Here's The Surprising Relationship Issue Each Sign Is Most Embarrassed Of

There is no doubt that everyone handles relationships differently. You may have even experienced this yourself and realized that you just do not mesh well with certain dating styles. Some people are naturally drawn to relationships while others are more standoffish. It seems that some people are just born to express their feelings in different ways. Or maybe it was written in the stars. Astrologists have figured out that each of the twelve zodiac signs has their own specific personality traits. These traits include some that govern romantic relationships.

The way the different zodiac signs handle relationships to make them unique and attractive in their own ways. But there is always something lurking behind the surface. Something that each sign does not like sharing with current and potential partners. And whether or not they want to shout it from the rooftops, these are qualities that make them who they are in relationships. And with the right person, none of this will matter anyway. But do you ever wish that you knew what was going on in your partner's head? Or maybe you want to know how a future partner may be in a relationship. Either way, keep reading to find out!

16 Fire Signs: How Primal Their Relationships Are

Just like fire itself, the fire signs burn bright in everything they do. The fire signs of the zodiac represent probably some of the most charismatic people you know. They are natural born leaders with their assertive attitudes and high set goals in life. They know what they want and they are not afraid to go for it. They are drawn to the attention and all that comes with it, boosting their already large egos.

This is no exception when it comes to relationships. Fire signs are generally categorized by a certain primal energy. Their primal energy is best described by the word passionate. They do not want to sit around and just cuddle in bed. They want to go out and experience the world.

This can be very exciting with a partner around but part of that primal energy is that they do not want to be tied down.

As Astrology Zone put it, “People of this group put a strong emphasis on individuality and independence, so don’t hem them in.” Even if they want a relationship they may find it hard to be the doting partner. But give them all the space and patience they need and they will return the favor in happiness.

15 Aries: How Quickly They Fall In Love

One of Aries biggest fiery traits is their impulsivity. When it comes to dating, an Aries is in or out of relationships as soon as they know what they want. They are not thinking about what will happen long term or how compatible their lifestyles actually are. There is no hesitation and once they have made up their mind there is no changing it. They have no desire to stick to the conventional dating procedures and timelines because they are only focused on what they want. As Allure said “When Cupid’s arrow strikes these passionate rams, they’ll likely try to put a ring on it faster than you can say, ‘we just met.’”

Not only do they fall fast but they fall hard. You may be a little off put by how quickly they start showing affection. They want to show you and the world how much you mean to them. They are always showering their significant other with various public displays of affection. But because of their high expectations once you get past the initial phase there might be some nurturing required for the relationship to continue. But no matter what a relationship with an Aries promises to be a passionate whirlwind romance.

14 Leo: How They Crave Admiration

Leos love being the center of attention. And for them, a relationship is the perfect opportunity to receive as much attention as their ego can handle. They constantly want to hear just how much they mean to you. Marie Claire says “If you're willing to sing your lover's praises and in return be taken care of then this is the one for you.”

Leos being the natural born stars they are, they want a relationship that resembles one from the movies.

This includes all of those cheesy over the top gestures that make the entire audience go ‘aww’. To them, this is what love should look like.

But do not mistake them for being self-centered. Leos love to shower their partner with as much love and admiration that they receive, if not more. This will not be a one-sided relationship. And it will not be half-hearted either. Leos will give you their whole heart in hopes that you will do the same. They are not ones to see multiple people at once and they will not want to share you either. If you get into a relationship with a Leo be prepared to have a fully devoted and doting partner.

13 Sagittarius: How Scared Of Commitment They Are

As our last fire sign, Sagittarius lovers are very free-spirited and adventurous. They want their love life to be filled with new and exciting experiences to keep them entertained. There is no point in trying to win over a Sagittarius with your average dinner and a movie. They want something that keeps them on their toes. Their love for freedom and fun makes them scared to be tied down.

It is hard for a Sagittarius to find someone that will make them want to settle down with one person for the long haul. As Astrology Answers says, “If there is any complaint to be had of Sagittarius, it is that your Mutable nature keeps you from tying yourself down to any one person or relationship for too long.” Even if you can get one to commit they will not want to give up their adventurous lifestyle. Their ideal relationship is with a partner who shares the same fun-loving attitude. If your relationship begins to get repetitive and boring then you better believe that your Sagittarius partner will be off and looking for their next new adventure in no time. But if you can enjoy the same type of fun then the Sagittarius’ concerns for commitment will go away.

12 Earth Signs: How Grounded They Are

It may sound cheesy to say that the earth signs are down to earth, but it is true. They are the builders of the zodiac and know how to make things happen. Earth signs will set high goals for themselves but stick to the plans that are realistic. Astrology Zone also describes them as, “They are loyal, patient and stable too, and their naturally cautious, conservative personality prevents them from rushing in and squandering time, money or labor.”

In a relationship, the earth signs tend to start off slower in order not to rush things and assess the situation thoroughly. They do not want to be stuck in a spot where they are in over their heads. Astrology.com describes them as, “These are the people you can count on to be there when you need them.” It looks like earth signs as lovers really are your rock.

Earth signs tend to be very responsible people and not impulsive so do not start planning a last minute vacation for them just yet, or maybe ever.

As the builders, they are very eager to finish their dream projects but they can sometimes become a bit too fixated on the end goal and forget you in the process. But they are just busy being real, down to earth, people.

11 Taurus: How They Love To Romance

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. In a Taurus, this translates to a romance like no other. Once they have started to show interest in a potential partner they turn up the seduction by using all of the senses. They will use each sense of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing to their advantage when attempting to romance someone. If you are not into using your senses so vividly this may spell trouble for a relationship with a Taurus. This is because Taurus is the sign of the bull and just like the animal they will not want to change their mind. Once they have come to the conclusion that this is what romance should look like, that is what they will strive for.

Taurus is just waiting for the right person to come along to shower with love and affection. You can expect extravagant dinners coupled with luxurious gifts from a Taurus in love. Marie Claire says, “ If you're looking to be wooed, adored and pampered then look no further.” A Taurus will be looking for a relationship for the long haul and all of this pampering is designed to show you exactly that.

10 Capricorn: How They Often Come Across As Cold-Hearted

Capricorns are a no-frills type of lover. Their dating techniques include traditional dinner and movie type dates. They do not want to jump straight into things, they prefer to go about relationships at a steady pace. They want to make sure that the relationship develops properly in order for it to last a long time. They also like to make sure that when they are in a relationship they have all of the tools to make it work. This especially includes that as a couple they are financially stable.

While a Capricorn has these important matters on their mind it may not seem that they are infatuated with their partner. As Astrology Answers puts it,

“It’s not that you are unfeeling, but being ruled by Saturn and a Cardinal Earth sign, responsibilities are your priority in life over lovey-dovey conversations.”

But if they are dating you, that means that they are completely into you. Capricorns will not waste their time on anyone that they do not see it going anywhere with. They have marriage on their mind and if they do not see it working from the first date then they will not keep trying. So it is a big deal if a Capricorn shares any interest in you.

9 Virgo: How Logic Rules Their Relationship

Virgos represent the most analytical sign of the zodiac. They love learning new information to make sense of it. And they love to do this when it comes to potential significant others. They prefer to take it slow and steady until they have gathered all information on you. They will take note of your daily routine and see how much it matches up with their own. They look for someone who will be able to share the same life as them when it gets down to commitment.

The analytical side of a Virgo can come at a cost though. They will probably always be coming up with new similarities and differences even after you are in a committed relationship. They do this just to make sure that they know what they are getting into and to make sure they believe they are compatible enough with their partners to make the relationship succeed. But while doing this they might ruin a good thing they already have going and not realize until their partner is out the door. As Allure says, “For a healthy partnership, Virgos must remain nonjudgmental and remember that structure and routine are not always the most important things in life.”

8 Water Signs: How Deep And Reserved Their Emotions Are

Within the Zodiac, water signs hold the deepest emotions. As Astrology Zone says, “Torrents of passion well within water signs and they feel things deeply.” Water signs tend to keep their feelings hidden below the surface. They are cautious as to who they share their emotions with. This is partly because they do not always know what they are feeling themselves.

Because their emotions run so deep it can take time for them to unravel what their heart is trying to tell them.

They will most likely seem shy and quiet at first but as they get to know you they will start to open up.

Being in a relationship with a water sign can be tough if you are not used to dealing with such heightened emotions. They might need to withdraw at times in order to sort everything out. But it is not all bad. It makes them feel love as much as they feel any negative emotion. You will probably need to act as their emotional support but they will always be more than willing to reciprocate the favor. They will always be there as your shoulder to cry on and can empathize better than anyone else.

7 Pisces: How Much You Love Being In Love

Pisces tend to be the most romantic sign of the zodiac. They just love love! A Pisces really wants that classic love story. In a relationship, they enjoy giving and receiving big romantic gestures. They are the water sign that tends to share their abundant emotions more freely. As Marie Claire says, “Pisces is a true romantic, emotionally sensitive who wears their heart on their sleeve.” There is no hidden agenda with a Pisces, all they want is their true love. Of course, not all Pisces are the type to show someone they do not know very well this love-dovey side. But once they are interested there is nothing holding the romance back.

A Pisces is always dreaming of their ideal relationship with the ideal partner. Sometimes this remains a fantasy as Pisces tend to a have a more shy approach to dating. Pisces tend to be the more soft-spoken lover. They are not ones to make the first move and follow their partners lead, at least in the beginning. This works for them as they often attract bolder partners that bring the perfect balance. Shy or not, a Pisces still knows how to romance their significant others.

6 Scorpio: How They Like To Take The Reigns

You may know Scorpio for their reputation within the zodiac as the ‘mysterious one.’ With that reputation, you may have always wondered what was going on in a Scorpios head. Like the other water signs, they rely on a deep emotional connection to a successful relationship. Scorpios tend to be very intense, especially when it comes to relationships. What they are looking for is complete intimacy.

But the thing that really makes a Scorpio in a relationship is their need to be in charge. They will take the lead in any new relationship. They will show you a very jealous and possessive side of them when they show you who is in charge.

It is easy for them to get carried away with their naturally controlling side.

Plus Scorpios have this natural magnetism and they are very aware that they have an aura that draws potential partners to them. They will often use this power to get what they want out of someone. As Allure put it, “If not carefully managed, Scorpionic energy can lead to obsessive tendencies, control issues, and power struggles within relationships.” But if they can keep their possessive side from getting out of control it can actually be very exciting for some.

5 Cancer: How Deep They Need To Be

At first, a Cancer will seem tough from the outside but there is a lot more going on inside if you can get through the tough exterior. Although they do not act like it this water sign is as emotional as they come. But to get to the point where they show you that side of them could take a while. As Allure says, “slow, steady, and consistent pacing is critical for these delicate creatures, as they will need to trust you completely before they let their guards down.” But if you can get to that point in with a Cancer you might find yourself in a very loving and loyal relationship.

A Cancer thrives on having an emotional connection with the people that surround them. When it comes to dating they do not need anything fancy or extravagant. They just want to show you the real them and get to know you. If they decide to bare their feelings to you then you have earned their trust. But if you do anything to damage that trust it could send them right back into their shell. They truly do want to spend their lives with someone who can give them the deep talks they so desperately desire.

4 Air Signs: How Much Intelligence Means To Them

You probably already know that the air signs are the communicators of the zodiac. But this does not mean that they just like to talk. Air signs are very curious by nature and are always seeking new information. They love to collect information, especially in social situations and spending time analyzing what they have learned until it makes sense to them. They will happily pass this information along and move onto the next idea. Astrology Zone even goes on to say that, “These are the most intellectual of the signs.”

When an air sign enters a relationship they want someone to share this intellect with.

So being a pretty face with nothing to say will not get you very far with these signs.

Sure, they love having someone to ramble on to but they would rather have someone who could help contribute. Someone who could share their own wealth of knowledge and possibly tell the air sign something they did not already know. Or someone who could help them make sense of all of the information they have collected after going out. Someone who can both listen to the air sign and keep up with their information, this will keep them excited in the relationship.

3 Aquarius: How They Have Trouble Expressing Romantic Feelings

Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, they believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity in life and love. They tend not to outwardly show affection as this contradicts their ideals of equality for everyone and everything. They are particularly invested in the value of freedom. Due to this, they do not want themselves or any partner of theirs to feel like they belong to someone other than themselves.

People do not usually realize that they are the object of an Aquarius' affections as they will not be quick to show them off. As Astrology Answers says, “It’s not that you don’t have feelings. You just don’t see the point in focusing on them, all of the time.” An Aquarius' affections might present themselves over time but this is not all that common. Any partner of an Aquarius will have to realize that they care very deeply for you but they do not feel the need to show this off in the traditional gestures. They have their own unique way of showing that they care for a partner. When sharing their emotions with a partner they tend to do this in private as they absolutely hate public displays of affection.

2 Libra: How They Are Overly Concerned About Disappointing Partners

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus which controls love and beauty. Because of this Libras tend to gravitate towards relationships and concerns about their appearance. They want to find that one person to settle down with and will not stop until they do. Because of this, they are constantly searching for ‘the one’ they always feel the need to be in a relationship. They feel happier with a companion by their side and they always feel like something is missing when they are single.

However much they want to maintain a long-term relationship they know that it is also very hard work, for anyone. In order to stay in a relationship, they tend to avoid conflict with their significant other that they feel could threaten any couple. But as Allure says, “But because Libras hate disappointing their partners, they often avoid conflict like the plague...even if that means resorting to white lies and half-truths in order to keep the peace.”

All they want is a partner's love and affection and do not want anything to jeopardize that.

But in the end, all of these efforts, that seem so harmless to a Libra, may actually be what destroys the relationship.

1 Gemini: How Restless They Are

Geminis are probably the most communicable out of all of the air signs, or just the entire zodiac in general. They have a gift for the gab and will never let anyone forget it. When a Gemini turns on the charm they use their words to flirt. They will entice you with their seemingly magical stories that just come so naturally. And these stories are abundant as they love trying new things and keeping a full schedule of activities. They feel the need to try everything they can so they will never be short on topics to talk about.

But the Gemini need for new things may cause their relationship to falter. As Allure says, “Gemini are the Energizer Bunnies of the zodiac, but if you are someone who values cozy, quality time, there may be an issue down the line.” Their ideal relationship is going out on the town together rather than watching Netflix and cuddling up on the couch. Of course, this can be fun occasionally but a Gemini needs to keep moving, it is just in their nature. But if you can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle and keep them entertained then Gemini will have met their match.

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