The Only 15 Things Any Guy Will Do When They Love You

So you’ve started seeing this guy and you’re not totally sure how he feels about you or what he thinks about the two of you together. It can be tricky to navigate the emotions of someone else, especially if you’ve both just recently gotten involved with one another, so let us help you out a little.

Rather than tell you what a guy would do if he were into you, like to reply to your texts promptly or be the one to make plans, we’ve got the 15 things he’ll do only when he truly wants you. We’re talking madly, deeply, impossibly head-over-heels for you. You never want to outright ask how someone feels about you, in case of the potential embarrassment and possibility of rejection, so we’ve made it easy for you to learn his non-verbal cues that’ll show you exactly how he feels! You’re not just the object of his desire – you’re the woman of his dreams, and he will be going out of his way to make you know just how gaga he is. So, without further ado, read on and learn just how he’s telling you that he’s totally nuts for you!

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15 He'll Think About You When You're Not Around

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When you’re really into someone, you can’t get them out of your head. Even if you’re past the honeymoon phase where you get butterflies at the mere mention of their name, they still factor into your thoughts. When a guy really, truly wants you, he’ll think about you when you’re not around. The small and mundane details of life might start to hold a special significance for him because they remind him of you! He’ll make mental notes of something he’s come across that you might like so he can tell you later, he’ll think about that joke you told or that conversation you had, or that movie you wanted to see. Thinking about you when you’re not physically present means he just can’t get you out of his head and, honestly, he doesn’t want to!

14 He'll Always Do His Best And Try To Impress You

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Think of it as an alpha male/caveman/grade school thing, but when a guy is really into you, he’s gonna try to impress you. This can take the form of a few things, like rattling off the Italian names of fancy wines when he takes you out to a ritzy restaurant to paying for an expensive date to prove to you that he’s got bank to potentially doing something totally dumb and dangerous in the hopes that you’ll be in awe of his daredevil nature.

He wants you to take notice of him and be impressed by what he has to offer, be it his bank account or his lust for life! It may not always be the smartest thing to do, but when he’s gaga over you, he’s not always thinking clearly.

13 He'll Invite You Into His Inner Circle, And Be Impressed How Much You Fit In

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When a guy is serious about you, he wants to introduce you to his family and friends. This isn’t something most people take lightly, and it truly shows the depth of his feelings towards you when he wants you to meet his inner circle. These are the people who have the dirt on him and the fact that he’s willing to risk that says an awful lot about how nuts he is for you.

More importantly, he cares about what his friends and family think of his special someone, and he wants them to love you as much as he does! If a guy wasn’t crazy about you, he’d keep your relationship on the DL and postpone bringing family into the mix for as long as possible (if ever).

12 He Won't Be Afraid To Commit To You And Only You

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Put bluntly, a man who truly wants you will let you know it and he’ll be anxious to lock it down. Even if he’s a playboy at heart, when a woman really captures his attention, he will want her all to himself. If a dude says he “doesn’t do labels”, it’s more likely than not that he just doesn’t want you badly enough – which isn’t your fault, by the way.

Commitment is a scary idea to a lot of people, but when you’re with someone who truly steals your heart, it becomes a lot less intimidating. If a guy is head over heels for you, he won’t have you wondering what your relationship status is – he’ll tell you, because he wants you all to himself!

11 He'll Always Make An Effort To Be The Best He Could Be For You

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When a man is really into you, he’s going to try. When it comes to dates, he’ll make plans and put in enough effort so that you won’t be stuck in a rut. He’ll shave and wear deodorant, he’ll make you dinner, he’ll clean his apartment and wash his sheets, he’ll remember your birthday and actually get you something thoughtful for it, he’ll crack jokes to your dad and try to find common ground with your brother. When a guy is truly, madly, deeply wanting you, there’s no end to the amount of effort he’ll put in.

This might be where the idea that relationships are work comes in, but when you want someone badly, it’s the best kind of work there is! A guy who’s 100% into you won’t complain about having to make an effort because he’ll genuinely want to because you’re worth it.

10 He'll Listen To You, And We Mean REALLY Listen

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Us women get a bad rap for being chatterboxes who can’t keep our mouths shut, but usually, it’s just because we have a lot to say! Rather than get annoyed for hearing about your workplace drama or friend gossip, a guy who truly wants you will listen attentively and even provide feedback!

We know that we don’t always go to our man to get advice – sometimes we just want to be heard. A man who loves and wants you will understand that sometimes he just needs to be a sounding board and understand what it is we’re saying. It shows that he wants to get to know you better and that he values your thoughts and feelings. A dude who’s just in it to get some wouldn’t spend nearly as much time listening to you rant.

9 He'll Follow Through On Promises And Always Be There When You Need Him

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Anyone can promise anything, as long as they don’t have to deliver on it. Heck, politicians have basically made careers out of doing about as much! But a guy who cares about you will actually try to follow through on his promises rather than giving you empty words. This is because a man who wants you also wants you to think highly of him and respect him, and you don’t get to that position by promising the world and delivering nothing. Reneging on his promises dissolves the trust and he cares about you too much to do that.

A man of his word is one of the best things in this world, and it serves as proof of how much he values your opinion – and your heart. Doing what he says and meaning it is pretty romantic, don’t you think?

8 He'll Want To Spend Most Of His Time With You, And Date Night Won't Be Considered A Chore

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See how we said “most of”, not “all of”? That’s an important distinction here, because a man who wants to spend most of his time with you enjoys your company and wants to be in it more often, but a man who spends all of his time with you is clingy and obsessive.

Wanting to spend most of his time with you means he’s nuts about you, but in a healthy, sane way. He still knows that he needs time with the guys or with his family, but that he enjoys being around you just as much, if not more so! Plus, not to mention that he understands that you’re an independent human being who needs her me-time and he respects that and understands that it makes the time the two of you spend together that much more special.

7 He’ll Make You His Number 1 Priority

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If you keep getting bumped aside for his plans with other people or other obligations, then sorry, but he’s just not that into you. If, however, he makes you a priority in his life, it’s because he’s falling for you – hard.

A man who makes you a priority, no matter how busy his schedule is, sees you for the wonderful, miraculous person you are, and is maybe just a little worried that someone else might lock that down before he does. So, he lets you know through word and deed that you’re his number one. He’s even willing to inconvenience himself – think, picking a date night spot closer to you than to him, making sure he’s there on time even if he has to leave his place early – in order to keep you happy, which shows just how highly you rank on his totem pole!

6 He'll Take Care Of You Better Than Anyone Else Could

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When you really want someone and care about them, you’re there for them, plain and simple. A man who wants you will take care of you, in part because it’s his natural instinct to protect those he loves from harm, but also because he genuinely wants you to be okay, in just about everything.

If you’re sick, this guy will be there to bring you soup, tea, trashy magazines, or whatever else you need. If you’re moving, he’ll volunteer to help. If you’re going away on a trip, he’ll make sure you’re at the airport with enough time to spare. Guys don’t get a lot of credit for being nurturers, but when he’s really in love with you, he’s not afraid to show his softer side and prove to you that he can be the caregiver, too.

5 He'll Overlook Your Flaws

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This guy fell in love with you, so why would he want to change anything about you? If you’re with someone who’s always harping on you or negging you or generally making you feel like crap, that person doesn’t care about you. If, however, you’re with someone who overlooks your flaws and loves you anyway, or who loves you because of your flaws and not in spite of them, because that’s what makes you, you, then you’ve definitely got a keeper!

None of us are flawless (except maybe Beyoncé), and the sooner we accept that the sooner we can move on with our lives and be happy. A man who truly wants you will love you unconditionally, even if you leave your wet towels on the bathroom floor or can never decide on dinner. It’s almost endearing, just like everything else about you.

4 He'll Never Leave You In The Dark

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Like committing to you, a guy who wants you won’t leave you in the dark, wondering what your relationship status is or whether you’ve done something to irritate him.

Passive aggression is something that f-boys deal with, and this guy is not that. If you’ve done something that hurt or annoyed him, he’ll tell you, and he won’t bring it up later on to hurt you. You won’t get the silent treatment as a power-play from a guy who wants you because he doesn’t want to risk something so great! Open and honest communication is a key feature in any solid relationship and a guy who truly wants you will understand that. He doesn’t play games because it just takes time away from enjoying your relationship!

3 He’ll Support Every One Of Your Dreams

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When a man is supportive of your dreams, that is someone you should always have in your life, because they’re in your corner. You’re a strong, independent woman who has goals and interests outside of your relationship and a man who’s good for you and values you as a person wants you to achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to!

In life, you want a partner who can be your coach and your cheerleader, because even we can’t be behind ourselves 100% of the time. A guy who wants you also wants the best for you, and that means supporting your dreams. He’ll lend a hand or an encouraging word when you need it and he’ll never, ever make you feel bad for wanting something more than what you’ve got.

2 He’ll Remember The Little Things About You

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There are the big things a guy is expected to remember in a relationship, like your birthday, anniversary date, and the names of your immediate family members, but when a guy makes an effort to learn all the little things about you, then you know he’s truly in it to win it.

Seemingly insignificant stuff like how you take your coffee or what song always makes you cry or the fact that you can quote from any episode of Friends on any given day are the details that very few people know, but that he’s made an effort to learn, because he feels more connected to you through knowing it. To some, knowing that stuff might be useless or even boring, but to a guy who wants you, it’s all the tiny pieces that make up the most amazing puzzle ever.

1 Most Of All, He'll Respect You

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Respect is such a huge thing in a healthy relationship and one that a lot of people might take for granted. When a guy truly wants you and loves you, he will respect you as a person, he will respect your choices, and he will respect your ideas. Respect may not sound sexy or romantic, but it is so necessary to have in a functional relationship, and any guy who’s nuts about you won’t let this fall by the wayside.

Even if he doesn’t always agree with your opinions or decisions, he will still respect them, as you should his. Doing this shows that he values you as your own person and not simply an extension of him, which is a big deal. It might involve some small sacrifices for him but, when he’s this crazy about you, he won’t think twice about it.

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