The TWO Things He’s Least Trustworthy About, According To His Zodiac Sign

Everybody lies, at one point or another. We lie for different reasons: to protect others, to protect ourselves, to be kind, to save face, and even to cause trouble. Even the most trustworthy among us has been guilty of lying at least once! Sometimes reasons for lying are good, or even justified, and other times, well, the lie is just more fun than the truth.

When we’re dating someone, we ask for absolute honesty. We want to know that we’re not being played with or messed around. We see honesty as a symbol of commitment and loyalty – and, later on, of love. Honesty and trustworthiness are often linked, but while we can be trustworthy about many things, there are some aspects of our lives that we can fib about or conceal for whatever reason.

Looking to the astrological signs, we can determine what our guy is the least trustworthy about in his own life. Does he lie about his personal life, or does he lie only to make things easier for everyone else? The lies we tell can be indicative of our personality type, and the traits bestowed upon us by our star signs. What we need to ask ourselves is, can we live with the lies he tells and the things he may be hiding?

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24 ARIES: His Motivations

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Aries, while usually pretty genuine in his actions, is known for his impulsivity. This means that, should a choice or situation arise in which he has to make a decision, he may change his mind and opt for whatever benefits him in the end. However, the Aries man doesn’t want to be thought of as untrustworthy, and so will often lie a little in order to conceal his actual motivations.

He wants to be thought of as a stand-up guy and strong leader, so he is willing to gloss over some of his negative traits as long as the ends justify the means.

23 ARIES: His Experience

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The youngest and most impetuous member of the astrological signs, the Aries guy enjoys being in charge – in work, school, and at home. To put others at ease with his leadership role, he may fib a little – or a lot – about his experience in whatever field is required. This guy may not know how to finish a project, but he’ll definitely tell anyone who asks that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

The Aries man wants to be thought of as strong and knowledgeable, and admitting any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in terms of experience or education is difficult for him, so he lies to cover it up.

22 TAURUS: His Bank Account

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The Taurus man enjoys the finer things in life and isn’t above treating himself to little luxuries every now and then. He figures he’s worked hard enough that he’s earned a little treat!

Normally, this would be fine, except the Taurus guy doesn’t always have the bank account to accommodate his spending habits. While this Earth sign can be practical, sometimes he’s just too attracted to a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant or an expensive sweater to resist. He enjoys indulging and would rather pretend that he has more cash to his name than he actually does, in order to keep up the life he leads.

21 TAURUS: His Social Life

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Taurus men are homebodies, and they like it that way! They enjoy sitting at home with a glass of red and a pizza and just vegging out. They can be alone or with an SO, but this dude doesn’t need to be out on the town night after night.

However, the Taurus guy still wants to be invited to things – even if he doesn’t attend. To ensure that the invitations keep rolling in, he may lie about his social life every now and then.

20 GEMINI: His Promise-Keeping Abilities

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The two sides of Gemini mean that this guy can have the best intentions, but can backtrack on his promises. He’s one of the worst flip-floppers of the astrological signs, and it’s the one major thing we can’t trust about him. He’ll have every inclination to keep a promise or commitment, but something else will come up and he’ll totally flake.

He may have promised to help us move, but then when the day came, he never showed up – or he showed up without a truck to help out. This behavior is not coming from a place of malice, it’s just that these guys want to do right by everyone (and usually do right by no one instead).

19 GEMINI: His Friends

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The mood swings of the Gemini guy mean that he jumps friendship groups like nobody’s business! He’s a natural social butterfly, which means he usually has a lot of people to move between, but sometimes one group of friends is just cooler than the others!

The innate sense of curiosity that drives this sign will always have him seeking out something better. He may end up lying to us about who he’s hanging out with because he doesn’t think they’re that great or interesting. He may even lie to friends about one another! It’s a weird thing to fib about, but the Gemini guy does it!

18 CANCER: His Feelings

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Cancer is the Water sign known most for his mood swings and suspicious mind. It takes a while for this guy to open up and get vulnerable with us, which is why it feels like pulling teeth to get him to talk about his feelings.

The Cancer guy will lie about how he really feels in order to protect himself. Either he doesn’t feel safe enough to admit how he’s feeling or he’s already been hurt by us before and doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again by admitting it.

17 CANCER: His Independence

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For all his desire to live and love independently, the Cancer guy is one codependent dude! This sign falls hard when it comes to relationships, which is why guys born under this sign don’t jump from partner to partner, preferring instead to nurse their post-breakup wounds first. However, when he does find that special someone, he latches on for good!

The Cancer guy can be clingy, needy, and even a little desperate, but he knows this scares women off, so he’ll lie about his independence.

16 LEO: His Skills

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Leo men are confident and bold, and that personality doesn’t come without a little lying. The thing is, though, unlike many of the other signs, Leo will lie about their skills – and then start to believe it!

In a weird self-fulfilling prophecy, the Leo man may fib a little about his skills when it comes to work or even the track record of his personal life, but it’s as though speaking the lie causes it to come true. So much of what we are able to do or not do comes down to confidence and, while the Leo man may not have known how something was done, he definitely faked it 'til he made it!

15 LEO: His Talents

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A lover of the spotlight, the Leo man knows that being the center of attention is a position that is earned, not given. This sign has a great deal of pride and, while he likes the idea of being rich and famous simply for being rich and famous, he knows that he needs to have a special x-factor to be considered worthwhile.

The Leo man may lie about his talents to impress others. It’s a white lie that harms nobody, but one that makes him seem more interesting and accomplished than he really is.

14 VIRGO: His Perfectionism

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It is well-known that the Virgo man has perfectionist tendencies, but when asked about them, he’ll swear up and down that they don’t describe him. No, he’s a different kind of Virgo, much more laid-back than the other Earth signs – or so he’d like us to think!

He’s been ridiculed for his persnickety behavior in the past, so he may try to hide the fact that he does want (or need) things to be orderly and tidy in order to get anything done. This sign doesn’t like being thought of as peculiar, so he may try to pretend to be more easy-going than he is.

13 VIRGO: His Workload

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Virgo men put themselves under tremendous amounts of stress, but they’ll rarely complain about it. Instead, they will carry their burden with grim silence, because they know they’ve done it to themselves, and to whine about it would risk someone offering to help and perhaps not getting things done the right way.

The Virgo man will lie about his workload so as not to cause undue stress on his loved ones. Sure, he may be giving himself an ulcer with everything he’s taking on, but he’s not likely to talk about it. He will just say that he’s “fine” to anyone who tries to ask.

12 LIBRA: His Honesty

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Look, the Libra guy means well – he really does! He never intends to tell a lie, it just kind of happens. This sign is notorious for being wishy-washy and trying to please everyone, so it can be hard to take what he means at face value.

The Libra man will lie simply to make life easier – for everyone, not just himself. He’ll lie to make people feel better (he didn’t actually like that dinner we made); he’ll lie to avoid trouble (he wasn’t out late with the guys); and he’ll lie if it prevents him from being called out (he didn’t say that, we’re misremembering the situation).

11 LIBRA: His Life

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A bit of a gossip, the Libra guy enjoys embellishment. This guy enjoys telling stories and, well, sometimes the reality of what happened just isn’t punchy enough, so he’ll exaggerate it a little with a white lie. Like that time he said he won first place in track in high school? Well, he was in track and he did win a medal, but it was a participation medal, not first place.

The Libra man enjoys the fun and beauty of life, and real life can be so dull that sometimes he just wants to give it a splash of color.

10 SCORPIO: His Thoughts


Scorpio men, as a general rule, hate liars. They tend to keep things pretty close to the chest in order to prevent being burned for this exact reason. That being said, the Scorpio man may sometimes conceal his true thoughts about a person or situation because he doesn’t trust us enough to tell us the truth.

For example, the Scorpio guy may say he loves one of our friends when asked, when in fact he finds her annoying or a bad influence. His thoughts and opinions are only privy to those he really trusts, and that can take some time to develop with this sign.

9 SCORPIO: His Romantic Life

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Known for being a bit of a Lothario when it comes to relationships, the Scorpio man actually isn’t usually as prolific as many would believe. He gives off an air of mystery and experience, but at his core the Scorpio man is a one-woman guy who loves deeply and passionately.

This guy may choose to hide his romantic history from others because he was badly hurt in the past, and the pain hasn’t quite dissipated for this grudge-holding sign. He doesn’t like showing that weakness, so he’d rather people believe that he’s a man of many flings and very little genuine connection.

8 SAGITTARIUS: His Level Of Commitment

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Driven by his own interests, the Sagittarius man is almost always looking out for number one. This isn’t to say that he’s not a compassionate or empathetic sign, it’s just that he prefers his independence to pretty much anything else. However, that doesn’t sound good on a dating profile, so the Sagittarius guy is likely to lie about his level of commitment to basically anything.

This Fire sign might promise us the world and then disappear from our lives the next day. He’s committed only to finding the next great adventure, because he can’t stand to be tied down.

7 SAGITTARIUS: His Interest

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The Sagittarius man has a lot of things that interest him, which is great, except that his interest in one subject can be fleeting. Before we know it, he’s moved on to something new.

This is a guy who likes to explore his options in all aspects of life, including relationships. He may be into us, but he may also be interested in other people. Since he’s not certain that we’d be okay with that, he may hide these other women from us and exaggerate his actual level of interest in us. This doesn’t mean he’s trying to be hurtful, it just happens to be one of the more selfish aspects of his sign.

6 CAPRICORN: His Insecurities

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The Capricorn man likes to present the image of having everything together. Not a hair out of place, not a button undone, this guy is precise in everything he does.

Unfortunately, that means that he’s unlikely to ever disclose the things that make him vulnerable, like his insecurities, because he sees them as weaknesses.

In reality, the Capricorn man is very tender and loving, but he fears that admitting to any of his insecurities will pull him off the pedestal upon which he wants people to see him. It’s a lie that only serves to prevent people from getting to know the real him.


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A hard worker and determined individual through and through, the Capricorn guy has constantly been told that he needs to slow things down or take a break. He’s usually advised to go on vacation and enjoy some relaxation.

The thing is, the Capricorn guy, no matter how much pressure he’s under, genuinely enjoys working! He likes being able to put his name on the end of the day and feel accomplished. To prevent others from worrying about him getting burnt out, he’ll lie about his workload and deadlines to put their minds at ease. We just hope he knows what he’s doing!

4 AQUARIUS: His Social Circle

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Aquarius men are like that dorky kid from school who grew up attractive and now tries to cover up the fact that they were once a major nerd.

This sign loves being the envy of others and experiencing everything for the first time. It can come across as a bit of an affected behavior, this feigned nonchalance, when it reality, the Aquarius man cares – a lot.

Because of that, this sign is likely to lie about his social circle. He wants his friends and coworkers to seem cooler than they really are to give him more appeal. This sign is driven by his ego, which can influence a lot of his decision-making.

3 AQUARIUS: His Trendiness

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Despite pretending to be quite extroverted, the Aquarius man can be just as introverted as a Water sign can be! To conceal this fact, this guy will always attempt to be on the cutting edge of trends.

He was taking trips to Iceland before it became the hottest destination and he’s so over the avocado trend because he was into it before it started.

He likes to be a trendsetter and the first to know everything, but in reality the trendiness the Aquarius man affects is just a cover-up for the insecurity and uncertainty he may actually be feeling. It operates as borrowed confidence.

2 PISCES: His Needs

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Pisces men are needy and codependent much of the time, but they know that those personality traits don’t contribute to functioning relationships – something this romantic sign wants desperately.

This sign is a natural empath, and tends to do whatever it takes to make people happy, especially those with whom he's in a relationship. Because of that, he may lie about what he really needs from us or from the relationship itself so as not to scare us away.

Pisces men give as good as they get, but in the beginning stages, he may fib a little about what he requires to feel safe and secure, too.

1 PISCES: His Dreams

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A dreamy and imaginative sign, the Pisces guy can often get carried away for a while when it comes to fantasies. He can imagine entire conversations and life events before we’ve even gotten through a first date! For some partners, this can be a frustrating habit, while others may find it endearing.

To hedge their bets, the Pisces guy may lie about where his mind has wandered off to, or at least the extent to which those daydreams went. For example, he might say he was just “thinking,” but what he was really thinking about was what to name our first-born child.

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