The Secret Trait He Loves About You, According To His Zodiac Sign

We all know the kind of awful things we're willing to put up with when it comes to dealing with different guys. Maybe you're the girl who loves an alpha male, even if that alpha male comes with major commitment and communication issues. Maybe you're a sucker for a certain physical characteristic of a guy that will make you overlook crippling emotional issues and possibly a lack of mental connection. Maybe you're just the type who values an intellectual connection so much that you're willing to discount a physical one. Regardless, it's really easy to feel bad about that. Take heart, ladies, because men do it too and are probably worse at it than we are!

You might wonder why the guy of your dreams is inexplicably looking past you for some other girl, especially when that girl might be borderline certifiable. Maybe she's model gorgeous but dumb as a box of rocks. Maybe she's the type of woman who'd sooner stab you than greet you. Maybe, just maybe, she's perfectly normal but just isn't his type the way you are. Men totally fall into the same traps when it comes to women as women do about men, and depending on the guy's personality and zodiac sign, you can figure out what secret, shameful, thing he really likes about a woman against his better judgment.

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16 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): He Wants The Trophy Woman Who Will Make Him Look Better

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Fire signs are leaders and the lights in the darkness that other people tend to look to. Fire signs, as a rule, are passionate, if a little temperamental, and the most dynamic in any room. Generally, Fire sign guys don't want anyone else stealing their shine, so they'll want someone who kind of amplifies their personality rather than someone they'll have to play second fiddle to. A Fire sign guy is more likely to date someone who makes him look better by them being around than they are to date someone who's actually compatible with them but is the alpha personality. This is why some fire sign combinations end up going very poorly when it comes to a relationship: both parties will just try and go into the spotlight and be the light the other crowds around. Fire sign guys know this isn't the best way to go about a relationship but they can't help it: they want it all and they think a trophy woman is a right way to get it.

15 Aries: He Loves That You're Reckless

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Aries men lead the pack and are your classic "man's man." The Aries guy kind of comes off like a bad boy and he loves it that way. However, as much of a take-charge guy as the Aries man tends to be, he also wants nothing more than to be swept off his feet by a woman as well. That's why the Aries man will be a total sucker for a woman who's reckless. I'm not talking about a girl who only takes a couple of risks, either, I'm talking about a girl who consistently takes herself out of her comfort zone and jumps into situations that she really shouldn't be in. This gives the Aries man an adventure while also giving him a chance to be that protective man's man. This can be kind of a destructive combination, so everyone needs to remember moderation in this relationship!

14 Leo: He Loves A Submissive Woman

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The Leo man has this sort of animal magnetism that jumps out at you the moment you meet him. It's what attracts so many women to him, to begin with. That being said, Leos don't like to share their spotlight, so they tend to gravitate towards women who don't mind taking a backseat to him. It's totally normal to see a Leo man dating a woman that's totally submissive and kind of a groupie, even. Leo guys hate being contradicted and respond better to honey than vinegar, so a quieter woman would actually appeal to him. That being said, this is another situation where too much of a quality that he likes could really mess with his relationship. Since the woman keeps deferring to the Leo man, he might get frustrated because he feels like she doesn't have a mind of her own. He'd then get frustrated with himself for liking that about her!

13 Sagittarius: He Loves That You Have No Shame

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The Sagittarius man is kind of an adventurer who loves a free spirit because that's what he has himself. He especially loves when he's dealing with a woman who has more of a free spirit than him because he'll get to push the envelope himself. He especially loves a woman who's willing to do whatever because she really doesn't have a sense of shame. He admires her openness and However, the Sagittarius man also knows that while he loves this quality in a woman, it's not the best thing to have in a relationship. Sagittarius men don't take to commitment all that well, so when they're getting with a woman they're not likely to be looking for "the one." That being said, when they are ready to settle down, they basically need to rotate their dish and date women who have reservations and taboos about things.

12 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): He Wants To Feel Strong

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Earth signs keep it real. They hate beating around the bush and they certainly dislike anything they can't explain. They're the strong, quiet personalities of the zodiac, and while they're not sticks in the mud or anything, they value practicality far more than imagination. That being said, Earth sign guys tend to gravitate towards relationships with dreamers, which leaves them a bit frustrated. They love the fact that they're dating someone who can dream in a different way than them, but they hate it because they feel like their partner isn't taking anything seriously. They want to be the strong person in their relationships, even if this means that they don't feel like they can rely on the person they're dating. They're reliable, and to them, that's what matters. Unfortunately, this never ends well for anyone.

11 Taurus: He Loves That You're Such A Cry Baby

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Taurus men are a lot like Aries men in the sense that these guys are also "a man's man." That being said, the average Taurus man is also way more stubborn and traditional than the average Aries, making him a man's man in the sense that he sees himself as a provider, a rock for others to seek support from. This is why Taurus men, as much as it irritates them, have a weakness for women who are almost ridiculously emotional. They don't see the woman as a project or think that she needs fixing or anything. Taurus men just really love that she's emotional because, in their minds, she'll react to small romantic gestures in an over the top way, allowing him to get validation from that. He also gets to be her provider, which he also loves. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of inequality and an imbalance in the relationship if both people aren't okay with their roles.

10 Virgo: He Loves That You're A Project

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The Virgo man is all about perfection. He doesn't see himself as perfect or need the people in his life to be perfect, but he values his work and wants it to be as close to perfect as physically possible. That being said, Virgo guys are incredibly dedicated to their relationships (partially because of their unparalleled work ethic) and will reorient their entire lives around the right woman. That's why it's almost breathtakingly ironic that Virgo men are all about a woman who could be seen as a project. He doesn't go into relationships with "project women" because he consciously wants to fix them, but he does have this idea that his love could make things better and that he can help her by loving her. Unfortunately, he's kind of wrong about that and learns this lesson over and over again, only to repeat the cycle with an even more blatantly unstable person.

9 Capricorn: He Loves That He Gets To Be The Alpha Male For Once

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Capricorns are deeply ambitious and often don't waste their time on petty relationships. That's why when a Capricorn falls in love, really falls in love, it's a really big deal. Capricorns don't really have a "type" per se: you'll find Capricorn men with all types of women. However, there's one thing Capricorns don't like to admit: he's not a man's man in the way he'd probably like to be. Sure, he's a take-charge kind of guy who works hard and any girl would be lucky to have him, but he's not a traditional man's man. This is the kind of man who's better in the boardroom than in a barfight, and there's nothing wrong with that. Because of that, he's going to gravitate to women who make him feel powerful, like the alpha male he's always wanted to be. This impulse could very well take precedence over compatibility, which means a lot to him.

8 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): He Loves A Woman Who Won't Challenge Him, Even If It's Bad For Him

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Air signs are the great movers and shakers of the zodiac: the big thinkers who are all about action and great ideas. Sometimes an Air sign guy can be an airhead, but more often than not, Air sign men are more like a tornado than a soft, calm breeze. That being said, they're so used to challenging the status quo that they honestly hate being challenged themselves. This is why an Air sign guy will end up gravitating towards women who aren't going to give him a hard time about stuff. He wants to be the one who questions things, not to be questioned himself. Air signs are all about change, but Air sign men don't necessarily like to change themselves. They cling to the qualities about themselves that they know and would rather pick a relationship where they won't have to exit their box than a relationship where they're constantly questioning themselves.

7 Gemini: He Loves That You'll Let Him Talk And Talk Forever

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Gemini men love a good conversation. If you're a person reading this who fell hard for a Gemini guy, that probably happened because you were in awe of his open demeanor and quick wit. These guys are masters of communication and will talk for as long as you let them. Unfortunately, these are also the guys who will talk and talk for as long as you will let them, and for some women who become starry-eyed by a Gemini guy, that could very well be forever. This doesn't have to be a bad thing at all: Gemini guys, as we've mentioned, are awesome communicators. That being said, communication is a two-way street, and a big issue with Gemini guys is that they'll talk and totally forget to let their romantic partner get a word in edgewise. That's the death knell for any relationship because it can build up a lot of resentment really fast.

6 Libra: He Loves That You're Such An Extremist

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Libras are some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet, in all senses of the word. They will give their time, energy, money, and love to their relationships, and considering how easily they fall in love, that’s no small accomplishment. That being said, Libras are notorious for being the worst kind of fence-sitter, to the point that they’re by far the most indecisive sign of the zodiac. They hate this about themselves, so they tend to gravitate towards women who have no problem making a decision. That’s a great thing! What’s not so great is the Libra man’s tendency to go for a woman who’s a bit of an extremist. Sure, the decisiveness is great, but too much of a good thing always spells trouble.

5 Aquarius: He Loves Someone Who Will Make Him Appreciate The Physical Side Of A Relationship... At Any Cost

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Aquarian men are some of the most intelligent that you’ll ever meet. It’s not a surprise that Aquarian men lead very cerebral lives and value intelligence above everything. They value their intelligence above everything else about themselves too. However, there’s a secret desire in the Aquarian man’s heart: to be the carnal, physical guy. That’s why these guys will go for women who might not be their match intellectually, but they open him up to his physical side in some way or allow him to explore some of his deeper kinks. As the Aquarian man nature’s, he realizes that yes, he can have both stimulating intellectual conversation and explosive physical chemistry, it just takes finding the right woman and some trial and error.

4 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): He Loves A Woman Who Will Dominate Him

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Water signs are the emotional ones of the zodiac: even if they don't get emotional over the same things, they wear their hearts on their sleeves even if they're not trying to. Water sign guys tend to be a lot more mysterious than most: a lot of people who date them feel like they never know what or who they're dealing with because the Water sign guy is always trying to compensate for their emotionality. This is why they tend to gravitate towards women that will dominate them rather than the other way around. Water sign guys love relationships and commit to commitment faster than most, so they're the type who will prostrate themselves before their romantic partner and pledge to do anything for them, even if it's bad for them. Rather than being the trophy themselves, they're the ones who do the idealizing, and it always, always ends in tears.

3 Cancer: He Loves That You're So Tough On Him

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Cancer guys are the most emotional to the zodiac, full stop. They’re also the most family oriented, so they’re not going to jump on a relationship willy-nilly. If anything, Cancer guys are the least likely to date casually or are really apprehensive about commitment. This makes them great boyfriends, but their emotional natures can make them a little high maintenance. This is why Cancer guys tend to gravitate towards low-maintenance girls. Cancer guys tend to overcorrect when it comes to finding a girlfriend: they’ll try to make up for their emotionality by going for a girl who will be really tough on them. While Cancer guys can use this to a certain degree, a lot of the time it’s just overwhelming for them, so they’ll need to communicate with their tough alpha girls to have a great relationship. It takes a little time for Cancer guys to figure this out, but they generally do!

2 Scorpio: He Loves That You're Crazy, The Crazier The Better

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Scorpio guys are almost scarily intense, and they know this. They know how over the top and dramatic they have the potential to be, and they also know that not every woman will be able to handle them. This is why Scorpio guys will go for women that are just as intense as they are because they think these women can handle them and they’ll have a lot of chemistry. While this can be the case, more often than not, the intensity the Scorpio guy sees in that woman’s eyes is actually just that woman’s crazy eyes. A lot of times, Scorpio guys will actually go for girls that they know are crazy because they think that that craziness equals a ton of chemistry. In actuality, it just equals a lot of drama and heartache.

1 Pisces: He Loves That You Want To Change Yourself For Him

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Pisces guys are people who like to think about the big picture. They don’t sweat the small stuff, preferring instead to take some distance from something and look at it from afar. While Water signs as a general rule are really bad at one night stands, Pisces guys are better at it than most because they can actually be pretty detached and they understand that in order to make a great omelet, you have to break a few eggs. However, they’re still not great at casual dating and still have this idea that “the one” is out there. Because of his idealistic nature, he thinks that “the one” will be not just the woman that’s perfect for him, but the actual perfect woman. That’s why he ends up attracting women who are more than willing to try and fit themselves into his Disney princess glass slipper, even if it means they have to chop off part of their foot to do it. Pisces guys won’t be truly happy in a relationship until they realize that nobody is perfect.

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