The Only 15 Things He'll Say When He's Truly Falling In Love With You

Guys can be pretty slick and it is hard to know their true intentions at times – we need to give them more credit, they play just as many games as women. Sometimes they will sweet talk you until your ear falls off for a multitude of reasons: they are trying to get in your pants, they just want you to stop yelling at them at a certain moment, or they are just straight up pathological liars. You really never know what you are going to get in this dating climate, it is always a game of Russian roulette. You have probably been lied to once or twice, and by once or twice I mean a couple of hundred times (shout out to Biebs.) this can lead to serious skepticism when it comes to dating and relationships.

When falling in love, it is hard for a man to hide it. However sometimes their pride or circumstances won’t allow them to just directly say it, but there are other little cues and phrases that you should be aware of if you are wondering whether or not he is falling for you. Here are 15 comments to look out for with your man

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15  “I Just Want To See You Smile.”


Someone who is in love will definitely do everything in their power to see that special someone smile, it’s really that simple. There is an overwhelming rush of joy when a man who is falling for you sees you grinning from ear to ear and happy and knowing that he is the reason is the icing on the cake! That is the ultimate goal for a man who is head over heels... When they are in love, your happiness is their happiness. They smile when you smile. If they are falling for your true authentic self, they will know exactly what makes you tick. What makes you laugh and what makes you upset (and he will never want to do that!) In fact, he will always do the opposite. When you are down he will bring you up in whatever way that you need. It will pain him to see you sad.

14 "You Look So Beautiful."


No, I am not referring to when you get dressed to the nines, stilettos and all and a guy gives you a compliment. I’m talking about when you are just waking up in the morning, your hair a mess and bare faced and he turns around and says, “you look so beautiful.” And you will know if he means it. You can tell that he is looking beneath the surface. In fact, when a man is in love he is very rarely referring to your outward appearance when he compliments you. Sure, he may be physically attracted to you, but it is much more than that. He loves you for who you are. For your personality, or your sense of humor, or the way you care for others. Those are the qualities that he will compliment you for.

13 “I’m So Proud Of You.”


A man that is in love is proud to not only be with you and show you off to the world as many chances as he can get but is proud of your accomplishments and who you are. He will recognize all of the hard work you have been putting in lately at the gym or he will be happy to hear that you did an incredible job on a presentation at work. He will be your biggest cheerleader and your greatest advocate. He will never try to outshine, undermine or discredit your success, in fact, he will cherish it. He knows that he is lucky to have such an incredible woman and he will put you on the ultimate pedestal for everyone to see.

12 “What Can I Do To Make It Better?”


I have mentioned this before, but he will never want to see you upset. However, sometimes things happen that are ultimately out of our control in life and there are going to be events that take place that is unfortunate, stressful, or downright sad that he couldn’t have done anything about. When this happens, he will do everything he can to be by your side through a tough time and ensure that he is giving you all of the emotional and mental support that he can. If you had a bad fight with a family member he will be there to hold you and tell you that everything is going to be okay. This simple sentence can make any girl swoon, and trust us if he says this, he truly means it and he truly cares about you.

11 “I Feel Like I Can Tell You Anything.”

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Men don’t always naturally open up – it takes someone really special to get that side of them. There are multiple forces in society telling them that it is not okay to share their feelings. From birth, they are told things like “men don’t cry” or “suck it up and stop being a baby.” When a guy tells you that they can share all of their secrets and be okay about it, you know that he is in love. Trust and love really go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. Trust is the foundation to any relationship – without it, the whole relationship will crumble – quickly too. A man feeling like he can tell you anything is a sure indicator of how much he is really falling for you.

10 “When We’re Together, It Feels Like No One Else Is There.”

If you have ever been in love, you are quite familiar to this feeling. The feeling that no one else is with the two of you in a room. It is just you and your bae and everything else just fades into the background, but this only happens when you are REALLY in love. There is usually unbreakable eye contact or a lot of PDA to go with it, the kind of PDA that every single person in the room wants to vomit when they see it. But, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks about the two of you – they are completely irrelevant in moments like this anyway. In fact, a car accident could probably happen right in front of you and it will still only feel like the two of you. okay, that example is a little dramatic, but you catch my drift, don’t you?

9 “How Can We Fix This?”


No matter how much two people are obsessed with one another, there is always going to be conflict – it is just part of a relationship, unfortunately. But when a guy is in love, they will always want to come to a solution. They won’t give up easy or walk away – they are aware of how much value you bring to their life – because guess what – they value you as a person! This is a big indicator to see how much your guy is into you. The man that throws his hands in the air and leaves a relationship as soon as he can is someone that not only doesn’t care but is looking for a way out of it in general… beware of that species of men.

8 “I Need You Right Now.”


Another true testament of love. When you are in a happy relationship, you begin to rely on one another in some sort of way shape or fashion. You will begin to want them to be next to you in times of need or when you are just feeling down and out one day. A man who wants to be there for you will sometimes desire that kind of support. The particular statement “I need you right now” means that he trusts and depends on you to make him feel better. He knows that you are committed to him and his needs and he feels okay with being vulnerable and reaching out. He is not afraid of being judged by you. He is choosing you as the one to be by his side and that is very special. Make sure that you return the same shoulder for him to lean on as he does for you.

7 “You Are The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me.”


This one is always a killer for me, I think that it is absolutely adorable when a guy says this, I would argue that it is probably the cutest and it can make any woman swoon when she hears it! It is truly such a powerful statement: think about it. He has most likely been thrown good things his way: whether it be good women that maybe just didn’t work out, opportunities to travel, or success in his career. When he places you above all, when you are better than that time he studied abroad in Thailand, when he tells you that you are the most amazing person to enter into his life and nothing has compared to what you have given him, you can be SURE that he is in love with you.

6 “I Just Want To Hold You.”

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Sure, men are very physical beings. They need constant affection and attention. Any man can say to you that he wants to “cuddle” or “lay down” but when he says that he wants to hold you, there is an underlying meaning to that. Holding someone is a very intimate thing and the term isn’t just thrown around. It means that he wants to keep you safe from the outside world and to share that moment together. It is actually quite cheesy to say out loud, but a man in love does not care about how cheesy he is sounding. In fact, if he is not spewing out corny stuff like this, he is probably not in love with you. Sorry to break it to you!

5 “I Want A Future With You.”

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A man who is starting to fall in love will begin to make grand plans for years to come for him and his girl. He will want to explore new countries with you or move somewhere new, he won’t even care what happens as long it involves you. Guys do not plan things in advance until that they are sure they have found the person that they want to be with and love. They tend to be commitment-phobes as it is. An unsure man won’t invite you to a wedding in six months or book a flight for the two of you if he doesn’t even see you around for that long. He probably won’t even commit to a movie date for the following week.

4 "Fine, We Can Go See That Romantic Comedy.”

Ladies this one is crucial. If a dude is willing to sit with you through any Nicholas Cage movie he is completely sprung. There are less obvious signs sometimes that you have to look out for. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for you, so a painful rom-com is really the least of his worries especially if he is aware of how much you have been dying to see it. He will attempt to enjoy it as much as humanly possible, even if he has to miss out on whatever Tom Cruise action movie is playing in the theater at the same time. I personally believe that romantic comedies are the superior category, but I am in fact a woman, so I guess I’m biased.

3 “My Parents Absolutely Love You.”

Passing the ultimate test of approval from the parents is vital. If he was falling at his own pace for you, this is sure to send him over the edge - especially if he is close to them. It makes things so much easier for him. He knows he can bring you to any family function and have a great time or go to his parent’s house for Christmas dinner without a worry in the world. Let us be honest here, we all know that it puts a serious strain on a relationship when there is no blessing from the parents. It is never fun for anyone to not have the stamp of approval of your relationship comes to your relationship and it can actually sway whether a guy falls in love with you or not.

2 “We Are So Good Together.”

Being compatible with one another is very important in a relationship. Without compatibility, arguments will arise very quickly over the most trivial of things. It can start from something so simple as a disagreement in politics to not enjoying the same hobbies. But eventually, these differences build and become more intense and obvious. Just because two people are together does not mean that they are ultimately compatible for the long run. When he tells you how much he recognizes how well the two of you fit together, it is a great indicator of love and it is also a great way to differentiate love from lust. A man in lust behaves very differently, but that is a story for a later time my friends.

1 “I Love You So Much.”


Well duh, did you think that I was going to forget this one? If you think it is too obvious to even list I am here to tell you that sometimes we as women want so badly to believe a completely alternate universe than reality and it can be sometimes helpful to just go revert back to the basics. Saying those three words is the ultimate way to tell if a guy is in love. If he is just beginning to fall in love, he may hold back for a little while, but it will eventually be too much for him to bare and he will just have to share it with you. If he has said anything previous listed but hasn’t mustered up the courage to say, “I love you”, it is almost undeniable that it is coming very soon.

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