These 20 Nail Trends Of 2019 Will Up Any Girl's Game (For Real)

It's time to throw out those nail neutrals and mix things up a bit. Because 2019 is here. And we cannot (just cannot!) let it slide by without getting serious about that mani.

Of course, some of the favorites of 2018 are still going big; like neon nails, bedazzled wonderlands, and minimalism. But there's a fresh crop of nail trends on the block now. And we can't wait to try 'em all!

Okay, maybe not all. Because–let's face it–some of us like to do everything with a big impact factor. Like, nails that can be seen from a mile away. While others aren't that adventurous and may be happy with just a dot on their accent nail.

Thankfully, 2019 has got everyone covered. Right from the uber maximalists to the quite minimalists.

So here are the 20 glamorous nail trends of 2019 that will up any girl's nail game.

From ultra long and pointy to whimsical cartoons, the following has enough nail-art ideas to fill an entire Pinterest board. And that includes inspiration for those who like to keep 'em short. Because some of us need our fingers at work, you know?

So let's up our glam game and see what's trending this year!

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20 It's Time To Be Electrifying


Step aside, Neon. Because there's a new rockstar in the house. And it's got an electrifying vibe. #ElectricNails

The trick is really simple. Just a coat or two of electric blue, and you can call it a day.

And don't get confused by the name on that drugstore nail-polish bottle. Cause they all will say they are electric. But most are just neon imposters. Or worse, streaky and too sheer. Ugh!

So repeat with us: electric is electrifying. It's got to have that bold factor and that metallic sheen.

19 More Swarovski, Please!


Swarovski-studded nails have always been around. But they didn't become a thing until Cardi B showed us how to do it right.

It's an alpha woman thing! So the bigger those wicked points, the better. And they have got to be loaded up on that bling. Like, dripping in jewels loaded. Like, "I can't drive because my nails are too fly" loaded. Like... you get the point.

And it doesn't have to be Swarovski. It can be rhinestones and a bedazzler gun too!

18 Munchy, Munchy, Almond Nails


Oooh, yummy! The perfect answer to your extra-long nail woes. Because pointy things might look snatched. But they, sure as a broken egg, are uncomfortable to lug around. And also prone to stick you in the wrong places!

Enter almond nails.

With their filed-down round tips and their munchy, munchy esthetic, they are the biggest trend of this season.

Especially when you do not want to jump onto the weirder bandwagons or don't have the equipment to try out the more labor-intensive nail arts on this list.

After all, nail salons can be really expensive!

17 Stick 'Em With Those #StilettoNails


We call them cat claws. The world calls them stilettos. Either way, they look sharp and send a thrill down your skin when you rest your hands on your hip or latch onto your Starbucks mug.

'Cause ain't nobody messing with ya when they're on display! #Savage

Anyhoo, you don't have to go super long and pointy to pull these off with pizzazz. You could file them short so the points just peek over your finger pads. AKA real cat claws.

And then it's just a matter of throwing on some leather and zooming around town like a boss.

16 Duochrome


Chrome nails are big. Like, BIG! And for all the right reasons.

Because who doesn't like some rainbows on their tips? Especially when the rainbows flash like cool t-shirts under black light.

The point is, if you haven't gotten onto the duo or multichrome bandwagon yet, you've got to do so ASAP.

You have zero excuses.

Because have you seen how simple it is to get these shiners on your click clacks? Just a coat of the right nail polish. That's it.



Summer is still a few months away. But you don't have to wait till then to get these flame manis. It's just a matter of unleashing your inner biker chick and grow some flames of your own.

And here's the best part. There's no need to restrict yourself to the orange and yellow palette.

Take your cues from the Spring/Summer runways and go green. Mean green. Or slime green. Nobody cares as long as they are on fleek.

Want a tip to take your mani to the next level? Flames look crazy good on long, pointy nails. 'Cause that's what flames look like, duh!

14 Some Glitter, Some Glam


Soak in some of that fun '90s vibe this year with glitter nails. Better still when they are pink and purple glitter. Because we all love ourselves a good unicorn story.

All you gotta do is grab a bottle of peel-off paint, glitter polish, a sponge, and glossy taco.

And then load up that shimmer onto your tips. And maybe watch a few tutorials to get the minutiae.

And minimalists are invited to the party too. Just go Kate Spade 2019 on your nails with one layer of colored polish and a single layer of glitter on top. 'Cause we all know that tactic gets the least glitter payoff.

13 Framed Nails


Nail frames became a thing a few years back. And this year they are all ready to evolve into a grander avatar.

Meet the chainmail frame nails. Oof! That was a mouthful.

From little pearl droplets arranged around the edges to a swipe of darker (or lighter) polish, you have a lot of material to go crazy with when it comes to creating your very own frame art. Even real diamonds! If you have that kinda money...

12 Y-E-L-L-O-W


No need to hold back your excitement for the coming of spring this year. Cause yellow nails are in. Really in.

From ombre shades that melt into orange to strikingly bold coats of sunflower paint, there's something inherently cheerful about yellow.

And you know we need some serious cheering. What with all that political turmoil turning our schedules upside down!

Anyhoo, you can't go wrong with yellow this season. Although the neon shades will always get the biggest 'ooh's and the 'aah's. #JustSaying

11 Plaid On My Nail


Painting pretty patterns are so last year. But not plaid. Definitely not plaid. Because this is the year we rein in the black-and-white emotions and go plain plaid.

Besides, have you tried getting these onto your tips? Good luck with that on your first try! Unless you are a pro. Then swim on, sunshine!

The point is, plaid has left the boring box. And is now ready to take over your nails. If you are brave enough to let it, that is. Will you?

10 Bling! Bling! Bling!


Bedazzling your nails and blinging them up are two very different things.

The former loads up the entire surface with every kind of jewel imaginable (and in stock) without a thought. The latter scopes out the playing field first and then decided how it wants to up the ante.

Should we just bling the accent? Or spell out the name of our beloved? Or match it with our rings?

The point is, it's not mindless blinging with a bedazzling gun. It's all about reigning in your creativity so it pops out in all its glory.

9 Minimalism


Remember how we said 2019 was the year for maximalists and minimalists both? Here's the proof.

Only, it's 2019. And so it's not enough to paint an accent nail and call it a day. Or create a negative space with nail tape. *rolls eyes*

This year's all about experimenting with different forms and color harmonies. And this picture is a fine example of that.

After all, the simpler and more elegant something looks, the harder it is to pull off in reality. Can we get an Amen?

8 Cutesy Faces


Cute and whimsical seem to be dominating the fashion scene right now. Probably because the millennials are all about throwing a grand worldwide party.

So tack on those nail stickers and paint on that emoji. Cause cutesy nail arts are going to flood Pinterest in 3...2...1.

The best part is, you don't have to be kitsch to be cool. Just take your cues from the runway show of Alice + Olivia this season. Or, just the emoji options in your texting app.

7 Negative Space Nails


Gone are the days you would stick on some nail tape in crazy Bohemian patterns and rip them off once the top polish had dried down a bit. It's 2019. And now's not the time to pull off amateur nail tricks.

Enter negative space nails. Or, in other words, nail art that's restricted to the nail beds or the edges. But never framed because then it would become frame art.

Can you face this tough canvas and its limited space? Or will you cave in and walk around with everyday-Betty painted nails? Only time will tell.

6 In 3D


Acrylic nails are not going anywhere. But there's no need to just restrict yourself to thick, bulbous masterpieces. After all, this medium is perfect for showing off your carving skills.

Although you probably would only be able to pull it off only on your non-dominant hand's nails if you did it on your own.

But don't panic! Acrylic nails are tough to get off.

So a day at the nail tech's den will be less of a money drain and more of an investment towards a good few weeks of looking incredible.

Cause ain't nobody's got time for expensive manicures falling off while you brush your teeth!

5 I'm Peachy!


Spring florals and summer cool drinks will always be BFFs. And so will peachy and pastel shades come the warmer months.

So if you aren't the risk-taking kind when it comes to prepping your nails, nor into spending a good two hours to paint on thin streaks of polish on your pinky, you can fall back upon your trusty peach polish and call it a day.

Nobody's going to compliment your clickers. But neither will they give it that side eye.

4 Full Metal Nailchemist


It's not metallic if you cannot see your face on it. Even if it's bright red.

So choose your polish with care. Cause there's a lot of merchandise out there that oversells and underperforms. And we have no time for amateur mistakes.

And if you find a good polish, stock up on all the metallics.

This trend isn't going anywhere. At least, not anytime soon. And you don't wanna be stuck with just one bottle of tin gray because all the other formulas look like crap.

3 As Clear As Glass


Well, clear nails were big in 2018. And they are still big now.

Why won't they be? They are super easy to shape and shade and then stick on to your real nails.

Besides, plastics were big this season on the runway shows. And your clickers must match your clackers.

Tip: transparent nails are not a must. So if you want to go colorful, we suggest getting those candied translucent nails. Those are in.

2 Pick A Side


If you thought the world would get bored of two-toned nails soon, you were wrong. Because obviously, they are still big. Although not as much as neons and Swarovski-studded tips.

So pick your side and paint on its opposite twin.

Because dichotomy is the name of the game this year and your nails will have to match them if that's the last thing you do!

Just try to stay off the boring black-and-white route. 2019 is the year of experimenting with odd color pairs and creating new harmonies. So let the games begin!

1 Extra Long Square Nails


We talked about pointies. Now it's time to discuss their favorite cousin: the extra-long square nails. Because if chic had another name in nailology, this would be it.

Cause who doesn't like french mani on square tips? Only your doctor. Because, germs.

Anyhoo, if extra long isn't your thing, keep them short and square. The length doesn't matter here. The tip shape does.

Besides, squoval is big once again. So ultra-short nails can pull off this trend too. Although not as majestically as the long ones!

And that's a wrap. #Cut

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