The Secret Physical Feature He Loves About You, Based On His Sign

Every girl should love herself unconditionally. In today’s world, many of us pick on ourselves and criticize our flaws rather than appreciate our minds and bodies like we should, but most girls have at least one part of themselves that they do love. We need to encourage more self-love and acceptance, but one favorite part is a start!

Flaunting the part of yourself that you love can give you a huge boost in self-confidence, and we say girls shouldn’t feel guilty about rocking what God gave them. If you have a partner or are crushing on someone in particular, flaunting what he (or she) likes can be an even bigger confidence booster. Of course, you want to love the parts of yourself that others don’t necessarily find attractive too, but there’s no harm in celebrating what your significant other finds especially beautiful!

The twelve signs of the zodiac are all known to have a thing for different body parts. Individuals might have their preferences, but generally people can be turned on by things influenced by the personalities and perspectives of their particular signs. So which body part does every sign love the most, and which does your lover lust after? Check out the answers below.

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15 Aries Admires The Strength And Power Of Your Neck


Aries Admires The Strength And Power Of Your Neck

If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you would have heard a very wise quote from the mother of the main character, Toula. Maria Portokalos tells her daughter that although the man is the head of the house, the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head “any way she wants.” This strength and power is the reason why an Aries guy will fall in love with your neck most of all.

Leaders and fighters themselves, Aries fellas are naturally drawn to strength. Maria Portokalos had a point: the neck is one of the most powerful parts of the body because it controls the head, which controls everything else. An Aries guy secretly loves a bare neck on his partner, so save those turtle necks for non-date nights!

14 Taurus Has A Thing For Noses, Even When They're Not Contoured


There are a few reasons why Taurus guys tend to like noses. Though there are specific types of noses, no one nose is exactly the same, so your nose helps to build your character. Taurus guys really like it when you’re comfortable being yourself—they love getting to know the real you and becoming familiar with the things that make you different from everybody else. Your nose is one of those things!

Following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities, the world seems to be obsessed with contouring noses. Some people want them to look thinner, shorter or smoother, and some wish theirs was just completely different. Rest assured that a Taurus man generally loves your nose, whether it’s been bronzed and highlighted or not.

13 Since Gemini Loves Talking, He Loves The Ears That Help You Listen


If you’re dating a Gemini, you’ll know that this sign loves nothing more than to talk. They can talk about anything to anyone at any time, but their favorite, favorite thing to do is talk to the person they love for hours on end. Because of this, those ears of yours are a major turn on for Gemini. After all, they’re the reason he can do his thing!

It’s normal to be self-conscious about showing your ears if you think they happen to stick out or be too big, and a lot of big names (ahem, Beyoncé) have opened up about hiding their ears. But you don’t have to worry about any of that with a Gemini partner. He’ll especially like to see you with your hair up, and if you’re thinking of adding jewelry to your look, make it a statement pair of earrings.

12 Your Stomach Reminds Cancer Of Everything He Wants


For Cancer dudes, it’s all about the stomach. A bare tummy is usually enough to turn any partner on, but for Cancer in particular, this is the be all an end all. Why? Your abdomen might look good in a crop, but it serves much more of a purpose than that. Aside from many of your vital organs being contained in the area, this is also the location of the womb.

Cancer typically is the most nurturing, family-orientated sign and can’t wait to have babies one day. Whether you and your partner are going down that road, steering clear of it or are nowhere near ready to start thinking about it, Cancer is still usually subconsciously drawn to female tummies because he understands and respects how much power they have.

11 Playful Leo Isn't Shy About Loving Your Booty


There had to be one sign drawn to butts, and of course, it’s Leo. This sign is playful, loves to have fun and it takes a lot to make them bashful, so they usually have no problem staring at and even commenting on their partner’s backside.

There isn’t really a deeper meaning into why Leo goes weak at the knees for your booty. It’s mostly about looks—your butt just complements your figure and looks good. Leo is a visual sign, so anything that looks good should draw their attention. You don’t have to have a perfect behind to impress Leo, either. Though these guys appear to want the best of everything, they actually aren’t perfectionists and want those they love to feel hot in their own skin.

10 Like Any Lion, Leo Also Has A Soft Spot For Teeth


Teeth might be a strange physical feature to find attractive, but like noses, they can add to your character. A small gap in between the two front teeth can drive a Leo guy wild, but he’d also be happy with a straight set of pearly whites or just an average set, never even looked at by an orthodontist. As long as everything is clean and hygienic, Leo will probably love looking at your teeth.

Teeth are associated with many things, and biting is one of them. Baring your teeth every now and then reminds Leo that you’re fun and feisty, and could tap into his animalistic side and get him super excited. Besides, what kind of lion would Leo be if he didn’t have a thing for teeth?

9 Virgo Loves Reading You And Studying Your Soul Through Your Eyes


They say that the eyes are one of the first things we notice in a potential love interest, and this is especially true for Virgo. No matter what color, shape or size your eyes are, your Virgo fella probably loves them to bits!

When you think about it, eyes are stunning to look at with their range of colors and layer of lashes. But it’s about more than just the visual for Virgo. Eyes also reveal our thoughts and feelings, and can be a gateway into our souls if people spend long enough studying them. You can fake a smile, but you can’t fake the emotion that pours from your eyes, and this is why Virgo loves them. Deeply honest, this sign just wants to get inside your head, and your eyes help him do it.

8 Libra Loves A Bare Pair Of Legs In A Hot Dress


Many Libra guys have a weakness for legs. Yours don’t have to be long and lean and tanned—any pair of legs will do! More than anything, he loves to see them bared in a hot dress on date night.

Libra doesn’t shy away from public displays of affection like other signs, and though showing off your legs isn’t exactly a display of affection, it can draw attention. Libra likes it because there’s nothing overly scandalous about legs, and yet they’re still a turn on and point of interest. They let you show off your body without showing off too much. People might look at your legs and think your partner is the luckiest person in the world. Though he may tell you different, this is just what Libra wants.

7 A Lover Of Style, Libra Also Appreciates A Good Set Of Brows


You could say that Libra is the most stylish sign in the zodiac, and though he doesn’t demand perfection of you, he does appreciate when you put effort into your look. For this reason, he loves a good pair of eyebrows.

Thick eyebrows are all the rage these days, and Libra loves anything chic like this. The beauty of brows is that you can shape them in so many ways, they’re easy to fake and all that’s usually needed is a quick visit to your threading or waxing lady, and yet, they have the power to change the look of the entire face. Libra is a loving sign who wouldn’t care if your eyebrows don’t look worthy of a #goals hashtag, but he is also one of the only signs who would notice if they do.

6 Your Lips Are Everything To Passionate Scorpio


Lips can bring so many things to the mind. When we see them, we think of conversation, laughter, passion, food and every other pleasure in our lives. It’s this power and intensity that makes them Scorpio’s favorite part of your body, hands down.

As far as romance goes, lips can be a pretty big deal. Scorpio is extremely sensual and romantic, and he loves anything that entices this side of him. But there’s more to it than that—Scorpio also loves to get to know a person on a very intimate level, and have deep conversations that last all night long. Your lips (whether they’re painted, filled or natural) allow you to do this with him, which is one of the other reasons why they bring him to his knees.

5 Scorpio Also Loves The Chest That Contains Your Beating Heart


Since Scorpio is more passionate and in touch with his sensual side than other signs, he’s also the sign who appreciates your chest most of all. Yes, he likes cleavage. While the sight of it might make other more reserved signs uncomfortable, Scorpio has no fear when it comes to this kind of expression.

Scorpio happens to be one of the deepest signs with the most layers, so even though he likes chests because that’s where cleavage is, he’s also drawn to them because he’s drawn to your heart. It might sound funny (please, never laugh at a Scorpio), but he’s truly comforted by being close to and thinking about your heart. This sign loves to get close and intimate, and the fastest way to do that is to bring two hearts together.

4 Sagittarius Loves Your Feet For Helping You Travel With Him


Not everybody likes feet. Some cultures see feet as a sign of dirtiness, and others are just grossed out by them. But typically, Sagittarius does not fall into any of these categories! Actually, Sagittarius usually loves your feet more than any other body part.

Whether you like the look of feet or not, you can’t argue with the fact that they’re pretty important. Sagittarius loves them because they help you get around and, in a way, symbolize freedom. In most cases, it’s hard to get very far if your feet are tied! Sagittarius loves to travel and walk around, even if he doesn’t have anywhere in particular to go; it’s all about the feeling of not being tied down. So naturally, he loves the feet that help you join him.

3 Even When You Do Nothing To Your Hair, It's Capricorn's Favorite Part Of You


Hair has the potential to impress anyone. Depending on what each individual likes, different styles can do wonders in helping you attract a love interest (though you’ll need more than that to actually keep them around!). Capricorn loves hair more than any other sign, and it doesn’t have to be styled at all. He appreciates a top knot, a braid, loose waves, sleek and straight, natural and everything in between.

Capricorn is one of the more reserved signs, and he isn’t as excited by lips, booties and legs like some of the others are. Instead, he likes simple physical features that don’t draw too much attention and don’t take too much effort. Whether it’s up or down, wet or dried, hair is always there for him to look at, and is subtle but effective in its allure.

2 Aquarius Finds Your Bare Back Mysterious And Alluring


Out of the twelve signs, Aquarius is often thought of as one of the most mysterious. This creative sign loves to spend time alone and doesn’t like to reveal all of themselves to too many people, which often leaves a lot of questions to be asked. Since like attracts like, Aquarius is often attracted to similarly mysterious people and, in this case, body parts.

Backs are pretty enigmatic when you think about it. They reveal no emotion, but at the same time, they’re sensitive and usually hidden, except on special occasions. These qualities almost mimic Aquarius, who loves nothing more than a backless dress. Some people are all about a drooping neckline, but for this sign, a bare back is definitely the way to go.

1 Your Hands Create Things, Which Is Why Creative Pisces Loves Them


If Pisces had to pick a favorite physical feature, it would be hands. Sure, hands can look good—people tend to their nails, throw on rings and bracelets and even tattoo the skin on their hands to make them look better. It isn’t the look of them, however, that entices Pisces.

Hands are used to create things, plain and simple. With our hands, we cook, we build, we write and we do an endless list of other actions that produce something out of nothing. Pisces is majorly turned on by this fact, and since he’s a creator himself, he loves to be reminded that you are a creator too. However your hands look, he appreciates them for the work they do. And if you don’t think hands can be sensual, check out the pottery scene in Ghost!

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