The Ones Boyfriends Stalk: 20 Celebs Whose Social Media Gets Secretly Followed

It's the worst feeling in the world. He's said "I love you." He's basically living there 90% of the time. Unfortunately, boyfriends in 2019 come with phones (and the whole can of worms that follow).

Kendall Jenner has over 100 million IG followers. Quite how many of those are guys is impossible to tell, but looking at this girl's skimpy outfits and sultry poses, it's probably fair to imagine the guy worship is high. Kylie Jenner might have millions of teen girls following her for those Lip Kits, but the men are eyeing this Jenner up as much as her sisters.

"Why are guys crazy over Emma Watson?" Girls Ask Guys posted. That question is proof enough. A Harry Potter nerd this girl may once have been, but Emma is now a crush.

Nicki Minaj (talk about intimidating). Kim Kardashian. Emilia Clarke. Miley Cyrus. The list of female celebs that guys are totally stalking on social media is endless. While there's no harm in it, the knowledge that the boyfriend is refreshing IG in the hope of a new pic is a bit unnerving. Wishing they were just following Teen Mom girls? Well, a girl can wish.

Some celebs, like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence, don't have an account. While it's a relief for some girls, there are just too many that do. This list isn't for the faint-hearted, although it is going to be an eye-opener.

Here are 20 female celebs that guys are totally stalking (even if they're praying the girlfriend doesn't find out).

20 Kendall Jenner's 104 Million Probably Includes Your Boyfriend


Kendall Jenner doesn't hide what she was born with. Knocking Gisele Bündchen off her pedestal as the world's highest-paid model in 2017, Forbes now states that Kendall's annual earnings are around $22 million, as Insider reports.

"I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out. Full panic attacks. They wake me up from my sleep, and I need to stand up and I pace and I'm freaking out and crying." Kendall had to take a restraining order out against her stalker.

As Glamour reports, Kendall's anxiety reached breaking point after a stalker was repeatedly breaking into her home. Those barely-there outfits, though? You're probably wishing your boyfriend didn't know she existed.

19 Ariana Grande: 'Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored,' #UhOh

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It's like this girl just keeps knocking out phrases. Ariana Grande is embarking on her "Sweetener" tour, but it isn't just girls in pastel pinks following Ari. Now the most-followed person on IG, Ariana has overtaken Selena Gomez with her high ponytail and signature wink.

"7 Rings" was by far the raciest video we've seen from Ariana. Then again, "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored" is hardly a tame message.

Wait– the girl who is now a global icon is telling our boyfriends to "break up with your girlfriend?" If we didn't love Ari so much, we'd be a touch worried. Also, yes. He's probably following her.

18 Emma Watson: Because She's 'Classy'

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Emma Watson is definitely a different breed. You won't see her spilling out of outfits Kardashian-style. Emma doesn't show much skin, she doesn't post endless swimwear selfies, and she's an unconventional beauty.

"Why do so many guys love Emma Watson?" Forum reply: "She's smart, she continued on with her college career when she really didn't need to, and she's a feminist and activist."

Thanks, Girls Ask Guys. So, Emma is loved for being clever, educated, and the fact that she cares about the planet. Yes, definitely qualities that are appreciated, but let's be honest. This girl is so beautiful, the guys are looking at her face more than her feminism.

17 Rihanna (And It Isn't For Fenty Beauty)

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Rihanna is insanely gorgeous. With unique facial features, soft eyes, and a vibe that gets everyone going, RiRi isn't just a powerhouse of a voice. This girl comes with moves, charm, and an IG following that sits at over 50 million.

"I don't even know what that means," Rihanna said about being a guy icon. "I really do not think about things like that. That's not my goal."

When Esquire called Rihanna an "indisputable champion of carnal pop," Rihanna herself went on The Oprah Show to talk about it, via YouTube. Apparently, she doesn't get what it means. We'll assume that your boyfriend does. Also, can he buy us some Fenty Beauty while he's there?

16 Kylie Jenner (Probably Not Browsing Lip Kits)

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With the Jordyn Woods drama, Stormi turning one, and Travis telling Rolling Stone that he's "gotta propose in a fire way," Kylie Jenner has a lot going on. There's something else she has, though. It's called a lot of followers.

Kylie has a lot of appeal for girls. Over 126 million followers on that IG account aren't exclusively women, though. With her risqué pics, super-skimpy outfits, and a way of staring down the camera lens, Kylie knows she's got appeal.

Asking your boyfriend if he follows Kylie Jenner? It probably won't achieve much. Either he'll be honest and say yes (or, more likely, he "can't stand her"). We love Kylie, but your guy might, too.

15 Emily Ratajkowski: It Was 'An Accident'

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Models, models, models. Emily Ratajkowski might have a tricky name to pronounce, but she's easy on the eye. "EmRat" isn't quite on Kendall Jenner's level, but this girl has her fanbase. When Glamour interviewed Em on being an icon to guys, she said:

“From the beginning, when I didn’t have as much popularity, I made the decision to be as honest as I could about who I am and what I believe, and I have never apologized for that."

21.9 million is Emily's IG following. While you're looking at a married woman, you're also looking at not much in the way of clothes. Ask the boyfriend? "Oh, it was an accident! Wrong profile!"

14 Gal Gadot: 'But Sweetie, She's An Inspiration'

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"I didn't know what I was auditioning for." When Gal Gadot appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about being Wonder Woman, she revealed that the entire audition was blind, as Bustle reports.

With two years as a combat instructor in the Israeli military, this former beauty queen was built for action. Fast & Furious producers liked Gal's "knowledge of weapons," as Forward reports. In fact, Gal told The Jerusalem Post that serving in the army "prepared" her for Hollywood.

She's gorgeous. She's unconventional. No fake hair, no fake nails, no Versace-covered IG. For this girl, we just can't blame the guy. We're following her too.

13 Gigi Hadid: 'But Look At All Those Worthy Causes!'

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Oh, does he wish this is the pic you stumble on him stalking. It would be perfect, right? You walking in and finding your boyfriend on Gigi Hadid's IG. The pic? Oh, it isn't the super-gorgeous model. It's that long list of worthy causes she's backing!

Unfortunately, Gigi does actually back worthy causes. Donning a headscarf in respect of the Middle Eastern countries she was visiting, Gigi ditched the Louis Vuitton for charity work in 2018.

Gigi is an "it" girl. A little less provocative than Kendall Jenner (but totally at the same level), Gigi now has over 46 million followers. Yes, a fair chunk are guys. But the girls are right up there with them.

12 Kim Kardashian: You Might Want To Check His Browser History

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There's definitely been a shift with Kim Kardashian. Once very much a "guys" girl, Kim is now a style icon, beauty queen, and probably the "OG" of this generation's feminine empowerment. Kim runs her own show, she gets what she wants, and most of all, she's funny.

“I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly surprised,"

Forbes quotes Kim saying. With over 127 million IG followers (and one of the world's most daring wardrobes), Kim isn't afraid to show a little skin. Possibly why she has quite the male fanbase. We'd ask the boyfriend to stop following her, but we'd be hypocrites. We are, too!

11 Taylor Swift: Trust Us, He Just Is

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Those big blue eyes. Those sweeping, blonde bangs. Taylor Swift might come with a "Reputation," but it's for all the right reasons. It's a weird one with Tay-Tay. This girl basically is squad goals, but while every girl on the planet wishes she could be cherry-picked by Taylor, the guys are digging her, too.

Ariana Grande said she'd be "so down" to join Taylor's squad. "Do you have to do anything weird to get in?"

Refinery29 might be quoting Ari's aspirations, but the guys are right there with Ari. Problem, though. If your boyfriend is stalking Taylor Swift, you can't blame him on a Kendall level. The girl actually wears clothes!

10 Margot Robbie: Literally, Hi, Guys

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Margot Robbie was on every guy's radar the minute Suicide Squad came out. While her Harley Quinn outfit is #HalloweenGoals for every girl around, the actress herself is a bit of a talking point when it comes to guys.

Margot isn't a Kardashian. The fishnets and bleached hair in Suicide Squad aren't what you'll see on this girl's social media, although you will see a lot of comments from guys. Quite what they have to say? You can probably guess.

While this girl doesn't send out "threat" vibes, you might want to check whether or not your boyfriend is secretly stalking her. Then again, if she is, you've got a whole new way to surprise him– just dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween.

9 Miley Cyrus: Couldn't Care Less That She's Married

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Every guy on the planet just had the world's biggest combined "sigh." Miley Cyrus is now a happily married woman. We'll tread with caution while criticizing a guy for stalking Miley on IG– we're doing the same with her new husband, Liam Hemsworth.

"It’s not about twerking — it’s about music."

Miley's interview with The Independent did see her address the issue of being somewhat of a poster girl for guys, but for Miley, it's about her career as an artist. Over 70 million of us are following Miley on IG. She's got cool vibes, an untamed beauty, and let's face it, a ton of appeal.

8 Nicki Minaj: He 'Wanted To Learn More About Versace'

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Nicki Minaj isn't just powerful– she's straight-up intimidating. Approaching the 100 million mark on IG, Nicki also happens to be super-popular. The #Queen is glam goals for the girls (and whatever kind of goals the guys want to call her).

There's a downside of dating Nicki, as "Barbie Dreams" showed us. Cross this girl, and you'll wind up having the mother of all shade thrown at you. Precisely why stalking Nicki from a distance is safest.

Your boyfriend? You might not be too happy with him gawking at her scantily-clad pics. On the plus side, he could learn a thing or two about Versace. Well, custom-made Versace.

7 Jordyn Woods: Might Have To Share Her With Tristan, But Suddenly Very 'Available'

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Up until February 2019, Jordyn Woods was the Kylie Jenner BFF you were jealous of. She gets to go on Kylie's luxury vacations. She's in the inner circle. As it turns out, that "inner circle" has taken an interesting turn. As Cosmo reports that Jordyn is now involved in the Khloe and Tristan scandal, it's said:

Jordyn is "living her worst nightmare” since the drama broke.

A source told E! that things are tough for this model as the KarJenners unfollowed her on social media. Still, she's got over eight million followers. She's also very pretty. Your boyfriend might be interested in this girl, but it's unlikely he'll get anywhere near here. Kardashians only!

6 Khloe Kardashian: If They're Into Drama

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Khloe Kardashian has come a long way– looks, fitness, style, and all. The formerly lower-profile Kardashian who is now a powerhouse figure has her GA line, her muscles, and one tricky baby daddy.

Elle reports that Khloe and Tristan Thompson have officially "split" in the wake of the Jordyn Woods drama. Khloe herself has been posting some pretty cryptic messages on IG. Which brings us nicely to social media.

Khloe has over 80 million followers. While girls are digging this girl's hair and nails, let's not forget that guys are also eyeing her up. Your boyfriend might follow this girl, but even he might be put off by all the drama right now!

5 Britney Spears: Into Her 17 Years Ago, Nothing's Changed

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The fact that "Baby One More Time" is nearly two decades old? Wow. Way to feel old if you were around for the release. Britney Spears is basically one of those timeless celebs. She had the cheeky, schoolgirl charm as a teenager, but she's grown up.

Guys fell for Britney on day one. Dancing around with a snake wrapped around her body made for some pretty racy performances, although Britney's mom status has since toned things down.

Well, to an extent. Britney might not have a Kardashian-level following, but with over 20 million IG fans, she's got guys, girls, and probably your mom following her.

4 Emilia Clarke: And You Can't Blame Him

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Emilia Clarke is now the face of Dolce & Gabbana. Game of Thrones might be ending, but it feels like this girl's career is only just beginning to sky-rocket. The signature silver locks that the "Mother of Dragons" brought us are pretty much gone, although this pic of Emilia on IG didn't go unnoticed.

"I have a rule: I just don’t Google myself. I'm on social media, but I don’t look at the stuff that other people tag me in because it just [messes] me up."

As USA Today reports, Emilia just doesn't pay attention to the social media buzz. Your boyfriend might DM her on IG, but he shouldn't be expecting a response!

3 JLO: Literally Couldn't Care Less That She's 49

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It's now reached the point where we just have no words for JLO. At 49, this woman has basically earned her "goddess" status, be it from her music, dancing, business ventures, or fitness.

Jennifer Lopez kinda seems to be A-Rod's property right now, but racy IG pics have an "up for grabs" feel. In a way, it would be tough to blame your boyfriend for stalking JLO. Why? Because you are, too.

Jen's IG following now sits at over 80 million– something that's pretty unheard of for someone her age. Actually, for all the flack we give guys for prioritizing youth. Okay, now we're sort of wondering if we should suggest that he follow Jen.

2 Camila Cabello: Crushing On Her More Than You Are

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Camila Cabello is now so "in," she seems to be part of Taylor Swift's squad. Yeah, take that, Kendall Jenner. Beautiful, talented, and bursting with that awesome personality, it's hard to find a reason not to love Camila.

“I don’t have any social media on my phone. I have it on my mom’s phone, so if there’s anything I want to say or if I want to read through what my fans are sending me, I can."

Just Jared reports just how open Camila is about social media. On the downside for that boyfriend of yours, there might be a delay in replies if he messages her.

1 Gigi, Kendall, And Hailey: The 'Triple Threat'

via: usmagazine

What's better than one model for a guy? Well, apparently, three. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin aren't seen together as much as they used to be, but this pic is proof enough that there's a bond.

Yes, it's them frolicking the streets with their casual vibes (and super-expensive clothes). The good news? This group shot was a paparazzi one. No chance of it actually being on his feed. Still, the "triple threat" is there.

Oh, and obligatory disclaimer. If you're the boyfriend who has been reading this entire list, if you've got any sense, close it before she comes home. Or, you know, just be cool and honest?

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