These 15 Never-Before-Seen Pics Of Celebs At Coachella Have Us Dying To Go

There aren't many places where celebrities interact with regular people on a daily basis. After all, they can pay for private jets or first class tickets, they can book huge suites under fake names and only order room service, they can be whisked straight into the VIP section by their security guards. However, there's one place where celebrities mingle with regular people all the time — music festivals. In the UK, you'll always spot just about every British celebrity in the world trekking through the mud at Glastonbury, and in the US, literally, everyone goes to Coachella.

Now, they probably have it a little easier than most, if they want — they don't have to worry about the expensive food and drink options, and they can easily hire someone to set up a tent, or just whisk them away to a luxury suite to rest for the next day's performances. However, during the actual shows themselves, they're right there with normal people — and they often take the opportunity to dress totally festival chic in wild outfits.

Luckily, because they're not hidden away in a private VIP section, there are tons of fantastic photos of celebrities taken while they're enjoying the music at Coachella. Here are 15 never before seen shots that will have you wishing it was time for Coachella already.

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15 Vanessa Hudgens Is The Flower Child Of Your Dreams


Vanessa Hudgens' general style tends to err on the bohemian chic side of things, so you can only imagine what kind of crazy outfits she comes up with for Coachella. She embraces the whole festival vibe with crop tops, wild prints, maxi dresses and flower crowns — basically, she's nailing festival style. We love the vibrant blue eyeshadow in the shot on the left, we love the oversized retro sunglasses in the shot on the right, we love all the delicate jewelry and the boho waves she's rocking. Basically, we want to raid Vanessa Hudgens' festival wardrobe, because she looks fantastic. We love someone who can commit to a look this much — after all if you're going and dressing up, why not have fun with it and embrace your inner boho queen?

14 Ariel Winter Parties With Pink Hair & A Fringed Bikini


When it comes to her wardrobe choices, Ariel Winter certainly isn't shy. She's curvier than many starlets, and rather than trying to hide that or err on the conservative side because of it, she has no issue with showing off her curves — and we love that she embraces her body! Now, we're not sure exactly why she went with a full-on bikini for Coachella, but hey — it does get hot. You'll often see tons of fringe and tassels on festival attire because it's just fun to wear while dancing, and we love this matching two-piece swimsuit with retro vibes. Plus, her neon pink hair is majorly amazing. Who would have ever thought she'd go through such a style evolution? We have to admit, we kind of can never wait to see what kind of outfits she'll come up with next.

13 Alessandra Ambrosio Celebrates Pure Friendship


Sure, you can absolutely go to Coachella alone, or just with your bestie or partner, but why not embrace it and just go with a whole crew of your friends? That's exactly what Alessandra Ambrosio did. Now, we're not sure if she just hangs out around a lot of models because of her job and has made plenty of model friends because of that, or if her circle of friends just happens to be insanely good looking, but these shots look like an ad campaign for the festival. I mean, who would imagine so many gorgeous women would be enjoying the performances together? We're also living for her Coachella wardrobe of boots, shorts, and fun tops, paired with retro sunglasses — she definitely knows how to channel her inner retro festival queen.


12 Sophie Turner Partied It Up With Her Soon-To-Be Fiancee


Yes, we said that many British stars can be found at the Glastonbury music festival since it's a bit closer to their home base, but that doesn't mean you'll never find any Brits at Coachella. After all, so many British actors consider Los Angeles their home base nowadays anyway, and spend more time in the U.S. than they do back in the U.K.  Sophie Turner has had a busy couple of years as one of the cast members of the hugely popular HBO series Game of Thrones, but she's also more than willing to cut loose a little and let her hair down. And we have to say, we're a little bit obsessed with the powder blue romper she's rocking on the left. It's a lot more structured than most Coachella attire, but we kind of like that.

11 Emma Roberts Is Keeping Things Chill In Her Swanky Tent


Okay, the picture of Emma Roberts on the left looks exactly how we would imagine a celebrity would experience Coachella. She's not cramming herself into a teeny tent with four of her friends and sleeping on sleeping bags on the ground. She has legit furniture set up in her tent, from chairs to a floor rug to a little table with a plant on it. I mean, that's a woman who knows how to do a festival in luxury! Even her outfits are on point. While many celebrities opt to wear fairly basic shorts and tanks, because they know they'll just be sweating in the sun and dirt all day, Roberts isn't about to sacrifice style — she's opted for an all-white dress and movie star sunglasses. Hey, everyone does Coachella differently.

10 Olivia Culpo Looks Sleek & Chic While Hanging With Pals


We love Coachella because you kind of see different sides of celebrities. Some go totally casual and blend in with everyone else, while others retain a little bit of their celebrity extra-ness. Olivia Culpo definitely falls into the latter category. While her splatter-printed tee and skirt on the left are fairly casual, the fact that she's full-on accessorized with a statement necklace is kind of amazing. And again, if you take a look at the photo on the right with Culpo enjoying the festival with her friends, it could easily be an advertisement to encourage people to come to the festival so they, too, could hang out with a crew of gorgeous women. Hey, when you look your best, you feel your best, right? These ladies just want to enjoy the festival!

9 Jamie Chung Is Totes Feeling That Summer Breeze


Okay, can we just take a second to talk about Jamie Chung's Coachella lookbook here? It's phenomenal. On the left, we have Jamie rocking distressed jean shorts, a floral crop top, tasselled earrings and a literal parasol. I mean, could you get more boho chic than that? And on the right, she's gone with a different vibe, rocking a white dress with tassel and fringe details. On most people, it would be a nightmare, but she somehow pulls it off. In both pictures, even though you can't see her eyes because of her retro sunnies, you can tell she's just enjoying herself immensely, feeling the breeze in her hair and enjoying the performances. It's relaxing us just looking at her — and making us wish we were at Coachella right now, feeling the breeze in our own hair!

8 Leona Lewis Kept It Hella Real At The '17 'Chella


We kind of love that Leona Lewis had two entirely different looks at Coachella. And we're not just talking wardrobe — her hair is different, everything. She looks like two totally different people! On the left, she's rocking her natural curls in an adorable up-do, paired with jean shorts, a tank that shows off her amazing physique, and a killer choker necklace that just completes the whole look. Then, on the right, she's gone for more of a sophisticated, fashion-forward vibe with overalls and a totally slicked back low bun. We're not sure if she curated these looks beforehand or just decided to wear what made her feel good, but we love her festival attire. And those retro sunnies? Amazing. She looks like she's just having so much fun!

7 Jasmine Tookes Was Feelin' The Vibes Of Love


Jasmine Tookes could have easily wrangled up a few of her girlfriends and hit Coachella as a stylish and super sultry squad, but instead, she decided to enjoy the festival with her boyfriend and turn it into more of a romantic, extended date. Even her look channels those romantic vibes — the lacy, off the shoulder top is adorable, her patterned blue pants are both bohemian and romantic, and even her hair, gently curled with an adorable bandana, is amazing. And then, of course, you have all the delicate necklaces that just finish off the look. We're so used to seeing Tookes strutting her stuff down the runway in crazy lingerie looks with Victoria's Secret, so it's kind of refreshing to see her all loved up and loving life at Coachella.

6 Ashley Graham Got To Hang With Some Serious Hotties


Okay, seriously — can we please have Ashley Graham's Coachella life? This looks bananas. In the left picture, she's wearing full-on strappy stilettos and a little black dress — to a music festival. It's a little extra, but we're here for it. She also seems to have set up her relaxing zone in a super luxe tent, complete with countless plush blankets, because why not live large? And then, of course, there's the shot on the right, where she's hanging out with some mega hotties who are showing off their abs. She got her girl time with fellow model Jasmine Tookes, she got to check out some hotties... is there anything her Coachella experience was missing? I mean, this is a woman who knows how to live like the queen she is.

5 Katy Perry Kicks Back With Her 'Chella Crew


If you think of a celeb whose Coachella look you most want to see, Katy Perry is likely at the top of that list. That's because she's basically fearless when it comes to her style — her hair has been every shade under the sun, her stage costumes are bananas, and she's not afraid to take a risk. Her Coachella look is a little more tame and neutral than we may have imagined, but she still looks amazing. First of all, the bleached blonde crop — it takes a bold woman to rock a short haircut, especially after years and years of long locks, and it looks amazing on her. Second, the all-white outfit — it's a departure from her usual colorful looks, and white may be a bit of a funny choice for an outdoor festival, but there's no denying that she looks amazing.

4 Christina Milian Channelled Her Inner Neon Queen


What's a girl to do when the weather takes a bit of a turn, and suddenly her maxi skirt and bikini top look aren't quite enough? Well, buy a bright neon raincoat, of course! We're not sure where Christina Milian and Victoria Justice got these coats, but it just proves that you can't take yourself too seriously. Sure, they likely put a lot of thought into their outfits and picked something that would be cute and flattering — these raincoats are neither. But, why would you let something like the weather enjoy your experience? Instead, they just embraced it, and look like they're having an absolute blast in their oversized attire. Not even celebrities can control the weather, so sometimes, you just have to embrace what you can't control and keep a positive attitude.

3 Sofia Richie Had The Actual Time Of Her Life


Even though she's young, Sofia Richie is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. She grew up watching her older sister Nicole Richie navigating the world of privilege and fame in Los Angeles, getting into some trouble along the way. While Sofia Richie hasn't gotten mixed up in some of the things Nicole did back in her younger years, she's definitely proven that she loves a good party. I mean, just take a look at the picture on the left — that is a girl who is literally having the time of her life. The oversized pants, oversized cropped orange top, and hat is a bold look, but somehow she manages to pull it off thanks to her edgy sense of style. She's also shown cuddling with pop star Rita Ora — so cute.

2 Rita Ora Lasted All Night Long Before Taking Off To China


Celebrities travel a fair bit, especially musicians who end up going on tour. Rita Ora knows that well — she's been in the industry for quite a few years now, and has quite a few tours under her belt. And, while she knows that getting proper rest is important in order to perform your best, she also isn't about to miss out on the Coachella experience just because she has to jet off somewhere across the world. Ora was going to China the day after this day of Coachella revelry, but she didn't cut her festival experience short — she enjoyed the Coachella vibes all night, looking like an edgy queen in her all-black outfit, and then just hopped on the plane the next morning. I mean, that's pretty impressive — who knew Ora was such a rock star?

1 Paris Hilton Lived The Fairy Princess Lifestyle


Okay, we have to admit — out of all the celebrities out there, Paris Hilton is one we wouldn't necessarily expect to see at Coachella. She dabbled in the whole DJ thing, sure, but she's never really seemed like the biggest music fan, and she's always seemed a bit too much of a princess to enjoy the festival life. However, she's proved us wrong — although she's still channeling some princess vibes here. Her Coachella attire seems to consist of some kind of maxi dress that shows off a major amount of skin on top, a crazy headband or tiara to indicate that she's a princess, and retro sunnies. We have to admit, as far as Coachella looks go, it's a pretty good one — and proves that she's not afraid to march to the beat of her own fairy princess drum.

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