The Only Engagement Ring You Should Be Given, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What girl hasn’t imagined what kind of ring she might end up wearing on THAT finger? Our tastes are likely to change over the year, but one thing that doesn’t? Our zodiac sign. While you’ve likely browsed through Pinterest or had your own opinions of your friends’ rings – even if you’re nowhere near getting engaged yourself – you might still not know entirely what ring would be right for you. Naturally, everyone’s style differs, but perhaps by looking to the stars, we can better discern what ring would suit us – according to our zodiac sign, at least.

We know that ring-shopping has become more of a collaborative effort lately, all the better to ensure that you get something you both want (and can afford), even if it does ruin the surprise a little bit. That being said, figuring out where to start might be the best course of action. Are you a textbook Aries, prone to picking a style that’s bold and somewhat flashy, or are you like the minimalist Virgo, who prefers her ring with smaller stones and a whole lot of quality? Take a break from your Pinterest dream-shopping and check out what we have to say about what’ll be in that little box when he gets down on one knee!


15 Aries: Go Bold

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As an Aries, you’re never afraid of going big instead of going home. Dainty rings don’t interest you, because your personality has never been that of a wallflower or shrinking violet. Instead, you want to show off what you’ve got, and what better way to do that than with a big, sparkly ring that’ll be the envy of all your friends?

Aries girls want to be noticed, and while they appreciate classic style, they don’t want anything too boring. A radiant-cut or cushion-cut ring like this one, surrounded by a halo of diamonds gets extra points for bringing the bling without looking too ho-hum. You’re comfortable experimenting with colours, too, but there’s just something about a blindingly shiny rock that speaks to you. Not in the budget for something quite this fabulous? Alternative stones like morganite can offer just as much star power without emptying your (and your fiancé’s) wallet.

14 Taurus: Classic With A Twist

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Taurus women know what it means to have things of the best quality, and they’re willing to spend an arm and a leg to get it. You’re a classic sign who loves the timeless quality of a simple ring, but you also appreciate something beautiful and unique. Since you’re ruled by the planet Venus, you have a keen eye for aesthetics, so choosing something with an Art Deco vibe is bound to make you swoon.

You’re not a sign who loves drama in your life, since you tend to be a bit of a homebody, but you can’t resist the allure of a statement-making ring like this one. Something that catches the eye with a major dose of visual interest is what you’re all about. Plus, the vintage vibes that this engagement ring gives off calls to mind a more romantic time of decades past, and how can you resist that? All those diamonds in different cuts, plus a little added rose gold oomph? You’ll definitely be saying, “I do”!

13 Gemini: Mixing Metals

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Gemini gals love to get playful with their style, and you can be hard to pin down, which is why it was probably a bit of a headache for your guy to finally settle on something when it came time to pop the question. Have no fear, though, lovers of Gemini ladies, because we have the perfect ring for you to ask with!

Owing to the duality of women born under Gemini, a mixed-metal ring that plays with colour and style is the best way for you to have your cake and eat it too. You love the unexpected, so something like platinum and rose gold or yellow gold and silver keep you from being bored with something plain and uninspired. To up the ante for your ideal ring, an unexpected setting keeps everyone interested in what you have going on on that finger, and some unorthodox or alternative stones can also give you that little extra something that you’re able to rock like no other sign of the zodiac!

12 Cancer: Endless Love


If you’re born under the sign of Cancer, you’ve probably been imagining your wedding and engagement for years. You’re a sucker for romance and, while you tend to be suspicious when it comes to matters of the heart, you can’t help but fall head over heels time and time again, and so it makes sense that you’d have a ring that reflects that.

You’re certainly enamoured by the classic trappings of engagement, which is why diamonds are a must for you (any alternative stones might be proof of a lack of commitment to your busy mind), but your sentimental nature also has you wanting something a little extra, some proof that this is truly The One and that your love will last forever. An infinity band made up of smaller stones in place of a solitaire diamond has you conjuring up images of a love that will last through the ages and really, what’s better than that?

11 Leo: Princess At Heart

Leo ladies are known for their love of drama, so an understated engagement ring or something on the smaller scale simply won’t do for this star sign. You need that extra dose of sparkle with something majorly blingy. A statement-making ring with a stone that looks too heavy to lift and has everyone on the street stopping to give you a compliment provides you with the attention you crave.

You’re naturally a generous soul and will pull out all the stops to prove to your loved ones just how much you care. Of course, you expect the same in return, so a big and blinding stone acts as proof of how much love your SO has for you. While some might call it ostentatious, high-quality stones, intricate settings, and a shiny band (perhaps dotted with extra stones) are simply what you expect to prove how important you are to your fiancé and, considering your flair for the dramatic, who can blame you for knowing what you want?

10 Virgo: Petite & Pretty

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Getting a major-league stone or something that you’ll have to turn inwards anytime you take public transportation simply isn’t you, Virgo girl. Instead of something over-the-top, your minimalist style will draw you towards smaller stones in simpler settings. That isn’t to say that what you want is cheap. On the contrary, finding some smaller stones of a high cut and clarity can be just as expensive, but they appear less extravagant than some other engagement rings.

You love the little details that make things great, thanks to your analytical mind. A row of tiny diamonds symbolizes how the little things can make one impressive thing when put together. Delicate and practical, a ring like this fits perfectly with your Earth Mother vibe and goes with pretty much everything without drawing all eyes to you, since we know you’re basically allergic to being in the spotlight. Teeny-tiny, both contemporary and old-school, this is the ring for you!

9 Libra: Flying Solo

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Like Taurus girls, Libra is also ruled by the planet Venus, which means you’re in love with aesthetics and beauty. Functionality falls by the wayside when it comes to jewellery and you’re a sucker for romance. The key to your heart – and your “I do” – comes in the form of a striking solitaire diamond.

Round- and oval-cut diamonds like the one shown here are a little sweeter and less in-your-face than a square- or emerald-cut diamond, which can read as harsh to you. Combined with an embellished band in rose gold, white gold, or platinum, and you have a real winner for a Libra lady like you! Your taste can be posh, but it isn’t basic. Avoiding the increasingly popular cushion-cut ring and halo setting means that you’ll still have a one-of-a-kind, elegant piece that will work as the best kind of heirloom to pass down to your daughters and granddaughters!


8 Scorpio: Embrace the Dark Side

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Look, not every bride-to-be wants something sparkly and run-of-the-mill. Rather than choose a plain diamond with a simple band, a Scorpio woman is more drawn to the dark side of things, even when it comes to her engagement ring.

As mysterious as you are sexy, a dark or intensely-coloured diamond is edgy and certainly not for the faint of heart. You won’t catch a Virgo girl wearing one of these! You’re a sign that is incredibly passionate, and to choose a black- or chocolate-coloured diamond means that you know this is one commitment you won’t be walking away from. You’re a sign with intense emotional depths, just like the colours of this ring. Others might take it to be a sign of ominousness or unluckiness, but you know that it really symbolizes how passionate you are about your partner and how deep your love goes. Totally unconventional, it’s the engagement ring to end all engagement rings.

7 Sagittarius: Go For the Rose Gold

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While other signs can be deeply romantic and certainly feminine, and are thus more inclined to opt for rose gold when it comes to picking a metal for their engagement ring, no one needs it as badly as a Sagittarius girl.

It’s a shocker that you even managed to settle down in the first place, considering that you’re constantly travelling the world and meeting new people, but you’ve finally found the guy of your dreams and he’s popped the question. A simple ring with a classic setting that can keep up with your active life is a must-have, but since you tend to go off the beaten track in basically everything you do, choosing a regular old metal like yellow or white gold or platinum is too boring for you. Instead, something with a pop of colour like rose gold is better suited to you. While you tend to shy away from commitments, you can appreciate the romance symbolized by the pink-hued metal.

6 Capricorn: If It Ain’t Broke…


Capricorn women are known for being practical AF, so it might seem a little counter-intuitive of them to want something a little larger in the diamond department. However, Capricorn ladies also spend their entire lives working their butts off and will only get with a guy who can do the same. Ambition is your defining trait and, while you can be frugal in a lot of ways, you also understand the importance of tradition and how sometimes an occasion calls for showing off the fruits of your labour.

A striking stone like this one is classic and timeless – two of a Cap girl’s favourite things. You appreciate fine craftsmanship and hard work, which means that any ring you fall in love with will be of the best quality, strong, and simple. You don’t need fussy extras: a simple solitaire diamond on a thicker band and a pavé wedding band are all you need.

5 Aquarius: Rough Cuts

You’re considered to be the true rebel of the zodiac, Aquarius girl, so why would you waste your time on a ring that anyone else might wear? Alternative stones are your jam, but if you’re fixated on the idea of a diamond, then rough-cut or natural-cut ones are for you!

You’re obsessed with the idea of freedom and have long been considered progressive and original. Thinking outside the box and opting for a diamond or other stone that hasn’t been cleaned of its impurities or differences is what really draws you in. Your artistic and independent spirit make you more able to wear a ring like this than any other sign of the zodiac, since they might find it ugly or improper to wear it for so meaningful an event. (If you cared about what they had to say, though, you wouldn’t be much of an Aquarius!) Your intellectual mind sees the beauty in the unconventional, and you can be sure that a ring like this one is bound to get noticed in the best possible way!

4 Pisces: Timeless Romance

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The key to the Pisces girl’s heart is nothing short of a timeless, vintage-inspired ring. Your dreamy and romantic mind will often have you fantasizing about your knight in shining armour, so of course you need a ring to match! If you can’t afford a vintage-inspired ring, you might find yourself trawling through antique stores or estate sales for something that is legitimately vintage! You love a good story, and the idea of wearing a ring that once belonged to someone else and also symbolizes their rich history is too seductive for you to turn away from.

You can get lost in thought, Pisces girl, and so a ring like this one, which gives off an antique vibe, has you imagining who wore it before you and who will wear it after you. Interesting side stones appeal to your creative personality, a round-cut ring plays to your feminine sensibilities, and altogether it makes for the ideal ring for the Pisces wearer.

3 BONUS Cancer: The Key To Your Heart

Much like the infinity band mentioned earlier, the sentimental and sensitive Cancer that you are is also likely to fall in love with a visual reflection of the mutual adoration between you and your SO. A heart-shaped diamond might read as girly or over-the-top to some, but you’re not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve – or on your finger. You want everyone to know just how happy and in love you are, and your sense of romance will only become more inflamed with a ring like this one. Up the feminine factor even more and get it in rose gold!

Adding a little extra bling via side stones or a halo setting will have you swooning over all things sparkly but truly, it’s the centre stone that counts the most in your eyes. A ring like this one is ideal for a Cancer girl because it promises you everything you’ve always wanted: love, romance, passion, and the timelessness of it all.

2 BONUS Libra: Floral Arrangement

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Ruled by Venus, Libra ladies like you are all about appearances. You love anything beautiful and can be persuaded by most pretty things, which means an engagement ring has to really knock your socks off. A floral-styled ring is one of the most feminine and romantic ways of proposing, and it’d be hard for a Libra girl to say no when her guy gets down on one knee with this bad boy!

Delicate scrolls and metalwork make this ring one-of-a-kind and the unconventional setting is just enough to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Combined with a major diamond in the centre, your classic style sensibilities are appeased without looking like any old ring. Rose gold is likely to be your preferred metal for its feminine look, but you’re certainly not opposed to other high-quality metals like platinum, yellow gold, or white gold. Vintage and oh-so-romantic, this is a whole new take on the term “floral arrangement”.

1 BONUS Sagittarius: Blue Valentine

Blue is your power colour, Sagittarius girl, and since you’ve always loved a bit of colour in all aspects of your life, why stop when it comes to wearing the one piece of jewellery you’ll have on (hopefully) forever? A sapphire is a brilliant way of incorporating your zodiac colour into your engagement ring, and a classic cut and setting like this one ensures that you’ll be comfortable wearing it, without feeling the need to take it off for any of your daredevil activities. Since you’re adventurous and open to change, an alternative to the traditional diamond is something you’re very into it, especially because it means few people will have a ring close to yours.

If you’re really hankering for some diamonds (and, honestly, who can blame you?), a halo setting with smaller diamonds surrounding you sapphire, like the one shown here, or other settings that allow for smaller stones will speak to you and have you going gaga over your totally unique and totally gorgeous ring!


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