The Reason People Cheat In Their Relationships, According To Astrology (His & Hers)

Is there ever only one reason a person cheats? No, but if you boil the stars down to their skeletons, there is one resounding reason that resonates with your sign. If you're looking to predict how trustworthy your partner is, you've come to the right place. If you're careful and avoid doing the one thing that can trigger a disaster in a relationship, you could be happy together forever. Do you know what you have to do to maintain peace and undying devotion?

If you've fallen in love with an incompatible sign, their reason for cheating might boggle your mind. If you're dating your soulmate, their reason might hit close to home and terrify you. It's challenging to understand the stars that aren't your own, but some insight might help you see your partner for who they are. No one is perfect, but the grim truth is, some signs are far more likely to cheat than others. Is your partner one of them, or are they someone that will only cheat under very special and specific circumstances? You might think you know their sign, but the male and female counterparts of the stars are sometimes polar opposites. Here you can discover the reason people cheat in their relationships, according to astrology.

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24 There Will Be Trouble In Paradise If An Aries Woman Catches Sight Of Her Past


If you keep this woman moving forward, she'll be the most loyal woman of the Zodiac. However, she's also the queen of unresolved issues, and this can spell trouble if her ex texts her. By nature, she never wants to look back, but when her past hunts her down, she's never sure how to handle it. Unfortunately, the Aries woman tends to make mistakes only when haunted by previous ones, and that includes her ex. She might sleep with him because she doesn't know how to handle her emotions about her ex-boyfriend, even if she has no feelings for him and only wants to be with you. It will immediately break her heart, and she'll hate herself for making a foolish mistake. You have to keep this woman moving forward, but be aware her unresolved issues from the past is the reason she would cheat on you.

23 An Aries Man Is A Little Too Fond Of Beautiful Women


This man embodies the trope of the conqueror. He might decide you're the flavor of the month, and maybe he's testing you to see if he wants to try commitment — that is until he spies a beautiful woman in front of him in the Starbucks line. He'll feign ignorance when you discover he hasn't been faithful, he'll try to tell you he didn't realize this was supposed to be exclusive. The truth is, he wants to be with every gorgeous woman he sees. He believes the next is more beautiful than the last, and he feeds off the thrill of the game. The only way this man will remain loyal is if he feels deep, gravitating emotion. Only then will his knightly side be unlocked. Until then, all it takes is a pretty face for him to cheat.

22 A Capricorn Man Will Never Emotionally Cheat, But...


When he's emotionally invested in someone, that is the only person who will hold his heart. He won't give a piece of it to anyone else. However, while he'll never emotionally cheat, he is ruled by Saturn. This is the planet of our unconscious, and it means he occasionally makes choices without understanding why he did. He's not impulsive, but the only reason this man would cheat is if he's looking for someone who can meet his expectations. Bottom line, despite his emotional investment in relationships, he has a very difficult personality and even higher expectations. If you've let him down, he might lose control of his decisions and sleep with someone else. Sadly, he'll be consumed by guilt. He didn't even like the woman he cheated on you with, and now he's risked the relationship that means everything to him. He's a confusing man.

21 Loneliness Can Compromise A Capricorn Woman's Faith


A deep need to stay loyal is only ever overshadowed by neglect. If her relationship has isolated her, and her partner is distant, it is the only formula that exists for a Capricorn woman to cheat. While she lives by the principle of "an eye for an eye", if you cheat on her, she'll be too wounded to act out of anger. Instead, the relationship that is most likely to fall victim to a Capricorn woman's infidelity are long-distance relationships. While she is low maintenance enough to handle them, if she becomes isolated from her friends and hurt by her partner, she'll seek comfort from someone else. It's unlikely that this will happen, however, because she will be consumed by guilt. She won't put herself in that situation unless she's in a bad place emotionally.

20 It Takes True Love To Steal A Taurus Man


He is a complicated man to love because he struggles to connect his sexual desires with his poorly understood emotions. It's easy to mistrust him because communication never comes easily to him. However, despite the difficult nature of being with this man, nothing stings as severely as the Taurus man cheating on you. Why? He believes in faith and fidelity, and the only thing to make him complicate that path is someone else he's fallen in love with. It's plain and simple; he'll only cheat if he meets his true love, and he realizes you're not her. This man is rarely comfortable in his own skin, but a betrayal by someone so loyal is beyond devastating. Luckily, he's lazy to a fault and will rarely act unless the other party initiates the move, so statistically, it's unlikely he'll cheat.

19 A Taurus Woman Only Cheats If You Change


This is the type of woman that yearns for love. However, a classic staple of the Taurus sign is their fear of change. Falling in love can be a difficult process, but once she's comfortable with you, it's heaven. It's very unlikely she'll ever cheat, but the only reason she would need would be if you change. She is highly intuitive, and if she feels like you've betrayed her, she'll seek comfort and familiarity in someone else. She's bound to resent you if you begin to change on her. If you stay true to her and never let her down, she'll never cheat. This is one of the most tender lovers of the Zodiac, but you have to be mature to keep her. It's a long road to trust with her.

18 Is Your Best Friend Hot? Keep Your Gemini Boyfriend Away From Her


Uh oh - if this is your man, he is the one most likely to cheat. You should never trust a Gemini man. Their dual soul means they act unpredictably. They're also highly social, which means they'll want to go out with you and your friends all the time. If your best friend is sexy AF, there is no doubt his eyes will wander. Only his own willpower will prevent him for going for the new apple of his eye. You might want to check which sign your BFF is because if her moral compass is shaky, especially under the attention of an attractive boy, your life could be turned upside down real quick. This is a difficult man to be with, especially because a hot best friend is too tempting for him to stay away from.

17 Dating App Obsession? Yup, Gemini Ladies Get It


No matter how intimate your Gemini woman becomes with you, they're unpredictable. While it might be one of their best qualities, it also means you can't be certain they'll be in the same relationship tomorrow that they're in today. This why the dating app is problematic if you're dating one of these women. Checking out what else is out there is the first step, and before you know it, they're acting on a whim with someone else. If your Gemini girlfriend uses Tindr or other dating apps, you might be in trouble. On top of that, nothing will make swiping right more likely than if you try and restrict this dual soul. She won't feel the need to lie to you or use dating apps if you give her the freedom to be herself.

16 You Picked The Wrong Cancer If He Cheated On You


If you're reading this because your boyfriend is a Cancer, you've picked a good one. However, anything can happen in this crazy world - even your Cancer man cheating on you. If you boil everything down, what is the singular reason he'll cheat? Privacy. Not his, yours. If you're too private, he'll confuse that with dishonesty. Confusion can lead this type of man to do stupid things, and one of them is cheating. He'll instantly regret it, but he'll try to hide it from you to maintain the relationship he cares about. This man needs an open relationship, so if privacy is something you demand from a partner, it could turn into trouble in the future. Make sure you communicate your boundaries to him, so he doesn't make foolish assumptions.

15 She'll Be Filled With Regret, But If You Don't Make A Cancer Woman Feel Complete...


Does a Cancer ever cheat? Shockingly, yes, but it's rare. While some signs cheat on their partners for more materialistic reasons, a Cancer woman will cheat because she doesn't feel like your her soulmate. This breaks her heart, and will probably shatter her world for years - not only that but if she cheats on you because you don't make her feel complete, guilt will consume her for the rest of her life. Just like the rest of the Water signs, the person she loves needs to feel like the person she was born to be with. If something makes her feel otherwise, it'll scare and hurt her so deeply that she'll make an uncharacteristic mistake and cheat. She wants to see if someone new will complete her in a different way.

14 If You're Lazy, The Lioness Will Say Goodbye


She isn't self-involved the same way her male counterpart is; in fact, the Leo woman's world typically revolves around her partner. This strong-willed woman will do anything for someone high on her priority list - you just have to make sure you stay the highest. It isn't always easy to satisfy her because she has mountainous expectations. If you become too lazy to maintain your status on her priority list, this would be the reason she would cheat in a relationship. She is a warm and cuddly woman to be in love with, but if you become lazy in your dedication to her, she'll fall into someone else's arms. Whether you've been with her for 10 months or 10 years, you always have to work for her.

13 A Leo Man Wants To Be Spoiled


Luckily, he's pretty good at spoiling himself without your help. However, he wants you to spoil him with words. Prune that ego, if you may. Dating this man is everything you expected it to be; pompous, classy, a little sparkly. He's over the top at times. However, if he feels like you're enjoying the princess role a little too much, and you're not spoiling him in return, you better hope no other girl has been showering him with compliments. A grand display of affection from someone else can make his eyes begin to wander. He's the easiest sign of the Zodiac to 'steal', so spoil him with compliments and gifts for special occasions. Going the extra mile could save your relationship, or else he might selfishly decide that someone else is better than you.

12 Why Did Your Virgo Boyfriend's Habits Change, You Ask?


What is the reason that the Virgo man will cheat in a relationship? He doesn't believe you're perfect enough for him. The Virgo man is the complete opposite of the Virgo woman. No human being is perfect, which is why he is notorious for being a serial cheater. First, you'll notice his habits begin to change. That is always the telltale sign of a cheating Virgo male, as he debates whether to tell his partner about his affair or not. It is nearly impossible to meet this man's standards, and he goes out of his way to search for flaws in a relationship. He has to be utterly swept off his feet to stay loyal, and even then it takes work to keep his eyes on you. Being with him will never be an easy relationship.

11 A Virgo Woman's Vanity Could Be The Reason


Too many people take the Virgo woman for granted. It's very rare she will ever cheat. However, she values order above all and takes pride in her achievements. Eventually, someone can feel so underappreciated, they seek validation in someone else's bed. The silent vanity of the Virgo woman is both her greatest asset and weakness. Unfortunately, it could be the one thing that leads her to cheat on you; if you're not recognizing all of her accomplishments and everything she does for you, it could take a toll on her mental health. If someone else suddenly starts to notice her, it could spell disaster for a relationship. Show the woman that wants to do everything for you a little extra love, and her adoration will be boundless forever. It isn't difficult to keep a Virgo woman, but you have to appreciate her.

10 A Libra Woman's Weakness Is A Bad Boy, So Be The Baddest


A Libra woman has the power to talk herself out of love if she wants. They typically date for pleasure until they're ready to settle down forever. This means they're satisfied to have many partners, and if they spot someone that piques their interest more than you do, they might just cheat on you. She's a proud and intelligent woman, but she has a thing for that bad boy she can't have. Her emotions are complicated and many Libra women have challenging relationships with their fathers, and they don't want a sensitive boyfriend that will dig into their painful emotional issues until they're ready for it. This is why she wants the bad boy, and she'll cheat on you to get him because she knows it'll be fun and passionate without being too personal.

9 Being With An Indecisive Person Can Hurt, Especially A Libra Man


When a Libra man falls in love, he isn't interested in playing the field; if you've captured his heart, he probably sees you as the one he wants to marry. This is why any indecision on your end could hurt him intensely. He often sets high expectations early in a relationship, and many women find it difficult to handle. If you make him doubt your dedication to your relationship with him, he may begin searching for oneness with another partner while he's still with you. If you deliver the perfect love he signed up for, he'll maintain his promise of fidelity. But if you don't... it could be disastrous. The Libra man takes indecision personally, and he'll seek validation and oneness elsewhere. Be careful who you fall in love with.

8 One Word For A Scorpio Male; Revenge


A black and white world means he either trusts you or he doesn't. The Scorpio man becomes attached to someone he loves very quickly. This means betrayal cuts deep into him because he invests himself entirely into someone he cares about. If you give him a reason to distrust you, he'll cheat. It will be an act of revenge for him. He has a difficult time digesting anger, and rage will be his immediate response to disloyalty - however, he'll bottle it up until it comes out in other ways. Cheating is the most obvious route to revenge, and it's one he'll take quickly if he feels like it's justified. Since a Scorpio man can be both obsessive and loyal, vindictive and compassionate, and both possessive and supportive, being with one is complicated and sometimes painful.

7 If You Become Passive, A Scorpio Woman Will Replace You


If you grow stagnant, this woman will sense it. As a Water sign, the intensity and depths of her emotions mean she's always living on one end of an extreme. If you become passive and you're not putting in the effort, she'll sense it, and it'll hurt her. A hurt Scorpio woman is dangerous, because they search for karmic justice, and often try to execute it themselves. If she feels like you're not trying, she'll make a point of finding someone who does want to try to win her affections, regardless of how comfortable you are in a relationship. It's well worth it, but you always have to be working to keep hold of this intense woman's love. A passive partner will make her lose her composure, and it's the biggest reason Scorpio women cheat.

6 Do You Let People Walk All Over You? That's The Only Reason A Sagittarius Man Needs


The reason that a Sagittarius man will cheat on you is linked to one of his major personality traits; he's headstrong. He likes to be a conqueror of women, and he's very attracted to women that make him work for their affection. This means if you're a bit of a pushover, his eyes will wander. If he sees that you let people walk over you and that you don't stick up for yourself, he'll find his feelings for you begin to wane. He needs a strong woman to keep him in his place, otherwise, he'll grow bored, and fall in love with someone new uncomfortably fast. It's a recipe for heartbreak. He is one of the least emotionally stable signs of the Zodiac. Luckily, he's a bad liar - if he's cheating on you, it's unlikely he'll keep it from you for long.

5 It's Because A Sagittarius Female Loves The Game Of Love


A Sagittarius woman is notorious for thinking she is love, even when she doesn't have strong feelings. Why is this? They fall in love quickly and passionately, and the boundaries of an exclusive relationship won't stop that from happening with someone else. She's clumsy in life and she's clumsy in love; she doesn't expect to fall in love with someone else, but when someone begins to give her butterflies that isn't her boyfriend, it becomes a bit of a game. How far can she take it before it goes too far? Her traveling heart doesn't yearn for just a change of geologic scenery — a switch up of male real-estate may be what she needs as well. The worst thing you can do to try and prevent this is to cling to her. If she's suffocating, she'll take the game to the next level and search for oxygen behind new lips.

4 A Pisces Woman Transforms When She Goes To The Club


This dreamy sign is a victim of her spiritual heart. While she is the deepest sign of the Zodiac, which means being with her is intimate beyond your wildest dreams, she operates from a different world than you. While she might believe she wants you forever, going out to the club is a dangerous scenario for this woman. The flashing lights, the music that makes you want to dance all night, and the inevitable drinking, triggers the spiritual side of her that doesn't understand monogamous relationships. She'll end up dancing with someone she feels connected to, kissing, and probably going home with them. It's not that she doesn't love you, she's just in another world that no one else understands. The Pisces woman is the strangest woman to be with, but perhaps the most wonderful - if you can keep her otherworldly heart.

3 Victim Of His Own Fantasies? A Pisces Man Usually Is


This man falls deeply in love many times in his life, and it's difficult to know if you'll be the last. The Pisces sign is notorious for their reveries, and the male counterpart struggles to quit dreaming even after he's in a devoted relationship. The deeply mysterious nature of the Pisces is influenced by the symbolism that orbits around their starry personalities; lies, misconceptions, and adultery. He's more likely to cheat than you would expect, and that's because he's a victim of his own fantasies. While he's madly in love with you and planning your wedding, he's simultaneously creating the ultimate love story in his head that doesn't involve you. If he finds the girl that fits the part of his latest dream, he'll become lost in the idea of her, and try to be with her despite his taken status.

2 It's Simple: The Aquarius Man Is Too Immature


This man never grows up. It isn't because he's unwilling to, but he is ruled by the Sun that is constantly in detriment. He often feels like his partner isn't worthy of understanding his personality, and is cold and detached in relationships. His wild side will beg the question, "what do you mean you don't want to have a three-way?", but his brooding nature won't understand why you're mad he was late for a date for the third time. This immaturity leads to cheating. He's not interested in the consequences of his actions, he's just intrigued by the latest woman of the hour and wants to sleep with her. If the two of you don't have a deep understanding of each other, his immaturity will lead him to seek out other women.

1 The Aquarius Woman Wants To Break The Rules


This is the sign that represents the extremes, so it's no surprise that she wants to break the rules of an exclusive relationship. However, what's the reason that would make her do it? If you try to control her, she'll rebel. This woman never wants to exist within the realms of control, and if you try to reign her in, she'll show you who's the boss. Just to free herself from your intoxicating behavior, she'll cheat on you. It's unlikely she'll regret it because she believes anyone that constrains her isn't worth her time. Essentially, her infidelity is what you had coming for trying to tie her down. It's challenging being with the woman who exists to be wild and crazy, but if you feed her need for spontaneity, it's unlikely she'll try to break the rules.

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