Their Hearts Will Go On: 20 Photos Showing Kate And Leo Have An Unsinkable Friendship

The taglines for Titanic were grand and appropriate for the groundbreaking effect the film would have on the world! Two such taglines are, "Nothing on Earth could come between them" and "Collide with destiny." If you've seen Titanic more than three million times and can quote it by heart, you'll remember Old Rose refers to Titanic in her tales of life as "The ship of dreams." It goes without saying the appeal of Titanic reached epic proportions over the last twenty years, and for good reason; there's something for everyone in this love story.

The modern film adaptation of Titanic tells the story of a couple from two different economic classes at a time where class separation ruled. Jack Dawson, was a starving artist who lived his life according to the air in his lungs and his desire to travel. Rose Dewitt Bukator lived in the most opposite of worlds; she was the daughter of wealthy socialites from Philadelphia. When the two came together through fate and destiny on the sea, the hearts of filmgoers and hopeless romantics alike went on to explode in a Titanic-sized love of Jack and Rose!

If you applied the taglines of the film to the stunning performances of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, they make sense! The pair's chemistry was undeniable; the two frequently discussed fun times they shared together on the set. Leo and Kate's friendship has transcended ice burgs and two decades of fame and is worth a nostalgic look back!

20 They Walk The Red Carpet Together

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Jack and Rose accompanied each other to Jack's third class dance in the film, and Rose was able to explore a completely different world for the night, and she was able to embrace exactly who she was meant to be; Leo and Kate, have the same idea; the duo frequently accompany one another to premieres and events!

Leo and Kate's close-knit relationship is evident when they travel the red carpet together. We love to witness their extremely rapid banter, which proves just how close they've grown to become.

Always having a date to depend on for events, doesn't hurt either!

19 They Sank For Long Hours Together

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It's hard to imagine a pre-Titanic world, but in the times which could be affectionally referred to as "BT" for "before Titanic," Leo and Kate bonded in the midst of filming what would become a gigantic blockbuster film!

Understandably, the cast needed to keep themselves busy with the long hours on set. Luckily Kate found a mate to help her through the tough times. During the height of Titanic-mania, Winslet once described the onset vibe to Rolling Stone as "we were kind of the two goofy kids on the set."

Imagining Leo and Kate's set antics surely breaks the ice!

18 They're Vacation Pals

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When you've reached the level of friendship where the two of you can spend hours together frolicking on the beach and never get tired of one another, you're going to be friends for life. If you're Kate and Leo, you've unlocked the level of friendship where you can take business trips together, and still have an amazing time!

After pictures surfaced of K'Leo hanging out on the beach together, Kate explained that the duo was actually strolling the sands for work, but they still were able to enjoy the sand and surf as well. Friends who beach together, stay together.

17 Leo's Always Around For A Hug

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Kate Winslet has lived quite a life. She's received many awards for her career-defining performances, worked with many renowned actors, and has even reached doll status! All of this, and she gets to hug her best pal Leo at the end of the day. How lucky can Kate be?

The best friends and former co-stars are always down with giving each other some lovable affection every now and then. They've been captured putting their friendship on display for all to see at award shows and on the red carpet. Who wouldn't want to give Jack Dawson a hug? Certainly Rose!

16 Leo Walked Kate Down The Aisle

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For better or worse! If we can't have the Kate and Leo wedding of our dreams, Leo's sweet friendship favor for Kate is the next best thing. When Kate wed her husband, she made sure both of the men in her life got enough love on her big day! Leo went above and beyond and walked his best friend down the aisle at the wedding.

Grab your tissues, this story is sweet; Us Weekly reported "very few friends and family" were present at the wedding, and her Titanic co-star was special enough to receive an invitation. She'll never let go!

15 K'Leo Loves To Laugh

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For many, a sense of humor is a must when it comes to friendship qualifications! For Kate, her pal Leo meets this one and more. An ingredient to the duo's chemistry is their ability to keep each other laughing. Of their giggle fests, Kate tells Glamour, "Can you imagine if the world really knew the stupid things we say?"

K'Leo's banter often leaves Winslet in stitches, but she'd rather keep the funnies between her and Leo. She added, "You don't even want to know the last conversation we had, because it was so funny, it made me laugh so much!"

14 They Love To Text

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Imagining Kate Winslet's cell phone contacts presents us with many questions; would Leo be one of her top contacts? Would she use an ice berg picture for his contact photo? Do you think they use ship emojis in conversation?

The world may never know, but we do know Kate and Leo love to text each other. Leo was once photographed looking at his phone after his big Oscar win; maybe he was texting Kate?

When asked about her texts with Leo, Kate let us down when she responded: "I cannot divulge private text information!"

Insert the sad emoji face here!

13 They Quote Titanic Together

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In a revelation making K'Leo lovers swoon, Kate and Leo go to show you never forget your career-defining role! The pair can thank Titanic for their friendship, and their love of quoting the film is proof they'll always have a love for the film that brought them together!

Leo and Kate stole the hearts of moviegoers with their performances as Jack and Rose, and our love never ends. Kate delighted us when she told Glamour, " ...sometimes we do quote the odd Titanic line back and forth to each another because only we can, and we find it really funny."

12 Friends Who Act Together Stay Together

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By 2008, Kate and Leo's on-screen legacy was forever cemented by their unforgettable status as Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukator; suddenly, the world of cinema was rocked when K'Leo fans were gifted a wish of a lifetime: the duo reunited for the film Revolutionary Road where they played another couple who carried a very passionate love for one another, Frank and April Wheeler.

Not only did the film reunite Leo and Kate, but the filming process was also a family affair, too! Kate's husband, Sam Mendes, directed the two friends as they brought the Richard Yates novel alive!

11 They Turn To Each Other For Advice

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Do you remember the scene in Titanic where Jack and Rose are sitting on the ship discussing their future plans to ride horses and walk along a pier? If the scene made you swoon, the idea of Kate and Leo exchanging advice and having deep conversations will too!

When you're able to be extremely candid with your friend and have a deep enough connection to share your innermost hopes and dreams, the friendship is meant to last. Leo and Kate frequently lean on each other for advice; Kate recently turned to her friend for advice concerning some film role preparation!

10 She Convinced Him To Take A Role Of A Lifetime

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Sometimes you need a little help from your friends, or just a little nudge forward! Kate knows this feeling well; she once had to convince Leo to accept the role of Jack Dawson in the pre-production period of Titanic. Who can imagine anyone else in the role of our favorite leading man?

When Kate was doing press for Titanic when it was released, she let it be known of Leo's hesitations. She told Rolling Stone, "I was thinking, ‘I’m going to persuade him to do this, because I’m not doing it without him, and that’s all there is to it!"

9 He Pranked Her On Set

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Brothers, sisters, and best friends alike know the art of a good prank! Pranks can be intricate or simple, and can sometimes require a lot of commitment. On the set of Titanic, Leo and Kate experienced many-a-type of pranks to pass the time.

Billy Zane, who you will remember as Rose's fiance Cal, had the inside scoop on K'Leo's goofy antics. He said, "Grossing Kate out was purely Leo's job. He got really good at it!"

K'Leo knows how to have a really good time, and they definitely show time spent on film sets can be really fun and carefree!

8 They Take Care Of Each Other

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When you spend so much time around your friend, you learn many facts about their personality, their quirks become your quirks, and you find out what it is that makes your best bud tick! For K'Leo, their days on the Titanic set were long, and the film's shooting time lasted for seven months; that's a long time for Kate to know many details about Leo, specifically, his sandwich preferences!

After the film was released, Kate spilled to Rolling Stone that Leo preferred "And I did know exactly what he wanted this kind of cheese and no tomato and no pickle."

7 Leo Calls His Pal "Homie"

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What's a close friendship without having various levels of nicknames for each other? Chances are, you're thinking of the long list of nicknames you have for your best friend.

K'Leo's tight friendship has been strengthened by decades of trust, connection, and their collective sense of humor, and their affinity for giving each other cute nicknames surely has an impact on their enviable friendship.

Leo knows exactly how to describe his best pal; he once described Kate as his "homie." Calling your pal "homie" implies the utmost level of closeness and can be valuable friendship goals! Our hearts will go on!

6 They Were Always Platonic Pals

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Some of the strongest relationships are born out of friendships, but some of the most underrated friendships are just purely platonic friendship! Of course, we love to watch Leo and Kate's romantic chemistry on screen, but the backbone of their performances have everything to do with their relationship off-screen.

While platonic friendships are something to be celebrated, it does still hurt when you think about how Kate will never become Mrs. DiCaprio.

The woman behind Rose knows how you feel! She revealed, "We were both really young and luckily, and this is the fortunate thing, we never fancied each other."

5 They Support Each Other's Achievements

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The most successful pairs of pals are there for one another through thick and thin, and there's no doubt Leo and Kate stand by one another's side through everything personal and private!

One of Leonardo's biggest public factors centers around the long time it's taken for him to win a coveted Oscar. The actor had been nominated five times before finally winning a statue in 2016! His best pal Kate was surely in the audience to celebrate his victory.

The forever friends have been widely documented being vocally supportive of each other's artistic achievements as well! What a valuable friendship!

4 A Magician Witnessed Their First Meeting

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Titanic's storyline is magic with Jack and Rose's romance, and the film's historic significance solidifying its place in the cultural context as one of the most popular films of all time! No matter if you're on your first Titanic viewing or your three hundredth, the film takes your breath away!

Speaking of magic, a viable name in the world of magicians happened to be present for Kate and Leo's first meeting. According to Kate, the duo had separately come to the esteemed Cannes film festival, where David Blaine was "doing magic tricks" in the room where she and Leo met.

3 Kate Was His Favorite Kiss

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There are so many golden tickets to a believable on-screen couple; beautiful chemistry, a connection, and a sense of romance! Leo and Kate charmed their audience in Titanic with all of these factors and more. Luckily for K'Leo fans, the two actors were fond of one another's ability to bring the love to the big screen.

Jack and Rose went on to become one of the most memorable on-screen couples, and their status must've been helped by Leo's choice for his all-time favorite on-screen kiss. Leo and Kate's passion on screen is so evident, our hearts go on for them!

2 They're Birthday Buds

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Imagine the coolest party possible; you're surrounded by many people who are feeling nothing but happiness and positivity because the party mood is electric. All you need for the perfect night is your best friend by your side and you're set!

K'Leo's friendship is cause for celebration, and the duo has been known to seize any opportunity to celebrate special occasions together. K'Leo's trend of coming together for birthday celebrations dates back to the days of Jack and Rose! Kate revealed, "I remember clearly—because of how much cake I ate—but I had my 21st birthday on that film..."

1 K'Leo Really Appreciate Their Fans

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Leo and Kate's collective Titanic levels of fame over the last twenty years doesn't seem to phase the actors. While they're aware of their meaningful impact on cinematic history, K'Leo prefers to honor the legacy they've left for their fans!

Charity work is important to Leo and Kate respectively, and it only makes sense the two come together to spread some joy. The story of Gemma Nuttall quickly captured Kate's heart, and the actress did everything possible to help Gemma back to health.

According to People, Leo had the idea of "auction[ing] a dinner with Jack and Rose" for Gemma!

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