The Reason They're Not Texting Back, According To Their Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

When we first start talking to someone, the excitement is almost tangible. That's why the beginning stages of a relationship are so much fun. There's no struggling, no fighting—just fun and talking and texting and all the stuff that gets idealized about relationships.

That's also why we tend to scrutinize every little thing without meaning to; what if things don't work out after all? One of the things we tend to overthink the most isn't so much an age-old question as it is a 21st century one: why aren't they texting back?

Now, there are a lot of reasons why someone isn't texting back, but to be honest, it depends a lot on who they are. Sometimes, yes, they're not texting back because they're not as into you as you are into them and it might be time to move on.

However, sometimes people aren't texting because they're dealing with something else, because they just forgot, or even because they're worried about being too overbearing—something most of us can totally relate to, too.

It all depends on the situation we're in, so here's the reason why they're most likely not texting back, depending on their gender and astrological sign. Make sure to check out their moon sign, too, for an added perspective!

24 Aries Man: He's Texting If He's Interested And If He's Not, He Won't

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When you're dealing with an Aries man, what you see is what you get. That means that if he wants to text you, you will be receiving texts, and if he doesn't, you just won't be. Don't try to read too much into what's happening here.

That being said, just because you're not hearing from him at this very second doesn't mean he's not interested at this very second. It just means that his attention isn't on you right now. The general rule is that if an Aries man is about it, he's really going to be pursuing you, though. Don't overthink an Aries man: he's telling you everything you need to know at face value.

23 Aries Woman: She's Mad, But She'll Get Over It Eventually, Just Be Patient

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An Aries woman is one of the easier to read because she's not really here for any drama or craziness. That being said, there are times where she's not going to text you. However, you won't need to go too crazy to figure out why she's dodging your texts. Chances are, she's upset with you about something and needs time to cool off about it.

Give her the space to process if she needs it and/or find it in your heart to apologize and you'll find that the Aries woman will eventually forgive. She doesn't have a high tolerance for drama, but she's far more willing to forgive than her first impression might make you think.

22 Taurus Man: He's Eating Or Cooking Something, You Can't Text When You're Making Deliciousness

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A Taurus man is the type who will jump to text back if he receives a text from someone he really likes. That being said, there are times when he won't be so quick to text back and that might seem out of character for him. Generally, though, this is nothing to worry about.

Chances are he's busy with something that is taking up all of his attention, and knowing him, that means he's probably cooking something. He's the type to put his all into everything, so when he's doing something he enjoys, like cooking, he's not going to put time and brainpower into multitasking if he doesn't have to. In his mind, it's a text and it'll be there when he's done.

21 Taurus Woman: She's Trying Not To Seem Too Overbearing

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A Taurus woman tends to be as straightforward as they come. However, she's also the type to cast some doubt on herself from time to time, so if she's suddenly not texting back, the reason for that is more internal than you'd think.

Despite the Taurus woman's outer confidence, there is a part of her that wonders if she's being too overbearing or taking things too seriously, so she tends to try and scale herself back a bit so she doesn't come off as high strung.  That being said, if she's actually texting you to her heart's content, that's a great sign because she's not worried about scaring you off and feels secure with you.

20 Gemini Man: He's Talking To Other People He Might Be More Interested In, Or He's Trying To Play It Cool

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For the Gemini man, who's so open to new ideas and experiences and tends to not see things in black and white, their reasoning for not texting back can be remarkably black and white. On the one hand, he could be trying to play it cool so he doesn't come off like he's way more invested than he thinks he should be.

On the other hand, he could just be totally uncaring and not that into you. It depends entirely on the situation, but generally, if a Gemini man is into you, you will know about it because he will be actively communicating that to you in other ways.

19 Gemini Woman: She's Juggling Too Many Group Chats And The Text Got Lost

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The Gemini woman is extremely social and all about trying to stay in touch with as many people as she can. However, she's only human and needs a little downtime too. If she's not texting you back, there's a simple reason for it: your text got lost in the shuffle of all her group chats, DMs, snaps, and more. Once she finds it, she's going to text you back.

The exception to this is if she's trying to avoid you, but if she was trying to do that, she wouldn't answer in the first place. Don't worry too much if she misses a text or two because of her multi-tasking; worry if she's actively avoiding you outside of texting.

18 Cancer Man: He's A Little Too In His Feelings, He Wants To Be Calm Before Saying Something Too Savage

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The Cancer man is a sensitive soul, but he's also quite the savage. When he's not texting back, it's because he's trying to formulate a response to something that's either genuinely hurt his feelings or something that he might benefit from not going off on.

He's the type of guy who can tolerate a lot and will keep responding through a lot of nonsense and drama, but once he hits his breaking point, he's gone. If nothing else, if he's avoiding you post-fight so he can gather his thoughts, be thankful: the Cancer man's last resort is letting his savage flag fly, not caring who he hurts.

17 Cancer Woman: She Needs To Be Alone and Not Deal With People For The Moment

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The Cancer woman is kind of the quintessential "mom friend." She's always trying to help people and be there for those she loves, so much so that she often never has time for herself. When she's not answering, it's because she's basically used up all her spoons and needs some alone time.

To be honest, this is something she should do more often: she's such a selfless person that she genuinely needs to take some time for herself so she doesn't go crazy. Give her the time she needs and be supportive while she recharges mentally and watch how things take off.

16 Leo Man: He Probably Just Forgot, Text Him First

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The Leo man is kind of an enigma because while he's very keen on making sure people text him back, he's generally not so great at reciprocity in that arena. The issue with him is that he's got a lot going on and sometimes have trouble prioritizing the things he wants to prioritize because he generally just wants to do everything.

Honestly, the way to avoid miscommunication on how he feels is to just text him first. He'll be happy you thought of him and he'll find the directness endearing. However, if he tells you to back off, back off.

15 Leo Woman: She Doesn't Check Her Text Messages, Go DM Her On IG And Watch How She'll Text Back

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The Leo woman is wonderful at answering messages; the problem is her texts. She's the type of person who gets messages on every social media platform, so while you might be able to reach her on IG or Twitter or even the Pinterest messaging app if she's feeling crafty, her texts are probably a no man's land of things she hasn't read yet.

If you're worried she's blowing you off, just send her a message on a platform that isn't texting. If she answers you on any of those, you're golden. If she doesn't answer, then that's a whole other issue.

14 Virgo Man: He Doesn't Have The Time, He'll Check His Messages When He Gets To Them

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The Virgo man is the type who dislikes an inbox full of messages. Even if he doesn't answer right away, he's going to read them when he gets to them. However, "when he gets to them" is the key phrase here. The Virgo man has a lot of responsibilities and things to do, so chances are he doesn't even have his phone on him except to accomplish those responsibilities.

That being said, when he cares about someone, he'll answer as soon as he has the time. Give him the time to get things done and watch how much he'll respond when you text.

13 Virgo Woman: She Feels Stressed And Wants The Texter To Go Away

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Unlike the Virgo Man, the Virgo woman is very good about balancing her responsibilities against her socializing. She doesn't do a ton of socializing, so if you're even getting texts from her at all, that's kind of a huge accomplishment because she's the type of person who doesn't let people into her inner circle very often.

That being said, if you achieve getting into her inner circle, only to hear radio silence from her, don't go out of your way to keep texting; give her that space. This is because if she's not responding, she's actually avoiding talking to people and bombarding her with messages will make her avoid you specifically.

12 Libra Man: He's Thinking About How To Reply And Probably Overthinking It

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The Libra man is the type who likes to come off as if he goes with the flow, but in reality, he's the type who thinks things through, almost to an overthinking degree. When he's not responding to a text message from you, chances are he's trying to figure out what to say. He likes to be able to have as much control as he can over his image and he wants what he says to line up with how he presents himself to the world.

That's why it's such a great feeling when the Libra man stops caring about that around you: because he feels like he can be himself around you.

11 Libra Woman: She Doesn't Know What To Say And Leaves The Text Unanswered Until She Can Come Up With A Good Response

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Unlike the Libra man, who's very conscious of his outer appearance and puts in the effort to maintain his social image, the Libra woman actually is impulsive and likes to be her unedited self at all times. This is why when she's not answering her texts, it's for a different reason.

If the Libra woman doesn't know what to say, she simply won't say anything until she figures it out. Either that or she's procrastinating having a tough conversation. If you think she's avoiding you and you need to text her about something serious, change the subject for a bit to break the tension and it'll be easier for her.

10 Scorpio Man: He Doesn't Feel Answering Is Worth His Time

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The Scorpio man is generally pretty good about answering messages because he really doesn't like it when people leave him on read. This is why if he's not answering you, things aren't going very well with you and him. If the Scorpio man is leaving you on read, it's because he doesn't feel like it's worth his time to come up with a response, or worse, that you're not worth his time anymore.

The Scorpio man might also use not answering his messages as a low-key manipulation tactic to make something go his way, so watch out for that. Basically, if he's not answering your messages, tread lightly!

9 Scorpio Woman: She Only Entertains People Who Really Show Her They're Worth It

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The Scorpio woman might have a lot of friends, but her inner circle is her inner circle and chances are she's not sending lots of texts to people because everybody she talks to is on one or two group chats and she just communicates that way. If she's not responding back to what you're saying, she's decided that she's not here for the drama and answering will cause more issues than it solves.

Generally, if she's avoiding texts, she's trying to stay out of a messy issue because despite what people might think, she's not a petty person at all and is remarkably drama free. To her, if someone brings drama and messiness, they're not worth it.

8 Sagittarius Man: His Phone Is Messed Up In Some Way, Try A Non-Phone Means Of Communication

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The Sagittarius man is great at answering texts except in one situation: he's literally not in a place where he can even receive them. If he's not answering you, chances are his phone is down in some way and he's actually not reachable that way.

If you're trying to get to know a Sagittarius man, make sure you have another means of contacting him besides texts and phone calls because with all the adventures and craziness he gets up to, his phone breaks a lot. Other than that, though, if the Sagittarius man is interested, he's remarkably responsive.

7 Sagittarius Woman: She's Run Down The Battery Using Her Phone As A Camera

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The Sagittarius woman is an adventurer at heart: even though she's very social at her core, she's not the best at actually talking to people. Her greatest strength is her ability to roll with the punches and go with the flow, so she's always in a place that's new to her and outside the box for everyone else.

If she's not texting you back, it's because she's honestly too busy using her phone as a camera to really do much else. She's probably even shut off her cell service so she can just hook it up to Wi-Fi and post all of her glorious pictures to social media. Don't worry about texting her, to be honest; if you guys are meant to be, you'll be on those adventures with her.

6 Capricorn Man: He's Working, He'll Answer When He Has Free Time

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The Capricorn man is okay at texting back, but to be honest, he's probably not the guy you're looking for if you're looking for romance. He's a man of practical strengths: he shows love in ways that cannot be texted. This is partly because that's just how he is, but it's also because he's the type of guy who's doing thirty different things at once and is generally just too busy to read and reply to all of his text messages.

Don't feel bad, he's probably leaving a lot of people on read besides you that he's not interested in. Don't look at his texting habits, look at his in-person habits, and that's how you'll know how he feels.

5 Capricorn Woman: Her Brain Is On Another Level And Her Texts Aren't A Priority Right Now

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The Capricorn woman is kind of on another level: even when she's supposed to be having fun, she's planning for the days and weeks ahead, thinking about the endgame long before anybody has even begun. If she's not texting you, it's because texting isn't a priority right now when she has so much else to do.

The Capricorn woman is unique because she's burdened with a sense of purpose: she's the type who's all about moving forward toward her destiny and achieving what she wants to do. If answering texts just isn't a priority, it's just not at that moment. It doesn't mean that she's not into you, but it does mean that she needs someone who understands that answering every message isn't always as important as growing together.

4 Aquarius Man: He's Too Busy Playing Mobile Games To Check His Messages

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As a woman who has been dating an Aquarius man for a long time now, I can vouch for this one: he's not texting you back because he doesn't use his phone as a communication device, he uses it for literally everything else. He's using it as a gaming system, a way to watch videos, basically everything but texting and calling.

He's probably not even on social media that much. That being said, if he really cares, you will eventually get a response because he does have to come up for air sometimes. If he pauses whatever he's doing to text you back, though, he sees you as the One.

3 Aquarius Woman: She Typed In Her Response And Forgot To Hit Send

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As an Aquarius woman myself, I searched my soul and asked myself why I don't answer my text messages all the time and leave people on read. To be honest, I thought about that and I don't have a reason. My issue is that I just forget to press send on the thing sometimes. Either that or I'm busy doing something else on my phone and I file away a reminder in my brain to answer my text messages, only to totally forget about it five minutes later.

If you're into an Aquarius woman, understand that she's on another plane of existence sometimes and if she crosses over to the real world for you, you are truly something special to her.

2 Pisces Man: He Doesn't Like To Use Texting, Try A Phone Call


The Pisces man is the type of man who really doesn't like to text, and that's the only reason why he's not texting you back. He'll work with a situation where someone he really likes is more of a texter, but if he had his way, he'd call people or use Facetime over text. He'd rather get that face to face connection or hear someone's voice over reading their words on a screen.

If your Pisces guy isn't answering your texts, wait until you know he's not busy and surprise him with a phone call. You might be surprised how quickly he picks up the phone.

1 Pisces Woman: Chances Are She Spends Enough Time With The Texter That She Doesn't Need To Answer

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The Pisces woman doesn't need to answer your texts because she's probably with you. The texts you probably send her are when the two of you are in the same room and want to have a conversation without anybody else knowing about it. She's more likely to have a serious, in-depth conversation in person over text, and she doesn't necessarily go out of her way to initiate text conversations unless she really has something to say.

If you're trying to get to know a Pisces woman, meet her where she's at and spend time with her personally. If you can't get that far, it's probably not going to happen for you two.

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