These 16 Dramatic Celebrity Transformations In 2017 Prove Hollywood Is The Land Of Fakes

Hollywood is a magical land full of some incredibly beautiful and powerful people. While you might hear that the secret to good acting is being genuine, that’s not exactly the case for some of these folks. There’s a few celebrities who make a living off of being totally over the top and even a little fake. Are you surprised? Don’t be. It’s hard to live in the spotlight, and some people have even gone so far as to craft two different personas: the celebrity the paparazzi sees, and the person behind closed doors.

Sometimes, it's due to the stress that gets to be too overwhelming. There’s pressure coming from all sides to be the best, brightest, and to keep the hits rolling. 2017 brought a lot of stress for all of us, celebrity status notwithstanding. We believe that this is the reason so many celebs made some dramatic changes… Not necessarily because they’re being fake! We’ll specify throughout the list whether or not that new ‘do is a decisive power play, or a fake out for the photos. Hopefully 2018 brings some more positivity. Whether these celebs chopped off their hair, dropped some extra weight, or left an old persona behind doesn’t matter. 2018 is here, as are all these fabulous new looks!

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16 Kris Jenner's Fabulous New 'Do Transforms Her Completely

WOW, take a look at that blonde! While we’ve seen a few of the Kardashians pull off blonde before, Kris is finally looking to make the leap. This incredible color can only be achieved by a lot of patience, and a really good stylist. We personally think she made the right choice, as it really makes her look younger and fresher than some other photos we’ve seen of her. We’re not being mean; just honest. The blonde suits her, even if it is one of the most-often faked hair colors out there. We don’t care. Everyone knows it’s not natural, especially on Kris’s beautiful, dark hair. That’s okay! We love it, and we’re happy that she’s roaring into 2018 like the bright, brilliant blonde that she is.

15 Mama June Is A Whole New Person


It’s not new news, but it’s certainly good news. Mama June is on the list because she was one of the most dramatic transformations of 2018. It doesn’t matter if you loved or hated the Honey Boo Boo show, as Mama June seems to be on everybody’s lips… At least after she announced her huge weight loss. She’s done well, and made herself happier in the process. Just look at that smile! You can’t fake weight loss like that, even if it seems to be done too quick, too perfectly, or too easily. Mama has slimmed down to an average body weight, giving herself something to continue to strive towards preserving. Now that she’s achieved it, she’ll hopefully be able to stick with it. She looks so pleased!

14 Mariah Carey's Gotten Slimmer And Trimmer


Who doesn’t love Mariah Carey? She’s got a voice like an angel, and if you’ve seen any of her closet confidentials (where they go behind the scenes and poke through different celeb’s clothing collections) you know that she’s got a totally innocent passion for clothes, sleepwear, shoes, and accessories. If we looked like Mariah Carey we’d probably have the same interests too. It’s no surprise she wants to fit that figure into beautiful clothes. It’s only gotten better and better as she’s gotten older, too! Talk about aging in reverse. Carey looks just as good in 2018 as she did 10 years ago… Good on her! It’s hard to fake that stuff, even if some people call those lucky age-defiers fakes. We’d rather celebrate her good work, and great looks.

13 Bella Thorne Chopped Her Locks...

Bella Thorne has had tons of changes over the years. For someone so young and who basically grew up in the spotlight it’s impossible to think that we wouldn’t see some changes happening. We count ourselves lucky that we get to witness her and her looks. She’s had some wild hair, but she pulls all of it off well! This cut especially, which makes her look way more grown up and shows off her beautiful features. She’s open, honest, and totally inspiring. We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone started to chop their locks like her; especially the red heads of the world. That color is hot, and the cut just aids in its fiery look. That’s not all she’s done this year, though. She’s also had a few other looks…

12 ...Yet Pulls Off The Platinum Well, Too

For example, this awesome bleach. The platinum is a little crazy, and way to wild for us to ever consider on a whim. She’s got it down pat though, right through to the wild make up and glasses. Though we’d think that it’s a shame to dye that beautiful natural rose-gold red that she’s working with, we totally understand her need for change. She’s got a natural beauty that shines through no matter what fake hair colors she embraces. She’s our style icon indefinitely, and we hope that 2018 is a year that’s good to her. We also hope that she keeps trying out some weird hair choices, and transforming herself into different day-to-day characters. She just pulls everything off! Not to mention how it keeps us on our toes.

11 Chrissy Teigen Looks Smashing

Bangs do a lot to change a person’s face, especially when that person has never had bangs before. Bangs frame a person’s face by adding either a hard-edged or soft-edged fringe at the top of the face. It can lessen the look of a dramatic forehead, and can balance a sharp jawline or cheekbone structure. In Chrissy Teigen’s case, it absolutely changes her. She looks so sultry, and the bangs do a lot to soften her features. Her cheekbones are more accentuated, and the choppiness is a nice balance to the rounded, soft angles of her face. We think she made a great choice to commit to bangs, as it’s really been a dramatic transformation. We’re so exciting to see how she styles this look in the new year!

10 Gaga Going For The Wildest Hairstyles And Colors, Once Again

Gaga is one of the most versatile style icons of our modern age. She’s had some dramatic looks over the years, from meat dresses the monster ball era gowns. She’s really changed her look with the last album though, and has brought us into a sophisticated new age.... Where celebrities don’t have to be stuck in one style of fashion, and they can change up their look however and whenever they like; without losing any refinement. This is what Gaga’s done here. For 2018 she’s married her old wild side in with her beautiful, slick glamour queen style. The classic black shirt is a clue that she’s never going to be without her classiness, but the two-toned hair gives us an idea of what type of wild she is.

9 It's Not Just The Ladies That Are Re-Doing Their 'Dos. Zayn Malik Is Also Getting In On The Action!

Talk about a wild change! Zayn Malik has had a lot of different hair looks over the last little while. This is the first time he’s straight up gotten rid of it all, though! The dye jobs are gone, but the attractiveness hasn’t lessened. The lack of hair makes him seem older, which is a good look for the path his musical career is taking him down. We’re no longer distracted by his dairy queen hairstyle, which means we’re able to really see his bone structure and jaw. While that facial hair has us raising some eyebrows, we’re sure his stylist knows what they’re doing. They gave him this amazing ‘do at least! That’s a great way to creep into 2018, and to keep your musical career going strong.

8 Motherhood Prep Has Pushed Khloe To Become Her Best Self


Do you remember when Khloe Kardashian came out and unveiled her new body? We’re still shook. It’s hard to think about her pre-blonde-lob, because it suits her so well we’d believe that that’s always been her look. She finally looks like herself, with the short hair and the no-fear attitude about what she’s wearing. We hate to say it, but being Kim K’s sister probably has some stress attached to it. No doubt being compared to that beautiful woman your whole life would make you hyper conscious of how you looked. Luckily, Khloe didn’t seem to be too affected. She’s really taken control of her style and look over the last year, and we’re proud of her. While she’s been living this look for most of 2017 already, it’s too big of a change to not take note.

7 Claire Foy Has Gone Short, Dark, And Handsome

This actress on The Crown has impressed us with both her talent and her look. Not only is she a truly beautiful soul, she also seems to have one of the most versatile faces. Not only is she able to pull off a bleach blonde, but she’s also able to pull off a short brunette. Both suit her face incredibly well, and match her style perfectly. While we personally prefer that chocolatey pixie cut, the blonde bob is a popular style that helps to accentuate her quirkiness. We believe that she’s just going to get more and more popular over the next little while, especially now in 2018 with this hot new hair. It’s really doing favours for her, and we hope it helps her land a few more bad*ss babe roles in the coming year.

6 Alicia Keys Is Embracing The Bright Trends Of The Coming Year

Color is everywhere this year, from what we can tell. The brighter the better, as this year we women are all about making bold statements and standing up for ourselves (as we should be)! If you haven’t made the resolution to be yourself, loud and proud, we think you should. Or at least think about it. Alicia Keys has been living her truth for a while now, kicking make up a couple years ago and never looking back. It’s been a delight to watch her glow just as herself, and this new hair is helping put her style back on the map. The orange compliments her well, and the flashes of pink are really hot. Whatever she wants to do this year we’ll support her. She’s far from fake, but this is truly a transformation from her last couple looks.

5 Ariana Grande Is This Year's Silver Fox

Remember that sweet little Grande that stole our hearts and ears with her beautiful voice? She’s this year’s silver fox, even though she’s much younger than they normally are. This full head of silver is absolutely luxurious, luscious and long and totally original. While we’ve seen a few of the popular young singers nowadays jump on the silver train, she’s one of the ones that fully embraces that transformation. It’s so different on her, and makes her look much older than some of her other looks. We hope she embraces the pastel trends that we so popular in 2017 and carries them through into 2018. She’ll pull them off so well, and we’d love to see the trend continue. Not to mention how her skin tone really balances the light colors well.

4 Rumor Has It That Rumer Willis Is Rocking Red...

Rumer Willis has been outspoken about life changes and sobriety, which is something we totally respect. She’s always been a commanding presence, pulling off the black lace and dark hair like the queen she is. The biggest change, even more so than her hair, is the fact that she’s really started embracing some colors. Her wardrobe has exploded with fun, flirty pastels and casual jeans. We don’t hate it. In fact, we’re really glad that she’s as happy as she is. The look is working for her, and we hope that she continues with it. The red is also a nice addition, as it brightens up her whole look. It also serves to preserve her quirkiness, and makes us look just a little closer at who that radiating vixen is.

3 Tulisa Has (Almost) Changed Her Ways...

You might not know who Tulisa is; that’s okay. As one of the English singers out there, it’s not often that she makes her way over to America. She’s had some dramatic changes over the last few years though, as she went from pop-star to tabloid fodder to judge to singer-songwriter. Tulisa was one of the judges on the X-Factor, which is basically exactly like its American counterpart. We low-key love her and her wild ways. She’s not ashamed to be who she is, and she even has the talent to back it up. The one thing we will say is that she’s definitely improved her style from the last couple years. While she may or may not be dressing more modestly, she is dressing more refined. That’s a triumph in and of itself.

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2 Kristen Stewart Has Embraced Her Tough Side

Kristen Stewart has been making big waves in the indie movie scene. Her look is able to pull off almost any character, as we can see from these two images. Not only is she able to pull off sleepy punk rocker, she’s also able to pull of sweet siren/girl next door. This ex-Vampire chick has really got her career the way she wants it now, being able to do whatever she wants to do and not having to worry about when she’ll “hit it big”; everyone already knows her! We love that, and we love how the new hair gives her a new attitude. We’re excited to watch it grow out too-- bleached tips?! So early 2000s chic! Way to bring back that vintage style, Kristen Stewart.

1 Kelly Osbourne Is On The Opposite Side Of The Color Spectrum


Kelly Osbourne has had her ups and downs, but the one thing that’s persevered is her love of lilac. Her hair has always stayed a romantic, soft purple, even when she’s had her tough times. She’s switching it up now, and pulling out her fiery side with a beautiful, glowing red. The tones in it are gorgeous, and remind us of flickering flames. The length works really well for her too, and we’re glad that she’s embracing her glamour while still keeping that kick-butt attitude that has served her so well in this life. We’re hoping that this is a sign that she’ll be picking up speed in 2018 and making some waves in the world. If not, we’re still glad to have seen it! It’s a bold and beautiful color that suits her well — so what if it’s fake?

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