The Type A And Type B Versions Of Yourself, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to the zodiac, but the gist of everything is that every sign has some major personality traits that are unique to them. Not every person under a certain sign will have every single trait of their sign, but chances are they'll have enough of them. That being said, there are some people who feel like they don't have the telltale traits of their sign, making them feel like astrology is dumb and there's nothing they can learn from it. While I can agree that the idea that you can get day-to-day predictions for your future from the stars is a bit dodgy (sorry horoscope lovers), I don't think anyone should dismiss the idea that you can't learn a lot about yourself from Astrology.

Your astrological sign, depending on your personality and the rest of your star chart, can manifest in a couple of different ways. We like to call them Types A and B. Type A versions of a sign will have the obvious traits that could be considered almost stereotypical for that sign, while Type B versions of the sign show that in some other way. That being said, both Types A and B of any sign are pretty obviously great examples of how the sign in question looks. We're not the type to boil people down to simple personality traits and assume that's all there is to them, so we did our research and narrowed down the two major types of personalities that can be attributed to all twelve signs. This brings us to one major question: Are you a Type A or Type B?

24 Aries Type A: Super Loud And Aggressive, Will Win Any Fight

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The first type of Aries is the born leader type, the person who's always leading from the front and going out of their way to charge into any situation head-on. These are the people you want at your side in a fight or general altercation because they will hold their ground and be that person who will stand by you no matter what. Type A Aries types tend to be people who are totally straightforward about everything they do, so these aren't the people who are going to be playing lots of mind-games with you. In the mind of the Type A Aries, there's no need for that: they can get whatever they want by being direct. More often than not, they're right. These people are often the loudest in any room, the most aggressive about getting what they want, and often some of the most effective people you'll ever meet.

23 Aries Type B: Adorable Ray Of Sunshine, Will Still Win Any Fight

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The Type B Aries isn't quite as direct and aggressive as the Type A, but the Type B Aries is still just as capable of getting everything they want with a certain degree of style. This is because the Type B Aries isn't really aggressive in the traditional way. Rather, their innate cuteness is what makes them aggressive. Rather than fight their way through issues, they use their winning smiles and personalities to smooth things over and get the things they want that way. A Type B Aries is one of the biggest and brightest rays of sunshine you'll ever meet, but that doesn't mean you should underestimate them. In reality, Type B Aries people are just as likely to win any fight as a Type A Aries, they're just much sweeter about it.

22 Taurus Type A: Fun, Relaxed Couch Potato Who Can Cook Better Than Anyone

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The Type A Taurus is actually a lot more of a Type B personality than you'd think. These are the people who give excellent hugs and will always be there for you when you need them. However, these are also the go-with-the-flow type of people who know how to have fun in any situation. While Type A Tauruses can be very fun at a party or around a lot of people, they do best when they're in a more relaxed situation. These are the people who you'd invite to a Netflix binge-watching party because they're fun and relaxed people. On top of that, the Type A Taurus is by far the best cook of the zodiac. They know how to treat themselves and they're the type to remind those around them that they need to take care of themselves as well.

21 Taurus Type B: The Embodiment Of Everything Beautiful

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The second type of Taurus might be a little high maintenance, but that's just because they're one of the most outwardly beautiful people in the world. For every Taurus who's happiest binge-watching a show on Netflix, there's a Taurus who's constantly looking killer in the most expensive and trendy clothes the world has to offer. The Type B Taurus will make looking awesome look easy, to the point where other people might not even want to try. The Type B Taurus is kind of a role model in this way: they know how to take care of themselves in a different way than the Type A Taurus. While Type As are more introverted and laid-back, the Type B Taurus commands most social situations and knows how to pamper themselves.

20 Gemini Type A: Slick Social Chameleon With A Gift Of Gab

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The Type A Gemini is a person who outwardly has everything together. This person can navigate almost any social situation with ease with very little preparation: it's honestly just part of their skill set. These are the people you see with a whole squad around them who are pretty loyal to them. When you hear about the extroverted Gemini stereotype, we're really talking about Type A Geminis. This doesn't mean that Geminis don't have any sort of insecurities or even that they need to be around people to function. Rather, it means that these Geminis have it together in a way that their Type B counterparts certainly don't. Your average Type A Gemini can fit in anywhere because they know how to wear different personas in a way that can't really be taught. Type A Geminis are basically perfect ambassadors and serve that role in their daily lives.

19 Gemini Type B: A Human Mood Swing Who Just Needs A Hug

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The Type B Gemini can be just as sociable and good with people, but they're far less adaptable. A lot of Type B Geminis struggle with social anxiety or mood issues. While the Type A Gemini manifests the two different faces of their sign in such a way that they can appear in the best way the situation calls for, the Type B Gemini manifests their two sides in their moods. You will never know how a Type B Gemini will react in any situation at any given time because it really is kind of a crapshoot. On a more unfortunate note, these Geminis tend to struggle a lot with self-esteem issues because they feel like they can never measure up to the people around them. Type B Geminis are generally more introverted because of those issues, and more than anything, these guys just need a hug.

18 Cancer Type A: Very Overprotective And Emotional, A Little Insecure

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The average Type A Cancer is the quintessential mom friend. Type A Cancers will always remind you to take care of yourself and if you don't, they'll make you if it's the last thing they do. Type A Cancers can be a little insecure because they wear their hearts on their sleeves, but more often than not, it's because of their emotionality that they're able to communicate so well and have the relationships that they do. A lot of people feel like the Type A Cancer needs protecting because they're so emotional, but these Cancers are low-key made of tougher stuff than that. They'll do anything for the people that they consider family, making them wonderful friends. Chances are if you're a Type A Cancer, you're known for being upfront with your feelings, and you might even be kind of a crier. When it comes to this sign, there is more Type As than Bs.

17 Cancer Type B: Has Never Cried In Their Life, Will Probably Make You Cry In -2.5 Seconds

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The Type B Cancer is also emotional, but you'll catch them dead before you catch them crying. The Type B Cancer isn't as overly protective of the people they love and they're certainly not as emotional as their Type A counterparts, but they have a quality that most people forget is squarely a Cancer trait: their unadulterated savagery. They're not going to hold you while you cry or be a mom friend, they're going to knock the wind out of you if that's what you need. These are people who are more likely to make you dissolve into tears than they are to even shed one themselves. Expect the Type B Cancer to give you tough love like you've never experienced in your life. You might even think of this Cancer as really mean, but you'd be wrong: the Type B Cancer just doesn't want people making dumb choices, especially ones they've made themselves. They show their kindness in a much more tough way.

16 Leo Type A: Thinks They're The Center Of The Universe, Gets No Attention

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The Type A Leo just wants a moment in the sun and will do anything in the world to get it. Chances are your theater kid friend in high school who constantly got cast in the ensemble but dreamed of being on Broadway before moving onto a different field was a Type A Leo. These Leos want to be the center of their universes, and to be fair, they have bright, winning personalities that do well being in the spotlight. Type A Leos aren't really egomaniacs or anything, they just know their worth and they hope other people in their lives know their worth as well. Type A Leos are generally the type to live their lives waiting for and actively working towards their big break so they can fulfill their destiny. Other signs that are a bit lower key might find the Type A Leo a little exhausting, but those who know a Type A Leo well love them.

15 Leo Type B: Actually The Center Of The Universe, Just Wants To Be Left Alone

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The Type B Leo is basically in the opposite situation as their Type A counterparts. If the Type A Leo is a starlet waiting for their big break that's just out of reach, the Type B Leo is Harry Potter, who is actually a Leo. While Type A Leos want to be the center of the universe and it doesn't really happen for them, Type B Leos are actually the center of the universe and they hate it more than anything else in their lives. They don't want to be the light that the rest of their world crowds around. They just want to be left alone to live their lives, but whenever the Type B Leo tries living cute and drama free, something happens that ruins their peace and makes them the center of attention again. That's kind of the major Leo struggle: their relationship with the spotlight. Type Bs just want a little corner of the world they can call their own.

14 Virgo Type A: Super Organized, Designated Mom Friend

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If the Type A Cancer is the mom-friend that gives everyone emotional support, the Type A Virgo works in a similar vein, but instead of providing a ton of emotional support, these are the mom-friends who remind you to be more practical. They'll be the designated driver and even take care of you when you're sick, and if you need help moving the Type A Virgo is the person to call. Sure, Type A Virgos can be wonderful if you're looking for emotional support, but that's not really their forte. For example, if you're dealing with a breakup and you go to your Type A Virgo friend for advice, they're probably going to tell you to reevaluate your life and take stock of your decisions and more practical advice along that vein rather than be a shoulder to cry on. Type A Virgos are all about action and they're good at remembering the little details most don't.

13 Virgo Type B: Spends An Hour Looking For Their Cell Phone While On A Cell Phone Call

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The Type B Virgo can be practical like their Type A counterparts, but while the Type A Virgo is super organized and has their life in order, the Type B Virgo generally has control of every situation...except their own. The Type B Virgo is the person who always has great advice for you that generally works, but they never take their own advice and they're generally in situations that they don't want to be in. The Type B Virgo is also a bit more prone to lose track of those small details that the Type A Virgo has all figured out. That being said, the Type B Virgo has another strength: being able to size up people quickly and effectively. It's very rare that the Type B Virgo is wrong about a person. This is because while the Type A Virgo is practical and pragmatic about tasks and things like that, the Type B Virgo is that way about people.

12 Libra Type A: Doesn't Care About Any Haters, Will Make You Question Your Whole Life

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The Type A Libra is a social chameleon not because of their gift of gab, but because they exude a level of confidence that is unmatched by any sign, regardless of type. The Libra is represented by the scales, and that's very reminiscent of the Type A Libra's personality. Type A Libras value their appearance and beauty in general and tend to strive to look awesome in any circumstance. This is why the Type A Libra has a lot of admirers. If you feel like you're a Type A Libra, but you don't have any admirers, you just haven't noticed them. Those admirers don't have to be romantic, either: Libras tend to come off like they have their lives together, which definitely makes people around them look to them for advice or inspiration. The Libra is a person who goes through life the way they want to, and for Type A Libras, that means they're going to go through life looking and feeling awesome.

11 Libra Type B: Regularly Becomes A Hermit Vampire Who Watches Netflix And Fears The Sun

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The Type B Libra is also a person who lives life on their terms, much like their Type A counterparts. However, the Type B Libra is way more introverted and low-maintenance. Chances are,  the Type B Libra is a person who'd rather hole up at home and watch Netflix for days on end. If both types of Libras are mythical creatures, the Type A Libra would be a Tolkien style elf while the Type B Libra would be a vampire. However, while vampires are known for never coming out in the daytime and generally living life like hermits, vampires are also incredibly charismatic creatures that many people can't help but love. That's how we explain the whole vampire novel sub-genre, by the way. Either way, Type B Libras are just as charismatic as their Type A counterparts, they just don't care to use those powers, electing instead to be left well enough alone.

10 Scorpio Type A: Extremely Intense, People Question If They're Evil

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The Type A Scorpio can be the scariest person of the whole zodiac. These people have ambition and intensity that can honestly be intimidating to even those the Type A Scorpio knows well. People who don't get along well with the Type A Scorpio might even question whether they're evil. They might even have cause to wonder because the Type A Scorpio loves seeming really mysterious. Scorpios tend to be a bit self-destructive by nature, but the Type A Scorpio is far more guilty of this than their Type B counterparts. Type A Scorpios will do anything in service of their goals, and they're stubborn about things that they really should bend on, so they end up walking into situations that weren't just unnecessary, but avoidable. The Type A Scorpio can be fiercely loyal and a wonderful friend, but they don't mesh with everyone.

9 Scorpio Type B: The Funniest Person To Ever Kick You While You're Down

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The Type B Scorpio is a lot like the Type A Scorpio, but the Type B Scorpio isn't as intense or at least doesn't like to live that way all the time. Instead of being this deeply ambitious person who loves shrouding themselves in mystery, the Type B's intensity shows itself through their wit and sense of humor. The Type B Scorpio is low-key the funniest person of the zodiac, but that sense of humor can easily hurt someone else's feelings. More importantly, while the Type B Scorpio is a bit more empathetic than their Type A counterparts, they're still fans of tough love and can dish it out in spades, so these aren't the best shoulders to cry on. The Type B Scorpio is actually quite good at lifting a person's spirits, but they're also great at kicking someone while they're down, and despite their good intentions, your mileage may vary on the results.

8 Sagittarius Type A: Lives Out Of An RV And Thinks They Know The Meaning Of Life

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The Type A Sagittarius is a person who probably has a wanderlust board on Pinterest and dreams of living in an RV so they can travel the countryside and not have any responsibilities whatsoever. That's the dream life for them, and that's where they think they'll find the meaning of life. Type A Sagittarians are the people who seem to get bored when they have to stay still for long periods of time and chafe at the idea of settling down, which is why you might seem them struggle with the idea of a long-term relationship. That's just how they've always been, and while other signs who are open to commitment might find that a bit weird, the Type A Sagittarius doesn't see anything wrong with being a rolling stone. They'll slow down when they want to and not a moment before. They'd rather go searching for the ultimate truth than live a life that they think is ordinary.

7 Sagittarius Type B: Constantly Underestimated, Actually Knows The Meaning Of Life

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The Type B Sagittarius is less averse to commitment than their Type A counterparts. Actually, Type B Sagittarians tend to feel like the description of the average Sagittarius simply doesn't fit them. That's because while Type B Sagittarians are people who like going on adventures, it's not as much of a priority for them. Rather, Type B Sagittarians focus their search for truth less on seeing as much of the world as possible but on finding their place in it. Sagittarians, in general, tend to be underestimated because they're seen as flighty, but Type Bs are less guilty of this. Actually, it can be argued that because Type Bs don't go searching for meaning, in the same way, they end up finding the meaning of life for themselves. Type B Sagittarians are far more likely to want to settle down than their Type A counterparts because they tend to find things worth settling down for.

6 Capricorn Type A: Lives At Their Job, Has "Associates," Not Friends

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The Type A Capricorn is by far the most ambitious person you'll ever meet. All Capricorns are ambitious, but Type As are more traditional about it, focusing their efforts on improving their station and putting their all into their work, which means everything to them. They're far less likely than their Type B counterparts to value people as people, choosing instead to make friends based on what those people have to offer them and what they themselves have to offer. Many Type A Capricorns like to act like they don't actually have friends, they have associates instead. However, that's not really what's happening. Sure, Capricorns will choose friends based on different criteria, but those people are actually their friends and they'll walk through fire to help them out. Type A Capricorns are deeply loyal and will try and help the people around them reach their dreams.

5 Capricorn Type B: Loveable Slacker, Gives The Best Hugs

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Type B Capricorns can be just as ambitious as their Type A counterparts, but more often than not, they use that ambition in a different way. See, Type B Capricorns are much more people oriented and are generally motivated to be the best friend they can rather than choosing to live at their jobs. Type B Capricorns are some of the funniest people you'll ever meet because people are so used to the stereotype of the ultra-serious Capricorn that they forget that Capricorns, regardless of type, know how to have fun. While Type B Capricorns might not be the best shoulder to cry on, they're definitely the best people to make you laugh when you need one or give you a hug when the situation calls for it. Type B Capricorns can also work hard, but they'd rather be the loveable slacker whenever they can.

4 Aquarius Type A: Mild To Severe God Complex, Human Encyclopedia

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The Type A Aquarius knows everything, which can give them a little bit of a god complex. It really depends on the person in question whether this is a loveable trait about them or not. If you're in a situation where you need to get some fact or some kind of trivial thing verified and you don't have Google or some other search engine to help you, the Type A Aquarius will come through for you. Aquarians tend to be the weirdest people in the zodiac regardless of type, but while Type Bs actually deserve that reputation, Type As are essentially the second weirdest. Chances are if you have an Aquarian friend who knows how to turn off their weirder qualities or tone them down in a new situation, they're a Type A. Type As are the Aquarians who tend to distance themselves from their emotions, preferring instead to throw themselves into intellectual pursuits. This doesn't mean that Type As don't have emotions, it just means that they only show those emotions to the people that matter.

3 Aquarius Type B: Is Actually An Alien From Outer Space

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The Type B Aquarius is by far the weirdest person in the zodiac. While logical intellectualism is the calling card of Type A Aquarians, the Type B Aquarius is set apart by the fact that they're just strange people. Type Bs are nothing if not consistent: they're weird all the time. You might not expect a Type B Aquarian to act the same way every day, but you should definitely expect them to do something you don't expect every time. Type Bs mean well and they love the people in their lives, but they are uncompromising when it comes to being themselves: they don't know how to be any other way. That being said, Type Bs make friends easily, perhaps more easily than their Type A counterparts because they're way more upfront about their emotions and a lot more straightforward about how they feel. They let their weird flag fly, and whoever likes it likes it, and whoever doesn't isn't all that important anyway.

2 Pisces Type A: Super Sensitive, "Wouldn't It Be Cool If..."

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The Type A Pisces is a dreamer in the sense that they're always thinking of out of the box, strange ideas that might never work in real life. That being said, the Type A Pisces is really sensitive emotionally, more so than anyone else in the zodiac except maybe a Type A Cancer. However, unlike their fellow Water sign, the Pisces is never a mom friend: if anything they might have a little trouble taking care of themselves. The Type A Pisces can be a wonderful friend and can be great in relationships, but they tend to lose a lot of confidence because they're often so afraid of getting hurt. The Type A Pisces is way more likely than their Type B counterparts to be a creative, but they're also way more likely to get lost in the details, preferring instead to focus on bigger, more abstract ideas. Type As, above everything, are kind, sweet and though.

1 Pisces Type B: Is Low-Key The Most Savage Person You'll Meet In Your Life

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The Type B Pisces is one of the most effective people of the zodiac because while other signs like Scorpio and Capricorn are getting a reputation for being scary, ambitious, and savage, they are all outdone by a Type B Pisces. Type B Pisceans can be just as emotional as their Type A counterparts, but they will never show it in the same way. While Pisces is a sign associated with kindness and sweetness, the Type B won't resonate with that at all. The Type B Pisces is loyal like the Type A, but they're certainly not as shy as their Type A counterparts can be. The emotions of a Type B Pisces get expressed through their words, and if they want to dress you down and make you feel dumb, they're going to do it. The Type B Pisces is capable of telling someone exactly why they suck, and they're actually better at that than most. If you know a Pisces that doesn't seem emotional or isn't really a creative, they're a Type B who hasn't let out their claws yet.

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