonder Stick. That's definitely much cheaper (so maybe we can buy one for our BFF, too). According to one girl's review, "This was a great product for my 1st time trying contouring. Definitely will buy more and have recommended it to all my friends. Very easy to use and affordable."

You can find the product here.

7 L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Up To 24HR Fresh Wear Liquid Longwear Foundation ($14.24)

via Essentially Sammie

KKW Beauty doesn't sell any foundations, but KKW Concealer Kits are $80. That's much more than most of us want to spend, that's for sure.

We can try the L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible up to 24HR Fresh Wear Liquid Longwear Foundation for only $14.24.

One girl shared in a review that even her boyfriend thought that it worked really well: "I have been wearing this for a few days and I must say I love this foundation. It matches my skin perfectly and looks natural like I have perfect skin. I have combo skin and also sensitive acne prone skin... Plus my boyfriend complimented how my makeup/foundation look and we all know men don't really notice things like that."

You can find the foundation here.

6 Niceface 10Pack Lip Gloss Collection Liquid Metal Texture Lipstick Waterproof Long-lasting Velvet Lipgloss Makeup Set ($19.99)

via Amazon

Sure, we've heard of lip gloss and lipstick, of course, but what about liquid lipstick? This is a really interesting product. KKW By Kylie Cosmetics: Creme Liquid Lipstick Collection is $45, but for only $20.99, we can try the Niceface 10Pack Lip Gloss Collection.

Many girls have tried it and are happy with it, with one sharing, "Bought this as a gift for my roommate who loves high end makeup. Super pleased with the quality, especially for such an incredible price. I've tried this myself, and it lasts all day. The colors are vibrant and true to the pictures. The color stays all day and has a matte finish but leaves your lips looking moisturized and healthy."

You can see the product here.

5 Maybelline New York Color Sensation Rebel Bloom Lipstick, Peach Poppy ($5.90)

via Simply TinaKO - WordPress.com

KKW Beauty has peach, nude, red, and pink lipsticks, and this brand totally covers all of the bases. After all, while we might try some bolder lip colors for Halloween or if we're going to a fancy holiday party, we tend to stick to classic colors like these.

KKW Peach Creme Lipsticks are $18, but instead, go for Maybelline New York Color Sensation Rebel Bloom Lipstick, Peach Poppy for only $5.90. As one girl shared in a review, "I have had guys complement my lipstick. I'll give you a second here to process this. Yes, guys (plural) complimented me on my lipstick."

You can find the lipstick here.

4 Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Best Red ($4.97)

via Beauty Broadcast

There are people who wear only red lipstick and these tend to be the same people who buy new ones all the time... often in the exact same shade. It's a thing. If that describes us, then our friends, family, and partner might ask us, "ANOTHER red lipstick?" on a regular basis. And we always smile and shrug and say, "Yes. It's totally necessary."

We're obviously in the market for a new red lipstick, and we might be looking at some higher-priced brands. KKW Red Creme Lipsticks are $21, but for only $4.97, we can get the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Best Red.

You can find the lipstick here.

3 Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder ($5.69)

via YouTube

Once we get really into makeup, we start learning about powders, and suddenly we can't get enough products into our bathroom cabinets and makeup bags. It's like we could live without these beauty products before and once we realize that we can't, we want all of them.

Unfortunately, KKW Flashing Lights Pressed Powders are $21. But for only $5.69, we can get Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder.

As one girl shared in a review, "I have really sensitive skin. I am allergic to creme to powder foundation. Frustrating because all makeup I have to get has to be light weight... This product makes it stay and reduces the shine. Best product I have tried in a long time."

You can find the powder here.

2 Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder ($5.67)

via YouTube

So we want to add to our powder collection. Even the biggest makeup pros might not want to spend too much when it comes to this beauty product. As it turns out, we can get something that is less than $10 (and even less than $6).

KKW Flashing Lights Loose Powders are $17, but for $5.97 we can go for Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder. This product got really amazing reviews, and one girl shared, "I love this loose powder out of all the ones I've tried and it smells amazing! No flash back and it blends very well!" Another said, "I am totally blown away by this product."

You can find the product here.

1 Ulta Beauty Favorites Kit 7 Piece Set With 5 Full Size Product ($22.45)

via eBay

While we don't mind buying individual beauty products (in fact, we love it), it can be really fun to buy a set of products that all come together. It reminds us of being kids and playing dress up.

The KKW Glam Bible Bundle is $150 and comes with a variety of products such as eyeshadow, lipstick, and more. Even if we're treating ourselves (or putting some beauty products on our Christmas list), we have to admit that's a bit steep.

We can find a more affordable option with the Ulta Beauty Favorites Kit 7 Piece Set With 5 Full Size Product. This product is $22.45. Yup, that's a huge price difference.

You can find the product here.

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