The One Trait He Shares With A Crazy Person Based On His Zodiac Sign

Have you ever dated a psychopath? Your answer might be "of course not" or "no way" but a lot of people share a lot of common traits with psychopaths. The major signs that someone is a psychopath is that they lie a lot, don't take responsibility for anything that they do, and often act on the spur of the moment. They also don't have any empathy, act out and act badly, hook up with a lot of people, and are super charming. They also apparently say "but" a lot because they want everything to be someone else's fault.

Now that you know the major signs, you've probably dated at least a few people who lied to you all the time, were way too charming, and way too spontaneous. Maybe your ex-boyfriend never admitted that anything was his fault and never took responsibility. And maybe the guy that you've got your eye on right now is actually a lot like a psychopath. Sure, he might not actually be one, but he shares some common traits. The best way to figure this out is to look at his zodiac sign. It can tell a super interesting story. What's the one trait that he shares with a psychopath? Let's look at his zodiac sign and see what it says!

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15 Aquarius: No Empathy

Like a psychopath, the Aquarius man isn't going to have any empathy. It's really tough for this zodiac sign to deal with people who are sharing their feelings and having an emotional time.

That's definitely not the best news if you're interested in dating an Aquarius... or if you're already in a relationship with one. If this is your boyfriend, you've probably already figured out that when you're talking about your emotions or dealing with something difficult, it's hard for him to understand what you're going through. This is no big deal if you're dating someone casually but if you want something more, it might be more helpful to be with someone who can empathize with you. Otherwise, you're just going to be frustrated that this guy doesn't get you or how you're feeling.

14 Pisces: Acting Out

The Pisces guy is really emotional and sensitive. That sounds awesome because the stereotype is that guys never cry or show emotions. On the one hand, that makes him a pretty awesome boyfriend since you've most likely always wanted to be with someone who could share his feelings with you. That sounds like hitting the relationship lottery, doesn't it? Just think of how amazing your communication will be.

On the other hand, if someone is really emotional, they just might act out and get sad or angry at the worst, most inappropriate times. And that's why a Pisces guy might be pretty likely to act out, which is the one trait that he shares with a psychopath. It's not the best news to hear, right?

13 Aries: Being Super Moody

Aries signs have a few positive traits, and this is the kind of guy who has a lot of confidence and high self-esteem. When he wants to do something, he's going to make it happen because he put his mind to it. He lives his life with a lot of passion and also tends to look on the bright side.

Those things sound amazing... except for the fact that he can be super moody a lot of the time. Yeah, that doesn't sound quite so amazing, and it doesn't sound like this kind of guy is boyfriend material. That's why being moody is one trait that the Aries guy will share with a psychopath. These people have been described as "aggressive" and "hostile" and that definitely sounds like someone who is in a super terrible mood.

12 Taurus: Not Taking Responsibility

If there's one zodiac sign who definitely won't take responsibility for something that they've done, it's going to be Taurus. Why? Because they are incredibly stubborn. As in so stubborn you honestly wouldn't be able to believe it.

Maybe you've dated a Taurus before and know exactly how irritating this can be, or you're currently going through that right now. Of course, you can hang out with a stubborn friend or family member and feel just as frustrated, so this isn't limited to a romantic situation. When you're with a stubborn person, you might as well expect them to never admit when they've made a mistake. It's just not something that you've very likely to see. Stubbornness has got to be one of the most frustrating personality traits that someone could have.

11 Gemini: Hooking Up A Lot

One major trait of a psychopath is that they hook up with a lot of people. Casual is the name of their game for sure. If you've got a crush on a guy who you know is a serial dater and is always with a lot of different people, he has that in common with a psychopath, and it's possible that he's a Gemini.

Gemini guys are definitely pretty likely to hook up a lot because they've very flirty by nature. This is the kind of person who is the life of the party and who every girl will want to talk to. He also likes having adventures. Since he's not super into settling down unless that person is special and worth it, he might be a total player and you might not be all that into that.

10 Cancer: Behaving Badly

A guy who's a Cancer sign might behave pretty badly in the worst kinds of situations because he can get moody sometimes. If you bring him to a family event or a friend's birthday party, he might act like he doesn't want to be there and keep telling you that, well, he doesn't want to be there.

There are a lot of things that the Cancer sign doesn't like. Since they're homebodies, they don't like being super social or away from home for a long time. They don't like to talk about themselves and like to keep most things private. And if they're in a bad mood, they just might act like a bit of a jerk, which is the trait that they share with a psychopath.

9 Leo: Blaming Other People

The Leo guy is pretty likely to blame other people for things that he's actually done. It honestly won't really occur to him that this is a crappy thing to do. Nope. In his mind, he's perfect and amazing and the best ever, and he's not going to admit when he messes up.

A psychopath is also apparently very likely to blame other people, so the Leo guy might have this in common with him. It's basically the worst trait that someone could have. Well, okay, maybe not the absolute worst, but it's definitely up there on the list. When someone messes up, they should be able to man up and admit it. If you dated a guy like this, this would get old and fast because you would constantly have to deal with him blaming you or the other people in his life.

8 Virgo: Lying

By nature, a Virgo sign isn't a liar. That's a terrible thing to be and Virgos Virgos have some awesome qualities. Some of them are intelligence and logic and being very clean. But Virgos can also be very quiet and might tell little white lies in order to take the spotlight off of them or because they feel uncomfortable in a certain situation.

Virgo guys aren't going to lie in order to hurt someone else's feelings or do any harm. They're also probably going to feel guilty pretty much ASAP. So this is really the best case scenario if someone is going to have any quality that matches a psychopath. Everyone tells little white lies sometimes, right? You can probably relate to this even just a little bit. It can just be super necessary sometimes.

7 Libra: Showing No Emotions

Psychopaths don't have empathy for other people, which means that they don't really show any emotion. It seems like, according to what experts say, they don't feel emotions at all. They are literally like blank canvases, doing terrible things and not feeling anything about it. Super creepy for sure.

Libra guys have some cool things going for them, like being friendly and helpful and peaceful people. But they also feel sorry for themselves sometimes, find it tough to forgive other people, and don't like to have serious conversations or arguments with others. That makes it sound like they're not in touch with their emotions since they find it so difficult to deal with them and process them. And that means that they wouldn't really show how they feel.

6 Scorpio: Being Prince Charming

Scorpio guys are said to be very charming, and this can be the trickiest kind of guy to date. Sure, at first it's all rainbows and butterflies because you think that you've finally met your Prince Charming. He seems totally perfect and you just can't even believe your amazing luck. But then you realize that charm is kind of manipulative and that this guy might not be as amazing as you think that he is.

When a Scorpio guy acts really charming, that is one trait that he shares with a psychopath, which is not exactly the best thing ever. When you think of it like this, you definitely realize that charm is not a positive quality to exhibit and it's easy to want to ignore any guy that puts on the charm around you in the future.

5 Sagittarius: Acting On The Spur Of The Moment

When someone acts on the spur of the moment and does whatever they want, it can be quite of confusing. After all, once you're out of high school and college, you should try your best at being mature and you should understand that you can't always do whatever you want. Sure, adulting can suck and no one wants to take on responsibility, but that's just what you have to do.

If you date a guy who acts on the spur of the moment, it's going to annoy you sooner rather than later. Sagittarius signs are pretty likely to act this way since they love having an adventure in their lives. They like being spontaneous and they're the opposite of organized planners. This is one trait that they have in common with a psychopath.

4 Capricorn: It's Always Someone Else's Fault

Experts agree that psychopaths always think that something is someone else's fault. They seem to carry around a lot of anger, even if they don't show other emotions or any emotion at all.

The Capricorn guy has this in common with them and definitely puts the fault on other people. Capricorns have a lot of not-so-nice qualities, like being patronizing toward other people and thinking that they always know absolutely everything. Since they think so highly of themselves, that translates to thinking that when something goes wrong, it's someone else's fault. This is not the kind of guy that you want to casually date, let alone be in a serious relationship with. If they messed up or did something awful and blamed it on their family member or friend or even you, that wouldn't be cool at all.

3 Aries: Putting On The Charm

Although Aries signs are prone to bad moods, they're not all bad. They're incredibly charming and can really be attractive and seductive when they want to be. If you've ever met a guy that you found super charming (or maybe you just liked him instantly but couldn't put your finger on why), you know how fast you can fall for someone like this.

Aries guys have this in common with psychopaths... because psychopaths love to put on the charm. Yup. They really and truly do. Just think about any movie that you've seen that featured a psychopath as the main character. He was definitely charming. From far away, you could say that it was super obvious and that the other character should have known, but if you meet a charming guy, it's tough to resist him.

2 Scorpio: Hooking Up A Lot

The Scorpio guy is flirty and seductive and has a lot of hook-ups. This isn't the kind of guy that people consider boyfriend material. He's not going to tell you that he has feelings for you and wants to be your one and only. He's not going to want to commit to you and meet your friends and family and hold hands everywhere and move in together and hang out all the time. Nope. That's just not going to happen.

Scorpio men love playing games. He'll be cool with hooking up with you, and then that'll be it for him. He'll be onto the next girl. Yeah, it might sound harsh, but that's the way that he behaves. This is something that he has in common with psychopaths.

1 Leo: Saying "But" A Lot

Experts say that psychopaths use the word "but" a lot because they don't take responsibility for anything that they've done. If you think about the traits of a Leo sign -- especially the fact that they're very conceited and basically way too confident -- it definitely seems like this is something that they do.

A cocky guy is going to say something like "Yeah, I get that you're annoyed with me, but..." and then proceed to explain why he didn't actually do anything wrong or why whatever he did was totally fine. It's more than a little bit frustrating and it's not a good sign if the guy that you're dating acts like this. You should definitely find someone who can admit when they've screwed up (and who doesn't do anything on this list, really).

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