These 90s Lip Glosses Are Making A Comeback This Summer

It was great to grow up in the '90s and know that lip gloss always came in fruity or otherwise food-inspired flavors that smelled really good. Many of us came of age using Lip Smackers since we couldn't help but want our lip glosses to smell just like bubble gum.

And since these products came in flavors, our moms were definitely more comfortable letting us buy and use them. It seemed a lot more innocent than buying some long-lasting red lipstick, for example.

Well, we have some really good news: flavored lip glosses are back and people are loving them. Even if we're the biggest lipstick users around and no one can quite recognize us without the color that we always wear, we can remember the simple fun of using lip gloss.

It's enjoyable and seems less serious than lipstick, which can have a very grown-up feel to it. We say bring on the lip glosses—and the fruitier the flavor, the better.

The '90s called and they want their lip glosses back... but we don't care because we love this nostalgic beauty trend. Here are 20 '90s inspired lip glosses that are making a comeback this summer. Which one should we try first?

18 Lip Smacker Coke & Fanta Cups 4 Piece Lip Balm Collection

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Lip Smacker just screams 1990s to us, right? This is the brand that we grew up using... and we can use it once again! This lip balm collection is totally perfect if we're missing the '90s and want to wear some flavored lip products once again this summer. This collection comes in four flavors: Fanta Strawberry, Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape, and Coca-Cola Classic.

You can find the Lip Smackers on Amazon

That's right, these lip balms are based on our favorite sodas, and the pack of four is only $12.99. The product design is really cute, too, as each one has a little straw and looks a lot like a plastic cup of pop.

17 Expressions Girl / 7-piece Flavored Lip Gloss Set

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This set of seven flavored lip glosses from Expressions Girls also has a very '90s vibe to it. The flavors are so much fun: Vanilla/White, Orange/Orange, Grape/Purple, Strawberry/Pink, Blueberry/Blue, Lemon/Yellow, and Cherry/Red.

This is also a great lip gloss to buy for ourselves and for any younger girls in our lives, too. Maybe we have a cousin or younger sister who would adore them. As one 13-year-old girl shared in a review, "I love these lil glosses and I'm 13. And I just still love the smell of them, they are so cute and shiny."

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For only $8.46, this set of seven flavored lip glosses can be yours.

16 Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Flavored Lip Shine


If we miss the lip glosses of the 1990s that always came in flavors that sounded just like food, then the Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Flavored Lip Shine is what we want to be wearing this summer. Even the name of this beauty product is fun (and so much better than "Red" or "Pink").

Find Philosophy Lip Shine On Amazon

As one girl shared in a review, "Love, love, love!!! Bath and body works stopped making my favorite flavor of lip gloss so I replaced it with this... Watch out it's addicting. It stays on forever and tastes good enough to eat."

This lip shine costs $9.99 so it's a good pick.

15 Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss


This is a great lip gloss if we love cherry-flavored products. Perhaps we're remembering how our 12-year-old selves would always buy cherry lip balm or gloss. Well, since flavored lip glosses are making a comeback this summer, we should definitely grab a tube of the Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss.

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It's $18 and smells good, too, which is a bonus of flavored lip gloss. One girl reviewed it and wrote, "I’m in love with this gloss! I am definitely a gloss girl, I rarely ever wear lipstick, so I am always looking for a good tube of lip gloss. It has a cherry scent, which, personally, I thoroughly enjoy. It’s not sticky at all. The applicator is pretty big, which I find quite useful. I am about to order in a few other colors!" We can't wait to try it (and we can't wait for the amazing smell of cherry).

14 Blue Cross Blossom Scented Lip Gloss With Real Flowers In Strawberry Banana

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This lip gloss is only $6.41 and, according to the official product description, it has "Bursting notes of strawberry with sweet floral undertones." That sounds wonderful, especially since summer is approaching.

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The Strawberry Banana flavor is enough to make us want to buy this product immediately because that is a really fun flavor. We might not have been able to find any lip glosses in this flavor back in the day since strawberry or cherry were common, so this is really enjoyable and makes our '90s selves very happy.

One review says, "Like this lip gloss. It is light and works great."

13 Lip Smacker Coffee And Tea Lip Balm Party Pack


What can we say?! We love Lip Smacker, and we definitely need the Lip Smacker Coffee and Tea Lip Balm Party Pack.

You get quite a lot of lip balms in this pack for $9.49. The flavors are Pumpkin Spice Latte, Mocha Frappe, Watermelon Lemonade, and more. That's right, there is a PSL-flavored Lip Smacker. '90s inspired flavored lip glosses, meet our 2019 obsession with PSLs (and all things pumpkin).

You can see it Amazon

As one girl shared in a review, she's been a big fan of the brand: "I have used Lip Smackers since I was 5 years old, and still have not found a better chapstick! I remember when they were scented before also adding flavor. The flavor/scent is very important to me."

12 Candy Kisses All Natural Lip Balm - 24 Pieces Assorted Flavors: Watermelon/Cherry Vanilla/Bubblegum


Yup, this set has 24 different lip balms, which is great news since it's also only $29.93. We do love two things: '90s nostalgia and a good bargain.

The flavors are watermelon, cherry vanilla, and bubblegum, which are amazing. We can indulge our younger selves and remember the days when we wanted our makeup to come in fun flavors and when we wouldn't settle for anything that was dull. These lip balms are perfect for summer so we should definitely stock up now and get ready. Chances are, our best friends will ask what lip balm we're wearing since it smells so good.

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11 Blossom Scented Lip Gloss By Blossom Beauty

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Are you looking for a lip gloss that smells good, reminds you of the 1990s, and is priced well too? Then you're going to be interested in the Blossom Scented Lip Gloss by Blossom Beauty.

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This product is only $7.39 and it comes in many different versions: vanilla, coconut, watermelon, cherry, island fruit, lychee, passion fruit, raspberry, mango, bubble gum, and mint. Having such a variety of lip glosses to choose from does feel like it's the '90s all over again, and we're not complaining at all. It's the best.

One girl wrote in a review, "I love the smell of vanilla when I rub it on my lips and the bottle is so beautiful!"

10 Lip Smacker Liquid Lip Gloss Friendship Pack

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This Lip Smacker Liquid Lip Gloss Friendship Pack is $8.96 and has so many amazing flavors. Seriously, listen to these: Strawberry Sprinkle, Spun Sugar, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, and Tropical Punch.

Lip Smackers are totally the OG flavored lip glosses and that means that we can't help but want to stock up once again. According to one girl's review, this product is great for people who used to buy the brand.

Buy it on Amazon

She wrote, "I love love love these liquid Lipsmackers! I grew up with these guys but in stick form. I got older and preferred a gloss over the stick for aesthetic purposes, yet I could never find a very yummy one. Now I have the benefits of having both!"

9 Victoria's Secret Women's Satin Gloss Beauty Rush Lip Gloss In Strawberry Fizz


Yup, here's another amazing lip gloss from Victoria's Secret. This one is $14 and it comes in Strawberry Fizz, which totally makes us grin since we love the '90s inspired lip glosses that are so big right now.

The official product description says that it's "sheer pink with shimmer" which we definitely love to hear. The best lip glosses have some shine to them, that's for sure.

Now that we know that we can get great beauty products from Victoria's Secret, we're on board with these cool lip glosses. They're just what we need for the summer... and we need a lot of them.

You can find the product on Amazon

8 L.O.L. SURPRISE 7 Flavored Lip Gloss Wands


The L.O.L. Surprise 7 Flavored Lip Gloss Wands are a perfect choice for so many people: moms who want a great lip gloss for their kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and the rest of us who are remembering the '90s with a fond smile.

For $10, you get seven flavors, including, orange, apple, wildberry, wild cherry, lemon, grape, and strawberry. These are really fun flavors and the wildberry and lemon in particular set this lip gloss set apart.

One mom shared in a review, "We got these as party favors for a birthday party. Huge hit. My daughter is so glad there are extras because she gets multiple flavors. All the girls were so excited for LOL lip gloss!"

You can see it on Amazon

7 Victoria's Secret Cherry Cola Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Limited Edition


We all love Victoria's Secret since it's such a great brand, and it's a go-to for many for pajamas, underwear, bras, and more. Did you know that they have makeup, too? We should definitely be aware of this since the prices are awesome, too.

For $19.99, we can grab the Victoria's Secret Cherry Cola Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Limited Edition. The fact that this product is Cherry Cola is very '90s reminiscent, and honestly, that would be enough to make us run to buy one (or a few). But knowing that this product is from such an awesome brand makes us smile, too.

You can buy it on Amazon

6 Ofanyia Lip Gloss Soda Juice Bottle Waterproof Liquid Lipstick


What is it about cola-flavored lip gloss or lip balm that makes us think about the 1990s? It was probably because we would not only drink soda all the time but we would literally use soda-inspired makeup products. Well, we can totally do that again now we've heard of this Ofanyia Lip Gloss.

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For only $4.49, you can get this lip gloss and also remember the '90s at the same time. This is not only a cool beauty product but the design is a tiny coke, which will cheer us up anytime that we reach for it and top off our lip gloss. The product also comes in a few colors.

5 Taste Beauty 5PC Flavored Snack Lip Balm


Okay, are we ready? Because the Taste Beauty 5PC Flavored Snack Lip Balm comes in so many amazing and epic flavors, we can't even. Here we go: orange soda, pizza, cookie and vanilla, juice box, peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, bacon, cola, and orange soda.

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If we used to wear flavored lip glosses in the '90s (and of course we did since we loved them so much), then we will totally want these. Pizza flavored lip balm? Peanut butter and jelly flavored lip balm? Cola flavored lip balm? It feels too good to be true... but, thankfully, it's not, and we can get these awesome products for $14.99.

4 Pixy Stix 6 Piece Roll-On Flavored Lip Gloss Set


Lip gloss just feels right for summer. It's not as heavy as lipstick can sometimes be and it's fun to keep re-applying throughout the day. We definitely want to jump on the flavored lip gloss train once again, and we can do that with the Pixy Stix 6 Piece Roll-On Flavored Lip Gloss Set.

You can see the lip gloss set on Amazon

One girl wrote in a review, "It's pixy stix. And lip gloss. This is amazing. My friend loves it, and she's pretty particular about her lip gloss." It's only $9.95 which is also awesome news, and it's going to make us '90s kids very, very happy.

3 Youniverse Create Your Own Lava Lip Gloss Lab Craft Kit, Assorted


Get ready to really indulge in some '90s nostalgia with this amazing product. Did you ever make lip gloss as a pre-teen? Or at least get some birthday gifts as a kid where you would work on some fun at-home science projects?

The Youniverse Create Your Own Lava Lip Gloss Lab Craft Kit, Assorted is the perfect buy. It's $8.95 and, as the product description says, "learn to create 5 lip gloss based on your personal style and creativity." That sounds like the best time. We should grab our friends and have a nostalgic get-together and go to town making lip glosses.

You can find it on Amazon

2 Nestle Humongous 3 Lip Balm Gift Set


The flavors of the Nestle Humongous 3 Lip Balm Gift Set are Fun Dip, Rainbow Nerds, and Sweetarts. That's right, these lip balms are actually inspired by candy, and more than that, it's candy that we loved eating when we were growing up in the 1990s. The set is $10.99.

This is so much fun, and we not only want it for ourselves but we know that it would make a great gift for anyone who has a birthday coming up this summer. And if it gives us a craving for candy, well, there are much worse problems to have...

You can see it on Amazon

1 Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla Lip Gloss


For $5.98, you can get this Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Cola Black Cherry Vanilla Lip Gloss, and it is giving us so many '90s makeup memories. There is something special about these flavors. It reminds us of the days when Cherry Coke came out and it was so exciting to have a new soda flavor. No one would have expected that they would put cherry flavor into Coca-Cola, and that's why it was so great. This particular lip gloss is amazing since it has a combo of three classic '90s flavors.

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If we're wondering if this Lip Smacker will give our lips some color, one girl wrote in a review, "Nice flavor and has a little pink tint."

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