The Quality Each Zodiac Sign Might Feel They Need To Hide In A Relationship

When it comes to our love lives, there is a lot that can be said about the ins and outs of our relationships. No matter what kind of relationship you have — casual, engaged, married, married with kids, etc. — it can be incredibly hard.

It can be difficult to navigate the rough waters of our relationships. Maybe you are stressed and you take it out on your significant other. Maybe he or she is in a bad mood when you feel happy and want to bond/cuddle/get intimate — and it could really get nasty if one of you pushes the other too far. Whatever the case, it can be a crazy up and down cycle that seems like it might not end on those bad days.

Of course, with these relationships, a lot of our flaws can float to the surface — and by float, we mean rush to the surface and quickly explode!

Let's face it, though, there are things we all just want to hide when it comes to those flaws we have. We don't want our significant other to see those downfalls. We don't want people to judge us or those parts we tend to feel bad about.

Below, we highlight one quality that each zodiac sign has that they feel they need to hide from their significant other. Read on to see if yours rings true!

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16 Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo): Tend To Appease Their Partners

The Earth signs are very grounded and, therefore, usually know what is wrong and what is right. They usually, actually always, know what boundaries to have and what lines not to cross in their relationships. You'd be surprised to find an Earth sign that regularly cheats on their significant other. If they are committed, nothing will come between them and their significant other. They are too responsible to have that happen. If they are casual, they'll still usually be fair. After all, it is part of who they are.

When it comes to those negative qualities, you'll find that an Earth sign can rarely even let those parts show, or, they're convinced there is nothing to show.

They very much wholeheartedly believe that they are right pretty much 100% of the time — and you'd be shocked to hear them admit that they were wrong. In fact, if you hear them say that, they're probably just appeasing you to end an argument. That's why most of them don't even see their negative sides. However, in a committed relationship, they really do try to be fair. Read on to see what quality the three Earth signs hide in their relationships. You'll be surprised to find it may not be what you think!

15 Taurus: Promiscuity Confused With Passion

A Taurus girl is 100% critical of others. She doesn't try to be and, for those closest to her, she tries her best to be really fair and understanding. Despite this, she will always be honest in (hopefully) the kindest way. She's a good friend that way because you'll always hear the truth from her. In a relationship, she is committed, responsible, and thoughtful. Taurus women love to be in love and enjoy having someone to pamper and adore. However, that negative side they try to hide may surprise you...

Taurus girls are actually known to have a promiscuous side. They often confuse it with passion, but they just can't get enough attention at times. That being said, they rarely cross the line; they tend to just dance and prance around it a little too often. This quality is often hidden from their significant other because they are afraid to be judged or cause problems. Ironically, they may be one of the first signs to judge someone doing the same thing (save for a Leo, that is). It's almost like they are fighting an inner battle. Over time, however, they can potentially learn to control this better in order to lead a full and happy life.

14 Capricorn: Her Stubborn Side May Surface

Capricorn women are reserved, quiet, and kind for the most part. They have an introverted side that few people can really crack; they will only open up to those rare people that take the time to get to know them. This is further brought on by how incredibly responsible they are; they won't let anyone into their lives that they feel could hurt them in some way. It will take awhile to crack her exterior. That responsibility goes full circle. She can be very respectful and dependable. However, on the downside, a Capricorn girl can also be overly critical, stubborn, and a little tougher than you think.

When it comes to relationships, a Capricorn woman's worst quality that she tries to hide is that stubborn disposition.

There is a quiet independence that she has that most people, at first, will not see. A lot of people will expect more submissiveness due to her introverted demeanor. Over time in a relationship, her independence could turn into stubborn ways at different points or in different situations... this could be a challenge for any relationship. She'll try to hide it, but it will come out with time (don't all of our flaws show clearly with time?).

13 Virgo: Can Be Overly Clingy


Like her Earth sign counterparts, a Virgo woman is very responsible and organized. All Virgos, regardless of gender, are also very much on the straight and narrow. They do the right thing, always take time to say the right thing, and pretty much never stray from that. They are financially stable, successful, and usually looked up to when it comes to professional circumstances.

When it comes to relationships, a Virgo girl is picky. She is critical and judgmental of those that show too much emotion, as her rational thinking just can't comprehend how someone would do anything that doesn't make sense just because they "feel like it" or are "following their heart". Once she finds she approves of you, she is very loyal and honest. Her negative quality, however, is something she will try to hide for years. Because she puts a lot of energy into responsibilities, she tends to want down time when she has it. This often makes her clingy because she'll want her significant other at home, too. That is her ideal situation, after all. She'll grow to be overly critical of him if he doesn't always comply with how she feels. This negative quality could affect the relationship over time.

12 Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): That Sassiness Can Turn Into An Attitude

Fire Signs are naturally open and very outgoing. By open we mean really honest in an obnoxious way at times. They usually do not care who they hurt or who they affect when allowing their opinions to flow freely out of their mouth. It's bold, but it's also usually hurtful. They have a major lack of empathy, too, however, they do have a lot of good qualities.

Fire signs are natural leaders that love to climb the professional ladder. They are career women.

Picture a lawyer or a CEO that works until 7-8pm every night. They'll always commit because they never see themselves as unsuccessful. They are successful and they know it. Another great quality they have is their confidence. They are the most confident of all the signs, whether in a social setting or in a relationship. They are also outgoing, bold, and hold a lot of bravery inside of them.

In a relationship, Fire signs have negative qualities of being controlling, being too independent, and their bad attitude. Because of their natural leadership skills, they also have a hard time staying committed. Read below for each fire signs' specific negative quality when in a relationship. Just know — you're signing up for a lot with these ones!

11 Leo: Being Overly Controlling Can Lead To Trouble

Our Leo girl is probably the boldest of all of the fire signs. She isn't afraid to say how she feels or what she thinks. She'll scoff at you if she does not agree with you. She will counteract your argument during a heated debate or conversation. She may even hurt your feelings, purposefully or not. But she will exude confidence in a way that is either intimidating or respectful. That will be your choice, though. According to astrologybay.com, "Leo's positive qualities are warmth, generosity, nobility, strength, loyalty, leadership, and a soothing, gentle tenderness..." Picture a lion in its' natural habitat, but let's be real: they only have that tenderness when it is convenient for them.

In a relationship, a Leo's most negative quality is their inherent need to control everything. Every situation, every move, and every person needs to happen the way she needs it to for many reasons. It could be because she is always right. It could be because she doesn't agree with you. Regardless, it will be hard for you to have a relationship with a person like this because, spoiler alert, she won't grow to be any better with it.

10 Aries: Might Be Stubborn With Her Independence

An Aries woman can be bold, too. She tends to be a little more introverted in comparison to her Sagittarius and Leo counterparts with her bravery and her strong opinions. She is the gentlest of the three in her own way; however, she is very much bold in her own way, too. She tends to keep to herself unless her opinion is asked for or if she feels like something someone says is inherently wrong. On a positive note, an Aries girl is independent, ambitious, and impulsive (which can sometimes be good).

However, on the flip side, an Aries girl within a relationship can tend to have her negative qualities come out much more.

She is confrontational when she is moody or disagrees with you. She is blunt and honest and will easily hurt your feelings. Her words are usually harsh, too. Her worst quality, however, is that she doesn't ever want her significant other to think she needs them. She is self-sufficient to a fault. If she needs you, you will not know. She would rather bluntly insult you and make you feel bad than make you think she needs you.

Stubbornness isn't a good trait, especially in a committed relationship.

9 Sagittarius: You Struggle With Being Tied Down

Sagittarius, our last fire sign, is the most outgoing of the bunch. She is the center of attention and the life of the party, all while being successful in her work life and making friends everywhere she goes. She is the most social, but as you'll read later, this can help or hurt her in certain ways.

We can look at just a few famous Sagittarius women to get the gist of this bold and outgoing sign: Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. They are all truly Sag in their own ways. Swift boldly writes songs about her ex-lovers, while still maintaining a good, all-American girl persona. Spears is wildly successful but still had her downfalls over the years. Cyrus is bold and quite literally does not care what others think; she is probably the biggest partier of them all.

In a relationship, though, all of these women have a hard time staying tied down, as do most Sag women. They love attention and making new relationships. They can get bored easily and then get careless; they may hurt their significant other without even meaning to. Hopefully, with time, this side of them will mature in order to lead full lives.

8 Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini): Moody Sarcasm, Watch Out For These Flighty Air Signs

The air signs as a squad are overall very lighthearted and do not like drama or having problems with people. They like people to get along, they enjoy conversation and making friendly memories with new or old friends, and they love when everyone around them is at peace. They rarely create confrontation because they tend to avoid it and dislike it. In short, they are easygoing, simplistic, and outgoing. However, we all know each sign has their bad sides.

On the negative side, an air sign can be super moody, and by super we mean moody in an incredibly unhealthy and sort of unsafe way.

If someone wrongs them, that someone will pay in one way or another. If they feel threatened, they lash out instead of retracting, like we know our earth signs would usually do. They know how to hurt people emotionally and mentally. Because they can be outgoing, there is usually that other extreme side — and this is it. In a relationship, each air sign is different in which negative quality comes out the most, but rest assured that they all have a little bit of the other's inside of them. See below to find out more!

7 Libra: Sarcastic Comments Could Turn Sour

The Libra girl is one of the zodiacs' most relaxed. She likes to make friends, enjoys good conversation with her family and friends, and loves to be surrounded by people laughing, chatting, and simply just having a good time. They are very intelligent and often have careers they enjoy that they are good at, too. She usually needs approval from other people, though, so you'll often see her explaining herself or her opinion a little more than most during a conversation about something controversial. She is also very clever and often makes people laugh during those friendly conversations.

In a relationship, her worst quality is her sarcasm because it makes her seem so unemotional. She really likes to be around people, but when she feels that she has to defend herself or feels threatened, she will lash out. She becomes very inconsiderate and insulting — and her sarcasm is the worst thing that will come out of it. It will make you think that she doesn't care and that will hurt you worse than anything. She'll make it clear that you hurt her and it will take a long time to forgive you. People in relationships with Libras will need to make sure they don't push her that far.

6 Aquarius: Moody Maven

Aquarius women are very determined. They are willful to the core and will never give up due to that determined disposition. They are also very persuasive; they would make great lawyers in the courtroom! However, they may never get to that point because of their reserved and introverted nature. They have an outgoing side; however, out of all the air signs, they are the least outgoing of them all. On good days, though, they are lighthearted, relaxed, and easygoing.

In a relationship, the Aquarius woman's worst quality is her mood.

She can be indecisive and unreliable, too, but her mood is the worst. She can be outgoing and so happy one second. Then, something could switch her mood. It could just be a comment, a smell, or a song that reminds her of something that makes her sad. Her significant other is someone that she sometimes will not rely on, either, so when he or she tries to help, an Aquarius woman will often retract even more. They could fight or disagree and it could last many days and cause rifts between them. Her moodiness is something that she can't always help, so just bear with her and make sure she knows you support her.

5 Gemini: Can Be Devious When Wronged, Whether In A Big Way Or A Little One

Charismatic and social Gemini women are also very outgoing. Out of all of the air signs, they are the most charismatic and genuine when it comes to wanting to be around other people. They can always be social no matter their mood or the situation. They are always up for a grand adventure and are willing to do even last-minute ones, too. Not only are they intelligent, they are interesting. People want to hear their points of view and opinions; people often look up to them. They balance their lives well, having a great social life and a great and successful career as well.

In a relationship, a Gemini girl's negative qualities are her mood, her nosiness, and, worst of all, the deviousness she has inside of her when she had been wronged. Yes, like most air signs, if she is wronged or feels she has to defend herself, it will mean blood; it will mean war. Because of her intelligence, a Gemini girl can be manipulative like no other. Whether it is in a big way or a little way, by the time she is finished, you'll know you did the wrong thing. Your emotion will be the last of her worries.

4 Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): Unrealistic Expectations May End Badly

The water signs are the most sensitive and the most emotional out of all of the zodiac signs. In social situations, water signs can be charismatic and outgoing, if their feelings are in that place. They can be reserved too, but not usually if they're comfortable. In friendships, they are incredibly dedicated, loving, and thoughtful. On the negative side, water signs have really high expectations for virtually everything in their lives. They are too idealistic.

They want perfection in every part of their lives — and have a hard time realizing and dealing with things when they are not up to the level they want them to be.

When it comes to committed relationships, water signs are very connected and dedicated, too. They love to shower their significant other with gifts, physical attention, lots of laughs, and adoration in any way they can. However, they are very possessive of their significant others, too. They can get jealous very easily because they love so hard. They're also scared to get hurt, so there is a control factor as well. They can get defensive and hold on too tight sometimes. Read below to see what each water sign's worst quality in a relationship is.

3 Pisces: Tends To Be Too Idealistic With High Expectations

Pisces women are possibly the most sensitive and emotional out of all of the water signs. They are the most confident and intelligent, however, probably because of that deep connection to their emotions. In every part of their lives, they are compassionate and thoughtful. In work-related things, Pisces are dedicated and want to be the best they can be. They are creative and organized, too, thinking of many ways to make themselves and their work areas better. In friendships, they are loyal to the core, even to people that continue to hurt them. They love connecting with people and creating memories with people they bond with. They learn their lessons overtime, however.

In a relationship, the sensitive Pisces women have great qualities. They are committed and never stray. They are loyal, thoughtful and imaginative with gifts, caring, and happy, for the most part. However, they have unrealistic expectations for their intimate relationships. They tend to get disappointed if things don't go the way they expect or the way that they want. The ideals they have when they are younger will change with time and become more realistic, but they'll still struggle with disappointment with the little things and the big things.

2 Cancer: Wishes For Perfection But It's Hard To Find

Cancer women are charismatic and outgoing. They love to be social, giving and getting attention. You'll catch them at a sports game even if they don't like sports, at the bar playing a fun game, and/or at a concert in the VIP section, despite not knowing anyone. She loves making new friends and being at all the favorite spots in her favorite city. She tends to be a little selfish with her friends and within a work setting, but it is only because many things come naturally to her and she usually does know what she is doing. She can be manipulative and moody, too.

But, when it comes to a relationship, a Cancer woman has a difficult time controlling her emotions.

In a relationship, Cancer girls have high expectations like their fellow Pisces. The problem is they are doubly unrealistic! Cancer girls expect perfection and this is their worst quality. If a guy bails on a date, he isn't committed enough and isn't worth it, despite the fact that he could have had a legitimate reason to reschedule. If a guy bails on a fifth or sixth date, she still finds a reason that he isn't good enough even though he could still tell her how much he likes her despite how busy his work schedule is. Virtually nothing is good enough for Cancer girls and any significant other will have a hard time pleasing her.

1 Scorpio: Can Get Too Serious Too Fast

Scorpio girls are the last water sign to discuss and the last sign on our list. Scorpios, like all water signs, are sensitive and emotional. They are deeply in tune with their emotions! They feel everything so fully and completely. A job promotion, a broken nail, and their mom's birthday can affect them all in a similar way depending on her mood. Scorpios are also very in tune with their body and are sensual and easily seduce many people. Despite their deep compassion for others, Scorpio girls are also very stubborn and opinionated. This can often lead to confrontation with others.

In a relationship, the worst quality, however, is not their stubborn disposition. It isn't their opinions that sometimes don't make sense or their emotional demeanor. The worst quality a Scorpio girl can have is her inability to rationally connect to someone. She gets too serious too fast and gets possessive. She is easily jealous and makes up stories in her head about her significant other's lies that possibly do not even exist. This comes from some insecurity, too, but that possessiveness does not go away despite how long the relationship lasts or how strong the foundation is.

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