15 Body Hygiene Mistakes You Won't Believe Most Women Make Daily

Okay, so while women are all powerful, feminine, and absolute goddesses no matter what the situation, we’re not all perfect and things tend to slip our minds from time to time. Sometimes, those things are important and can get muddled up in our busy lives. Did we remember to floss? Did we already wear these underwear (uh, BARELY, so they’re good to go)? Did we forget to moisturize after cleansing our faces? While we all know these things seem small in nature, these hygiene mistakes that most women make can come back to haunt us later down the line. While it’s easy to forget in this rat race we call life, it’s best that we can do whatever it takes to remember to not do these things if we want to lead a longer, healthier life.

15 Using Scented Body Wash Down There

I used to think that “why the hell wouldn’t I wash down there?? HELLO THAT’S SO WRONG”. Your lady garden is a pretty interesting and complex organ. Of course, when we don’t feel all that fresh, we tend to use words like “fishy” when referencing what’s going on down there. After a particularly sweaty day, I couldn't wait to hop in the shower in order to clean myself up and feel fresh again. Little did I know that applying scented body wash, or even SOAP, wasn’t great for my box. Cleansing with a scent can cause infections because it is meant to clean themselves, and when you wash with a flowery scent it can lead to irritation and strip it of its natural oils. Women can sometimes be body shamed into thinking we need to doctor up down there with different scents when all we actually need is water.

14 Using Expired Makeup


Sometimes we just don’t have the time to go out and grab some more foundation when we’re in a rush to be somewhere – so we rifle through our makeup bags stumble upon some old foundation from a few years back that we never finished up. And what do we do? We use it. Hey, no harm, no foul. Except, it does do harm. It is a foul. You should always pay attention to expiration dates since they’re there for a reason. From your milk, to your eggs, to your mascara. Using old makeup can do some serious harm to your skin. “The consistency of the product is going to change over time,” Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist at SKINNEY Medspa says. “They’re going to dry out, get clumpy, and not apply as smoothly. That’s true to everything from mascara to lipstick and foundation.” It’s always best to just take the time to run out and buy some more makeup instead of paying for a trip to the doctor’s office once an infection occurs.

13 Not Cleaning The Screen On Your Smartphone

How Stuff Works

Have you ever looked at your phone and are just grossed out by how smudgy it looks? That’s because it’s dirty, guys. It’s a cesspool of germs who are straight up having a party on your skin whenever you put your phone to your face to make a call. All the oils on your phone get transferred to your face and cause rashes and breakouts. Thing is, your phone is incredibly easy to clean off. Just take a little cotton swab, dip it in rubbing alcohol and go to town on the face of your phone and the case. This is also another good reason WHY IT’S BEST TO JUST TEXT (if you couldn’t tell, I’m rather introverted and tend to just hang up on a person if they call me instead of texting back. Knock that crap off, people).

12 Not Showering After Work-Outs

We’ve all been there: you’re able to fit in a yoga/Pilates/kickboxing/zumba exercise class during your lunch break, but now you have to get the hell back to work before your boss notices you’re three minutes late. Is it wise to just sit there in your own sweat, praying no one comes close enough to smell you? Um, how about no. Not only is it unpleasant to those around you with noses (pew!), it’s unhealthy for your own body. “It’s not the smell of sweat that you have to worry about but the fact that perspiration left behind on your skin allows bacteria to proliferate, and that can lead to rashes and breakouts,” says Dr. Holly L. Phillips to Women’s Health Magazine. “Also, your workout may have caused a microabrasion in your skin, and that can allow microbes to get into your body.” Yikes. Seriously easier to take the time to shower and suffer the consequences of being late.

11 Showering With Unfiltered Water

You know that your skin absorbs everything it touches, both invisible and visible right? Well, it does. Most of all the water you shower with is a very intimate partner to your skin. When you stand under your shower nozzle even for a short period of time, your skin absorbs the type of water that falls on it, and if it’s unfiltered, your skin could be in trouble. Unfiltered water hides mold, chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides that end up covering your entire body. You’re doing your skin a favor if you go out of your way to purchase a shower filter. There’re usually all pretty easy to install (and most you can install without even using tools) and your soft skin will thank you for it in the long run. Most run around $30 bucks and up.

10 Not Cleaning Your Toothbrush

If you think that you’re actually cleaning your toothbrush when you run water over it – guess what? YOU’RE NOT. I once read on a Bustle article that asked “Did you know that flushing aerosolizes the germs and bacteria in your toilet? This means you leave your toothbrush exposed to the elements of your bathroom, it is likely speckled with fecal matter.” WHAT THE UTTER HELL??? This was enough to scare me into buying a UV-sanitizing toothbrush holder that demolishes the bacteria that’s formed on your toothbrush bristles (literally 99.9 percent of bacteria). By keeping your toothbrush in one of these bad boys, it protects the brush itself from all the gross stuff floating around in your bathroom air. They usually don’t run cheap, but you will probably stumble upon a deal here or there.

9 Sleeping With Your Makeup On


Okay, so you had a long day and all you want to do is sleep. But don’t be that lazy when it comes to removing your makeup. It’s best to just take the time to cleanse all the gunk off your face before you turn in – it’s healthier for you in the long run. “Sleep is a restorative time for the skin, and if oil glands and pores are blocked by the day’s makeup remains, the results can be disastrous,” Dr. Melanie Palm explained to InStyle.com. “Make up products left on the skin do not allow skin to properly shed, and the makeup, old skin cells and environmental pollutants can accumulate on your pillow.” So in order to avoid facial skin disasters take the time to take that crap the hell off your face.

8 Not Cleansing Your Face After Taking Off Makeup

So you think that just using that little makeup remover towelette is all you need to get that makeup off your face, huh? WELL, THINK AGAIN (yes, that’s me yelling at you). Sometimes you can miss a few important pores when only wiping with a makeup remover, so it’s always best to thoroughly cleanse your face in order to get rid of all the dust and dirt that’s been festering on your skin for the entire day. Makeup tends to be a magnet for all the nasty things floating around unseen in the air, so it’s a wise move to make sure all that stuff is free from your skin. Remember, the cleaner your skin is over time, the more is can actually absorb skincare products more accurately. A fresh face is a healthy face.

7 Sharing Makeup With Girlfriends


Throughout my entire life, I’ve always shared makeup with my close girlfriends – it seemed like a rite of passage in the girl world. If I forgot my mascara at home, I’d ask to use Liz’s. If Amanda spaced and didn’t put her lip gloss in her purse, I’d hand mine over without thinking. If Shelby was low on lip balm, one of us would surely fork over ours. We don’t even think about it – it’s just something we did. Turns out, DON’T DO THAT. Every time we touch our own makeup, we’re simply moving germs from one place (our hands) to our eyes, mouth, face. We touch our make up so much that it gathers bacteria and that bacteria can be transferred to our friends and pick up THEIR bacteria so we’re all doing more than simply sharing lip gloss. Sorry, ladies.

6 Forget Your Contacts? DON'T!

You ever hear that story of the chick who wore her contact lenses for six months straight and a freaking amoeba ended murdering the absolute hell out of her eyes? Yep – literally ate them. If that’s not enough to scare you into taking the time to REMOVE your contact lenses before you go to sleep, nothing will. But we’ll try. “Sleeping in your contacts is a problem because the contact lens is made up of plastic and it impairs the oxygen flow to your cornea,” Dr. Thomas Steinemann explained to Buzzfeed. “It alters the physiology of the eye. No matter how careful you are, contact lenses get dirty, and get coated with proteins and germs. In situations where you disrupt the physiology of the surface cells of the eye, you increase the binding ability of the germs already on the lens to bind to the cornea. And once they bind to the cornea, they can invade the cornea. And once they invade, that’s when the keratitis starts.” (Keratitis being inflammation of the cornea).

5 Skipping The Flossing

This is probably the first thing they learn at Dentist school: ALWAYS HARASS YOUR PATIENT TO BRUSH AND FLOSS DAILY. We all heard it while growing up. Our parents would stress on the importance of flossing your teeth or else all your teeth will fall out (you know, if they were actively trying to scare the hell out of you). But truth of the matter is, they’re right. Brushing and using mouth wash can only do so much, yet flossing is actually the key to removing bacteria and plaque from your teeth. And we all know what plaque does to your teeth and gums. You’re more sensitive to gum disease and cavities which can bring on tooth decay at a quicker rate. It’s always great to have a specific routine down before bed and when you wake up. And ALWAYS carry around floss with you where ever you go.

4 Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes


So you just feel all fresh and breezy after cleansing your face when you wake up, ready to start your day. But then, THEN! You decide to take that grungy makeup brush and rub it all over your face. Sure, it was expensive and worth every penny, but you often forget to do your due diligence and wash the dang thing. You’re taking all the dirt that’s accumulated over each bristle and smearing it on your face along with your foundation. Don’t feel so clean now, do ya? It’s always best to clean your makeup brushes (all brushes from your liquid, loose powder brushes to your mascara brushes – any sort of brush that touches your face) at least once a week. They make special wash for your more expensive brushes that is sold at pretty much any place that sells makeup.

3 Not Cleaning Your Makeup Bag


I have never been one to be anal retentive over certain things – my makeup bag being one of them. I used to be swimming in a sea of busted eye shadows, blushes, and eye liner inside my makeup bag, and I usually didn’t care as long as it didn’t’ leak out into my purse (spoiler alert: it did all the freaking time). Hell, I would even sharpen my eye liner and leave the shavings in my makeup bag whenever I couldn’t find the time to dump it in the trash. I wish I was as anal about my makeup bag as I was with my purse, because they’re essentially the same exact thing: it goes everywhere with me and holds and protects some pretty valuable stuff. So why was I treating one with more care than the other? It’s always best to keep the travel house of your makeup constantly clean to prevent bacteria from forming on your beauty tools.

2 Exfoliating Skin Too Much


Yes, there’s something bad about scrubbing your skin TOO much, especially scrubbing delicate areas like your face. Being a little too vigorous with your exfoliating scrub can often lead to broken blood vessels and you’ll end up looking like you went on a month long vodka bender. Over-exfoliating can also lead to premature aging, and no one wants that. If you commonly exfoliate your face, it’s best to find a softer sponge that suits your needs so you can remove your makeup and dead skin, but nothing else. It’s always best that when you’re buying exfoliating wash or sponges, the more expensive the better. It’s a weird sort of paradox when it comes to exfoliating products: you have to find a safe middle ground like you’re freaking Goldie Locks. Not too hard, not too soft, but one that is JUST RIGHT.

1 Sleeping On Cotton Pillowcase


While this one made me slightly angry, I understand the reasoning. I LOVE sleeping on my cotton pillowcases when they’re fresh out of the dryer, smelling all flowery and stuff. But little did I know, cotton pillowcases can actually cause skin problems on your face and even effect your hair. Cotton has been known to be the cause of acne and dry skin (dry skin I suffer from here and there) and even produce split ends on your hair. While they may be cooler, cotton is actually harmful in the long run. Silk pillowcases are actually better for your face and hair, and they feel amazing on your skin while you’re sleeping. Plus, when the humidity rises along with the temperature, the pillowcase won’t steal the moisture from your skin like cotton tends to.

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