The Type Of Wife He's Looking For & The One That Just Won't Do It For Him (Based On His Sign)

It's hard to decipher the type he's looking for exactly. Everyone has specific qualities in the look and personality department when finding a partner. Luckily, we can figure it out by researching his star sign, as it gives useful information about exactly what he wants in a relationship. Some signs are attracted to an independent woman, like Gemini and Aquarius. It's one of the most important things for him. Other signs prefer women who look after themselves. Libra is a charming sign and beauty is very important to them. Creativity is a top item on the checklist for Taurus and Pisces, and they are known for their creative spirit.

There are also qualities that will put him off because they clash with his traits. If he's a Capricorn, he won't like a woman who's loud and bossy. Pisces dislikes women who gossip or judge others. We all have different personalities, and if you have these qualities, maybe it won't be such a good idea to start a relationship with him. Clinginess is a major no for quite a few signs, and it's top of the list for Scorpio and Aquarius. Read on for more advice on the type of wife his looking for and who he won't go for at all.

20 Gemini: Miss Independent


Some men like feeling needed when woman occasionally tend to be a damsel in distress. Not a Gemini, they don't like to feel needed at all. He'll want someone who's not clingy and loves to be alone. He won't mind helping now and then but don't come to him for every little problem.

Geminis craves freedom and like to spend time with friends or alone.

Therefore, he admires a woman who also spends time with her friends and won't need him 24/7. If you have these qualities, it'll be a good match as you both enjoy an independent lifestyle.

19 Aquarius: Despises Clinginess


In a relationship, we can sometimes show signs of being a little too needy. It can happen if a bit of jealousy creeps in. Some signs, like Taurus, don't mind it and are attracted to a woman in need. It's a big turnoff, though, for Aquarius men as they prefer women who are independent.

If you're needy and continuously call him or always want to see him, it'll irritate him.

He may even end the relationship if it gets too much. Don't expect a text every day and if you question him about it, he'll feel like his freedom is slipping away.

18 Libra: Beauty And Style


Looks and personal hygiene aren't always essential or top attributes for him, but for a Libra man, it's necessary. Libras are known for their high priority of maintaining a good dress style and hygiene.

He usually goes for women who are attractive and confident as he wants her to be strong and dominant in the relationship.

Libras are very romantic and enjoy taking their dates on luxurious outings. Therefore, he'll expect you to have an immaculate style and to take extra care of your appearance. If you're someone who has style or uses beauty products regularly, he's the one for you.

17 Capricorn: Overboard With Emotions


Women can let their emotions get the best of them sometimes. We can overreact if something happens and some men don't mind this. Not a Capricorn, it'll scare him because he's stable and doesn't understand too much emotion.

If you're crying or making a big deal of things, he'll run for the hills. He prefers a woman who can handle her feelings and react calmly in situations.

Capricorn also hates attention seeking people. Therefore, women who are loud because they want attention won't attract him at all. He wants someone who's relaxed and doesn't need to be in the spotlight constantly.

16 Taurus: Feminine Qualities


Some men prefer women who are entirely feminine and don't portray masculine qualities. Taurus has a long list of what they look for, but number one is a woman who's romantic, sweet and peaceful. He wants you to be sensitive and have good manners. Some signs prefer independence in a relationship, but Taurus will want you to be partially independent, as he'll still want to feel like he can support you.

He also admires women who are natural beauties and look after their health.

You'll impress him with your brains, innocence, and beauty. He won't mind some strength, but it must be elegant.

15 Scorpio: Hates Laziness


He's driven to succeed in life and wants to achieve every goal he sets. He has high standards and will expect you to have similar outlooks. He'll expect motivation and a clean household. According to Scorpio Man Secrets, if he sees you being lazy and a lack of motivation it'll be very off-putting.

He won't want to see you lounge around and do nothing all day.

If you do this all the time, he'll have no hesitation and end the relationship. You must be willing to maintain a clean household regularly, and he wants you to be able to look after him.

14 Pisces: Creativity Is Key


The Fish is one of the most creative signs as they love music, art, and anything to do with entertainment. Pisces often live in a dream-like world, and he'll expect his soulmate to have the same way of life. He wants someone who shares similar interests and can complete him. You'll need to be creative in different areas as he can only form a bond while doing creative things together.

His main hobby is art and he'll want to share it with someone who loves all forms of art.

According to Love to know, personality means more to him than beauty.

13 Aries: Hates Criticism


People love to share their opinions about certain things and give helpful advice. Some people don't mind, but Aries men completely hate it. They don't like being pushed or harsh criticism. If he's doing something different and you question him about it in a way he doesn't want, things will get ugly very quickly. It'll put him off and he'll leave soon.

He won't mind the help if you're calm with him and he might listen.

He'll hate it if you always try to help even when he shows no signs of taking your advice. It'll be best if you move on and don't constantly bother him.

12 Sagittarius: Be Knowledgeable


He has many different personalities — knowledge, adventure, and positivity. He'll want someone whose adventurous like him and won't mind going on fun outings. It's not the only thing as he also wants you to have general knowledge about the world.

He wants discussions about what's going on in world events. It'll make him even happier if you have opinions about events.

He also enjoys other discussions like religion, spirituality, and politics. He'll expect you to be knowledgeable in these areas and will appreciate it if you're able to have a long debate. He also respects someone who has many aspirations.

11 Virgo: No Surprises


Some men like spontaneity and thrive on it, but Virgo is a very organized sign. They need to have everything in order and have detailed lists. He prefers a structured life but can be spontaneous sometimes; it has to be when it suits him. It'll scare him if you start changing plans or continuously surprise him with gifts or date nights.

He usually already has a plan and will want to stick to it.

If he's order is tilted it'll throw him off whack and disaster will ensue. He'll be willing to adjust if it's not a regular thing, but you'll have to give him time.

10 Cancer: Wants To Take Care Of Her


Other signs don't want to continually nurture and look after their partners because they want freedom. Not Cancer, though, because they're one of the most caring signs, and it can be a bit overbearing, but if you need constant support, it's a perfect match.

He wants you to have your own life, but he wants to be there instantly when something needs fixing.

If something is broken, you must ask for his help instead of doing it yourself. He wants to be the boyfriend but also the helper as nurturing is a need for him. He'll continuously fuss and mother you and you need to be able to handle it.

9 Taurus: Take It Easy


The Bull isn't hard to figure out as they know exactly what they want and don't want in a relationship. He can handle annoying quirks up until a point, but once he can't handle it anymore, the relationship may be over. The one thing which annoys him is a demanding woman.

If you also try to make him commit, he might distance himself.

If you want things done, write a list and nicely ask him and he won't mind doing it. He'll hate it if you demand him to do it. If he’s mad give him time to cool off and things will be back to normal again.

8 Leo: Be A Best Friend


The Lion is an energetic sign, and they live for constant praise. There are not many things his looking for in a relationship and only wants one essential thing — best friends. He wants you to do fun activities with him like playing computer games or go on adventures.

Comfort is everything to him, and he wants to feel he can do things with you like he does with his friends.

If he's comfortable, he'll let his hair down and see you as a soulmate. He'll also want to do everything with you which is ideal if you don't like to be alone always.

7 Aries: Full Of Energy


He's very energetic and likes to spend his time at the gym or doing outdoor activities. Keeping fit is very important to him, and he'll want someone who enjoys the same things. He also admires women who stay in shape and continuously stay busy with a variety of projects. If you're spontaneous and have an energetic nature, he's the one for you. He doesn't always like to have a plan, and if you surprise him with dates and things, he'll appreciate it. He's also sociable and will want to hang out with his friends a lot. You'll need to be sociable to fit his schedule.

6 Pisces: Gossip Is A No


Women may like to gossip now and then, mainly about celebrities. A Pisces man despises any form of gossip, though. They're dreamers and prefer living in their own world. They don't care about what the celebs are doing. If you start a conversation about things he sees as trivial, he'll tune out and it may annoy him. Judging is a big no, and sometimes it can derive from gossip. If you start judging people, he'll react negatively as he likes people and sees everyone as equal. He also despises it when people are cruel, and if you start doing these things, he'll want to leave.

5 Virgo: Brain Charm


Above all things, Virgo men admire a woman who has a brain. It's the most important thing to him. It's not only about being smart with subjects or having college degrees, but it's also about general knowledge. He admires women who read and know current affair topics.

He'll want a conversation, and if he can't have one with you, it'll be a disaster.

He loves facts so do some research and impress him with what you know. Don't share facts about entertainment news with him; he wants it to be intelligent. He won't want to stay if you seem shallow and uninterested in his interests.

4 Gemini: Be Rational


In relationships, arguments can arise. Gemini is a peaceful sign and can't handle arguing. If you're a confrontational person and tend to go overboard when a fight occurs, he won't be the right guy for you.

He doesn't like shouting or any forms of anger, and if an argument arises, it's best to keep it calm.

If there's a problem and you start screaming at him, he'll walk away and may never return. Be able to compromise and have a discussion without getting riled up. He's stubborn, but if you discuss things rationally, he'll listen and will want to work things out.

3 Scorpio: Always Be Loyal


Trust is critical in a relationship, but some people can struggle with loyalty. A Scorpio needs 100% trust from you, and if you can't give it to him, he'll immediately leave.

Commitment is at the top of the list, and he wants to marry someone who is trustworthy.

It's crucial to him because he doesn't want to have any doubt. He'll need to be sure that you'll always be there for him and there'll never be any lies. Always be honest even if he'll get mad as he wants that instead of lies and it won't take him long to cool off.

2 Leo: Can't Be With Introverts


There are two types of people, introverts and people who are sociable all the time. Leos are always on the move, and they need to be out and about regularly, especially with friends. Dating an introvert is a definite no as he'll start to feel suffocated if he has to always be with you and not in social circles.

He won't be able to handle extended periods of time without his friends, and if this happens, he may leave.

Even if you're not sociable like him, make sure to let him hang out with his friends and only have small doses of an introvert lifestyle.

1 Capricorn: Be Proud


Pride and accomplishments are significant to Capricorns as it's one of their most admired traits. Expect him to be driven and have a job where he can succeed. He may also have a lot of goals, which he works hard to achieve. He'll want someone who has the same lifestyle.

Therefore, his perfect match is someone who has high standards like him. Your morals must be strong and similar to his.

He also admires confidence and a woman who isn't afraid to be proud of her accomplishments. He won't respect bragging, though and prefers it when a person is humble.

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