These 15 Pics Of Celebs Will Be The Biggest Hair Trends Of 2018, According To Experts

We absolutely love the welcoming of a new year! Each year holds so much potential, and given how terrible 2017 was, we're looking forward to the positives that 2018 will hold. In addition to simply trying to make this year the best one yet, we are also super curious to know what is in store when it comes to trends and fashion.

One area we'd love to focus on is hairstyles. Since a new year often means a reinvention of one's self – whether in choosing to live a healthier life or think more positively – it usually means that people are way more open to changing up their looks. Personally, we're looking to the celebs to choose what we're going to do to our own hair next, and stars like Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian are standout inspirations.

In 2018, hairstyles are changing in a BIG WAY. For the first time in a long time, we're embracing simplicity. Up or down, quick, slightly messy, and not "perfect" are the key style qualities to embrace. We're also welcoming throwback accessories and making tributes to influential decades, like the 70's and 80's.

So if you're looking to switch up your style this year, get ready to be excited, because your hair prep just got a helluva lot easier.

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15 The "Wet Look" Is The New "Greasy Chic"

Loxa Beauty & EBL News

We're not sure how exactly that this hairstyle ended up being a trend, but we gotta say, it's a look that stands out. The style that replicates a hella greasy or fresh-from-the-shower look is perhaps the most shocking of the trends to hit 2018, and we're hoping it's a trend that will fade quickly. Given the fact that this style comes loaded with hair products – be it gel, mousse, or pomade – to keep it looking consistently "wet", it's a style that takes a lot more effort than it may initially seem. It's also a look that aims to seem sexy, but mostly just comes across as dirty. While we're iffy on whether or not we'd attempt to rock this hairstyle ourselves, we certainly can't ignore what the world of fashion wants, and for some reason, they're wanting more of these soaked strands.

14 Let's All Throw It Back With The Blunt Bob

Steal Her Style & fashionnexus.net

The last couple of years have completely embraced the bob, but people have been primarily fixated on the multi-layered styles that fall shorter in the back and longer in the front. It's a style that was super fun, but it's been replaced with a bob that is way more reminiscent of the nineties style and is much more symmetrical. The blunt bob is the hairstyle that Sia reminded us all about with her black and white wigs, but it fully became a hot cut in the last half of 2017. Whether it's a look that has been achieved in an effort to even out those uneven bobs from two years ago, or if it's an homage to the end of the twentieth century, we totally LOVE it. It's fun, flirty, effortless to maintain, and totally being owned by everyone from Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift.


13 The 80's Rocker "Big Hair" Craze Is Back In A Big Way


Back in the 80's, rock bands like Def Leppard, Motley Crue, and Van Halen were commonly referred to as "hair bands" because the members had huge, fluffy manes that were often bigger than the guitars they held on stage. The hairstyles were not just about length, but width. The more volume, the better! This is why teasing was a styling technique that so many people embraced and many people tried to forget. It usually made for a pretty embarrassing school photos that adults today look back on with despair. But have no fear, teens of of the eighties, the big hair trend is BACK, but it has been given a modern twist. While long length and volume are key traits to this 'do of the new year, it also has to strategically come together and not appear too "messy" or frizzy. Attempt if you have the time and patience.

12 It's Time To Look At Blonde Hair With Dark Roots In A Whole New Light

Best Blondehair 2017 & Pinterest

Fake blondes can totally breathe a sigh of relief now that dark roots are a new trend! You heard that right. Experts are saying that a grown-out look is hot this year, which means less trips to the salon and more money in your pocket. Forget fearing about that unsightly dark mess creeping up every four to six weeks, and embrace it instead. While the trend is more specific to warmer, honey blondes, it still totally works if you were one of the ones to attempt going platinum last year. Frankly, we're completely for this hair trend, since sharing the truth of beauty and our imperfections is increasingly becoming a hot topic across social media. If you love being blonde but are naturally growing dark roots beneath that bleached mane, have no fear. Not only does everyone understand your struggle, but they totally want to see it.

11 Natural Curls Are Gonna Be A Huge Hit This Year

Lisa a la mode & Beyonce.com

For women who have a naturally untameable head of hair, this is your year. Forget about all of those relaxers, straighteners, weaves, extensions, and rollers. Ditch the hair products and simply air dry your natural curls for a look that not only speaks the truth about who you are, but is now totally on trend. If your hair has some natural texture to it, all you have to do is keep those luscious strands clean and dry, and you're good to go. People are seriously loving anything natural right now – from hair to going make-up free to biodegradable packaging – and there's nothing more natural than choosing to refrain from spending hundreds of dollars on turning your hair into something it's not. Stop flattening your natural curls and instead, flaunt it's unique and healthy shape and bounce.

10 Oomph Up That Volume With A Healthy Blowout

Hairstylemodel.xyz & Zimbio.com

Following suit with the natural hairstyle trends, keeping things super simple is what 2018 hair comes down to, and there's nothing more simple than a blowout to amp up your hair's natural volume without trying to achieve the statement-making 80's "big hair". Princess Kate, and princess-to-be, Meghan, know how far a look like this goes, which is why they often choose to wear their long, dark hair loose, but with a high level of volume. If you want to get the on-trend style of a princess, simply blow dry your hair using a round brush. You'll not only look sophisticated and classy, but on trend. It's quick and easy, and is your best bet for prepping for any event, be it an important interview or a royal wedding.

9 Accessorize Your 'Do With A Vibrant Scarf

stylebistro.com & Instagram

If you were totally digging the bright colours of the 60's and 70's, you're not alone. Everyone wants to bring back those hippie styles, from the high-waisted slacks and crop-tops to the big, round sunglasses. Another trend that is making a comeback is accessorizing  your hair with flashy, patterned scarves. Many young starlets are rocking the thin fabrics on top of their crowns, but we're also seeing more mature celebs like Eva Mendes stepping out with this accessory, too. So if you are feelin' this look, be sure to head to your local thrift shop to find some super unique scarves. You could also rummage through your great aunt or grandma's closet for something truly vintage!

8 You Gotta See It To Believe It: Scrunchies Are The Newest Thing To Fall In Love With (Again!)

E! Online & Pinterest

Alright, we're completely PSYCHED about this news. Our most beloved hair accessory – the scrunchie – is IN. What was once a fashion faux pas that Carrie Bradshaw once claimed that no New Yorker would ever be caught dead in, is soon to be hitting the streets of NYC on the regular. No longer will we have to hide at home with our bulky bun-makers. No longer will we conceal the fabric-covered hair elastic in our gym bags or exclusively use it while eating pizza by ourselves at home, in our sweats. For now, in the year 2018, we can feel empowered to step out and wear our scrunchies with pride! Even so, trend experts suggest that you wear plain scrunchies and nothing with flashy patterns or metallics. But given that patterned head scarves are in this year, we're sure you can get away with it.

7 A Long & Messy Braid Is The Latest Homage To Your School Girl Days

hollywoodofficial.com & Harper's Bazaar

Since simple hairstyles are on trend, it just makes sense that a long braid would be included on our list. Many Hollywood blondes – including Blake Lively – are choosing to rock this super delicate look on the red carpet, but they're keeping one factor the same: it's gotta be sloppy looking. The wide top, wispy thick braid is the look you're going to want to strive for when trying to master this basic trend. While we can't go as far as saying "the messier the better", we can say that having some loose strands is a big win, and you're definitely going to want to refrain from keeping your hair tight up top. If you can widen out the braid a little – maybe with light teasing, pulling, or a fishtail braid – that is even better!

6 The Headband Is Back, Baby!


Who ever really stopped wearing the headband? It's a classic hair accessory that is seriously the best to keep hair out of your face and to squash those budding baby hairs down. Whether you're a fan of the sporty look – paired, of course, with your trendy athleisure – or a delicate and dainty band like Emma Watson, it is all going to be working for you this year, because headbands are a stylist's new best friend. Since these accessories are so versatile, they can be worn in a casual setting, like Coachella, or a high-class event, like the Met Gala. We can't say exactly how this trend resurfaced, but we're so happy that we are all given a second chance to get back in touch with our inner Blair Waldorf's

5 If You're Still Hooked On Grey & Platinum Hair, You'll Easily Adapt To Silver

Byrdie & Instagram

If you're looking for a bold colour to try this year, the world is still in love with the pale pastels and platinum locks, but is more specifically leaning towards the colourless end of the spectrum. If you were into last year's hair trend of going grey, then it won't be a problem for you to switch it up a little and go silver. While it's difficult to know exactly how silver is any different than grey when it comes to your hair, experts say that it is a tad more metallic and less matte than the previous hair colour trend. It's also accented with more white and less of that salt and peppered look. It's a pretty intense shade that's totally meant for the person who is comfortable with being a little extra. 

4 Crave That Wind-Blown Look? Create It Yourself With The Fly-Away Fringe Side-Sweep

Zimbio & Harper's Bazaar

This hairstyle is probably the most complicated 'do that you'll be seeing way more of this year, and while challenging to pull off, it is a modern style that is totally new. It's not a reused trend or a throwback style, but one that our modern generation has created from nothing. This look is definitely one that we should all feel proud to attempt and rock, especially if you want to feel like a sexy, futuristic alien. It might take the proper tools and products (and not to mention, patience) to shape your hair into this unique shape, but the result will sure to turn heads make you appear way ahead of your time. We're predicting that there will be more of these constructed hairstyles to appear over the next decade that will likely make us all think of the Capitol hairstyles seen in The Hunger Games. 

3 Keep Your Crown Slicked Back & Let Your Hair Fall Loose

Zimbio & Pinterest

If you're looking for a hairstyle that is free of accessories, is not as boring as a basic blowout or as reflective as the "wet" look, may we present you with the slicked crown? This hairstyle is a great marriage between "greasy chic" and a simple blow dry, and all you have to do is brush your hair back with some strong-holding products. Give your roots a nice boost while keeping everything tucked behind your ears for this majestic hairstyle. It might be a challenge to craft it exactly to your liking, but once it's in place, you'll totally look like a supermodel. It can be worn poolside or at the club, and it will always look gorgeous and semi-effortless.

2 Keep It Sweet & Easy With A Sky-High Ponytail

The Zoe Report & Instagram

Our go-to hairstyle for years is finally on trend. It's about time! The ponytail is a classic up-do that can be transformed into so many epic looks, whether you're rocking it with a bump or low to the side, it's completely versatile. But for 2018, height is what you're aiming for. Try to brush your strands to it's highest peak before tightly wrapping a band around the bunch. Honestly, we'd love to thank Ariana Grande for the reintroduction and for making this style so popular. If it wasn't for her signature hairstyle, we're not quite sure if we'd be seeing it on the catwalks or red carpets this year. Luckily, this hairstyle doesn't take much time or planning, and really...that's all we ever care about, amiright?

1 Chop, Chop, Chop To Defy Those Gender Stereotypes


More and more of Hollywood A-listers are heading to the barber to shave off their lovely hair. Everyone from Zoe Kravitz and Cara Delevingne to Rose McGowan and Katy Perry are choosing the buzz-cut over anything else, and it's a trend that might be sticking around. Even well-known beauty bloggers are making the risky move for everyone to see on their social media feeds. With the line between genders becoming more and more blurry with each passing year, men can rock long hair and top-knots and women can rock the quarter-inch lengths (or shorter!). For so long, women were seen as the gender with long hair, but we're no longer pigeon-holing ourselves to this stereotype. While it's scary to imagine shaving it all off – since it takes so long to grow out – it's also something that could be incredibly freeing. 

Credits: Bustle.com, ElleUK.com, InStyle.com, Instagram.com

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