The Style That Flatters Every Woman The Least And Most, Based On Her Sign

Style is something that you choose and is usually based off of personality. Those who follow Astrology know that your personality has a lot to do with your sign. Different signs tend to prefer different trends in fashion. Your fashion sense is what you want to convey to the world.

To stay more informed about your style according to your sign, pay as much attention to your rising sign as well as your sun sign. Your rising sign is determined by the geographic location and the hour in which you were born. For example, my birthday is November 19th so I am a Scorpio sun sign. However, I was born at 8:30 pm in Madison, Wisconsin on that day so that makes me a Cancer rising. This means that my style can vary from sultry (Scorpio) to light and feminine (Cancer). Knowing your rising sign as well as your sun sign makes a big difference. Do a quick Google search to find out your rising sign.

Your rising sign is your public persona or the way you come off to people when they first meet you, and your fashion sense plays a huge factor in that. Here are the styles that flatter you the most and the least, according to your sun sign or rising sign.

24 What An Aries Slays In: Camo And Ravishing Reds


As a Mars-ruled sign, Aries is the sign that represents battles and fights in astrology. Those born under this sign tend to relish in a good argument, so camouflage prints are the way to go.

Aries women are bold, courageous and brave so they are not afraid to wear something that has just a touch of masculinity to it.

Victoria Beckham is a shining example of an Aries woman and you see her time and time again rocking rouge. Bold shades of red flatter an Aries woman because they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. As a sign that is so driven with vigor, red brings out that insatiable energy.

23 What An Aries Should Avoid: Millennial Pink

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An Aries woman is not the type to show overt femininity. In fact, she might even be a tomboy or someone with a more strong sense of style. Millennial pink is just too girly-girl for you, Miss Aries. The last thing that an Aries wants to be seen as is someone who is delicate or innocent. That look just isn't for you because you want to be seen for the strong woman that you are.

Sure, even guys do wear this color. In fact, there are hashtags of #realmenwearpink, but this just isn't a flattering look for someone with a bold personality.

22 What Flatters A Taurus: Flower Prints And Boho


Taurus ladies are born at a time of the year when spring is in full bloom and nature is just full of life. This fertile time of year is when we all look forward to the lazy days of summer. For this very reason, floral prints and laid-back boho styles are the way to go for a Taurus.

Since Taurus is such a feminine sign, she shines in anything that exudes a low-key, hippie girl sort of vibe.

Basically, anything from Free People that is comfortable yet ladylike at the same time.

21 What A Taurus Should Avoid: Gender Neutral


Gender neutral is good for fashion because it is inclusive and accepts people anywhere in the LGBT community. However, Taurus women tend to like to stick to traditionally feminine styles even though they value comfort above all.

Gender neutral trends like button-downs and blazers are just too structured and constrictive for a Taurus lady. These styles tend to lack the colors that you see in nature in favor of muted or black and white shades. While other earth signs (such as Virgo or Capricorn) might be able to pull this off, this is not good for the sign of the Taurus.

20 What Gemini Slays In: Quirky Neon Colors


A Gemini is a whimsical sign that likes to get noticed and stand out from a crowd. Those born under this sign have a twinkle in their eye, like to push boundaries and press buttons.

What better choice to reflect that aspect of your personality than neon colors that pop?

Neon colors are modern and Geminis are always up to speed on what is going on in the world being the informed individuals that they are. Geminis are a little mischievous and hate anything that is dull, so unconventional colors are the way to go.

19 What A Gemini Should Avoid: Black And White


Nothing is more "blah" and "boring" to a Gemini than black and white. With such colorful personas, why would they want to hide under something that is so banal?

While black and white has a clean, crisp and sophisticated look for some other signs, it will make a whimsical Gemini feel constricted and held back. A Gemini thrives in unpredictability and nothing is more predictable than a black and white outfit. Even for more formal occasions, it is better for a Gemini lady to opt for colors that defy convention.

18 What Cancer Slays In: Folk Patterns And White Lace

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A Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon so that means that she has to shine like light over dark water.

Her style is ethereal and is the ultimate sign of traditional femininity.

She is domestic and loves to create a beautiful and happy home for herself and her loved ones.

This is why a Cancer glows in white or shimmery sheer shades of lace or folk patterns. It is a softer look that makes her seem like something out of a fairytale. This is a style that doesn't seek attention, because it automatically comes to her.

17 What A Cancer Should Avoid: Corporate Wear


Since the style of Cancer is more flattering seen in ethereal, flowing fabrics and lighter colors, corporate fashion doesn't suit her the best. Even if she has a job where she has to dress this way, it is better for her to opt for more delicate fabrics rather than thick and form-fitting ones.

Since Cancer is a sign that represents the home and family, the opposite sign (Capricorn) represents career and public recognition. Therefore, anything that makes her look like she is about to conquer the world won't suit her the best.

16 What Flatters A Leo: Bright Colors And Sequins

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The Leo lady is not afraid of being in the spotlight with all eyes on her. Leos look gorgeous in gold because it is regal with a dash of "look at me". Embellishments are a Leo fashionista's middle name because they adorn her like the queen girl boss that she is.

Leo ladies are not afraid to sparkle and would rather stand out than blend into the walls.

Sparkles and sequins are the way to go because Leo is one of the very few signs that has the confidence to show it off.

15 What Leo Should Avoid: Muted Colors

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Muted colors make you blend in and don't call much attention to your presence, and that is not the impression that a Leo wants to give off. Leos need to make a statement every time they walk into a room so muted colors are their worst enemy because they fade out their larger-than-life personalities.

If you are a Leo, stick with clothing and accessories that make people remember you. There is nothing wrong with being showy because you were born to stand out, not blend in. Muted colors might be for more timid signs, but not for you.

14 What Flatters A Virgo: Demure And Understated Looks

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Virgos are a sign that are governed by day to day regularities and routine. Sure, that might sound boring but that gives them a practical sense when it comes to their fashion choices. The sign of the Virgo errs on the side of functional clothing that is understated to show off their natural beauty.

Virgos know how to take care of themselves physically, so there is no need to wear anything that distracts from who they really are.

They have more reserved personalities so the subtle demure look is what captivates people more so than getting to dolled up.

13 What Virgo Should Avoid: Anything Overly Flashy

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Though Virgos can pull off some prints like pinstripes, polka dots or paisley, they should avoid anything that is over-the-top and too showy. Unlike the Leo lady, Virgos shine more when they aren't putting too much effort into their appearance. Commanding the room and being the center of attention isn't really their style so bold colors and shiny fabrics will wash them out rather than make them pop.

Though no one should ever be afraid to experiment with color, Virgos should specifically avoid anything that is just too flashy.

12 What Flatters A Libra: Classy But A Bit Trendy


The Libra lady is a balanced beauty who doesn't want to wear anything that is too boring but they also don't want anything that is too over-the-top.

They want to be noticed but they don't have any desire to be the talk of the town.

That is why Libras are masters at fashion. They choose authentic looks that mix a little bit of class with a little bit of trendiness.

For example, a Libra might opt for a solid color dress but then wear a statement necklace to tie the whole look together. Or she might even wear a tank top and jeans but throw on a fur vest over it in order to make it pop.

11 What Libra Should Avoid: The T-Shirt And Jeans Ensemble


Libras love to look feminine and they like to flirt. A T-shirt and jeans look is just too Plain Jane for them because it doesn't do anything to show their more coquettish side. Even though they have their lazy days where they just want to feel comfortable, they never want to look like anything less than chic either.

Though they might never want to admit it, Libras are girly girls and the T-shirt and jeans combo is just a little too tomboyish for their taste. Maybe a pair of skinny jeans and a form-fitting bodysuit might be a better route to go.

10 What Flatters A Scorpio: Sultry Shades And Crimson Hues


Scorpios are the femme fatales in Astrology, so they glow in sultry shades like black, burgundy, and crimson. Deep and dark colors are key to look for when styling in Scorpio fashion. Scorpios are a passionate sign, but they are also people who don't like to be noticed too much.

So that means that they want to appear mysterious in order for people to be intrigued by them.

Unlike Aries women who pop in bright reds, Scorpio women must opt for deeper red shades. Scorpios are also one of the few signs that can pull off all black without looking like the girl who never grew out of her goth phase in high school.

9 What Scorpio Should Avoid: Pastels

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The opposite of deep and saturated hues are pastel colors that are suited for the spring season. Since the season of Scorpio is in late autumn, anything that has any connotations to spring colors is a definite no-go.

Some other signs might pop in pastels, but Scorpios look washed out and overpowered in these light-hearted shades. Not to mention that Scorpios are an intense, moody sign so anything that screams "sorority rush" will look plain strange on this sign. Rather than mint green, try an olive green instead. Or instead of powder blue, go for a navy blue.

8 What Sagittarius Slays In: Sporty Athleisure


A Sagittarius lady is mobile and she always has places to go and people to see. For this reason, she needs to wear clothes that are easy to move around in. At the same time, her larger than life personality can't be hidden and needs to be on display.

The sporty Sagittarius looks the best in athleisure with colorful solids and prints.

Whether it’s luxe or simply for lounging, tracksuits, hoodies, jackets, and joggers tick the box for those born under the Archer (Star Sign Style). You can play it up with something casual or fancy, as long as it's sporty.

7 What Sagittarius Should Avoid: Minimalism

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Minimalism is comfortable and an easy look to pull off, but it does no justice to the Sagittarius lady who is born to stand out. Though there are minimalist styles that go along with athleisure, the muted or black and white colors just don't make her vivacious personality show.

A Sagittarius is not afraid to try new trends and going with a style that isn't really dynamic will make it seem boring to them. If you would rather opt for a T-shirt and jeans, make sure that it has some color.

6 What Capricorn Slays In: Professional Minimalism


A classy Capricorn sets the bar high when it comes to fashion. With her professional (and often conservative) approach to her look, she is the epitome of sophistication.

While other signs struggle to pull-off looks suited for a big-girl job, the Capricorn lady slays in pencil skirts, button-downs, and blazers.

Capricorns climb the corporate ladder and burn the midnight oil in order to succeed. This is why it is important for the Capricorn to dress for success, even if she is still at her entry-level job. This sign is hardworking and determined, so her appearance must reflect that.

5 What Capricorn Should Avoid: Campy Fads


Any sort of fashion that is quick to go out of style will be too much maintenance for the Capricorn. This is because she has better things to worry about and wants to be taken seriously as an adult. Anything that her peers or younger girls are wearing will not make the cut for her.

The trendy fads that are in one day and then gone the next will cramp the classy style of the Capricorn. It is better for this sign just to keep it simple and wear solid basics that flatter her figure.

4 What Aquarius Slays In: Retro Vintage


An Aquarius is eccentric and rebellious so she likes to go against the grain when it comes to fashion. Her style choices are out of this world and original. She even has that androgynous appeal, so it won't be uncommon to see an Aquarius wear men's clothes but still look attractive all at the same time.

The Aquarius is the weird one of the Astro world, so she is not afraid to stand out.

Since she is not a materialist, you can find her shopping at thrift stores or the flea market. The retro look will be her calling card because she likes things that are one of a kind and that no one else can replicate.

3 What Aquarius Should Avoid: What Everyone Else Is Wearing


Crop tops, pleated skirts and whatever else that you have seen on this week's click-bait article about fashion trends is what an Aquarius tries to avoid at all costs. Anything that is too commercialized or has been advertised too heavily won't appeal to her because it won't cater to her rebellious side.

Since an Aquarius likes to be known for their individuality, the same uniform trends that everyone else is wearing on the streets is a no-go for this eccentric sign. She likes to be known for being a bit of a weirdo, so she won't like anything that will make her look like everybody else.

2 What Pisces Slays In: Innocent But Quirky

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Since Pisces is the last sign in Astrology, she takes on characteristics of all 11 of the signs before her. In other words, a Pisces is every woman when it comes to fashion.

Since she is a water sign, her moods will dictate her fashion choices.

Pisces is a feminine sign, and she is a "go with the flow" type of girl. This is why she stands out in anything feminine and a bit innocent.

Though a Pisces doesn't test the waters too much, she doesn't mind a little bit of quirkiness to her style. Tie-dyes or funky colors are something that might appeal to her.

1 What Pisces Should Avoid: Anything Over-The-Top


Pisces ladies are laid back and aren't ones to call too much attention to themselves. This is why anything that is over the top and makes her stick out like a sore thumb will be too intimidating.

There is a fine line between experimenting with different looks to going overboard with too many different trends. This is what tends to make Pisces a bit indecisive when it comes to buying clothes. She is that friend that will go back and forth on whether she should buy that dress or not.

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