These 15 Pics Of The Worst Moms Of Walmart Will Leave You Speechless

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These 15 Pics Of The Worst Moms Of Walmart Will Leave You Speechless

Walmart is notorious for its less-than-classy clientele; it even has a website dedicated to the awkward, inappropriate and embarrassing people who shop there. It isn’t that Walmart itself is a horrible place, it’s just that the people who want a good bargain are sometimes down on their luck or are willing to be comfortable in alarmingly inappropriate ways at the super store. We’ve all heard of the famous People of Walmart site, which collects images of people in embarrassing situations while shopping at the bargain store, and we’re all too familiar with a few highlighted images, but what about the moms of Walmart?

We’ve already seen the moms who walk around with their kids wearing plastic bags for masks, but what other ways are the moms of Walmart dropping jaws? You’d be surprised by some of the crazy things parents do in an attempt to keep their child out of the way, quiet, or nearby. Nothing says “I love you” quite like squishing your child into an overly-full shopping cart and piling items around and over them, but that isn’t as surprising as some of the other moms and their Walmart child-handling hacks. Here are fifteen examples of the worst moms of Walmart:

15. Forgotten Child

Forgotten Child

People of Walmart

When you’re in a rush and you have a million things on your mind, it’s easy for your body to go into auto mode while your mind is running a million miles a minute. When this happens, it’s easy to leave a few items in your grocery cart and not realize you left that package of cream cheese in the cart after you get home, but what sort of parent is so lost in their own thoughts that they leave their child in the cart? How long did it take for this parent to discover they lost their toddler, and how much longer did it take for the child to be rescued? Hopefully whoever took the picture got out of their vehicle and rushed to the child’s aid.

14. Neglected Or Just Comfy?

No Pants No Shoes

People of Walmart

Not all kids like to wear clothes or shoes when they’re at home, but in public it becomes a safety issue. If that little girl releases her bowels and it leaks out of the diaper, it becomes a public health hazard. If she slips and falls in her own mess, she risks getting injured. Without shoes, she can burn her feet on hot asphalt, can cut herself on broken glass or other debris in or outside the store, and she risks catching common foot diseases. If she steps in something messy, she will require a good foot wash and, perhaps more importantly, she can hurt her feet if they aren’t calloused enough. This parent may have thought it was harmless, but if she took a moment to think about it, she would realize clothing her child is really for the best.

13. Nothing Like Playing In A Busy Parking Lot!

Parking Lot Play

People of Walmart

It may sound like a fun idea to switch places with your kid, but Walmart parking lots are rarely empty. This mother thought sitting in the cart with an infant while her young child pushes would be a great idea. She obviously didn’t consider what would happen if a speeding car rushed by, or what could happen if her son lost control of the cart. Not only could the child pushing get injured, but the infant and mother could wind up injured as well. Having fun with your kids is an important part of family relationships, but this woman should have tried thinking this little activity through a bit more thoroughly. Hopefully this kid made it safely to the store and was allowed to switch back.

12. Scary Nap Time

Scary Baby Nap

People of Walmart

Nothing says “I don’t care about my baby’s safety” like throwing your kid in what appears to be a plastic bag and slinging both bag and baby across your back. This kid is leaning so far to the side it’s a miracle it hasn’t fallen out and cracked its skull on the pavement. Talk about mom fail! What’s worse is she has a grocery cart! She could have easily moved her child to the cart and keep it safe! She likely chose to wear her child on her back to keep it more comfortable than place it in a rickety cart that lurches every time it encounters a pebble or bump in the road, but is her child’s safety less important than a potentially deadly situation?

11.  Is She For Real!?

Pregnant Smoker

People of Walmart

Not all moms are the best at self-control, but most are able to stop smoking and drinking for nine months of their lives. This mommy-to-be is already abusing her child and it isn’t even born yet! What is she thinking you wonder? Of nothing. Absolutely nothing, because if she had a single thought in her brain, it would have been about the child she is putting at risk for no reason other than her own selfish need for nicotine and poison. If you plan on abusing your body, so be it, but don’t abuse the body of your own kid! This woman seems far along and guaranteed she was smoking the entire time. What a waste of humanity. All she is good at is offering an excellent example of what not to do while pregnant.

10. Two For One Special!

Two for One

People of Walmart

If you look closely, you’ll see that there isn’t just one, but two children relying on this motorized cart to pull them around Walmart. For the child sitting by the mother’s feet, it would seem like a somewhat safe place to be, but for the older child hanging onto the back, it seems more like a disaster waiting to happen. People aren’t always the most polite at Walmart and the kid can easily get smacked by a cart or two. Her bottom is also dragging along the filthy floors, which can be wet with anything from urine to water, and can potentially have broken glass or other harmful substances on it. Worse, if the child looses her grip and falls backward, she can crack her head on the hard ground. Either way you look at this image, that mom is definitely a failure.

9. Just Say No To The Kid Leash

Kid Leash

People of Walmart

We understand the point of a kid leash is to ensure they don’t stray too far away from you, especially in the midst of large crowds, but they aren’t meant to be used to drag your crying child around filthy public floors! We get it, parenting is really hard sometimes, but pulling your kid around while you shop isn’t the best way to handle a meltdown. Other people may not notice your child and could easily step on them or run into them with their large metal carts. Your kid could grab onto something like a heavy can of food and pull it onto themselves, leading to injured fingers or worse. Let’s do a little thinking of potential hazards before deciding to pull our kids on cloth leashes, okay?

8. Start ’em Young

Start em Young

People of Walmart

What are the odds that the super large cup is just holding water? Not very high. There’s a rising obesity epidemic in the United States and moms like this one are part of the reason. Kids shouldn’t be chugging sugary drinks and certainly shouldn’t be enjoying a large amount at once. Yes, the cup likely belongs to the mother, but how much is she giving him? How much it “too much?” Why doesn’t he have his own little bottle of water instead? There are too many unanswered questions here but the bottom line is a simple one: If your toddler is thirsty, give him or her some water. If you think they need a little variation, try some watered down fruit juice, but introducing soda to little kids is like offering them a gateway drug. Don’t. Do. It.

7. No, No, No, No, No!

Walmart Moms

People of Walmart

Getting your pre-baby body back can be an uphill battle. Some women choose to wear snug pants as a way to remind themselves of how much weight they need to lose, but this woman takes it to a whole new level. While most new moms attempt to hid their post-baby bodies, this one decided to flaunt hers. Who cares that she ‘s wearing a shirt too short to conceal her extra skin? If she’s comfortable, we’re all fine with it, right? Wrong! This isn’t about fat-shaming, this is about going in public with a sense of modesty. Most of us aren’t okay with the whole tummy-showing look to begin with, regardless of body type, but when someone decides to pair it with extra skin and Crocs to boot, we’ve got issues.

6. How Long Was She Checking Out?


People of Walmart

No one would choose to eat off the floor, so why does this mom think it’s perfectly fine for her kid to lay out a McDonalds meal and enjoy on what is arguably one of the filthiest floors in America? What was she doing at the checkout line that took so long that the kid had time to unwrap his burger and lay it out like a mini feast? Why didn’t she just check out first, then enjoy a meal with her son at an actual table? Or, if the kid was too hungry to wait, why not go to McDonald’s first, then move on to the shopping? This image raises several questions concerning this woman’s parenting abilities, but at least we know she isn’t starving her child!

5. Surprise! It’s A Fake Baby

Fake Baby

People of Walmart

Wondering what’s wrong with this picture? It would appear a mother is just going grocery shopping while her child patiently waits in the cart. All is well and there’s nothing strange here – except the baby isn’t real. Some people must really have a desire to be parents but either can’t or won’t go through the actual birthing or adoption process, so what’s the next best thing? Hauling around a fake baby doll. The upsides include no dirty diapers, no temper tantrums, there’s no need to feed them, and they’re happy wearing whatever you want them to wear any season of the year! Yes, these fake babies are perfect for photo shoots, impatient parents, and those who like the idea of children without having any actual responsibilities.

4. Not Just Mom This Time

Kid Fall

People of Walmart

Why stick a kid in the designated seating area, or heck, why make him walk at all, when he can sit atop a large cardboard box? It’s not like an accidental bump can send the kid face-first to the rock-hard ground or into a shelf stocked with sharp or dangerous items, right? What were these parents thinking? These are the kinds of customers all stores hate because the second an accident occurs, it’s suddenly the store’s fault that the parents weren’t smart enough to consider the risks they were placing their children (or themselves) into when they made a foolish decision. Did the kid likely make it safely home? Sure, but you can’t always assume it’ll always be some other kid who gets hurt. Put your child in enough dangerous positions and be amazed when he/she gets hurt.

3. Just Hanging Out

Hanging Out

People of Walmart

While most women use those handy dandy little hooks on bathroom stalls to hang their purses or coats, this mom decided it was the perfect way to ensure her child doesn’t run off and peek under the stalls or waste tons of soap and paper towels. While she likely snapped a pic to be funny, it’s obvious this kid isn’t having the best time. It looks like he’s got the wedgie of his life but if he struggles too much, he’ll fall face-first onto the hard, filthy floor. This mom is obviously more interested in keeping her kid out of her hair for a minute than she is for his safety. Strange how many parents would rather take it easy than stop to consider how their actions might affect the safety of their children.

2. It’s Not Cute To Be Naked In Public

Diaper and Shoes

People of Walmart

It’s never a good idea to head out of the house with a naked kid, regardless of age. It’s just not socially acceptable, and for good reason. Babies are susceptible to the temperature and are also in danger of receiving injuries from lack of protective clothing. Even a t-shirt provides some form of protection from germs, the sun, the wind, the eyes of sexual predators, and hot surfaces – but this kid ‘aint no baby. He’s old enough to push the cart himself, by the actual handle bar! There is no reason he should be walking around naked, let alone wear a diaper! Even if he has some kind of special issues that require the use of the diaper, he should still be wearing clothing. There’s just no excuse for this.

1. Let ’em Sleep

Safety Issues

People of Walmart

Kids get sleepy. This is a fact of life. Their little bodies are full of energy until the wind-down, and suddenly they’re ready to drop. Sometimes this happens when you’re at the store and you have no choice but to lay them down in the car, but what about all your shopping needs? Rather than take your kid home or utilize the area beneath the basket, you think piling large, heavy boxes over the edge of the cart is a great idea. There’s no way anyone can bump you, leading to several box corners plunging into your sleeping child’s body, right? Once again, parents aren’t paying attention to potential dangers. All they had to do was put the boxes on the rack beneath the cart’s basket, set it up in the child seating area, or even grab a second cart. SMH some parents really do leave us speechless.

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