The Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Hard They Are On Themselves

You don't want to succumb to negative self-talk on a daily basis. In fact, critical self-talk can be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

Most of us can be hard on ourselves from time to time. It's human nature to want to be the very best. But what happens when you are your own worst enemy? This could lead to perfectionist tendencies that cause anxiety and other mental health disorders. Ideally, you want to have a delicate balance of self-talk in your head. While you want to push yourself and challenge yourself to be the very best version of yourself. You don't want to succumb to negative self-talk on a daily basis. In fact, critical self-talk can be detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

With all that being said, we decided to tap into the stars and see what they have to say about how hard you tend to be on yourself. When it comes to being kind towards yourself, there are some signs which just naturally are better at it than others. And that's okay. Accepting is always the first step. Growth is part of life. And the more that we are willing to learn about ourselves and how to be the very best version of ourselves, the better off our lives will be.

So get ready to explore how hard we all are on ourselves based on our zodiac signs!

Here's the signs ranked from least to most likely to be hard on themselves: 

16 A Sagittarius Doesn't Internalize Any Potential Self-Critical Thoughts That May Come


Unlike most other signs, Sagittarius people are mighty strong and rarely, if ever, internalize their emotions or feelings. They are the ones who don't let things get to them. In fact, when a Sagittarius finds themselves seeing how they could potentially be better or do better they don't resort to self-criticism. Instead, Sagittarius people just do. They make the necessary changes to be better and do what is best for them at the moment. With Sagittarius people, there is entirely no process of self-loathing to fuel them. They just have an innate ability to motivate themselves. As a result, Sagittarius folks can quickly adapt to change and new situations making them versatile and easy-going. In the end, Sagittarius people are interested in having new experiences and meeting new people, this allows them never to have any self-doubt or at least never let it affect them.

15 A Taurus Develops Their Self-Esteem From The Outside In


Taurus people are really not terribly hard on themselves. However, they are continually trying to convince others to not be so hard on them as well. When Taurus people feel loved, protected, and happy, they seldom have any reason to question their ability and themselves! Traditionally, Tauruses have really high self-esteem which allows them to be ambitious and get things done without doubting themselves. Only when someone that they admired, cherished or truly loved questioned their actions or behaviors, would a Taurus person even consider taking a long hard look at themselves Otherwise, Taurus people are very pleased with how they live life and who they are. In the end, being a Taurus person instinctively means that you have high self-esteem and no one can take that away from you.

14 Aries Are Too Logical To Every Really Criticize Themselves To The Point Of Insecurity


Aries people are far from emotional. As a result, they never really are too hard on themselves. They don't understand why people need to be hard on themselves to motivate them. For Aries, living and wanting to be the best is motivation enough. Being extremely logical beings it can be hard for Aries people to connect with others on an emotional level, including themselves. They often see things in purely black and white and struggle with areas of grey. Now, it's not that an Aries will never have a negative thought about themselves. It's just that they won't entertain it because they tend to be so preoccupied with being the very best, that Aries people don't worry about what they think about themselves.

13 Geminis Are Only Critical Of Themselves When They Think That They Have Wronged Someone That They Care Deeply About


When a Gemini feels like they aren't living up to their potential, that is really the only time that they will ever show any self-doubt or self-loathing. Otherwise, they are happy being who they are. Gemini folks want to live life to the fullest. As a result, this same mindset translates into their romantic and professional lives as well. However, Geminis can't always be amazing at everything which is where their self-criticism comes into play. When they feel like they aren't being the best boyfriend or girlfriend in a relationship, they can begin to harbor self-doubt and be quite hard on themselves. When Geminis are terrified of chasing their dreams because they are scared of failing, that is when their self-doubt hits an all-time high, and they need someone close to them to get them out of their downward spiral.

12 While Pisces Can Be Emotional, They Are Not Very Self-Critical


For the most part, Pisces people really love themselves. So much so that they are rarely hard on themselves for any reason whatsoever. In fact, Pisces people are more convinced that they are the next most significant artistic genius than they are to harbor any self-doubt or self-criticism about themselves. With bouts of self-loathing, they are inventive and creative enough to channel all that negative and deprecating energy into their work. With all that internal emotional struggle, they may just be the next most celebrated artist. But we wouldn't dare let them know! In the end, Pisces people rarely dwell on their emotions or negative feelings for too long. They enjoy creating and being artistic, sharing their emotions through their work is how they maintain their sanity.

11 Cancers Are Only Really Hard On Themselves When They Think That They Need To Be


Right in the middle of this list, we find ourselves with the Cancers of the world. These people tend to be compassionate souls with great hearts of gold. Without being irrational, they can be hard on themselves when they feel like they are supposed to be. Otherwise, they are excellent being the way they are. Within the context of their romantic relationships self-doubt unnecessarily creeps in. Whether it's the result of a breakup or someone not wanting to commit to them, this is when the Cancers self-doubt and insecurity takes a turn for the worst. Feeling like they aren't good enough Cancers will typically go into overdrive wondering where they went wrong or how they can rectify the situation. At the end of the day, when the dust has settled, and the tears have dried up, Cancers are okay with themselves.

10 Whenever There Is A Strong Leo, You Know Deep Down They Harbor Tremendous Insecurity


Leos are often incredibly hard on themselves when they fail to master or achieve a specific goal. Being highly ambitious and intelligent creatures, Leos are the first ones to beat themselves up and be extremely self-critical whenever they end up falling short of a predetermined goal that they have set for themselves. They can quickly go into depression or pity themselves because they always want everyone else to think that they are amazing and can do no wrong. At the end of the day, when a fierce Leo feels like they aren't measuring up to where they think that they need to be in life, that is really the only time they will be hard on themselves. Otherwise, Leos are confident people who make a big entrance at any party.

9 Virgos Are Prone To Paranoia And Overthinking Ultimately Leading Them Into The World Of Self-Doubt


Virgos are so relentlessly hard on themselves. And it surely should come as absolutely no surprise. Virgos are known to be perfectionists. So why wouldn't they be extremely self-critical? Even though they go out of their way to portray a sense of calm and collectedness, this facade is far from the truth. In reality. Virgos are trying extremely hard to make it seem like they have it all together and don't care about the little things, but their efforts are never really believed. Their minds are continually finding ways to make them feel like they aren't living up to their vast potential. This constant self-criticism can stunt their growth if they let it. Without massive personal growth work, a Virgo is likely bound to be a ball fo insecurity and self-doubt.

8 Capricorns Are Super Hard On Themselves Because They Are Most Comfortable In A World Of Certainty


Capricorns love clean lines. They need certainty in their lives. Without genuine understanding or a proper structure, Capricorns can quickly develop critical self-talk. Capricorns are typically those students in school who never break the rules. In fact, they thrive on structure and rules. Without them, Capricorns feel like they are living in chaos which makes them prone to insecurity. Living in a world that is entirely unpredictable provides Capricorns with a way to build uncertainty within themselves. Most of the time, Capricorns rely on others to give a sense of security, so they don't go crazy. Capricorns have such high standards that when they can't measure up, they begin to beat themselves up about it. Being so hard on themselves, Capricorns should really think about giving themselves a little break.

7 Aquarius Are Usually So Self-Assured And Confident, But It's All A Facade


Yes, you read that correctly. Aquarius people have been lying to us all along. Being highly perceptive, Aquarians understand what it means to be open to new possibilities. However, this way of thinking allows them to be extremely sensitive to how others perceive them. More often than not, Aquarians feel like an outcast in a large crowd. Feeling like they can never really fit in, Aquarians begin to create negative self-talk which leads to insecurity and self-doubt. Since they are always struggling to fit in, they often feel like something is wrong with them. As a result, a lifetime of self-doubt is born and requires a lot of personal growth work to get out of. In the end, the Aquarius in your life just wants to fit in.

6 Scorpios Are Intensely Self-Critical Because They Think That Everyone Else Is Being Critical Of Them


The one thing that Scorpios collectively hate the most in this world is being caught off guard. This is why they resort to self-critical behavior. Deep down, Scorpios are extremely sensitive and some of the most loyal people you will ever meet. This also means that Scorpios tend to want a lot out of a relationship, they want a partner who can reciprocate those feelings of loyalty and commitment. As a result, whenever they find someone who is better off than them, they tend to become very jealous. However, Scorpios will internalize their self-critical behaviors and thoughts. Therefore, while Scorpios may appear like they have their lives altogether, the reality is they are drowning in a waterfall of insecurity and self-doubt. In the end, Scorpios can't help but feel like they are never quite good enough.

5 It's Libra's Infatuation With Perfection That Leads To Incessant Self-Criticism


When it comes to Libras, self-criticism is something they know all too well. It's genuinely in their nature to express just how negative they can be! Often, they desire to actually live a life of beauty and happiness that hold them back from doing just that. While most Libras look accomplished on the surface, the reality is that they are far from it. What most people never get to see is just how incredibly hard Libras are on themselves. They can quickly drive themselves crazy trying to pursue a more peaceful life. While Libras are definitely the sign that is most hard on themselves, they do so in secret. Therefore, you likely won't notice how self-critical a Libra is unless they let you in on their secret.

Bonus knowledge about the signs and their elements:

4 Fire Signs Are Strong But Can Develop A Deeply Cruel Inner Critic


Fire signs tend to passionate and dynamic people. While they are incredibly powerful, they can also harbor a harsh inner critic within themselves. This negative voice fuels them to be the very best that they can be. Without this inner critic, a Fire sign is likely to be lazy. Instead, having this negative inner critic propels them into finding and maintaining their success. Whether it's in their career or in relationships, Fire signs are always trying to appear like they have their lives all figured out. Even if the reality is that they are just pushing through, hoping to make it through the skin of their teeth! In the end, Fire signs tend to get angry reasonably quickly which is why they tend to lash out at themselves.

3 Water Signs Are Intuitive And Emotional Which Leads To Intense Self-Criticism


Water signs are exceptionally emotional and empathetic creatures. Water signs are known for being highly intuitive, which serves them well in romantic relationships. But it doesn't always mean that they don't criticize themselves. When it comes to self-doubt, water signs are notorious for being the kings and queens of self-doubt and self-criticism. Because Water signs always want to support their loved ones,/ they can often stretch themselves too thin. This results in the Water signs beating themselves up over not being able to be the very best for everyone. In the end, all Water signs want is for everyone to love them. However, they may end up going into overdrive real quick when they try and please everyone because ultimately they can't.

2 Air Signs Are All About Action And Rarely Doubt Their Abilities


Air signs are typically very rational beings who love being the social butterfly of any friend group! When it comes to being hard on themselves, these Air signs are not ones to harbor self-doubt or any insecurity about themselves. Instead, they focus on the actions that they can take to make themselves better. Whether it's in their careers or in their personal life, Air signs always strive to be the best. Since Air signs are natural-born thinkers, they are logical and struggle with emotions and feelings. As a result, you will rarely see an Air sign beating themselves up or harboring any insecurity! In the end, an Air sign is all about getting together with friends and loved ones to celebrate life's big moments.

1 Earth Signs Are The Ones Who Will Keep Things Real, Even With Themselves


Earth signs, just like their name suggests, keep everyone, including themselves, grounded. They are the people that bring everyone back down to earth. Being extraordinarily conservative and realistic, you will rarely see an Earth sign beating themselves up over something they did or didn't do. Instead, they may have self-critical thoughts. However, they use these feelings to fuel their fire. Earth signs tend to be highly practical, loyal, and stable. Therefore, they make great romantic partners because they are not known to cheat and protect their loved ones ferociously. In the end, it's the Earth signs that will always be there when you need a shoulder to cry on after a breakup or someone to listen to you vent about your annoying boss.

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The Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Hard They Are On Themselves