The Realities Each Zodiac Sign MUST Hear

In our cosmic and physical world, we have twelve zodiac signs that we 'adhere' to, that we pay close attention to, and that can potentially give us some insight into why we are the way we are. Each sign has specific traits that most of us can assign or connect to ourselves. For example, Pisces are 100% emotional and sensitive and dramatic, regardless of their admittance to it, and a Taurus is really damn stubborn with a bad temper to boot. Sometimes these negative traits are things we want to avoid or not discuss, but the harsh reality is that there are bad qualities that we must face and try to work on-- because that is the point of life, people! Get better. Live and learn.

Nobody wants to hear what their flaws are, NOBODY. But sometimes you just have to learn the truth about yourself so we've got it plastered right in front of your face so you can't hide from it. It's time to work on your flaws and stop the B.S.

Whether you like it or not, below is each zodiac sign's harsh reality that they probably don't want to but must hear-- and face. More power to you!


16 Aries: Loner Status, Stop Pushing People Away

As an Aries, you are very independent, direct, and self-sufficient, hardly needing anyone else and certainly not letting anyone think that you need them either. You tend to be blunt and aggressive, even impulsive in a confrontational setting. This is something you need to deal with Aries; here is your wake-up call. The harsh reality is that you tend to be a loner and, while that is okay, you are inadvertently (or maybe purposefully) pushing people that care about you away. It's okay to be independent and not rely on others, but just remember it is okay to lean on people, too. The harsh reality is, when you get to your death bed after several years, you don't want to only have a few people in the room, so let people in. You'll be happier because of it.

15 Taurus: Needs To Control Their Temper


Oh Taurus, you have a very hard time calming yourself down. Anger is an issue for you-- and the harsh reality is you need to start dealing with it. Maybe therapy would help or maybe some mood relaxers. Either way, you need to start handling it because it is not something anyone around you wants to deal with-- and they shouldn't have to. You should be able to communicate in a clear and mature manner without things escalating, at least sometimes. You are so generous and loyal, but that isn't always enough when you treat the people close to you with loud words and nasty tones. You'll feel better when you can control that part of you, Taurus. And it should be sooner rather than later, please.

14 Gemini: Way Too Up In Everyone's Business

As a Gemini, you are incredibly intelligent and charismatic, often being the center of attention in any social situation. You also tend to be very curious, always wanting to learn and grow. While all of these qualities are very admirable, this curiosity can tend to get out of control and cross the line into nosiness. The harsh reality you have to deal with is this: not everything is your business, so stop trying to act like it is. People talk to you about things because you make them feel comfortable in big crowds, but it doesn't mean they want you to know every little detail about their broken friendship or the guy that cheated on them. Know your boundaries, Gemini. You'll be better because of it.

13 Cancer: Confidence Is Silent, Insecurity Is Loud


Cancer, you are so emotional (in a good way), imaginative, and passionate. You find joy in the simplest things, like the cool breeze at the beach or the grocery store having your favorite ice cream. It makes people flock to you. But an incredibly bad quality that you need to deal with is your insecurities. It could be something big or something small, but you don't handle them well, often manipulating others to make yourself feel better or lashing out at those who trigger them. This isn't fair and you are smart enough to know that your problems are just that-- yours; they are not anyone else's. There are lots of ways to deal with these. Journaling your thoughts might help, but stop taking it out on others. It isn't their fault you feel these ways about yourself.

12 Leo: Attitude Adjustment Required

Oh Leo... you are feisty and fiery and fierce, sometimes in all the best ways! The key word there is 'sometimes' because your harsh reality is that, other times, you are bossy and mean and completely out of hand. We know you are a leader at heart and it is your nature to take control, but that doesn't mean you have to take control of every. single. situation! Unfortunately, it is time to get over yourself and reassess why some people are losing their cool with you or telling you to adjust your attitude. It is probably because you don't know when to keep your opinion to yourself. Just remember that your opinion is not fact, and no matter how much you believe in it, that doesn't change! Lucky for us lions can't talk or we know they'd be bossing around their entire family, too.

11 Virgo: Overly Cautious And Borderline Boring


Virgos are so incredibly sensible, usually realistic and analytical in any and every situation they face. They use their rationale and their brain to assess a situation and draw a conclusion, unlike our water signs who virtually use only their emotions. But, when it is time to let loose or show their sensitive and emotional sides, Virgos often come up short. The harsh reality, Virgo, is that you are too cautious. Yes, it is good to be aware and protective of yourself and your environment, but how do you ever have fun? How do you ever let down your guard and let someone in? How do you fall in love if you're always just too worried? Let yourself go, even a little bit, Virgo. Even though you are an introvert, it's still important not to be too boring.

10 Libra: Sarcastic, Inconsiderate, And A Whole Lot Of Rude

Libra! Think before you speak! Most of the time, you are easygoing and peaceful, always friendly and social with anyone you are around. It is warm and reassuring to be around you, like I said, most of the time. People enjoy your wit and your diplomatic presence, but you often borderline on sarcasm and cool tones, especially when your buttons are even pushed just a little. You can come off incredibly inconsiderate and it pushes people away, often offending them even! The harsh reality is that you need to stop going on the defensive and being so rude when it is completely uncalled for. Think before you speak and try to be empathetic toward others because, most of the time, they aren't trying to offend you or spark your sarcasm.


9 Scorpio: Obsessive Partner In Any Relationship


As a Scorpio, you are incredibly passionate, kind, and loving. There is not a bad bone in your body, especially when it comes to relationships. You completely devote yourself to the person you love and find a million and a half ways to love them, too. The harsh reality is that you tend to take it a little too far and often go passed infatuation and love and lust and straight into the deep, dark hole of obsession. If you continue that kind of behavior, you might end up pushing a good person away. Let them have their own life and, if you're feeling anxious, you can always let them know that you're thinking of them! Just don't turn your obsession into jealousy and always be aware of your words and your behavior.

8 Sagittarius: Carefree And Careless

Sing it from the rooftops! Jump up onto the tables and dance around! Scream it loud and proud, whatever it may be! Sagittarius, you are so carefree, it's endearing. It's also admirable and fun and spunky of you, too. You are so adventurous and charismatic that anyone around you instantly feels better. The problem is, Sag, that your carefree attitude can easily turn into complete carelessness, for your life, your responsibilities, and the people around you. They know you care about them, but it is nice to remind them every so often, because your demeanor certainly doesn't say it all the time. (Also, while we're talking about it, that restlessness of yours may affect your relationships if you let it. Don't let the boredom get to you!)

7 Capricorn: Alarmingly Unimaginative


Capricorn, you are so practical and sensible. Similarly to a Virgo, you are always using your rationale when making any decisions, serious or not. Personality wise, you are also down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and easy to get along with. You are scared to step out of routine, as stability is what grounds you after all. The harsh reality, Capricorn, is that, unlike our emotional and sensitive water signs, you have absolutely no imagination. You are not creative in the least, can never come up with something clever or funny, and don't know anything but the predictability of your life, nor do you want to. That is the harsh reality-- and I'm sorry to say there probably isn't much you can do about it. Befriend a Pisces or a Libra and you'll be okay.

6 Aquarius: No One Can Count On You

Determined, willful, and very persuasive, you are the best kind of lawyer and teacher there is. With these wonderfully good qualities, you also have some not so nice ones, too. You can be slightly unpredictable which makes people anxious, Aquarius. You can also be superficial which is an incredible turn-off for those around you. But probably the worst trait, and the harsh reality, is that you are very unreliable. No one around you, not co-workers or friends or family, feel like they can count on you. You often let them down or upset them when you actually do pay attention. Your indecisiveness contributes to this, too, and doesn't help any situation you are in. Toughen up, Aquarius! Start listening instead of speaking; it may help you.

5 Pisces: You're A Bit Annoying


Pisces, we admire the heart you wear on your sleeve, the openness and honesty you give us, and the incredible creativity you bring to our world. However, with this emotional, honest, and sometimes dramatic way of living, you also bring some annoyance to those around you. You are so loyal that it is borderline boring. You are so sensitive and easily hurt that people often find themselves rolling their eyes at your flair for the dramatic. Because you live by your emotions, you can also be moody and sometimes take that out on others. The harsh reality is that all of these traits combined can be slightly annoying, but lucky for you, there are many people that love you for you and are willing to deal with it. Just watch yourself, though, and know when to quit while you're ahead.

4 If You Are An Earth Sign: You Are Materialistic, Whether You Like It Or Not

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn make up the earth signs. You are all incredibly grounded and down-to-earth. You are reliable and very stable for everyone around you, acting as a solid pillar in their lives. Nobody ever doubts you and it's an incredibly reassuring feeling for all those that you care for. However, with this grounded and really honest mentality, the harsh reality you need to face is that you tend to measure your success in terms of materialistic things, which is your way of coping with the pressure of people relying on you so much. You desire to have nice houses, fancy cars, higher-end clothing, and anything that is the current fad. You must find a way to balance out this bad quality with your great ones.

3 If You Are A Fire Sign: Get Over Yourself


We could probably guess which three signs are the fire signs. They are all fiercely independent, albeit making them hard-headed and stubborn too, and they are always up for challenges. Yes, you guessed it-- it's Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Your harsh reality is your attitude, folks. Like fire, you tend to lack self-control and your behavior can get out of hand quickly. On top of this fiery but stubborn passion, your ego is always in the way when it comes to your relationships, whether familial or romantic. Furthermore, this ego can make you extremely bossy, making you truly feel that your opinion is fact. But, let's face it, that's not true, and it makes you look slightly ignorant to think so. In other words, get a grip.

2 If You Are A Water Sign: People Will Take Advantage Of Your Open Emotions

Our water signs are the most passionate out of the bunch-- Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. You all lead with your heart and wear it on your sleeve like a pattern. This baffles most other signs because virtually every decision you make is an emotional one, rather than a practical or rational one. (Fire signs are particularly against this mentality.) However, because of this emotional and sensitive way of living, you are easily susceptible to being taken advantage of by those who don't understand you-- or simply by those who don't want to try and understand you. People mistake your kindness for weakness and will often manipulate that to work in their favor. It's okay to be loving and never let anyone change that, but watch who you can trust. Protect yourself.

1 If You Are An Air Sign: You Live In Your Mind


Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini-- you make up our social, light, and hardly objective air signs. Some qualities of yours are usually, but maybe not always, having clear perspectives, a popular social life, and being the 'idea' creators. You have a genuine curiosity about anything and everything, including other people. Because you are an air sign, the harsh reality for you is that you tend to get lost in the clouds mentally, and maybe even emotionally, and can rarely be grounded. Living in your mind can absolutely have its downside and that is that you often come off rude, cold, and aloof, even as far as unemotional when having conversations of confrontations with others. Sarcasm is quite literally your second language. Be careful of this and try to think rationally when dealing with anything external.

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