The Top 20 Styles That Work For Short, Medium, And Long Hair

Let’s face it: sometimes we just don’t know what to do with our hair. If scissors are nearby, we might even consider chopping it all off. Before giving ourselves a new semi-permanent ‘do, however, we know to stop, breathe, and try some hairstyle fun. Sometimes a change in hairstyle can make all the difference. Be it changing our perspective on our hair or just making a tired outfit feel fresh, hairstyles truly make an impact. We’re always shaded with a little bit of jealousy when we see someone with a rockin’ hairstyle walking down the street or on the bus. Now the best hairstyles can be ours, by following these amazing hairstyle tutorials.

Taken from all over the internet, these hairstyles have been described here for the best looks at every length. Even growing out short hair (or short bangs) can be adapted and beautified using these hairstyle looks. Plus, they’re so simple that even those of us who dare not try a new hairstyle without 4 hours of troubleshooting time can probably get most of these right away. Grab a brush and let’s get started; these are the 20 best hairstyles for short, medium, and long length hair. And the best part? Most of them can be adapted to suit other lengths, too!

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20 Braided Crowns Keep Medium And Long Length Hair Contained


The braided crown is a popular style that’s been floating around the internet for a while now. Featured in many different hairstyle how-tos, but most notably drawn from Luxy Hair, the braided crown is a simple (but elegant) solution for an untameable mane or fall-in-our-face bangs.

This hairstyle is done simply by braiding the front portion of hair from one side of the face around to the other.

Think of it like a french braid, but done only along the hairline. While it works best to have a decent length to braid with, short hair and growing-out bangs can usually get away with a small braid as well.

19 Side Parts And Swoopy Bangs Add Va Va Voom To Medium Hair


Whether we’re looking for a way to jazz up a little black dress, or we’re trying to find a style that brings the bombshell on a casual date, the side part and swooped bangs will no doubt hit the mark. Harkening back to the 40s and 50s, this style is one that all retro divas keep in their playbook; and we know that we will too! The classiness is great, and it’s simple to flip a section over and add a curl to the bangs. Set it with spray and get ready for a good date night or Monday morning office meeting!

18 Top Knots: The Effortless And Everywhere Style For ALL Hair Lengths


If there’s enough hair to pull back off of your face, there’s enough hair to do a top knot. Even the little, babiest of knots is enough to make this style effective.

Those with short hair can easily grab the top layer and give a low twist, while long-haired gals can be a little more dramatic with their size of knot.

Either way, the top knot is going to look casual and cool and will keep that hair out of your eyes no matter what happens to be on your agenda today. This is also a great hairstyle to hide roots when growing out a hair color.

17 The Faux-Hawk Braid Is A Foxy Long Hair Style


How many of us have been tempted to shave our sides down and go for a creative, who-gives-a-bleep look? We know we certainly have. Now there’s a way to satisfy that impulse without making it a permanent adjustment. The faux-hawk braid is a style that many hair tutorials have discussed. Working most effectively with long hair, this style is done by gathering the hair into a messy, contained braid that goes all the way from front to back. By pinning it and teasing out the bumps, we get a look that’s rough and tumble as well as pretty (and non-permanent).

16 Side Twists Make Medium And Long Hair Feel Fancy


Yes, we know we can do side twists on short hair, as Luxy Hair reminds us. However, it’s most effective when used with long and medium length hair. Side twists add some glamor to a simple, free-falling hairstyle without needing to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.

They’re even easier than braids, making this style a great option for beginner hairstylists.

With a million different variations out there it’s easy to see how adaptable this style is. Play around with twisting and pinning different sections of your hair, and see which of the placements works for you and your hair!

15 This Three Bun Twisted Style Can Be Adapted For Short Hair (But Works Best With Medium)


Hair that’s too long will make for some incredibly crowded buns. Hair that’s too short won’t quite reach as far as it needs to to be able to do this style. This is why medium hair tends to work the best. If you’re really wanting to make this style happen, however, it’s easy enough to add some extensions to your short hair to be able to make the strands reach. For those of us with long hair, we could try making this style work as a half-up-half-down ‘do. That will cut down the bulk of the hair, while still giving the three buns distinction: that’s the hallmark of the three bun hairstyle.

14 The Half Pony Is Pretty On All Hair Lengths

pinterest.com / mariacole_xox

Short and spunky, medium magic, and a long-haired gal’s dream, the half pony is a versatile style that always (ALWAYS!) works. Whether we add some curl and wear it on a night out or we leave it flat and frizzy to pull off those just-back-from-the-beach vibes, the half pony is an easily done style that will look good with any outfit.

While those with super short hair won’t be able to do it, chin-length or longer is good to go.

Be sure to pick pieces of the hair that will fall flat to stay on either side of your face; there’s nothing worse than getting those weird wavy wings messing up your perfect style.

13 Baby Buns Work Best For The Medium Hair Length Folks


Short hair, you can adapt this look to be two tiny, half pony pigtails and will get a similar vibe. For long-haired gals, consider doing something similar to that 3 bun style we looked at. You don’t need to pull all your hair in to make this style happen. Medium length hair gets off easy with this one, which is as simple as splitting your hair down the middle and pulling it back into two messy buns. Well placed bobby pins will hold the poofs in their place, which means you don’t need to worry about any accidental unravellings anymore.

12 Bobby Pins And Barrettes Are Easy Peasy For All Hair Lengths


On the topic of bobby pins, one style that every person knows is the bobby pin and barrette looks. All of us have thrown together a quick twist or bang pull-back and styled it with a colored bobby pin or two. The simplicity and ease of bobby pins and barrettes make them a no-brainer.

We’re also a fan of picking up bedazzled pins or pins that have little charms on them.

These are fun, and will instantly make any hairstyle more elegant. Plus, we can use them no matter how long or short our hair is. Talk about versatility! That’s the kind of styling tip we love.

11 Beach Waves Will Let Long Hair Take Advantage Of The Summer Vibes


This is a style born from the ocean and one that we know you’ll love. There’s many sprays and products out there that will make those hair waves a reality, but it’s also possible to make your own. While those sprays work great on already wavy hair, those with a natural pin-straight style will benefit from adding some curl using a curling iron. The best part about this style is that no matter which way you decide to do it, it’s always going to look good. This hairstyle is one of our personal favorites, and we truly believe there’s no wrong way to do it.

10 A Slicked Back Ponytail Is Awesome For Long Hair


Marie Claire has many great style tricks, but one of their how-to guides we love discussed several different hairstyles that can be done with medium and long length hair. They suggest a slicked-back look for polished perfection, but we want to take it a step further.

Adding a ponytail immediately makes the rest of your hair look contained and well crafted,

and makes it easy to decide which outfit you’re going to wear; this style looks good with anything and everything. Plus, the short-haired folks out there can pull off some amazingly cool styles by slicking back their hair. Slick is chic, no matter what hair length you have.

9 Twisted Bangs Will Add Quirk To Short Hair And Long Bangs


Remember when we talked about the side twists, and how they’re great at any length of hair? This is a type of twist that’s actually a little more challenging if you’re working with medium or long length hair. The best twists seem to be done by those that are growing out bangs or have a short, angular cut. There’s less hair to twist, which means there’s less of a chance of the hair weight pulling down the bobby pins. This quirky style is a great adaptation of a twist, and we know that it’ll add some fun to your summer looks.

8 The Messy Bun Is A Long Hair Tradition


What girl doesn’t know of the versatility and ease that comes with the messy bun? This hairstyle is poofy and perfect for all those days that we look at our hair and want to scream.

The stress that comes with crafted a well-designed, highly manicured hairstyle should be reserved for those special nights; not every day.

The messy bun is an everyday style that only requires an elastic, and maybe a bobby pin or two (depending on your strays). You know how to do it; now comes the time to get out there and rock it like you mean it, no matter how messy it happens to be.

7 Bouffants Take Spray But Blow Us Away As A Long-Length Style


Marie Claire offers a comprehensive introduction to the bouffant, which we’ve adapted here. In a similar vein to our va-va-voom side part style, this is a classic look that all retro divas need to keep in their how-to books. The bouffant is essentially a process of spraying, teasing, and combing over that creates height and volume at the back of the head. This look can easily be done smaller than it classically is to add a little more height to a ponytail or add some visual interest to a headband or braided crown. This might take some practice, but it’s definitely a look you’ll be happy to lock down.

6 An “Undone Updo” Lets Medium Length Strands Loose


This is the perfect hairstyle for medium-length hair, or for long haired girls with layers. The undone up-do is a style that Marie Claire seems to have perfected, as they offer a brilliant tutorial on it. Essentially, what it boils down to is twisting and pinning strands of hair above the nape of the neck.

After getting everything in place, gently tug at and pull out a few strands of hair.

The floating and freeness of the hair will add a softness. The best part is that you get to control the strand fall out, rather than day-to-day wear and tear of the hair. This makes it infinitely artful.

5 Undercuts Add Edge To Every Hair Length

pinterest.com/ @c_you_

What more can we say? As an edgy style, the undercut is one that makes waves in any situation. Selena Gomez’s social media accounts show that she rocked an undercut, making it officially a popular hair trend. This can be worn by any hair length, even long-haired folks. All it takes is a set of clippers to shave an inch or two off at the nape of your neck. The die-hard fans of undercuts go a little further up and around, though we feel that that style is a little too bold for us. This edgy trim is usually work-appropriate, as we can hide it by letting the rest of our hair fall loosely over top.

4 The Low Bun Can Be Done With Short, Medium, And Long Hair


No matter the length of your hair, a low bun can be done. Marie Claire has even offered some suggested adaptations for this style, turning it into a style that’s everything from fancy and chic to fluffy and unique. The low bun can even work with short hair, provided you invest in some hair extensions (and slick back any super-short fly-aways).

Of course, long hair can even turn this low bun look into more of a chignon…

But we’ll leave that for some more in-depth level two hairstyling. This is a great style to start with if you’re not used to dealing with hair too!

3 A Faux French Roll For Making Medium Length Hair Fancy


Doesn’t this style look dramatic and elegant? While it might even be a little intimidating to less seasoned home hairstylists, Marie Claire does a great job of explaining the most efficient way to make this style happen. You’re essentially looking at a swift movement of hair from one side into a roll, tucked on top of another. It’s okay; it’ll make more sense when you’re doing it. Unfortunately for those with short hair and extremely long hair, this style might be a little tricky and harder to achieve. Medium length hair looks the best, which we can see from this photo.

2 The One And Done Style For All Hair Lengths: Headbands


Who doesn’t love a good headband? Whether you’re rocking a bedazzled, beaded, bridal headband or a leopard print, rock and roll hair wrap, headbands are a quick and easy style that makes it look like your messy hair day is a choice.

A headband can make a sleek look happen in ten seconds, or it can be added on to add some whimsy and fun as a final accessory piece.

No matter how you approach the headband, it’s truly going to change your hair game. No more moaning about how “short hair doesn’t have any hairstyles”. Invest in some headbands and you’re good to go!

1 Bed Head Is Always Stunning, No Matter The Length


Finally, we’ve come to the last hairstyle on our list. While we’ve seen a lot of creative looks (and quite a few old standards that are truly timeless staples), there aren’t as many looks that are as easy going as this one. Bedhead is a babe-ly style that screams “I woke up like this” in the best possible way. It’s also the best option if you’re trying to make it out the door for a date on limited time. Throw in some texturizing spray or mousse and embrace the natural waves that sleeping on your hair has given you. We guarantee that no matter what length of hair you have, you’ll love it.

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