The TWO Best Baby Names (Boy + Girl) For Her Zodiac Sign

Choosing the baby’s name is one of the more stressful parts of pregnancy. After all, it will be the name the child has to live with for the rest of his or her life. Talk about pressure.

When a woman reaches that part of her pregnancy, she is probably going to ask her partner for his or her name preferences. She might check with some popular baby name books, or even browse the web for popular baby names before making her final decision.

One thing that isn’t considered as often as it should be is choosing a name based on one’s own astrological sign. Our astrological signs tell us so much about our personalities. If an astrological sign is said to be able to provide details pertaining to a person’s future, why wouldn’t it be able to help choose a baby’s name?

The mother-to-be is going to want to choose a name for her baby that fits in with her own likes and dislikes. She will likely want something that flows well with her own personality and outlook on life. The astrological sign she falls under is the perfect place to start when searching for that perfect baby name, especially for the mother who doesn’t want her baby to have a meaningless name.

24 Capricorn: Eve, For A Baby Girl


A Capricorn woman is someone who can do anything she sets her mind to. She is ambitious, determined and practical. She is likely going to want her daughter to have a strong name that embodies everything she, herself, is as a woman.

Names from the Bible often represent a Capricorn’s baby girl very well. The name Eve is most recognized from the Old Testament’s Book of Genesis. The name means “to breathe” or “to live.” While Eve isn’t as unique as other name choices, it also isn’t one that five kids in the future daughter’s class will share.

23 Capricorn: West, For A Baby Boy


When choosing a name for a baby boy, Capricorn moms should remember that last names sometimes make for wonderful first names. If there aren’t any particular last names in the Capricorn mom's family that she likes, she can look toward some strong historical last names. West is a great choice.

Though the name West doesn’t have any moving meaning (it literally means Western town), it can stand for much more. Capricorns are often good people to turn to when a person needs help solving a problem or overcoming an obstacle. With a strong name like West, the Capricorn's baby boy is sure to do the same for friends in need.

22 Virgo: Isabella, For A Baby Girl


A Virgo momma is going to be hardworking and intelligent. She is grounded and very loyal, but still enjoys the finer things in life. Virgo women will want their baby’s name to reflect a genuineness and beauty. It’s okay to go girly with a baby girl’s name and the more syllables the better. If anyone can handle a long name, it’s the daughter of a Virgo.

Isabella is an excellent choice for a Virgo's baby girl. She will share her moniker with royalty, as the name belonged to several queens. The name is a variation of Isabel, which comes from Elizabeth, meaning “devoted to God.” Isabella is a very popular name choice; it ranked number five in 2019, according to BabyCenter.

21 Virgo: Everett, For A Baby Boy


The son of a Virgo is destined for greatness. With a hardworking and kind mother behind him he will find success wherever he looks. What name does a Virgo want to hear accepting some great honor as she cheers him on from the front row? Everett will sound strong and brilliant.

The name Everett comes from Anglo-Saxon origins and means wild boar. No one will want to pick on a boy with the name Everett. The Virgo mom's son will surely have a long list of accomplishments under his name, just like his momma.

20 Pisces: Brooke, For A Baby Girl


This sensitive and selfless mother will want her baby to have a name that reflects her own morals. Pisces mothers love picking names that will connect their baby to a tribe. They often name their babies after important family members or artistic figures. Pisces are also drawn to the water, so perhaps her baby girl will be, too.

Brooke is a name inspired by water and could be perfect for the daughter of a Pisces. The name means “stream” and is a fairly unique name choice in today’s name pool. According to BabyCenter, it ranked number 269 in 2019’s poll.

19 Pisces: Dylan, For A Baby Boy


The name Dylan means “son of the sea” or “great tide, flow.” How perfect is that name choice for the son of this Water sign? With fish as her astrological symbol, choosing a name with a meaning tied to water makes so much sense to her.

The Pisces son will learn how to be gentle and compassionate from his mother. According to Behind the Name, in Welsh mythology Dylan was the name of a god or a hero associated with the sea. Those who fall under the Pisces sign are often romantic and spiritual people who love being immersed in water. A Pisces woman is likely to pass on similar traits to her son.

18 Cancer: Juliet, For A Baby Girl


When we think of the name Juliet, the first thing that likely comes to mind is Shakespeare’s masterpiece Romeo and Juliet. That’s okay, though, because finding inspiration in Shakespearian names is the perfect brainstorming method for Cancer women. Cancers are thoughtful and empathetic. They are drawn to names that are inspired by art and literature.

Juliet is a wonderful nod to a Cancer mom’s lyrical nature. The name means “soft-haired” and is one of the more elegant names from Shakespeare. According to BabyCenter, it only ranks at number 355 for the year 2019. A girl named Juliet may have to deal with people playing out lines from Shakespeare’s famous play to her, but if that’s something the Cancer momma can deal with, the name is beautiful.

17 Cancer: Henry, For A Baby Boy


Cancer mothers are likely going to want their son to be well in touch with his emotions. After all, she knows how moody and emotional she can be, so he will likely inherit some of that. When choosing a name for a baby boy, Cancer moms should look to well-rounded poets, authors or songwriters.

Henry is another name that falls under the Shakespearian category. The playwright does provide a “treasure trove of inspiration,” according to Horoscope. The name isn’t just from Shakespeare, though, it is shared with several kings and means “home ruler” or “home power.”

16 Aquarius: Anais, For A Baby Girl


Aquarian moms are some of the most creative people. They are emotionally intelligent and intuitive. There really is no end to the amount of creativity spewing out of them.

An Aquarian mother often sees life as one big art project. She is going to give her daughter a name that is as creative as she is. Anais is a beautiful name and comes from the very creative and talented French writer Anais Nin. The name means “graceful,” and is as unique as they come. This name is both original and progressive, just like an Aquarian.

15 Aquarius: Rory, For A Baby Boy


When an Aquarian mother is tasked with choosing a name for her baby boy, she might find great inspiration with gender-neutral names, like Rory. The name means “red king,” and will embody the Aquarian mom’s independent and humanitarian personality traits.

Raising a boy named Rory might create a life full of spontaneity, but if anyone can handle this it is going to be the eccentric and energetic Aquarius woman. Aquarians are deep thinkers and highly intellectual, and this is why choosing a gender-neutral name for their baby boy is an excellent choice.

It shows no barriers or walls to the endless creativity Aquarius holds in her heart.

14 Sagittarius: Sylvia, For A Baby Girl


A Sagittarius mom is a born explorer; she is always in search of the why behind all of life’s wonders. Sagittarius women see the world as an endless opportunity for discovery and travel. Sagittarius moms are going to want to choose a name for their baby girls that embodies their own adventurous personality.

An easy place to draw inspiration is from well-known explorers like Sylvia from Sylvia Earle. Sylvia means “woodland,” and is a great option for the mom who wants her daughter to embrace the earth as much as she does.

13 Sagittarius: Hudson, For A Baby Boy


Just like with a baby girl name, the Sagittarius mom should look for a strong, hearty name for a baby boy, too. Hudson is a wonderful option. The Hudson River is one of the most notable rivers in the United States and is a place open to exploration.

This Fire sign desires a constant connection with the world and needs to experience it as much as possible to feel happy. Choosing a name for her son that represents a famous landmark is the perfect decision for a Sagittarius mom. Every time she calls out his name, she will remember how wonderful the Hudson River is, too.

12 Leo: Stella, For A Baby Girl


Leo is one of the bravest astrological signs. People born under this sign are unafraid of the spotlight and are often fearless people. A Leo mother will likely try to raise her babies with that same mindset. The daughter of a Leo will yearn for attention from the day she is born. With this in mind, choosing a name that comes from the open sky seems fit.

Stella means “a star,” and is just the right amount of creativity for a Leo mom. This momma lion is passionate and cheerful; naming her baby girl after the stars will make her growing family feel complete.

11 Leo: Kingston, For A Baby Boy


The Leo’s symbol is the lion. Lions are the kings of the jungle, right? So, how perfect is Kingston for a Leo’s baby boy? Kingston might be the obvious choice for a Leo mom, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less wonderful.

The name means “King’s town,” which isn’t very creative but the sound of it will have people all over bowing down for the chance to get to know her lion cub. With a mom who is a natural born leader, little Kingston is destined to receive some leadership skills from her.

10 Scorpio: Willow, For A Baby Girl


Scorpios often have huge personalities. They are a little mysterious and emotional but also insanely intelligent. Scorpio moms are going to want to choose a name that speaks to their own wildly passionate personality. Willow for a baby girl is everything she never knew she needed.

Willow means “freedom” and is the perfect way to honor a Scorpio mom’s softer side. There’s no denying how determined and assertive Scorpios can be, but at the same time, we can’t forget those born under this sign are also calm and trustworthy.

9 Scorpio: Thorn, For A Baby Boy


Scorpio moms might want to choose a more powerful name for their son than they do for their daughter. Thorn is the name every Scorpio mom should consider for her baby boy. Scorpios are brave and hate dishonesty. The name Thorn will have people respecting and admiring the son of a Scorpio.

People often see Scorpio as someone who is fierce and an excellent leader. So, there really is no other name choice more perfect than Thorn for a Scorpio’s baby boy.

8 Taurus: Margaret, For A Baby Girl


Careful and disciplined are two words that can describe the Taurus mom. She is known best for her persistence and, well, her stubbornness. With the symbol of the bull, she can’t really help it. A Taurus mom’s baby girl is likely going to seem wise beyond her years with a role model like her Taurus mom.

She is going to need a name with that idea in mind. Margaret means “child of light” and will give the stable and devoted mom a sense of pride and admiration whenever she calls out her baby girl’s name.

7 Taurus: Abel, For A Baby Boy


The loyal and devoted Taurus mom truly loves to hear about stories from her family’s past. A strong choice in naming her baby boy will be to take from a well-liked family member. If that isn’t an option, the Taurus mom can turn to “turn-of-the-century” names. Abel is a great name that will represent and honor the past.

The name means “breath and vanity,” and it could be a perfect baby boy name for a sign that always feels the need to be surrounded by love and beauty.

6 Libra: Charlotte, For A Baby Girl


Libra moms are the type of women who are always open to nurturing new relationships. They are artistic and yearn to make others happy. Libra moms aren’t really too concerned with choosing a super unique name for their baby girl. It’s okay if she shares her name with others in her class.

The more important detail for a Libra mom is that the name clicks with her own personality. Charlotte is a wonderful name choice for Libra moms. The name means “petite” or “feminine” and is also a common name for royalty.

5 Libra: Aiden, For A Baby Boy


Libra moms believe strongly in partnership. Most Libras hate being alone and are very social. Libra moms really love trendy names, and Aiden is one of them. This name means “fiery” and ranked number 10 on the 2019 list of popular names, according to BabyCenter.

When choosing names, Libra moms usually go with the popular or the very unique. No matter the name, though, Libra moms are sure to share some of their own social personality traits with their baby boys.

4 Gemini: Ariana, For A Baby Girl


Dramatic, social and up for anything are three things that perfectly describe a Gemini momma. She is going to want to give her baby girl a name that is sure to stand out in a crowd. She doesn't want to give her daughter a name that she will share with a bunch of other girls in her class, so she’s going to search for something truly special.

The Gemini momma could choose to infuse her little baby girl with some serious star power by naming her after a celebrity. Ariana is perfect for this, and the name means “very holy one.”

3 Gemini: Blaze, For A Baby Boy


Anyone who knows a Gemini woman knows how expressive and restless she can be. With Gemini moms, a person can never be sure which part of their dual personality they will get. Blaze is a really great name for a Gemini’s baby boy. It’s spunky and unexpected, just like his Gemini mom.

The name is trendy but out-of-the-box at the same time. It's everything a Gemini mother feels within and will share through her parenting. Blaze is going to be a boy up for anything and ready for whatever life brings him.

2 Aries: Taylor, For A Baby Girl


Energetic and in control, the Aries mom is likely looking for a name that will ooze strength and ambition for her baby girl. A gender-neutral name, like Taylor, is perfect and beautiful for the daughter of an optimistic Aries mom.

While the name doesn’t hold any remarkable meaning, the talented singer-songwriter Taylor Swift comes to mind. Just like the popular Taylor Swift and the Aries mom, a baby girl with this name is bound to be courageous and determined.

1 Aries: Max, For A Baby Boy


When naming her baby boy, the Aries mom might want to try out a nice one-syllable name like Max. Aries women often learn to lead before they can even crawl; they are both confident and impulsive. With traits as strong as those, the Aries mom can be sure her baby boy will be just as brave and active as she is.

Max comes from the name Maximilian, which means “great.” The baby boy of any Aries woman is destined to be great, because it can be assumed she will instill a lot of her own passionate morals into her son.

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