The Top Weirdest Thing He's Into, Based On His Sign

Depending on when your dude was born, he may prefer to collect stuffed animals or have a secret real estate obsession.

Everyone has their own unique quirks. In fact, sometimes it's our flaws and quirks that allow us to fall in love or get promoted at work. Whether it's having a little extra OCD than your coworker or being overly superstitious, there are different things that your guy might be into that should be left in a non-judgmental zone. Depending on when your dude was born, he may prefer to collect stuffed animals or have a secret real estate obsession. Whatever his interest of choice, there is something for everyone on this list!

Have you ever thought that maybe your dude can't control his weird or strange behaviors? It could be something that has to do with his zodiac sign. In fact, since some of the more strange or unusual ways that your guy exhibits make you question his sanity, we have rounded up the most common weird things that your dude is into based on his sign. Hopefully, this list will bring you some much-needed comfort to know that you aren't in love with some freak. Instead, you've found yourself a lover to call your own who has some unique and downright creative interests that just make him the unique individual that you couldn't help but fall for.

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15 Cancer Dudes Have A Giant Collection Of Towels


Whether or not you believe the movements of the heavens influence the way we live, doesn't mean that we all don't share similar weird or unusual habits based on when we were born. For Cancer men, it's their towel obsession that they share in common. In fact, since Cancer dudes are extremely sensitive, they are typically found getting caught up in their daydreams. However, they also enjoy taking a long hot bath to allow themselves the opportunity to soak in their fantasies thoroughly and comprehensively. As a result, Cancer guys require a lot of towels to wipe themselves clean after said shower or bath. Therefore, if you happen to be dating a Cancer man, you know what to get him when Christmas rolls around.

14 Leo Guys Have An Obsession With The Dead And Are Most Likely To Consult A Psychic


Named after the Lion, a Leo guy is quite fearless and yet, also dark. In fact, he can often be the brooding type, not willing to let anyone into his world. However, Leo guys are also notorious for being the most straightforward and honest people in the entire zodiac. With their proud, natural-born-leader personalities, it should come as absolutely no surprise that they get a kick out of anything having to do with the grotesque, morbid, and dead. As a result, they are curious about ghosts, spirits, and what the future holds for them. Known for being a lover of drama, they are unafraid of hearing something negative or finding out that their grandfather is haunting them from the dead- they actually relish in that fact.

13 A Sagittarius Guy Really Enjoys Gardening


Fallen in love with a Sagittarius dude? Here's something you should know! A Sagittarius guy truly is an enigma wrapped in garden shears. In fact, if you are looking for a birthday present for your Sagittarius man, you can do no wrong with some gardening tools to show him how much you care. Since this adventurous creator loves to travel to far-off destinations, it may be necessary for his partner to take care of his precious garden while he is away. A great bonding activity for anyone in a relationship with a Sagittarius guy to do would be to attempt to learn how to garden from the master-extraordinaire himself. In the end, showing an interest in your Sagittarius man will go a long way towards solidifying the relationship.

12 Every Capricorn Dude Loves Making Lists


Have you found yourself head over heels in love with a Capricorn gentleman? Be aware that he may have some weird interests like his immense love for making lists- whether its a wishlist of gifts he wants for his birthday or a grocery list, this highly organized gent is definitely into putting things in categories on paper. Earth signs like the Capricorn are meticulous note-takers. These supremely ambitious guys are typically found with a note-pad in hand making sure to jot down anything and everything they need to get done. In fact, Capricorn guys are such loyal and hardworking creatures that they end up being exceptional employees in an office environment. Being extremely organized and detail-oriented is quite often part of any job description. As a result, Capricorn men are studious and meticulous which is why they secretly adore taking notes.

11 An Aries Guy Will Go Out Of His Way To Make Sure He Has Time For A Bubble Bath


And you thought taking a bubble bath was solely relegated to women. The reality is Aries guys love to soak in bubbles and drink champagne just like the woman in their lives. In fact, this can be an excellent bonding experience for any couple. While an Aries guy is always searching for his next adventure, he secretly wants to make time for himself by indulging in a bubble bath every once in a while. As a result, if you happen to find yourself in a romantic relationship with an Aries dude, know that a great way to get him in the mood is to start a bubble bath for him before he comes home from a long day at the office! So, go on and create that romantic evening with your Aries guy!

10 Every Taurus Man Is Into Eating With His Hands


Remember that patience and determination are key character traits of every Taurus man. In fact, since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which supply them with a tremendous deal of patience (which can show-up as extreme laziness), as well as a high appreciation for all things sensory- including taste. Being such slow movers, Taurus guys are more prone to sit in front of the couch with a pint of ice cream instead of at the gym working on their fitness. It's so easy for Taurus guys to get addicted to all food they lack any ambition forget up to use a utensil and instead, rely on devouring food with their hands on a regular basis. This can ultimately lead to some adverse side effects if it happens too frequently.

9 A Libra Man Can Be Found At The Mall Every Single Weekend Buying Something For Himself


A Libra guy just loves himself, almost too much. Along with his intense passion for himself, he cares about material things a little more than other zodiac signs do. In fact, Libra men tend to have shopping addictions or at least buy things because they need to feel better about themselves or a particular situation. These shopaholic dudes are tempted to continuously fill their closets with unnecessary items because they want to appear like they are ballers. Therefore, if you happen to find yourself in a relationship with a Libra man, be wary of his spending habits and make sure that you set a budget for him. Or else he could end up spending all his money on 500 pairs of new sneakers and skip on paying the rent.

8 The Virgo Man Enjoys Watching Dumb Comedies On The Regular


Have you fallen head over heels in love with a Virgo guy? Wondering what weird habit they possess because on the surface they seem to be the perfect man? Virgo guys really are a unique bunch. In fact, they are often super busy and easily frazzled by the tiniest things. Since they are notorious people-pleasers, Virgo dudes need laughter in their lives. As a result, they will typically be found on the couch laughing maniacally at some super dumb comedy to get them to relax after a long day of pleasing others- aka their boss. Perfectionists, worriers, and some of the most humble guys out there, Virgo men are beautiful human beings who just need some belly-filled laughter to take the edge off the day-to-day hardships associated with being a nice Virgo man.

7 The Scorpio Dude Doesn't Give A Damn About What People Think And Loves A Karaoke Night


Next time you and your Scorpio bae have a date night consider checking in with the cosmos and curating a special date night that he would thoroughly enjoy. One thing that Scorpio men love is a good Karaoke night. In fact, they will often go after a long day at the office, just to blow off some steam. As a result, these fun-loving, confident men are usually holding it down at their local Karaoke joint. Bringing their girl with them or at least showing an interest in what their guy likes can make the two of you closer and strengthen your romantic bond. Therefore, if you happen to be in love with a Scorpio man, take a break from the traditional dinner and movie and hit up a karaoke night once in a while.

6 The Pisces Guy Is Known For His Incredible Color-Coordinated Closet


Are in falling in love with the super-cute Pisces that you've had your eye on for a while now? The quintessential perfectionist, a Pisces man, likes to stay organized, in an almost obsessive-compulsive way. In fact, if you spend the night with a Pisces guy, head into his closet where you will definitely find a color-coordinated space that will make you envious of your own. Being so meticulous with their closets also means that they are very particular about their overall appearance and grooming habits. These perfectionists can make amazing romantic partners because they will typically give themselves to their partners, completely. They will be the ones to go out of their way to ensure that their partner is happy and satisfied, no matter the cost to them.

5 Every Aquarius Dude Can Be Found Singing Loudly In The Shower


Ever happen to find yourself driving on the busy road and notice an attractive guy jamming out in his car? Well, more likely than not, he is an Aquarius man whose weirdest habit is singing loudly in the shower. In fact, Aquarius guys are pretty typical and often some of the most attractive partners to have. However, their one character flaw is that they rarely can be in the shower without singing. This can make showering together quite difficult, even impossible. As a result, if you happen to have fallen in love with a Capricorn dude, invest in some noise-canceling headphones, so you don't have to worry about being woken up by his shower concerts on the regular. Therefore, while a Capricorn guy is your typical man's man, he does have a weak spot for singing in the shower.

4 Gemini Men Are Notorious For Creating Awkward Silences


Ever been at the bar and struck up a conversation with the hottie from across the room only to find yourself stuck in an awkward silence that seemed to never end. Searching for help at that moment is often a hopeless recourse. However, Gemini men actually get a kick out of creating awkward silences with others. They are the ones that will never really know the proper way to end a conversation. They may often linger for a little too long, making the entire interaction incredibly awkward and off-putting. In fact, being in love with a Gemini guy means that you've experienced his awkward silence at least once during the relationship! Therefore, don't worry about your awkward Gemini man, he is who is, and that is why you love him!

3 BONUS: Every Cancer Man Has Been Known To Buy Flowers For Himself


Wistful, shy, and oh-so-mysterious, the Cancer guy is an oxymoron unto himself. In fact, since he is ruled by the Moon, it can come as no surprise that the reserved Cancer dude will be the guy who buys flowers for himself to celebrate an accomplishment like a promotion or just to lift his spirits when he is going through one of his many mood swings. While extremely hard on the outside, a Cancer man is really a softy on the inside. That is why he understands the beauty and peace that comes with sending himself a bouquet of flowers every once in a while. Whether it's to cheer himself up or add some serenity to his space, a cancer man can almost always be found at a flower shop browsing the brand new blooms, checking to see what is in season!

2 BONUS: Aries Guys Are Into Collecting Flip-Flops


Since we are on the topic of Aries guys, one of their more unusual habits is having a huge collection of flip-flops stashed away in their closet. While some men tend to collect sneakers as their shoe of choice, Aries guys are a little weirder when it comes to the types of footwear they choose to invest their hard-earned money in. In fact, Aries guys are very adventurous which means that when they want to unwind, they want to feel completely relaxed. Wearing flip-flops does this for them in a heartbeat. As a result, if you find yourself in a romantic relationship with an Aries guy, you can trust that he has so many flip-flops stored somewhere that you might question his shopping habits.

1 BONUS: Every Leo Guy Has A Reoccurring Wax Appointment To Keep Himself Groomed


It's impossible not to fall madly in love with a Leo guy! While Leo men can be extremely materialistic, they can also find themselves indulging in all the luxuries that life has to bring. In fact, keeping themselves groomed is a high priority for most Leo guys. As a result, they may need to get waxed all over their bodies more regularly than other men. Being the sign of the Lion, Leo dudes tend to be a little hairier than they'd like to be. Therefore, they will spend the big bucks and endure tremendous pain to make sure that they look impeccable when it comes to their hair- not just on their heads. They care about their eyebrows, their arms, their facial hair, and the hair that grows down there.

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The Top Weirdest Thing He's Into, Based On His Sign