These 17 Celebs Check In To Rehab More Than A Basic Girl On FB

Celebrities and rehab seem to go hand in hand. And yes, some of the reason that so many celebrities fall victim to substance abuse is because they start making the kind of salaries where blowing hundreds a day on illegal substances is no big deal. Not having to worry about the financial side of anything definitely makes it easier. However, a huge part of it is the culture of Hollywood — celebrities are constantly under scrutiny, by everyone from the tabloids to their fans. Just about every move they make is watched and commented on, and they often have gruelling schedules. Plus, there's definitely a bit of a party culture that many young starlets get sucked into.

So, a rehab stay is fairly commonplace in Hollywood — many celebrities begin heading down the wrong path and decide to check themselves in to deal with their problem before it gets out of hand. Sometimes, though, once is not enough. There are several celebrities who have been in and out of rehab throughout their life — some managed to battle their addictions and are now clean and sober, while others are in an ongoing struggle.

These 17 celebrities definitely know the ins and outs of how rehab works.

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17 Nicole Richie, who has since parted from her party girl ways

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Nowadays, Nicole Richie has it all together — she's juggling entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion world with raising her children, and does it all with grace and style. However, that wasn't always the case. When she was younger, Richie was definitely a party girl who was always hitting the club with then bestie Paris Hilton, and she actually checked into rehab twice during her younger years (and had several brushes with the law for substance-related issues). Luckily, she's turned over a new leaf since and is now basically the sassy, stylish mom we all wish we could be. We just hope she manages to have honest discussions with her children and ensure they don't go down the same tough path she did in her younger years — she can truly speak from experience there.

16 Scott Disick, whose life is splashed across the tabloids thanks to his famous ex-wife

via: celebuzz.com

Thanks to his long term relationship with the oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, Scott Disick has been in the public eye for years, reaping all the benefits of that sweet reality television dough. His relationship with Kourtney has always been tumultuous, and the two recently decided to call it quits for good. They've had various issues over the years, but one thing definitely didn't help — his substance abuse addiction. Disick has apparently been in rehab about four times now, trying to battle his addiction. Even if he and Kourtney are no longer together, the Kardashian-Jenner family would likely support him on his quest to stay clean and sober — after all, he's still involved in their lives as Kourtney's baby daddy, and a sober dad is definitely better than one making poor choices due to addiction.

15 Matthew Perry, whose real life wasn't as charmed as Chandler Bing's

Most of us know Perry best from his years playing the sarcastic yet warm and caring Chandler Bing on the sitcom Friends. However, not everyone knows that Perry actually battled serious addiction throughout his time on the show — something you can kind of see if you notice the seasons he's a bit more slim and worn-down looking. He went to rehab for a Vicodin addiction in 1998, and then returned in 2001 to battle an ever-increasing list of substances he was addicted to. However, he's been hugely inspirational ever since. He was the celebrity spokesperson for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals in 2011, and in 2013, received a Champion of Recovery award for opening Perry House, a sober home that he set up in his former Malibu mansion. Way to go, Perry!

14 Drew Barrymore, who was in rehab multiple times before she even turned 18

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Drew Barrymore is the epitome of health nowadays — she's always glowing, always has a positive, sunny attitude, and she seems to be loving her role as a businesswoman and mother in addition to her long career as an actress. However, Barrymore definitely had her struggles in Hollywood — the only thing is, unlike most starlets who begin their struggle in their early 20s, Barrymore fought her addiction before she was even legally allowed to drink. She began using illegal substances and alcohol at a shockingly young age, and her first stint in rehab was at the insane age of 13. She went back at 14, and slowly began to turn her life around. She emancipated herself from her family, started out on her own, and managed to fight her way right back to the top of the industry — major respect.

13 Ben Affleck, who struggled recently

via: x17online.com

Ben Affleck always seemed like such a squeaky clean actor, especially once he was married to actress Jennifer Garner. However, addiction can affect just about anyone — including him. He did a stint in rehab in Malibu back in 2001 for alcohol addiction, and was actually (ironically) encouraged to go by his friend Charlie Sheen, who had been at that particular treatment centre before. Then, he spilled the beans in a Facebook post early this year that he just finished another rehab stay for alcohol addiction. Luckily, Affleck isn't battling any other substance addictions, but we can only imagine how tough it is to stay sober when you're constantly attending events where alcohol is freely flowing. Hopefully he learned a lot in his rehab stays and manages to stay on the right track!

12 Kelly Osbourne, who was in and out during her teen years

Most celebrities end up battling addiction when they're in their 20s, 30s or later, because they don't become famous until at least their 20s. After all, Hollywood is a tough industry to break into. However, thanks to her famous father and the family's reality show, Kelly Osbourne got her first taste of fame when she was just a rebellious teenager trying to figure out her identity and place in the world. Nowadays, she's super chic and successful, with countless projects in the works, but back in her teenage years and early 20s, she was in and out of rehab — in a 2013 interview with British Cosmopolitan, Osbourne said "I've been to rehab seven times and to two mental institutions." Well, thankfully she seems to be living a much happier and healthier life these days!

11 Andy Dick, who has been in rehab a staggering 20+ times

There are celebrities who have been to rehab two or three times before conquering their addiction and then there's Andy Dick. The D-List celebrity has battled a serious addiction for years, and — while the amount of times he's been in rehab is hard to confirm, a 2016 stat claims that he has been in rehab a staggering 20 times over the years. Now, addiction is definitely a tough thing to conquer, but we can't help but wonder if he needs to either go for a longer stay, or perhaps do a bit more careful searching as to which facility would truly be the right fit for him — that's a lot of time and dollars spent on rehab for it to not work! Hopefully he continues fighting and we don't get a tragic story.

10 Lindsay Lohan, who went from teen star to struggling star

via: guardianlv.com

Ah, Lindsay Lohan. The world saw her get her start as a child star, become a rising starlet with lead roles in teen flicks, and then just as she began entering adulthood, she started struggling with addiction. Her substance abuse issues are well-known, as she has battled them quite publicly, and her appearance is always a pretty strong giveaway as to where her battle is at. Lohan is no stranger to rehab, having spent 30 days voluntarily at a California rehab centre in January 2007, then another 45 days in a Malibu spot following her DUI arrest, then a third stint in Utah after her second DUI (2007 was a rough year for her, that's for sure!). She also spent about three months at the Betty Ford Centre in 2010, which just proves that addiction is definitely an ongoing battle.

9 A.J. McLean, who proved boy bands aren't just good times

A.J McLean rose to fame as one of the members of beloved boyband the Backstreet Boys, but like many pop stars who reach such a level of fame in such a short time, he struggled to cope with it and ended up turning to illegal substances. He he rehab stints in 2001 and 2002, where he battled his addiction while the band was at the top. However, it didn't resolve when they all took a step back from the band to focus on other projects for a while — he ended up checking back into rehab in 2011, in an attempt to get sober before he went on the nostalgic tour with his former bandmates and New Kids on the Block. It just proves that it truly is a constant struggle for most addicts.

8 Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose addiction led to some embarrassing public outbursts

via: express.co.uk

Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn't quite as high profile a celebrity as many of the other on this list who have struggled with addiction, which is why many are surprised to know just how much he's struggled with his alcohol addiction. His battle started in 2007, and he was in rehab three separate times since then to try to face his demons. The most high profile visit was likely when he went in 2010, following a crazy outburst and scene he caused while attempting to board a flight in New York. He's kept a pretty low profile in recent years, really only appearing in the press when he's promoting a project, so hopefully he's on the right path. Alcohol addiction is tough in Hollywood, when so many parties have flowing champagne and drinks everywhere.

7 Robert Downey Jr., who struggled with addiction before becoming Iron Man

via: bbc.co.uk

Those who aren't too familiar with earlier decades in cinema may not know that Robert Downey Jr. is currently on his second career in Hollywood, essentially. He got his start at a young age, was a young starlet on the rise, and began struggling with addiction. Downey Jr. went to rehab many times throughout the late 1990s when his addiction was at its height, including a one-year stay at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison. He spent a lot of time in rehab, but luckily, it worked — he got clean and sober, and now he's even more  famous than ever thanks to his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Hopefully he realizes how blessed he's been with his success and continues fighting his addiction forever and doesn't slip back into bad habits.

6 Charlie Sheen, who is definitely 'winning' when it comes to rehab stays

I mean, you can't talk about celebrities who have battled addiction without mentioning Charlie Sheen, the former sitcom darling who basically exploded all over the tabloids. He didn't struggle quietly — he was totally outspoken throughout, for better or for worse. He checked into rehab for the first time in 1998, after he went through a cocaine overdose (well, that'll scare just about anyone into a rehab stay!). Then, he was forced to head back for 30 days after allegedly assaulting his ex-wife. And then, he went back in 2010. It's been a long battle for Sheen but he's been a bit quieter lately, not screaming quite as much about winning and tiger's blood, so hopefully all those rehab visits taught him a thing or two about how to handle his demons in a better, less destructive way.

5 Melanie Griffith, whose been in rehab throughout the decades

via: tonicgossip.com

Melanie Griffith is proof that, for most people, substance addiction takes years and years and tons of effort to battle. She went into rehab for the first time way back in 1988, after battling her addiction. However, that wasn't the end of her struggle. She returned in 2000 to battle a painkiller addiction, and nearly a decade later, returned yet again since her then-hubby Antonio Banderas expressed his concern about how she was slipping back into bad habits. She's since split from Banderas, but we know he's probably still supportive of her recovery, as are her children, so hopefully she won't be facing another rehab stay again in the next few years. She's no longer quite as involved in Hollywood as she was in previous years, so perhaps some of the pressure is off and she's able to take more time for herself.

4 Chevy Chase, the comedian who struggled with some darker issues

Chevy Chase is another example of a star whose addiction has spanned several decades — and he's been in the industry for decades as well, exposed to all the temptations and dark sides of the entertainment world. He checked into rehab for the first time way back in 1986 for a prescription painkiller addiction. He went on to continue acting, including his role on Community which introduced him to an entirely different audience, but that wasn't enough to keep his addiction at bay. He checked into rehab again in 2016, this time for an alcohol addiction. Hopefully he's learnt that he should maybe just steer clear of addictive substances altogether in order to avoid these kinds of battles in the future — rehab is definitely not a fun experience, so why not try to fight it before you get there?

3 Keith Urban, who struggled throughout the 90s

via: dailymail.co.uk

Substance abuse doesn't seem to be quite as common among country stars as it is among pop stars or rock stars — at least, not as far as the media portrays. But, Keith Urban is one of the many celebrities who has battled a serious addiction. In the 1990s, Urban was apparently seriously addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and was allowing it to completely take over his life. He checked into rehab twice throughout that period, but his third stay was the one that truly stuck. In 2006, four months after he married fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman, he went back to rehab and has been clean ever since. We don't doubt that it's probably an ongoing battle, but his gorgeous wife seems to have given him the motivation he needed to truly work at it.

2 Courtney Love, who has definitely had a rough life

via: nydailynews.com

Courtney Love has definitely had a pretty wild life. From her rebellious teenage years (seriously, check out her entire life story if you have a chance, it's bananas) to her years as a rock star in Hole, she's been exposed to all sorts of characters and temptations. And, one of them included various illegal substances. She spent about half a year in rehab in 2004, and then ended up having to return for a 28-day program the year after since she violated her probation. She seems to be back on the right path now, thankfully — we just hope that her daughter Frances Bean doesn't end up falling into the same type of issues her mother did. Although, perhaps seeing Courtney's struggles throughout the years motivated Frances to stay away from any illegal substances forever.

1 Daniel Baldwin, who has clocked nearly a dozen rehab stays

When it comes to dealing with the problematic sides of fame, Daniel Baldwin didn't have to struggle along — he could have gone to any of his famous siblings and asked their advice on how to make the right choices. However, even having a famous family who knew the ins and outs of the business wasn't enough to prevent him from a serious addiction. Baldwin, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in the show's very first season, has allegedly been to rehab a staggering nine times. He's kept a pretty low profile in recent years, but no one knows quite how long he's been sober and if he's staying on the right track or if he'll be adding to that rehab total soon. Hopefully he gets the support of his family.

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