The Zodiac Signs, Ranked From Most Romantic To Least

Each zodiac is unique in their own way, which is why it’s only natural for specific signs to excel in one area of life at least a bit easier than the others. That doesn’t mean a certain sign is better than another, it just means that sometimes specific signs are more natural when it comes to the love in their life. Every sign is capable of being romantic and loving, caring, and compassionate, but occasionally a sign has a more comfortable and easier time embracing those qualities. We have ranked these signs from most romantic to least and we’ve even added a bit of extra fun at the end of this list which will give you some important advice if you find that you’re struggling when it comes to finding your more romantic side of life.

It’s important to take a step back and remember some of the tips and qualities from other signs if you want to try and be more embracing when it comes to being a romantic. Just remember to not pretend to be someone you’re not, don’t change for someone, be yourself and if you discover you want to change parts of your personality over time for you and your happiness, then go for it, we back you one hundred percent!

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15 Pisces


Most known for their compassionate nature, this sign is ranked number one when it comes to how romantic they are. Pisces have proven time and time again that their loving nature outshines all the other signs. They are dreamers and they want a partner that is able to run away with them so they can live happily ever after. While not everyone wants this kind of life or outlook on life, Pisces always are living their most fairy tale inspired life. The classic love story is what interests them the most. While they generally like being alone, they only like being alone until they find someone who gets them for who they are and what kind of love that motivates them to keep going through life. They’re overly trusting and they constantly are trying to be more and more romantic. They’re always willing to help someone and they will always put themselves in front of the danger to protect someone they care for.

14 Virgo


One of the most loyal signs, they will always be by your side no matter what comes your way. The Virgos are known for being very kind and understanding, they’re a kind of person that is always logical which might not come off as warm and inviting, but it can present a new and refreshing take on the world when so many people want to sugar coat everything. If you find yourself with a Virgo, you’ll notice right away that these kinds of people love a healthy lifestyle, they always want to better themselves so they can benefit others. They put their health and relationships first so they can really embrace everything the world has to offer. They pay attention to even the smallest detail and will always point something out. They never miss when you change your hair or style, they’ll notice right away and they’ll bring it up which generally makes individuals feel special and loved.

13 Capricorn


Capricorns give off a certain type of love that’s very unique, they’re very into family and tradition. So if you’re looking for someone that’s romantic and dreams of having a big family and a beautiful traditional life, then you’ve found your match with the Capricorn sign. Capricorns generally are very responsible and have very good self-control, they don’t cheat and they expect honesty above all from everyone involved in the relationship. While they do sometimes get frustrated it’s because they care. They are a very independent individual and they expect that same kind of strength from their partner. They like being known as a power couple and they love being in charge of managing something. They always want progress and they want to grow with whoever they end up with, they allow change for the better and they expect the same from the love of their life. If you’re with a Cap, expect to grow together and have a very serious relationship.

12 Cancer


The second most loyal sign, the Cancer zodiac has always been known for being overly emotional, but people refuse to see that this sign is one of the most loving signs when it comes to the spectrum of the zodiacs. Cancers are loyal, emotional, sympathetic, and very imaginative. They will always keep their partner on their toes, always creating new excitement and fun. While they can be insecure which can get in the way of a balanced relationship, they make up for it because of how sentimental they can be. While Cancers are very hard to get to know, sometimes even taking years to really understand, it’s well worth it just because of how they will enrich your life in the long run. Your time spent with a Cancer will always be valued and they will never take you for advantage. They become attached and loving towards anyone they deeply care about.

11 Sagittarius


Sagittarius is the last sign that is fully known as being a romantic. They say what they want and they do what they want, but tend to push all of those natural traits aside for those they care about in their lives. They’re generally extremely protective and they will always watch out for your safety more than theirs. They will do anything for you to keep you happy, even if they have a harder time expressing their emotions. They’re the type of individual that sets goals, they will do anything to help you reach your goals as well. They never back down from a fight and they enjoy their freedom. While they embrace their freedom, this doesn’t mean that they will feel tied down because they’re in a relationship, because they go for individuals who also have a free spirit like them. If you do end up connecting with a Sagittarius, you’ll find that they’re always going with the flow, so if you do too, it will be a perfect relationship without any minor conflicts!

10 Taurus


The Taurus sign is one of the first signs that are on the fence when it comes to how romantic they are. They’re generally the type of person that’s labeled as just a friend. They get along with mostly everyone from any sign, but forming deeper connections that go beyond the surface of friends proves to be a bit challenging for this sign. They’re practical and responsible, stable and patient, they always form connections with mass amounts of people, but if they take some time to reflect on what they want instead of what other people want they will have a better time finding that love connection that they’re missing. While they aren’t one of the most romantic individuals on the list, they can easily change parts of themselves to have a different perspective and different interactions with people without sacrificing themselves or pretending to be someone else. Don’t give up!

9 Leo


Another sign like the Taurus that has a bit of difficulty when taking the first step towards finding the love that they want so badly. Leos usually love the idea of love but have a very hard time trying to figure out what they should do to achieve that connection they want. They can oftentimes be very stubborn and lazy, they give up easily when they don’t get their way. So when it comes to finding love, which usually is trial and error for a ton of people, they give up and stop trying. The only thing that could make them more romantic is to remind themselves that they can’t just give up when they get rejected a few times, it’s normal for that to happen, and it doesn’t reflect badly on the sign as a whole. Just have some motivation and keep trying, that’s the only thing Leos need to alter in their dating life to create a connection that lasts longer that just a few dates.

8 Scorpio


Now we’re getting into the rest of the list where these signs have the most difficulty when it comes to being romantic and expressing it in a way that comes off positive and loving. One of the biggest issues that constantly come up when a Scorpio is trying to build a relationship is the fact that they are seriously jealous almost all the time and they themselves tend to be a bit secretive because of their distrusting personality traits. While these things can be overcome if a Scorpio just takes the time to step back and really observe the situation, it can be hard to see that this sign is even doing these things until it’s too late. What makes this sign even less romantic is the fact that these traits show up sometimes even on the first date, talk about a not so great impression! Usually when someone is jealous they don’t show that on the first date, but sometimes Scorpios can’t help it.

7 Libra


By far one of the most social signs, which you would think would be a help on the quest to find their true love, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Similar to the Taurus, the Libra tends to always be in the center of attention, they love to be social with anyone and they will always stand out. But where they go wrong is when they’re close with someone, they avoid confrontations constantly which will put a very big gap in communication. If you know anything about relationships you probably know by now that communication is the key to making a connection work. Without that communication, it can make the other individual feel like they don’t matter enough or that their opinion doesn’t matter compared to the Libra’s. Just remember if you’re a Libra who’s looking for love, be yourself, but try to connect through communication. Even if it’s hard it will be worth it!

6 Aries


One of the more determined signs, this confident zodiac sign generally is very sure of their direction in life, but when it comes to relationships and romance, there can be some obstacles that will prove a challenge. Aries can be one of the moodiest and short-tempered signs, they show constantly impulsiveness and can even be aggressive if something doesn’t go their way, which is pretty obvious to anyone that those factors can pretty much end any relationship. Aries have a rough time finding a special connection with anyone other than family, which is why they usually focus on their career more than personal relationships. They use that confidence and determination to further their career before they ever put a thought into romance. There isn’t much they can change without pretending to be another person, but there’s always someone for everyone, you just have to let it happen naturally and you’ll find someone who gets you for you!

5 Gemini


One of the least liked signs, this sign constantly gets a bad rep when it comes to relationships and we hate to say it’s true, but it can be sometimes. This sign is most likely out of all the other signs to cheat on their partner, which is not even close to being romantic! The Gemini sign is always curious, they’re always looking for fun and even though they’re one of the most affectionate signs, they typically are affectionate to more than one person at a time. Geminis are the type of people who are constantly involved in the dating scene, they’ve tried everything, and they actually prefer to be dating constantly instead of being in a committed relationship for the long term. While they can be romantic, romance typically makes them panic because it’s too connected and close, when they usually just want to have fun instead of actually have feelings towards someone else.

4 Aquarius


We’re closing with the Aquarius sign! This sign is one of the least romantic signs because they constantly run from emotional expression and they rather focus on themselves and reaching their goals. While of course, it’s not impossible for an Aquarius to be in a committed relationship, they usually rather be alone and be very independent. They can also be a bit temperamental and never willing to compromise. While they are social they leave it at that, they never pursue anything first and if someone does have the guts to ask them out, they might try dating, but soon enough they’ll miss their old freedom and will break it off or work hard enough until the other person breaks it off because there is not enough quality time together. An Aquarius is the least romantic not only because of their lack of emotional expression, but they’re generally one of the best honest friends you could have, nothing more, nothing less. Just how they like it!

3 Each Sign


Each sign is very capable of having a very serious long-term relationship, everyone is capable of finding love in the world. The purpose of this list isn’t to deter someone from pursuing a relationship with one of these signs, but it’s meant to show what to expect, the flaws, and how to overcome them together or even by yourself. Don’t give up on finding love, sometimes you just need to let love come to you instead of looking for it every chance you get. By being yourself and embracing your positive strengths and your negative ones, you’ll be a better person overall and you’ll see important progress that will motivate you and others to never give up no matter what anyone says. All 12 of the zodiac signs are unique in their own way, we all have our good and bad, and that’s something to be happy about, no two signs are the same and we’re always growing depending on our own choices and life. We have the power to change anything!

2 How To Change


You don’t need to change anything about yourself, but if you find that you’re constantly not hitting the mark when it comes to romance and what you want from dating and relationships, sometimes you’ll find that you just need to take a step back. Sometimes all it comes down to is getting to know yourself. Figuring out your positives and negatives and how both of these elements affect someone you want to be with. Sometimes taking the time to really evaluate yourself and play your strengths can also help. Maybe even just take a break if you find that you feel like you’re forcing yourself to date because you’re scared of being alone or because you feel like you’re getting too old. Don’t let either of those bother you, push them to the side and focus on yourself for a bit. Do something you love and in the end, you’ll some what makes you the most happy.

1 Be Yourself


When it comes down to it, rock who you are. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, each sign is different. We all grow in different ways and we all interact differently based on a whole range of different elements in our lives. Be yourself even if you haven’t been able to have a long-term relationship in some time, it’s not your fault, just continue working on yourself as a person and love will find you no matter what, you’ll be surprised. By being yourself you’ll see just how important that is above everything else. There is literally someone for everyone out there in the world, even if that means you have to put a bit more effort in how you find them and how you meet, it will be worth it. You can’t expect to be limited in who you meet and find your soulmate. All in all, soon enough you’ll realize just how special love is when you find someone who understands you for who you are, regardless if you’re romantic or not.

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