These 21 Pics Of Jessica Biel And Beverley Mitchell Give Us Major Nostalgia

There's hardly a feeling better than nostalgia! Looking back and reflecting on a time when our lives weren't so demanding and busy, and our whole existence felt more on the lighter side, fills us with warmth. Nostalgia experts know there are a number of TV shows which capture the feeling of nostalgia so perfectly. Imagine creating a checklist of the perfect ingredients for the perfect nostalgic show, complete with feelings of comfort and familiar aspects of our lives from yesteryear! Whenever there's a reason to dip back into a televised version of a warm hug, these nostalgia-filled shows on our list would check all of the right boxes!

A show that would be included on this list, complete with a healthy dose of family and life lessons with a strong focus on sibling bonds, would be the '90s drama, 7th Heaven. The show told the story of the Camden family, comprised of five siblings, three being sisters. The two oldest sisters, Mary and Lucy Camden, went through the countless life events that come with being teenagers, especially growing up in a household where your father is the town's reverend.

Mary and Lucy's real-life counterparts, Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell, grew up on the set of 7th Heaven together during its 11-season run, and the on-screen sisters became real-life friends who live their lives alongside each other, just like Lucy and Mary! The two best friends frequently post photos of each other on social media, including lots of throwbacks! Here are 21 of their best!

21 Goofy With Ruthie

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Beverley has well-documented her close relationship with her 7th Heaven co-stars on social media through an endless array of photos from back in the series' heyday, to their current lives as thriving actresses and moms who enjoy bringing their children together for playdates!

As an extra dose of Camden-inspired nostalgia, Beverley and Jessica have been known to keep in touch and publicly document their reunions with the youngest Camden sister, Mackenzie Rosman, who played the adorable curly-haired Ruthie, who has blossomed into a teen onscreen through the series' 11 seasons! Their sisterly bond is clearly evident.

20 Camden Sisters Take A Stroll

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When you're in the public eye, there's always a strong chance you'll be photographed by paparazzi while living out your everyday life, sometimes while doing the most mundane activities, like taking a stroll down the street with your best friend!

Jessica and Beverley's friendship seems so tight and able to endure any interruption like a pointed paparazzi lens; in this photo, the best friends seem blissfully unaware of their photo being taken.

The two actresses grew up on screen alongside a legendary evolution in fashion, as reported by Complex. Their outfits in this photo look timeless like they could be worn anytime!

19 Perfect Ponytails

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Talk about a style perfect Throwback Thursday! Beverley and Jessica are seen here rocking a hairstyle with the focus on an "anything goes" attitude, which was incredibly prevalent in the '90s!

This identical whimsical hairstyle is a stylish indication of the TV sisters' real-life bond. Beverley has spoken candidly about her friendship with Jessica before. According to E!, she said, "Jess and I got along from the start, we were truly the best of friends."

Growing up in the spotlight can feel stressful, especially if you're a teen playing a teen. Jessica and Beverley were by each other's side through that.

18 There's Something About Mary

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Beverley once posted this extremely nostalgic throwback photo with Jessica on the set of 7th Heaven.

Jessica and Beverley's looks scream nostalgia! From Jessica's ripped-at-the-knee jeans, and Beverley's pleather skirt, which is perfectly paired with a matching tank top, their style is a perfect snapshot of fashion at the time. Would you look at Jessica's vintage watch?

The pair's body language totally exemplifies their close bond. Beverley once described the Mary to her Lucy as "She has loved me through the best and worst of times," as InStyle reports. We love close sisterhood!

17 Having Some Family Fun

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One of the most endearing aspects of Beverley and Jessica's friendship is the milestones the duo have gone through together! From weddings to babies, to relationships with members of NSYNC, the duo has gone through the triumphs of life experiences together.

Beverley and Jess are used to having a large on-screen family on 7th Heaven, and the gal pals have continued their familial ties off camera! According to E!, "their sons have already had playdates" and Beverley added, "Silas and Hutton are buddies. I would definitely say Hutton has a deep love for Silas and loves to give Silas big, big hugs!"

16 Girls Who Wear Glasses

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Judging from Beverley and Jessica's mutual love of taking selfies which clearly shows evidence of their crazy close bond, they're the epitome of girls just wanting to have fun!

Stylish accessories don't begin to cover their crazy close bond; they're so close to the point where Beverley plays a pivotal role in Jessica's personal life with Justin Timberlake. According to The Knot News via an interview with Access Hollywood Live, Beverley happily shared, "I was there the moment the love connection happened. I was like, okay this is happening!"

How many of us can say our BFFs were present for such a milestone?

15 Sisters Of Summer

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Would this be considered an early selfie?

This picture screams "1999!" and a physical photo would not be out of place on Lucy and Mary Camden's bedroom wall on 7th Heaven!

The white spaghetti-strap tank top as seen on Jessica was the look of the era! The duo wore many different outfits on 7th Heaven, complete with outdated patterns and accessories. Beverley knows all about the crashing waves of priceless nostalgia fans are getting from pictures like these. In an interview with Refinery29, she said, "You know those amazing moments with your MAC lipstick... those days? Those were special days!"

14 Behind-The-Scenes Babes

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Would you look at Beverley's excited face as she looks around outside her 7th Heaven trailer with Jessica?

There's no telling what Beverley was thinking, but if we could take some guesses, it could be a sign of 7th Heaven's successful run or a hint of Beverley and Jessica's forever friendship! Beverley once revealed to Today, via E!, "She's everything I could dream of in a sister and more!"

Not only is this nostalgic throwback incredibly cute, but it's also full of nostalgic '90s fashion! From Beverley's throwback sweater to Jessica's sports pullover, it's completely comfortable and casual.

13 Mardi Gras Mavens

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Can you imagine Lucy and Mary going out to a Mardi Gras party? This photo of Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell would be the closest snapshot of a lost 7th Heaven party episode.

These ladies know how to throw a memorable party in real life, for sure! Like many best buds, posting a silly pic of our best friend on social media is almost be a prerequisite. Beverley and Jessica know the way to craft the best birthday wish possible!

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jessica sent Beverley a sweet message for her big day along with an adorable throwback photo!

12 Sassy Sisters

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The Camden sister trio had the "sister act" down, even when the cameras had stopped rolling! The girls definitely brought a unique sister style to the forefront like IRL siblings; you can't be sisters unless you're able to show off your distinctive style!

Mackenzie Rosman rocked a cute formal dress along with Beverley at an event, but Jessica exemplified some true "Mary" vibes by wearing a laidback tanktop, perfect for comfort! Jess would definitely be the "cool" sister in a family photo.

True friendship survives many different style preferences and secretly saves priceless throwback photos for later laughs!

11 Christmas With The Camdens

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If a superfan of the 1990s were to try and find a photograph summing up the entire decade, this particular picture of the 7th Heaven cast would be a contender!

From the giant holiday bows to top off their outfits and Barry Watson's heartthrob hairstyle with surfer dude vibes to Jessica Biel's crimped hairstyle which was a main staple of '90s hairstyles, not to mention David "Simon Camden" Gallagher's denim vest, a smorgasbord of '90s fashion choices are represented in a single photo!

We wonder if Barry Watson would have the same facial expression upon seeing this priceless picture today?

10 Beauties In Black

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Lifelong friends live life alongside each other through style evolutions. We may all get older and our style preferences may become more sophisticated, but long-lasting girlfriends always know how to make each other laugh through the ages, like Beverley and Jessica do!

These ladies have come a long way since their 7th Heaven days in terms of clothing choices, but the duo has still kept their love for unique flair, as evidenced by Jessica's brightly beaded patterns on her chic blouse. Both ladies look gorgeous with a pop of colorfully stylish lip color!

9 Angelic Dreams (With Mischievous Smiles)

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If you haven't seen a single episode of 7th Heaven, this behind-the-scenes photo posted by Beverley Mitchell on social media sums up the sisterhood dynamic between the two actresses.

Jessica and Beverley are pictured behind the scenes in their trailer, sharing lovely sisterhood smiles, which was the total opposite of the mood of the 7th Heaven scene they were filming that day! Mary and Lucy totally had enough of each other, and lost their cool during an extremely important day in their parents' lives, their vow renewal ceremony!

The icing on the throwback cake is Jessica's truly '90s wrist watch!

8 Don't They Just Look So Sweet?

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As a fan, are there any revelations better than finding out your favorite actors really enjoyed each other's company IRL?

For the 7th Heaven cast, their televised sibling bond was obviously authentic as evidenced by this early season cast photo! To make their smiles even sweeter, did you know the older Camden sisters had (brief) crushes on their TV brother, Barry Watson?

Love for Matt Camden was closer to home than we thought; Beverley revealed on her blog, which is filled to the brim with 7th Heaven goodies, she and "Jess" had a crush "for a minute" on heartthrob Barry!

7 Babes And Brothers

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From the outfits to the aesthetic, Beverley came through to 7th Heaven fans once again with an adorable throwback featuring her and Jessica with their younger TV brother, David Gallagher!

Can we talk about Beverley's purple velvet dress? What a perfect choice against David's velvet suit! Jessica is rocking the '90s prom vibes as well, with a subtle and sophisticated black dress. It was every '90s girl's go-to!

This picture would be perfect for a magazine ad circa 1996! Beverley's bond with the cast didn't stop with Jessica. As Refinery29 reports, she describes David as "one of the most kind and sweet souls..."

6 Heavenly Hotties

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From period pieces from the '90s to costumes specially made for 7th Heaven, Jessica and Beverley have had their fair share of fashion-forward moments together! While fans are frequently blessed with throwback photos courtesy of Beverley's social media, the visual aspects of seeing the fabulous fashions can only be topped by commentary from the 7th Heaven sisters!

If you've ever wanted to know what was going through Beverley and Jessica's minds while looking through the vintage pictures, you're in luck! Entertainment Tonight chronicled the social media exchanges from the duo about their embarrassing and fabulously funky fashion patterns.

5 Bonding As Mamas

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It's been well-documented that Beverley and Jessica's children are friends and have bonds of their own, and Beverley has high praise for her on-screen sister's motherhood skills! Not only is she verbose when it comes to Jessica's mama-bear powers, but she has a lot of love for Jessica's husband, boyband veteran Justin Timberlake!

Mitchell sang their praises to Entertainment Tonight, and revealed, "It's amazing I get to go through [parenthood] with my friends, and as mothers, we can sit back and chat, and share the highs and lows of the day." How heavenly is that?

4 They Look So Darling In Denim!

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Beverley and Jessica were style icons back in the day and their looks were often emulated on the pages of the hottest magazines!

Us Weekly shared this photo of the girls from an event and revealed the photo was dated 2002. For people who love fashion, the date isn't even needed judging by their outfits! Jessica and Beverley are both pairing laid-back blue jeans with festival-friendly halters, and would you look at Jessica's visible bird tattoo?

Denim was a major accessory style staple during the early '00s, and we would totally rock Jessica's dark denim purse!

3 Academic Angels

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Beverley and Jessica's mutual library of personal throwback photos show countless examples of dreamy throwback looks, but vintage screen captures from 7th Heaven scenes not only show their on-screen chemistry but they're perfect examples of '90s throwback threads!

Not only has the duo rocked quirky prints during their impressive library of iconic style looks, but Beverley and Jessica have also worn a lot of subdued looks, perfect for a day in school, like in this photo! Jessica's love for watches has been documented through throwback pictures, and for this shot Beverley is rocking a more timeless silver watch to complete the subdued look!

2 Nice And Nineties

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Beverley once shared her love for '90s lip color back in the day with Refinery29, and this '90s era photo certainly shows the darker lip color was a mutual favorite between Beverley and Jessica!

'90s girls loved rocking outfits more on the wild side while turning their look down a notch with a lip color that looked incredibly natural, as seen on Jessica in this photo.

Beverley took the subdued look to heart in this picture with a lip color that gave her look an extreme visual pop against her black top! This throwback shot of Beverley and Jessica screams "time capsule!"

1 Sweeties That Like To Take Selfies

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This social media worthy selfie shows Jessica and Beverley's mutual talent for perfectly pairing beauty looks with their outfits! Not only do they know how to rock picture-perfect looks through the ages, but the friends also have each other's backs when it comes to supporting each other through motherhood!

According to Us Weekly, Jessica was over-the-moon for her younger TV sister when Beverley gave birth to her daughter. Jessica made a hilarious quip on social media: "I made French toast today and Beverley Mitchell made a baby. She wins. Congrats!" Beverley responded to her BFF's sweet wishes too!

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