The Unexpected Things That Make You Fall In Love, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all know the weird things that sometimes make us the happiest people in the whole world and endear us to other people. When we meet someone new, this phenomenon couldn't be more apparent. We find ourselves noticing certain things about them first, which is totally natural and normal and something I'm sure we can all relate to. However, the things we first notice about a person we like are often not the things we notice when we realize we're falling in love with them. For example, you might notice a person's eyes when you first meet them. However, when you're actually in deep with a person and falling in love with them, you might find yourself doing so because of how they make you feel or because they have a quality only you can see. Those are the unexpected things that make us fall in love.

Depending on how consistent we are about the things that make us fall for people, we can have a dating history that's all over the place when it comes to the people we've dealt with, or we can have a very specific pattern that we fall into. You might be a person who falls for people who know how to turn on the charm factor with everyone, or people who feel like they could be your best friends first. You might like people who come off mature and mysterious, or you might be a sucker for someone who knows how to play up their innocence. No matter what kind of person you like, chances are when you realized your pattern, it was a surprise to you. Here are the unexpected things that make you fall in love, according to your zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign and your sign's quadruplicity for a better understanding of yourself as well!

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15 Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): People Who Can Turn On The Charm Factor

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Cardinal signs are the signs that start everything. They're the signs that open up every season, so it makes sense that out of every sign of the zodiac, these are our leaders. These signs are often attracted to people who know how to be charming. Cardinal signs can be plenty charming on their own, but more often than not, they're more attracted to charming people than they are charismatic people themselves. This is because a charismatic person knows how to influence people in a way that these signs might not be able to, at least not on the same level. They're attracted to this quality because it represents that the person they're attracted to is filling in a skill gap that the other person lacks.

14 Aries: People Who Know How To Work Together

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The Aries person is the pioneer of the zodiac, the person who would do anything in order to make sure things get done. They are leaders at heart, and that's generally how they will conduct themselves at all times. They're not looking for someone to take the leader title away from them or to lessen that load. They like being the leader and generally take the lead in relationships as well. What an Aries really wants in a relationship is someone who knows how to work together with them and with others. They want someone that won't just be a friend and a lover, they'll be an ally, someone they can talk to when they need to vent and the person who will always have their back. The average Aries person is straightforward and direct, but will generally choose a partner who knows how to communicate in other ways besides charging their way through life.

13 Cancer: People With Snarky Senses Of Humor

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Cancers are the mom-friends of the zodiac: kindhearted nurturers who are the best kinds of shoulders to cry on. At least, that's what they want you to think. In actuality, Cancers are a lot more sarcastic and even a little meaner than most people think. They just tend to lean into their reputations as the kind-hearted person with a heart of gold because that's the kind of person they want to be. In reality, Cancers are some of the snarkiest, most savage people in the zodiac, and that honestly comes from the fact that no one sees these crabs coming. Cancers will fall in love with people who have snarky, even morbid senses of humor because those people allow the Cancer an opportunity to let down their hair and be themselves without having to worry about anyone else in their lives.

12 Libra: People Who Can Keep A Promise

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Libras are people who believe in kindness and fairness above all things. They believe that as long as there's justice in the world, all good things will come from there. Libras can be very social, but they care more about their own moral code than they do about pleasing people. Libras also have a good sense of what people are capable of and will weigh all of their choices heavily to make sure that any move they make is the right one. Libras are generally either really decisive people or people who have a hard time making decisions because of that. Libras fall in love with people they can trust, but they care a little less about feeling safe with the person than they do about whether the person can keep a promise. If a promise is broken, the Libra is gone, or at least the trust between the Libra and the other person is broken along with that promise, leaving the two of them to try and rebuild.

11 Capricorn: People Who Are Adorable

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Capricorns can be a little scary to other signs who aren't used to the Capricorn's brand of ambition. They don't really care about being nice themselves, preferring instead to be effective in everything they do, even if they do step on a few toes every now and again. Ironically, Capricorns don't end up getting with people and falling in love with people who have this same trait. Rather, Capricorns fall for people that they find adorable or cute in some way. The people Capricorns fall in love with might not be as overtly ambitious or even as hardworking as the Capricorn is, but Capricorns have a soft spot for them that they will only show that person. Other people might wonder what brought the Capricorn and their partner together, especially since Capricorns take everything a little more seriously than most, but to that couple, they're a match made in heaven.

10 Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): People Who Seem Innocent

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Fixed signs maintain energy, and considering they're in the middle of their seasons, that makes sense. These signs have a certain solidness to their personalities: even if they're not straightforward about their feelings, they're straightforward about their thoughts. These signs appreciate it most when people are straightforward and open, which is why Fixed signs are really attracted to personalities that seem really innocent in comparison to the rest of the world. To these signs, innocence equals openness, which they love. Fixed signs also like it when they get to feel powerful and strong and that they can take care of another person, and people who seem very innocent, even childlike in their enthusiasm for life, fit the bill for these stubborn types perfectly.

9 Taurus: People That Feel Familiar To Them

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Taurus is a sign that prides itself on being a provider and someone that others can rely on. That's why people born under this sign honestly just want someone to rely on. It'll take them awhile to admit that because they don't want to seem like they're weak or that others can't rely on them, but sometimes, all these strong, stubborn, sweet people want is a hug and some support. That's why the average Taurus will find themselves gravitating towards someone that feels familiar and safe with them. They want to date someone that feels like home to them, and if they don't feel that safety and security, they won't be long for the relationship. To the Taurus, relationships are all about trust, so they need to feel like they can trust their partners implicitly. In turn, the Taurus would want to do the same for them.

8 Leo: People Who Are Clumsy

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Leos can be drama queens when they want to be, but the Leo wouldn't have it any other way. Leos command and demand attention because of the way they express themselves and how they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They're extremely socially adept people who come off like the most graceful and poised people you'll ever meet. That's why it's a little ironic that Leos tend to fall for the shy types that might even be a little clumsy. Shy people tend to appeal to the Leo's kindhearted, generous, protective nature, and clumsy people are a welcome change to the Leo's carefully constructed image of perfection. Leos also find that in a relationship like this, they get to be the protectors and be the ones to take care of someone else rather than the other way around.

7 Scorpio: People With Eyes They Could Get Lost In

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Scorpios are intense and focused, and they're people who like to shroud themselves in mystery. However, unlike other signs who like to be mysterious, Scorpios aren't the type to fall for people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and tell it like it is. If anything, Scorpios are all about people who are even more mysterious and enigmatic than they are. Scorpios tend to fall for people who have incredible eyes that they can get totally lost in. There's a reason for that: Scorpios tend to think that eye contact is everything in a relationship and they can learn a lot about a person through their eyes. Unfortunately for some Scorpios, they tend to be a little self-destructive, so they tend to go barrelling into relationships with people that are more than a little crazy. It takes some trial and error, but eventually, most Scorpios figure out what's really important in a relationship while still keeping that intensity.

6 Aquarius: People Who Feel Like Friends First

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Aquarians tend to be mad scientist types and the person to spend a lot of time in their heads. That's why they tend to relate to things like love and romance through their minds rather than through their emotions or their bodies. They need to have a mental connection of some sort with the other person before they can even consider a relationship. When an Aquarian falls in love, it's generally out of left field for them, even if those around them can see how they think and feel plain as day. They find themselves not really bothering with relationships at all until they wake up one day and realize that they are hopefully falling for a good friend of theirs. The average Aquarius has dated a few of their close friends because of this, but this isn't weird for them like it would be for other signs. After all, there's a connection already there that stands on its own aside from the romance.

5 Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): People Who Fit Into A Specific "Type"

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Mutable signs are changeable and some of the most adaptable people you'll ever meet, but when it comes to dating, Mutable signs can be some of the most stuck-in-their-ways. Mutable signs tend to fall victim to their own preferences since they fall for people who fit into their type, This type could be anything, it really depends on the individual's personality. However, for a lot of Mutable signs, everyone they've ever dated tends to have something in common, whether it's a big thing or a small thing. Maybe you're a Mutable sign who gravitates towards people with blonde hair. Maybe you're a person whose romantic partners have the same weird, obscure hobby. Maybe they just talk the same. Regardless, there is a running thread between everyone you've dated that you can see if you think about it hard enough.

4 Gemini: People Who Are A Mystery To Them

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Gemini is versatile and vibrant and a real joy to have around just because they love to talk and listen to others. They really like learning from other people and expanding their viewpoints. In relationships, they're kind of the same way. That's why when a Gemini falls in love, they fall in love with people who are mysterious. The fact that the people Geminis like aren't nearly as forthcoming with their feelings is mind-numbingly frustrating for them, but deep down, Geminis want to peel the layers off of that onion and get to the root of who that person is. As must as they appreciate forthrightness and honesty, they also appreciate a deeper mystery and the chase that comes up in relationships from time to time. When Geminis fall in love, it's because that person intrigues them and they want to know more.

3 Virgo: People Who Clean Up Nicely

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Virgos are people who are all about serving the greater good and being the person behind the person. They're the ones that love being behind the scenes and the ones who know just how the sausages are made. They're detail-oriented people who understand that the devil is in the details and they don't get hung up on idealism because that's not how the real world works. Virgos like to think they're attracted to people who live cute and drama free because that's how they like to live their own lives, but honestly, that isn't the case at all. Virgos tend to have a type, and their type is people who can clean up really, really nice. When it comes to relationships, Virgos are realists who understand that people are flawed, which is why they tend to go for people who are projects. However, when a Virgo truly falls in love in a relationship that consists of two equals, they're doing that because the other person simply takes their breath away.

2 Sagittarius: People They Can Take Shopping

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Sagittarians are worldly adventurer types who know how to have fun. Sagittarians know how to dream big and chase their goals that to others seem impossible but to them seem perfectly realistic and reasonable. Sagittarians tend to not want to go for serious relationships or fall in love in that forever kind of way, which actually makes them one of the pickiest signs of the zodiac. Sagittarians will date around to their heart's content, but they won't settle down with "the one" unless they know that they can spend a lot of time with them without getting sick of them. More specifically, Sagittarians want to be with someone that they don't have to have adventures with. They know that with the right person, every day is an adventure and they don't need to fill up the time with meaningless distractions if that person is really right for them. They want someone they can drive 3,000 miles with and someone they can stop by the mall with.

1 Pisces: People Who Have Funny Stories To Tell

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The average Pisces is an idealistic person that has kind of learned all the lessons that every sign before them has at some point. They're the last sign of the zodiac, so it makes sense that Pisceans don't have a specific personality type in the same way that the other signs do. Rather, when we talk about the Pisces sign, we talk about their energy rather than their personality. Pisceans tend to be in their own heads a lot, and they also tend to be artists, so sometimes they can get a little too self-serious. That's why the average Pisces will fall in love with someone who makes them laugh. More importantly, they find themselves falling for people that have a lot of stories to tell. Unlike other signs, Pisces actually loves a person with a past because that means that they'll have baggage that goes along with theirs. They're surprised when they realize this, though, which is why finding "the one" is so unexpected for them.

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