The Top 20 Genius Style Rules That Are Dummy-Proof

With all of the endless fashion rules we've heard all our lives, it's easy to get confused as to what's perfectly fine to try to pull off, and what we should steer clear of. Luckily, our fashion team has been finalizing the top 20 style rules that are definitely dummy-proof and essential to looking fabulous all the time.

You won't have to stress anymore over whether your look is a total joke or completely fashion forward. The best part is that all of these rules are super easy to follow. You'll definitely agree that our dummy-proof rules are basic common sense principles every fashionista should be aware of.

Whether you're a style pro or a total beginner, these rules are critical to remember. They'll completely save you the next time you're trying to figure out if your outfit is a total cliche or trendier than ever. Make sure you grab a pen and paper (or open your notes app) and make a list of these essentials style rules that will carry you through whatever obstacle is thrown your way.

Remember that the most important style rule that is truly completely dummy-proof, is that the secret to pulling off any look is the person underneath it. If you have the complete confidence needed to rock an over the top outfit, you totally will. If your personality is lively enough to add some spark to your basic jeans and t-shirt combo, it will. Simply remember that you can pull off absolutely anything and you're good to go!

20 Never Wear More Than One Animal Print Item

While you might have dreamed of wearing a whole cheetah print outfit, we're here to stop you. Make sure you steer clear of wearing more than one animal print in your next look.

The only exception to the rule is leather; feel free to drench yourself completely in it. 

The last thing you want is to look like a total cliche overdoing it on the animal print. You're not an 80's character, so there's no point in looking like a total joke.  Instead, if you feel like you're consumed with the desire to be rocking some type of fun print, do your best to limit it to only one.

19 An All-White Outfit Is Usually A No-Go


While some white outfits look completely amazing, it's usually better to steer clear of them. Not everyone is advanced enough to figure out how to rock a completely white outfit as it's difficult to pull off. Instead, make sure one part of your outfit is not white, and you're good to go!

As you keep improving your fashion skills, eventually you'll have the knowledge and skill to how to wear an all-white outfit. As a beginner, we definitely recommend that you don't jump all in like the girl in the photo above. If you do find yourself desiring to wear white, we recommend opting for a white dress!

18 Accessories Bring An Outfit Together


If you ever feel like your outfit isn't fashionable enough, just know that accessories are here to save the day. There no reason you should be wearing outrageous outfits instead of accessorizing them. We recommend checking up on the latest jewelry trends to figure out some fun way to add a spark to your outfits!

Essential tips like layering necklaces, wearing some chunky earrings, a few rings, and an adorable purse could be all you need to bring your outfit from a 7 to a 10.

Simply figure out your own jewelry style and invest in a few pieces you're willing to wear every day. The best part is jewelry doesn't go out of style as fast as most fashion does!

17 Buy Items That Can Easily Mix & Match


If you're still buying items because they would pair amazingly with that one item in your closet, you're definitely doing it wrong. Instead, it's absolutely critical that you pick up pieces that you can mix and match will other items to create a complete look. Make a promise to yourself to only purchase items that go with almost everything that's already in your closet.

This way, you'll see the number of outfits you have absolutely quadruple through the different ways you can rock everything. Your closet will seem to grow in size with all of the different options you now have!

16 Always Keep A Black Blazer On Standby


Sadly, not enough people understand how absolutely critical it is to have a blazer on standby. Blazers are always incredibly chic and add an element of sophistication your outfit could be lacking.

If you ever need to dress a little more formal but don't feel like your outfits can pull it off on there own, add a blazer. 

Every person should have a go-to blazer that fits them like a glove. This will save you endless worries when you feel like you just have nothing to wear in your closet. If you're looking to invest a bit to update your wardrobe, we definitely recommend picking up this essential item.

15 Being Overdressed Is Way Better Than Being Under Dressed


We're positive that you heard the line that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. And it's completely true- the last thing that you want is to show up at some event not looking your best.

If you show up to an event in jeans and a t-shirt, you won't feel as confident as you should and will constantly be stressing that the people around you are judging you. If you're ever struck with the dilemma of whether you're too over or overdressed, go with the dressier look. The worst thing that will happen is that your outfit is fancier than everyone else's and they'll see you as the trendsetter.

14 Keep An Emergency Style Kit In Your Purse


This is one of our team's key items to have on standby, as it's saved us in a ton of situations. We recommend keeping a little emergency kit in your bag to fill the gap if you ever find yourself needing something while on the go. You can store band-aids, hair ties, a tide pen, feminine products, gum, napkins, and medication.

Grab a cute bag and load up on the essentials, then stow it away in your purse just in case.

We promise you that these items might just save you when you need them most. For example, if you find yourself having a garlic tuna sandwich before a huge meeting, you'll be happy with those breath mints you have on hand!

13 Forget About Trends


As you ramp up your style game, you'll notice that trends are totally unimportant and are the last thing you should be worried about. While you're still new to fashion, it's fine to follow some cute trends, but eventually, it will come time to do your own thing.

You have to take a few years to figure out what your style really is, without obsessing with what the hottest trends are. Eventually, you'll build an awesome collection of pieces you adore, and not because they're trendy. The best part is that you'll finally feel confident enough to rock these awesome items, rather than stressing if they're cool enough.

12 Leggings Aren’t Pants


You might still find yourself trying to pull off leggings as pants- but we're here to stop you. The last thing you want to do is pretend that you can get away with leggings just because they're incredibly cozy. Let's make this clear: leggings are only for the gym, lounging around the house, or to go under a dress- that's it!

Plus, with so many other cute and comfy fashion choices, why would you insist on wearing what amounts to pajamas when you go out? 

Whether it's a casual look or you're pretending to go to the gym, it's time to stop wearing leggings as pants.

11 A Little Black Dress Is Always The Way To Go


While it might be fun splurging here and there on some amazing dresses for an important party or weekly night out, you should first invest in the basics first. A little black dress is absolutely critical as it'll save you in a ton of fashion situations.

Since your friends might remember that pink dress you're always rocking, that little black dress will slide under the radar. The color is absolutely critical as it'll carry you through any event or occasion. The little black dress isn't too over the top, and it should be your go-to number (or the backup plan) in most instances.

10 Make Sure All Your Clothes Fit You Perfectly (Even If That Means Getting Them Altered)

A key fashion rule that every girl should follow is to get her clothes altered to fit her like a glove. Sadly, it feels like no-one does this anymore, and instead, people continue to wear clothing that fits them poorly. But we're here to recommend that you get a few of your staple pieces altered to fit you perfectly.

We can guarantee that you'll feel like you're on top of the world when your favorite jeans hug your curves perfectly.

The truth is that if you get something altered to fit you exactly, you'll probably make it an everyday staple that you love to wear. After all, no one deserves to look frumpy in their favorite outfit.

9 A White Blouse Is Perfect For Any Occasion


If you're just culling your closet and are ready to make some new purchases, consider picking up a white blouse. This staple is incredibly multi-purpose and you can wear it anywhere, and it's a classy tradeoff to low-cut "going out" tops.

The white blouse is a classic fashion item that will never go out of style. It has an element of class and sophistication, while still being able to be dressed up or down. You can rock it with your favorite denim mini skirt or even a work outfit. You'll be amazed at the endless ways you can wear a white blouse.

8 Know Your Strengths


The key to mastering your personal style is to simply know your strengths. You have to know what works with your body to create the best look ever.

One of the first steps to purchasing clothes is coming to terms with your personal strengths and weaknesses.

If you adore your long legs, then wear skinny jeans more often. If you adore your arms, then show them off to the world. But while it's critical to know your strengths, you should also be aware of your weaknesses. If you aren't that obsessed with your stomach, tight tops aren't the way to go. Instead, opt for a looser fit or comfy sweater.

7 Upgrade The Soles Of Your Favorite Shoes


If you're lucky enough to find your dreams shoes and actually be able to afford them, it's critical that you take care of them. Instead of throwing them out when the soles wear out, get them replaced! This is something people with more high-end shoes usually do, but it works for all of us. 

Instead of ditching them, simply get them restored as you'll have a few more years of wear left. We also recommend that you take the time to take care of your shoes. This involves keeping them clean and stored properly. Also, remember that more expensive shoes generally last longer, so you may save money in the long run by investing up-front.

6 Find Your Signature Detail


When you finally finish cultivating your dream closet, you'll pick up a ton of fashion knowledge. Most of all, you'll finally figure out your classic style and signature details that really show your personality. This might be a tiny gold necklace you wear every day, your love for denim, or an obsession for sunglasses.

Everyone around you should be able to pinpoint that one specific detail about every outfit that makes it truly you.

This will also create the illusion that you're really in-tune with your personal style and aren't scared to wear what makes you happy. Make sure that this personal touch truly makes you happy and is something you're willing to wear forever.

5 When In Doubt, Wear Black


While it might seem like a cliche to constantly be wearing black, it's definitely not. The classic shade will get you through any occasion and should always be your go-to color. If you're ever not sure what to wear, simply go for black.

This will give off a major sophisticated and fashion-forward vibe. You'll automatically look sleek and incredibly chic. Even though we love black and think it's a go-to pick, if you feel like there's a different shade that better fits your mood, go for it. However, if you're filling up your closet with some versatile pieces, we still recommend black!

4 Prioritize Filling Your Closet With Staples


The last thing you want to do is waste all of your money in fast fashion stores on trendy pieces that will only last a season. While you might want to pick up a few new things, it's absolutely critical that they're long-term pieces.

You want to fill your closets with staples that will get you through almost any event and are not just fashionable, but also timeless.

This way you'll actually be saving money on these investment pieces through time. Some of the most fashionable people, like model Camille Rowe, fill their closets with essential items that will last a lifetime. While it might be exciting to wear fun, new, and trendy pieces every day like model Bella Hadid, we recommend that you don't follow this influence.

3 Dress Like You’ll Run Into Your Ex


This might just be our favorite fashion rule as the advice is critical. When you dress like you might run into your ex, you're picking pieces that are flattering and totally you. Dressing like you're going to run into your ex isn't dressing in fear of seeing them, but instead putting your best foot forward and looking better than ever.

You only live once, so there's no point in playing it safe and constantly wearing boring outfits out. We totally love the idea of going all out and wearing an amazing outfit every day where you look your best. But remember that the key to pulling off any look is a killer level of confidence to go with it.

2 Don’t Be Cheap With Your T-Shirts


We completely adore the idea of investing in some essential pieces for our wardrobe. Not only will these pieces outlast all the other ones, they're usually also everyday pieces that will get a lot of wear.

One of our favorite things to invest in is quality t-shirts- just because you can style them casually doesn't mean they have to be cheap.  

If you find yourself rocking something every day- like a plain t-shirt- you definitely shouldn't cheapen out on the initial purchase. After all, if your t-shirt turns ratty after only a few wears, you haven't gotten your money's worth. Make the investment, and you'll absolutely adore having some staple tees for seasons to come.

1 Don’t Match Your Purse To Your Outfit


While we still can't believe that some people match their purse to their outfit, they do. This total cliche rule from the 2000's has to finally go, as no one should be rocking this anymore. It's more than critical that you invest in an everyday purse that you're willing to keep around for years.

Pick up something that is incredibly versatile that will go with every outfit you have planned. We usually recommend making an investment into a black purse- we promise you can pair it with everything. A soft pastel pink purse, on the other hand, may not match every outfit you have planned.

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