The Prettiest Girl Names You Haven't Heard Of Before

Nowadays, when parents are on the hunt for the perfect baby girl name, there are several things they want to keep in mind. For one, they want a moniker that’s as beautiful as their little girl will be and that she’ll be proud to call her own.

But even more than that, many parents are looking for names that will stand apart from the crowd without being too over-the-top. And that’s more difficult than it sounds.

Many of the unique names out there are outrageous, difficult to pronounce, or just downright weird. That’s why we’ve put together this list of twenty of the prettiest names that most parents have never even heard of. Who knows, the perfect one could be on this list!

20 Elodie

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Even though it’s not a musical term, Elodie has a harmonious quality to it. Most popular in France, this little girl’s name translates to mean ‘foreign riches’ and is pronounced EL-oh-dee. This soft-sounding moniker is a variant of the Greek name Alodia, which is equally as beautiful. We imagine any baby girl with this tasteful name will grow up to be a beauty.

19 Fleurelle

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Although Fleur has been used as a first name before, Fleurelle is even less popular. It’s so unheard of that this name doesn’t even have its own direct meaning. However, Fleur translates to mean ‘flower’ in French, so this longer variation is a great option for any parents looking for something floral and elegant for their little one.

18 Mahalia

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We’ve all heard of the beautiful name Malala thanks to the heroism of activist Malala Yousef. If you love this name, yet want something a bit more unique, consider Mahalia. This feminine is of name Hebrew descent and translates to mean ‘tenderness’ or ‘affection.’ Plus, it can lead to a variety of cute nicknames, including Maya, Mala, even Molly!

17 Airlia

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Airlia is a more feminine version of the unisex name Airlie, which hails from Scotland. This moniker easily rolls of the tongue yet is both memorable and unique. While it has no direct translation itself, Airlie means ‘Eagle Wood,’ which we love for its distinctive, strong sound. Cute nickname options include Arie, Aria, or even just Air.

16 Verene

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Verene is one of the edgier sounding names on this list, although its equal parts sophisticated and feminine. This modern name is a play on the more popular monikers Vera (which means ‘faith’) and Verena (which means ‘integrity’). Plus, it would make sense to use the short name Vera as a nickname if you so desire.

15 Siren

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Unlike the other names on this list, you’ve likely heard the word ‘Siren’ used before, though it’s uncommonly used as a first name. The word siren originated in Greek mythology to describe beautiful, mythical women known to lure unwary sailors to rocks with the sound of their voices. Associated with beauty and magic, this name would definitely be one to remember.

14 Lavender

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Lavender is another word that would make a beautiful name for a baby girl. Word names are incredibly on trend at the moment, and with its soft, feminine sound, this moniker is perfect for parents looking for a name that’s both distinct and magical. Lavender, of course, refers to the aromatic shrub of the same name, making it perfect for parents also looking for a name with a connection to nature.

13 Izanya

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Izanya is one of the most unheard-of names on this list and thus lacks its own meaning. This modern-made name is considered a feminine play on the boy’s name Isaiah, which translates to mean ‘Salvation of the Lord.’ Another way to spell it is Azania. Possible nicknames include Izzie or Anya.

12 Vedette

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If you love the girly name Odette, yet want something that’s even bolder, consider the option Vedette. The V-spelling instantly gives this name an edgy feel, but it still has a soft, feminine sound. While Vedette lacks its own translation, Odette mans ‘wealthy’ and has origins in both French and German.

11 Amaris

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If you love the girl’s name Amara, then we suggest considering its variation Amaris. Although this unique moniker is usually used with girls, it definitely has a unisex sound. It shares the same meaning as Amara, translating to ‘grace’ or ‘bitter.’ It has roots in both Igbo and Latin. Plus, wouldn’t Amy make the perfect nickname?

10 Orlena

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Game of Thrones fans have heard the name Olena before, which is actually the Russian translation for ‘Helen.’ Orlena is a play on this striking name. Both monikers have roots in Greek and Russian and share the translation of ‘bright, shining, light.’ Any little girl with this beautiful name is sure to leave a positive (and memorable) impression wherever she goes.

9 Lilja

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Despite its unique spelling, Lilja is simply a variation of the common name Lily. It’s often pronounced Lil-EE-ah, although it can be said as Leal-jah, depending on what you prefer. Lilja is the Finnish variation of Lilian, which references the flower of the same name. This is another great moniker for parents who want their baby girl’s name to have a floral sound.

8 Rozania

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Names like Rose or Roseanna have been popular for decades, and while that’s understandable since they’re gorgeous, must parents want something that stands out a bit more nowadays. Rozania is a beautiful variation that you should definitely keep on your list if you like floral, feminine names. Plus, Roz would be a perfect nickname option.

7 Azura

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In recent years, Azure has become a popular name for both boys and girls. It refers to the bright blue colour of the same name. If you want something with more of a feminine flair, we suggest its variation of Azura. Colour names are so in right now (just think of Blue Ivy!), so your little one will be right on trend with this unique moniker.

6 Thela

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Short and sweet names are all the rage now, so keep the modern name Thela (pronounced as Th-AY-la) on your list. This name is so new it hasn’t even made its way onto the baby name charts nor does it even have a direct translation. But the bright side if you’ll likely never run int another kiddo with his cool-sounding name.

5 Tahira

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Tahira, which is pronounced as tah-HEE-ra, is an Arabic-originating name that has a meaning as beautiful as it sounds. This pretty girl’s name translates to mean ‘pure’ or ‘virtuous,’ which could mean that any little girl with this name will have the best behaviour. This moniker is perfect for parents who like the sound of names such as Taliah or Tamara yet want something that’s a bit fresher.

4 Kimbella

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Kimberley and Isabella are two names that have been popular for decades, and because of that, they feel a bit over-used at the moment. Kimbella is a beautiful mix of these two monikers that is sure to make everyone stop in their tracks. Though it has no direct translation of its own, Kimberley means ‘from the forest’ while Isabella means ‘pledged to God.’

3 Samaya

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If you find yourself drawn to names like Samara or Savannah, the consider this variation- Samaya. This modern name doesn’t have its own meaning, but it’s considered to be derived from the classic Hebrew name Sameh, which means ‘forgiving.’ A great benefit of this name is that it can lead to a variety of cute nicknames, including Sam or Maya.

2 Catalea

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Although it sounds like a modern invented name, Catalea actually has origins in Spanish. It has a religious-inspired meaning, as it translates to mean ‘blessed,’ ‘pure,’ and ‘holy.’ It’s a great option for anyone who loves the traditional name Catherine. Plus, Catie or Lea would make the perfect shorthand names for Catalea.

1 Nashaly

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Nash has become an increasingly popular name for boys in recent years, but we love how unusual and striking the longer version Nashaly sounds for a little girl. It’s a great option for parents who love names like Natasha or Natalie, yet it offers something a bit different and edgier. Plus, you can still use Nash as a nickname.

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