The Queen Of Curves: 15 Pics Of Amber Rose

In the last year, Amber Rose has fallen out of the spotlight. Many people have taken this to mean that her career is over or that she isn’t anything like she use to be. But we can tell you right now, this isn’t true whatsoever. Amber Rose might not be spilling tea or starting beef with Kanye or Kim Kardashian, but she still has that spicy attitude we all know and love.

She’s been one of the most honest voices in Hollywood, since she doesn’t care what people think and she’s never let any negative comment about her bring her down. Not only has she made her mark as one of the most forthright individuals in Hollywood, but she’s also made sure she does her part when it comes to activism.

We’ll be exploring everything about Amber Rose, and we’ll prove to you that she still has it. Just because Kanye isn’t rumored to be cheating on Kim Kardashian with Amber Rose anymore, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been up to some gossip worthy whispers! Everything from her INSANE fashion sense to her lack of care when it comes to flaunting her body, if you’re in need for a confidence boost and inspiration, you’re in the right place.

Are you an Amber Rose fan? Or are you a hater just like most of the people out there that stalk her Instagram feed? Let us know your thoughts as you share this article with your gossip circle!

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15 Even When She's Going To The Gym She's Lookin' Good

Who knew someone could look so stylish even when they’re wearing simple workout gear. Like we mentioned before, it’s quite the rare site to see Amber Rose out in public without any form of outlandish fashion on, but we’ve dug up this picture that proves that Amber Rose still got it, even when headed to the gym!

Amber Rose said in an exclusive interview with Ok Magazine, that she does actually have a unique workout routine custom made just for her. Amber Rose actually exposed herself by saying that she goes to the gym almost every single day, sometimes even twice a day. She often does a lot of kickboxing classes, as well as some aerobics. She never skips a day, and even though she takes care of her body, she has told many sources that she doesn’t want to be thin. She loves her curves and she doesn’t even know what she would do without them!

14 She Seriously Woke Up Like That?

"I'm pretty blessed when it comes to clear skin. I owe that to being Cape Verdian."

"My whole family has great skin. My grandfather is 80 but doesn't look a day over 50. And we all love the sun, too, so blessed is an understatement!" - Amber Rose

Continuing on from her lifestyle routine, since we talked about her gym habits already, let’s expose her meal plan. She has recently been a lot more open with telling people about her lifestyle changes. She’s not afraid to let people know that she actually doesn’t really change her meal plan. She basically eats whatever she wants just in moderation. Because she always works out and drinks tons of water, she’s not worry about any weight gain. Do you think you’d like to see if her diet and exercise plan works for you and your lifestyle? We can’t believe she eats whatever she wants with no regard!

13 There's Always Time For A Selfie!

If you’re Amber Rose, you always have time for a selfie! While fame might have fallen in her lap without her even wanting it. She’s been a pop culture icon ever since. Starting out by being featured in music videos, all the while catching attention from soon to be boyfriend Kanye West. To then starting her high fashion modeling career. She’s always gone with the flow when it came to her fame. She’s even said in multiple interviews that she never wanted to be famous, she never went out of her way to get fame, but here she is. Maybe it was just the bold blonde buzz cut or maybe it was something more. It could have easily been her fashion sense and confidence, but it could also be her IDGAF attitude. For all we know it’s probably all of the above.

12 No Matter What Her Size Is, She's PROUD

Even when she’s sporting a few extra pounds, she’s not afraid of flaunting everything she has. Amber Rose is sporting her signature buzzed and bleached hair with minimal makeup, and then the grand finale. The amazing silver chain dress. It seems to be a bikini halter top that has draping chains all the way below her knees, but all she has under it is a silver bikini bottom! Not only do we need to know where you even buy something like this, but we also want to ask Amber Rose herself how she had the confidence to wear something like this!

Would you ever have the confidence to wear a look like this, infront of people taking your pictures from every angle? NO thanks! We would never show up to a high society event wearing something like this, even if we didn’t have the few extra pounds. That just goes to show how she still has it!

11 Even After A Long Night, She Is Rockin' It

Who knew someone could pull off a simple pair of jeans and make them look this hot!? If anyone can it’s Amber Rose! While you won’t actually see her wearing something this casual very often, it is refreshing to see how she can transform her style in any way she sees fit, without looking any less in style or glam. Not to mention she usually never covers up this much when she goes out on the town. Typically you’ll find her with as much exposed as she can get away with in public. We hope to see her experimenting more with her clothing like this in the future, but one thing’s for sure, she’ll always keep people guessing!

What kind of Amber Rose look do you prefer? Do you like when she wears more casual looks or do you like when she goes above and beyond and dresses crazy glam?

10 Would You Have The Confidence For This Look?

Once again Amber Rose has chosen to cover up, which is actually quite shocking. But what might be even more shocking are these crazy clothes! From the popped collar, the sheer panel leggings, the artistic satin looking red blazer, to the black lipstick and crazy shades. She sure doesn’t give a cr*p about what anyone thinks, that’s for sure! When Amber Rose wore this look and some other similar to it, she seems super confident which is great to see she still has it. But around this time many people thought she was covering up more and more because she could have been pregnant! While Amber Rose has been pregnant before, she never has been one to try and hide the fact that she's carrying a child. So for so many of her loved fans to call her out just because she wore an unflattering a red blazer seems a bit much like overkill.

9 Walk Like An Egyptian... Or A Model

LOOK at this look! This outfit is by far one of the most crazy looks we’ve seen from Amber Rose. It not only proves that she still has it, but it shows that she really doesn’t care what people think about her curvy figure. She’s rocking the hell out of the cellulite and nothing can stop her as she struts her stuff down the runway! She also made quite the impact because this runway show didn’t actually feature other plus size models like Amber Rose. They mostly were thin individuals that looked nothing like Amber Rose, this made her stand out on a whole new level. In all honesty though, we love this outfit even though we wouldn’t even dare put it on.

Would you have the confidence to rock this look on a runway in front of the whole fashion community? We’d have to take a raincheck on that one!

8 She Even Rocks Menswear

She pulls off the dapper look quite well if we’re being honest. Which brings us to the topic of her dating life. Many people know Amber Rose as that model that always gossips and has dated some big name rappers in the business. Such as Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, and 21 Savage. While she has had some very extensive relationships with these rappers, many people don’t realize that before she ever started dating Kanye years ago, Amber Rose dated women. Not only did she go on a few dates with women, but she actually dated women for 6 years before Kanye. She has mentioned in various interviews that she had two long term relationships with women, both lasting around three years. She’s never been shy about this fact and she enjoys knowing that she accepts people for who they are, not the gender they may be. Did you know she dated women for 6 years?

7 Walking Us Through Her Beauty Routine

Did you know that Amber Rose decided to shave her hair because of Sinead O’Connor. Ever since she shaved her hair, she’s never grown it back. While she does dabble in wearing wigs every once in awhile if she wants to create a shocking new look, it never lasts long and she always goes back to her blonde buzzcut. One thing we’ve always loved about Amber Rose was how she stood out from all the other Hollywood individuals out there. She never grew her hair out to follow the latest trends and she’s never let anyone say that she isn’t femme enough to have buzzed hair.

Even though we love her style, especially her iconic hair, this picture on the other hand is giving us some mixed reactions! On one hand it just looks like she’s trying to show us her life, but on the other hand it looks like she posted this pic by accident!

6 Slaying As A Superhero!

Even while wearing a crappy looking blonde wig and custom made superhero outfit, she looks fantastic! While the outfit might look crazy, her confidence, curves, and that smile really does pull it all together. This just goes to show how extra Amber Rose can be. She wanted this designer superhero costume custom made, priced probably a few thousand dollars and she wore it all day during her Sl*t Walk festival recently. All we can say is that we’re glad she feels great in everything she wears, and while we love Amber Rose, we don’t love this look. It’s not flattering, it barely even looks like her, and the cut of this outfit just looks awkward. We do have to admit that the blonde wig, if it was a high quality wig, would probably actually slay.

Amber Rose can wear whatever she wants, but we’re going to have to disagree with this look!

5 She Has Nice... Eyes?

"I love to eat, and I don't believe in denying myself, so I have to work out. I'm not obsessed with it; I don't have a trainer or do any of the fancy classes, but I usually put on my iPod and run on the treadmill for an hour a few days a week."

"I'd much rather be the girl who worked out more so she could eat more; I could never not eat." - Amber Rose

We all know the reason behind this post on Instagram, and it wasn’t about her eyes! Either way Amber Rose isn’t ashamed to snap a selfie here and there, she actually does it quite often. She’s simply proud of who she is and what she has goin’ on. Plus with her huge stance on being able to express your own sensuality and owning it in every way you can, we have to just say kudos to you, Amber Rose.

4 Even THIS Outfit Looks Great On Her

Just as we mentioned above Amber Rose stands behind expression of oneself unlike any other celebrity we’ve seen on the red carpet. She even runs a festival called, “Amber Rose Sl*t Walk”, it’s a yearly festival that focuses on bringing awareness to communities when it comes to injustice and gender acceptance. It’s similar to Pride, but with a lot less sl*t shaming! She’s proud of what she’s got going on and she’s never been ashamed of her past as a dancer either. She loves who she is and even at thirty two years old nothing is going to get in her way of dressing exactly how she wants (even if the outfit doesn’t look that great).

Would you ever go to a festival called, “Amber Rose Sl*t Walk” or maybe even a better question, would you ever wear a hideous outfit like this one? We’ll have to say a hard no to the latter.

3 She Almost Makes Us Completely Ignore Kanye

“You know when people say, 'How do you go from Kanye to Wiz Khalifa - that's a downgrade.'

But the only question I can ask them is: 'Have you ever dated Kanye?'

Because I have, and believe me, I did not downgrade at all. Not in any aspect, at all.” - Amber Rose

She completely outshines Kanye right here, do you believe it? With her nude spandex bodysuit with a high cut that shows off her curves, to the ripped up and exposing “dress”? She finishes off the look with a heavy winter coat for the chill in the air and large black sunglasses that only she and Kanye could pull off. She walks arm in arm with her then boyfriend Kanye way back when, but she has always outdone him when it comes to style. No matter how Yeezy Kanye is, Amber Rose will always steal the show! Don’t you agree with us?

2 Holy Molly, She's Slaying The Fashion Game!

Even though Amber Rose has been one of the most discussed celebrities in the world, many people don’t know who she is when you mention her in casual conversation. While she’s not as big of a deal compared the the Kardashian Empire, but she’s still in that similar Hollywood circle.

But with this look she seems like she’s also trying to be part of the circle who just doesn’t even care anymore about her fashion choices! From the looks of this pic it looks like she’s trying to hide from getting her photo taken, hence the no makeup and big shades, but this coat makes her stop traffic! Every single person around a one mile radius will see her and want to take a photo! Maybe think again before leaving the house if you want to blend in with the crowd Amber.

Would you ever want to wear this coat in public?

1 She Makes Protesting Look Glam

The main reason she created the Sl*t Walk movement was to stand up for women all over the world who have been through rough times because of how they were born. Fighting against those who have wrongly judged and talked down to women because of their sensual behavior. No one deserves to be demeaned because of their intimate choices and habits, and Amber Rose has always believed that people should be able to do what they want with their own bodies. While this might be part of her work ethic, it is something that shows us that Amber Rose still has it! Plus just look at how glam she looks while protesting. Who can do that? No one, except Amber Rose herself! She can seriously pull off any look thrown her way.

Also as a bit of a side note: gurl, we need to know where you got those glasses! Those cat eyes look amazing, tell us please!

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