The Only 20 Things You Should Pack In Your Suitcase

When we head to the beach for a relaxing getaway or embark on an adventure in a new city, we always find ourselves bringing too much or too little. What could possibly fix this dilemma? This list of 20 things you should pack in your suitcase! This is a guide to help cover the basics for the modern woman. Use this list as an outline to make sure you have everything you need, without lacking a chic and timeless style during your travels. Handling everything with grace is totally key. While traveling can definitely be fun, it can also be pretty exhausting, so this guide will make sure that you're only packing the essentials. Not only will you have room for the extras that you need to bring along but you’ll be less stressed when it comes to packing. You’ll be sporting the latest fashion, you’ll be able to mix and match to create many looks for various occasions, and you'll save room in your precious luggage! Read on to find out the 20 things that you absolutely have to have when you're making your wanderlust a reality, from jeans to your favorite dress to yes, your slippers!

20 Simple Jeans

You can never go wrong with a pair of simple and minimalist jeans. Since jeans are definitely an item of clothing that can be dressed up or down, these are definitely an essential in your suitcase. Whether your fave pair is light wash, medium, or dark, jeans can be used to dress up an outfit if you add a fitted blazer, a great hairstyle, and some awesome makeup. Jeans can easily also be dressed down with a classic halter top, flats or boots with a slight heel, and little to no jewelry. Both looks are up-to-date and trendy in many places around the globe, so you can never go wrong with the clean simplicity that a look like this can offer. Jeans are also a staple when it comes to choosing what to wear during the day and transforming your look into something that works in the evening too. That's even easier to do with a dark wash.

19 Tortoiseshell Glasses

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It’s not about the shape of the frames anymore, it’s all about the tortoiseshell! This is a print that can be spotted from a mile away.  Whether you choose sunglasses or readers, these glasses are a must. Bring a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses everywhere you go because they go with everything that you already own! The natural hues of brown and black can spruce up any look, transforming it into a chic and pulled together fashion statement. Not only do sunglasses help your eyes stay safe from the harmful rays of sunlight, but they can really pull a look together, as well as give you a mysterious look that you will totally love. They’re perfect for when you’re stressed since they hide your eyes. What else could you ask for? These are chic and go with everything under the sun! So make sure these are going with you on your next trip.

18 Nude Lipstick

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Pucker those lips because nude lipstick will never go out of style! Tubes of nude lipstick are the perfect travel accessory and are easy to wear when you are jet-setting since you won’t have to worry about it and you’ll still be looking divine! Pop a tube in your bag and you will look amazing all the time. Go for a matte finish so your color (or lack of color!) lasts during your travels and busy days! These are definitely needed for your carry-on bag for easy access and easy touch ups before you land at your destination. Whatever skin tone you have, a nude lip gives you a natural glow and will make you look like you have more energy, making your pout look fuller and youthful. Don’t skip out on this key tip and you will look fabulous no matter where you're going or how you're getting there.

17 Toiletries

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Of course we all need toiletries, but the key to saving space when packing for your adventurous soul is to be sure you plan exactly what you need. Yes, bring your basic everyday makeup, but if you have a night out planned, be sure to bring that tube of red lipstick too! It always helps to plan ahead and make sure you’re only bringing the exact amount that you need. If you know you won’t be tanning during the winter months that lie ahead, then leave that bottle of tan foundation for your summer vacation! Lay everything out on a flat surface and have a small bag ready with all your hairbrush, toothbrush, and styling products that you’ll need during your trip. When you plan ahead and see everything spread out, it’s much easier to deal with and you won't be overwhelmed. You’ll be able to see exactly what the plan is. Another key tip is that if you save room in your bag, you can pack a smaller bag for your accessories and jewelry, too.

16 Maxi Skirt

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One of the most comfortable items of clothing that you should totally bring with you everywhere that you travel is a good maxi skirt. Not only is it lovely to wear around the house, it can be dressed up and will totally look beautiful when you're out on the town! With such a forgiving garment that looks great on every body type, it is an essential that fits you in the best way possible. A classic black maxi skirt could be paired with a sweater and heels for a dash of trendy and chic. It’s all the rage across the pond and being rocked by designers -- just look at the fall fashion line of Tommy Hilfiger.  The best look for this winter is if you wear leggings and heels too. This is something that can be mixed and matched with the other items in your wardrobe. You'll look good no matter where you're going!

15 Crop Top

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A crop top, which could be anything from a cropped boxy tee to a more flattering and dressed up halter, is always going to be in style. This item of clothing looks stunning with a pencil skirt and chunky heels, but however you want to wear it, this is a great way to prove that your style is classic and totally timeless. You can add something more dressy or a simple pair of jeans to look more casual -- the choice is yours. A crop top with a simple saying on the front can be a trendy and cool look if you match it with a large statement necklace and warm hues of autumn. You definitely can’t go wrong with this pairing. You might think crop tops have no place in a winter suitcase, but if you bring the right accessories and cable knit sweaters, you’ll love it and you’ll be warm, too! Always a bonus, right?

14 A Basic T-Shirt

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This should probably be number one on the list! Imagine all the possibilities that a plain old T-shirt can give you and your travel wardrobe. Pack any color from white to neutrals or bright shades. These hues can give you a clean and polished look when you're honestly not even trying! Pair a plain grey T-shirt with a pair of black flared jeans for a true 70s vibe, a long sweater necklace to elongate the torso, and a pair of pleather boots. You’ll be rocking winter better than anyone else! T-shirts are necessary when traveling, but having a signature one you love because it’s so much softer than the rest is the key shirt that you have to make sure you pack. Roll it up to reduce wrinkles and store it away in your luggage. You’ll be ready for anything and will be so glad that you have it with you!

13 Chelsea Boots

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Yes! The classic ankle boot with a little raised heel, known as the famous Chelsea boot, is another awesome thing to make sure that you have in your suitcase. These shoes are not only super comfortable they can make absolutely any look a fashion statement. You won’t be getting blisters from these bad boys and you’ll be able to go sightseeing in style! If you want to create a look that makes these daring boots a statement, add a cable-knit chunky yellow sweater that has a high neck and put on a choker, too. That will definitely add some flare. You can also wear a pair of brown corduroy skinny pants since that will look amazing. Add a pair of brown over-sized glasses and a top bun and you’ll be completely on trend and the envy of the tourists around you! Plus you’ll be comfy, and that's always a must when traveling!

12 Midi Dress

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An evening out in the city would not be complete without a flattering midi dress! The biggest trend last fall was natural colors and nudes. The key tip to rocking a midi dress is to stick to solid colors with minimal accessories, so you’re the focus of the look! Not only is this a look that can easily be styled in any direction you see fit, it proves that standing out doesn't take as much work and effort and time as you might have originally thought. A midi dress look presents a classic and well put together outfit that will completely boost your confidence as soon as you walk out the door. Midi dresses flatter every body shape and with a contrasting nude hue, you’ll look like a piece of pop art! Since you're taking hints from the Kardashian family and their minimalist approach to fashion, you’re in good hands!

11 Nude Heels

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An essential if you bring along the midi dress mentioned above. These heels may not be the most comfortable thing in the world but they’ll pair perfectly with anything from your jeans to dresses. So having shoes in your luggage that are so versatile means that you will save room and save yourself the hassle of trying to fit a different pair of heels for every look you bring with you on your travels. A pair of simple nude heels are the perfect accessory to go with flared jeans and a halter top and you can even rock them with a more practical outfit for winter: a casual sweater and fitted trousers. Either way, you’ll be surprised at how much diversity you have within your travel bag because of all the different styling options you have to experiment with. Go through all your outfits and photograph them to help you keep track of what you’re bringing and how to wear them when you're in a rush!

10 Signature Bag

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Since you’ll be saving tons of space in your luggage while traveling, you want to make sure that your second carry-on is a bag that you can also use as a stylish bag during the day. Or it can be a trendy backpack that will complete any outfit you have packed. Since you’ll be saving so much luggage space, you’ll be able to bring a bag that's big enough for your electronics and journals and anything else you need to have during your flight and travels. Make sure your signature bag goes with the majority of your clothing, that way you don’t have to worry about the bulk of another bag cluttering your valuable space! Less is better! A good choice is a plain black pleather backpack with adjustable straps and gold detailing. You can keep your wallet, laptop, camera, and notebook on you at all times and you'll love it.

9 Statement Jewelry

The number one tip to making any and all of your outfits you’re bringing with you on your travels jump to the next level is statement jewelry. This can literally be anything from a hand full of mini gold rings to a large lace choker. Throw these into a small and safe pouch that can fit in your makeup bag to save space. Like mentioned above, if you plan out your outfits down to every detail, you will be good to go and won't have to stress out about your outfits and appearance during your trip. Sit down a few nights before traveling and before you pack. Set everything out and write down or photograph all the combinations of outfits you plan on wearing! You’ll find that you’ll probably not want to bring everything you set out on your bed, and that will help you save space in the end. The key to traveling for sure.

8 Evening Dress

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A cotton or light linen dress that’s easily able to be steamed for wrinkles is the perfect option for a more dressy option, a classic silhouette for an evening dress. You can go with a solid black with less detailing and that will be a totally chic look no matter what event you’ll be attending. Even if you don’t have an event to go to, you should always pack something a bit more fancy for the hotel nights in. You can go to the bar for a glass of wine and pretend you're a mysterious someone. This is totally optional but definitely a good idea, especially if you're with your BFFs! What about a long maroon dress that’s completely lace and has a high silk neck? The intricate designs are eye catching and memorable, the silhouette is gorgeous and would look stunning on anyone. You'll feel completely fabulous, even if you're just staying in and ordering room service. Why not?!

7 PJs

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Even if you're traveling, make sure that you think carefully about your PJs! You have to put more thought into it than you might originally think. Think about one pair of PJs so you don't totally crowd your suitcase with too many shorts, t-shirts, and whatever else. You definitely don't want to bring a ton of t-shirts that you would never actually wear during the day since that's a total waste of luggage space! Save room for the clothes that you get you excited for the day and actually make you want to get out of bed! You want to have room for fancier clothing and it has to inspire you to want to get dressed and do something fun. Then you won't fall into the pattern of lounging around the hotel and refusing to do something enjoyable. Think about this at home even when you're not going anywhere exciting. If you work from home, you will be a ton more productive if you wear actual clothes and not PJs!

6 House Slippers

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Slippers win over socks any day! There is something about slippers that just makes you feel so cozy and comfortable that we love! House slippers are the key to bringing a piece of home with you wherever you happen to be at the moment. You’ll be living in comfort and that's always what you want to do! Making sure you bring practical yet nostalgic items from your everyday life makes the transition of living in a hotel and temporary place much much easier. Making sure you pack a pair of fuzzy shoes will help you feel less stressed since it’s something you can look forward to. Doesn't a nice hot shower and putting on your house slippers once you get settled in your new home sound good?! Also, they’re much easier to put on and take off opposed to socks that just make your feet sweaty. That's definitely not chic.

5 Your Favorite Book

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If there is any time where you can actually pick up your favorite book and read it, it would be while traveling! Bring an uplifting book in your signature bag for on the plane. Take your time and be present and enjoy the practicality and nostalgia of reading and learning. Books are something you should never travel without. They will transport you away from the stress and will help you center and balance yourself. Bring a positive book that will relax you and create an environment where you feel the confidence flowing through you. You’ll be so glad you did, you’ll be glad you have a place to go when you don’t want to be in the current situation of stressful travel. Think #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso, a classic when it comes to self-help books that aren't pushy or preachy at all. It's super inspiring and motivating, and that's exactly what you want right now!

4 Sheer Kimono

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When you want to make yourself feel better while sporting your lounge clothes or cover up on a breezy night, you want a kimono! This is great to have in your bag just in case or to wear on the plane so you ensure that you're traveling in style. Think about a simple lace black kimono! It flows as you walk and it creates a breeze, keeping you cool and stylish too. If you pair a flowing sheer kimono with a pair of ripped knee skinny jeans, a wedge shoe, and crop top high neck halter, you’ll have no problem pulling off the look with no added accessories. The high neck acts as it’s own flattering accessory, so no need for any additional accessories you’ll need to take off in the security line anyway, or just make you more uncomfortable when trying to take a quick nap on the plane! Who needs all that excess stress?! A kimono cardigan is also the perfect cover-up for when hanging out around the hotel. Warm and comfortable, too.

3 Baseball Cap

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Wear a baseball cap because your hair is messy AF or just because! If you forgot a hair tie or are just not feeling your hair today, you can easily cover it up with a baseball hat that is completely on trend! Just gather your hair into a low ponytail like you would normally, carefully smooth any flyaways down and pull gently through the opening in the back of the cap, you will have yourself a stylish and chic look, casual yet totally wearable this season! Grab yourself a cap, a mustard yellow or burnt orange and you will be rocking those 70s vibes in no time, pair with your chunky sweater and a dark lippy! You will be #slaying! If you pair this look your nude heels, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd and you will be on top of the world, ready to do anything!

2 Your Fave Pair Of Underwear

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Not to impress, of course, but to feel good about yourself despite the stress of traveling! The secret to feeling completely on point and letting that energy flow through you and outwards. Having a hot pair of underwear is the best way to boost your confidence and well-being while traveling. You will feel like you can do anything.... and you can. Pick a few undies that you love so you can choose from a variety each day that you're away from home. It's a really great way to make yourself feel awesome when you wake up in the morning. It's a small thing, sure, but this extra bit of effort will make you feel great. You can even pair a strappy bralette with a scoop-neck blouse and that's the perfect way to show some of your skin while being comfortable and stylish at the exact same time. Definitely chic and elegant.

1 A Watch

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Not just for telling the time! A watch is simply one of the most fashion forward and practical pieces in your collection. A must have when traveling! Under no circumstances should you ever leave the house without a watch. It’s easily one of the most important pieces of history when it comes to fashion. It's great not having to rely on your phone to check the time. A watch is the perfect solution, especially if there is more than one face with different time zones. Talk about handy (no pun intended)! If you pair a matte black watch with a grey sweater so there is a peak of the contrast when you move your arms, you’ll have a subtle but stunning look that everyone will ask you where you got the minimalist watch. This is probably the smallest item on this list, but it will have the biggest impact on your wardrobe, unlike any other piece you own!

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