The One Thing You're Doing Wrong In A Relationship, Based On Astrology

People always say that relationships aren't easy, but to be honest, bad relationships are hard and good ones are a lot simpler. If you and your boyfriend are truly right for each other, you're probably not going to have that many problems, and life will be good. You'll genuinely enjoy each other's company and your friends will be super jealous, wondering what the secret is.

Well, the secret is that you're in love, and that you've each figured out what you always did to mess up a relationship... and you figured out how not to do that anymore. It might sound difficult to do that, but it's really not that bad. After all, wanting to have a successful, happy relationship is a pretty big motivator, and that's definitely what you want. So how do you know what you're doing wrong in a relationship... without asking your most recent ex-boyfriend, who you definitely don't want to talk to ever again? Think about your zodiac sign, of course. Your zodiac sign can always tell you the truth and lead you in the right direction. Read on to find out the one thing that you're doing wrong in a relationship, based on astrology!

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16 Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo): Starting A Lot Of Fights


Fire signs are passionate, as you can tell from the name, and they approach relationships in a passionate way. That means, unfortunately, a lot of fights.

Fire signs do everything in a super powerful way. They love hard and they fight hard and it might be too much for their partners to take sometimes, depending on their personalities (and their zodiac signs, of course). If you're one of the fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries), then you've probably heard that you start way too many arguments when you're in a relationship. Chances are, those fights don't need to happen, and they don't solve anything or really serve a purpose. It's not great to do this and your partners really don't appreciate it. If you want to find love, you need to stop this for sure.

15 Sagittarius: Calling The Other Person Clingy


Sagittarius signs really, really hate people who are clingy. It's just not something that they are into. This means, of course, that if this is your zodiac sign, then you do everything within your power to never cling to the person that you're dating.

This might make you kind of aloof and distant and might make the guys that you date wonder if you even like them at all. Because most people aren't really as clingy as you think that they are. Instead, they just like you and want to hang out with you a lot, and that's not a crime. It's not even weird. It's pretty normal, in fact, and if you want to have a relationship that works out, then you have to stop calling your boyfriend clingy when he tries to make plans to see you.

14 Aries: Not Shaking Off Your Bad Moods

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Aries signs can be really moody... and while that's okay if you're single and don't have to deal with anyone and can face plant into a box of pizza while watching TV, you have to try harder to be decent when you're coupled up.

What's the one thing that you're doing absolutely wrong in a relationship? You stay in your bad moods and don't shake them off. This is incredibly annoying to the guys that you date, even if you don't think that it is, and even if they don't tell you. Even if you want to mope around, you really owe it to your boyfriend to force yourself to be in a better mood. Otherwise, you'll never find true love and happiness, and that's a super sad thing to think about.

13 Leo: Wanting It To Always Be All About You


Leo signs do have some positive qualities, like being awesome leaders, but unfortunately, you kind of have a bad reputation in the zodiac world. Why? Because you're, for lack of a better word, super conceited.

Sorry, but the truth hurts, and when it comes to relationships, you always want things to be all about you. You've probably heard this from guys before, but maybe you didn't think that they were telling the truth, or you just didn't care. Honestly, you have to end this behavior because no one wants to date someone who acts like this. It's just not that much fun and won't ever result in a real love story. Relationships involve two people and you have to listen to your partner and ask what he wants and needs.

12 Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): Being Unrealistic


If you're one of the air signs, whether you're an Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini, the one thing that you do wrong in a relationship is being totally unrealistic. You don't want to talk about serious issues when they come up, you don't want to talk about your feelings, and you always think that a relationship should be incredibly thrilling.

In reality, relationships are more about the day-to-day stuff than anything else. Sure, special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are (hopefully) going to be more special, but having a boyfriend is more about running errands with him and laughing on a Saturday morning than going on amazing adventures. You want to find someone who you feel just hanging out is truly special. That's when you know that you've found love.

11 Aquarius: Not Opening Up About How You Feel


If you're an Aquarius sign, then you're not exactly known for being an open book. In fact, you're basically the total opposite.

While other couples are getting mushy and lovey-dovey and sharing how they feel about each other, you find that a super difficult thing to do. The one thing that you're doing absolutely wrong in a relationship is not opening up about how you feel. Maybe this has cost you a love story that could have been totally amazing, so you definitely don't want to let the same thing happen again next time. It might not be in your nature to open up and get personal and talk feelings, but it's definitely necessary if you want to find love (and of course you do).

10 Libra: Avoiding Any Problems

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Libras are people who keep social situations peaceful, but that's not always a good thing in a romantic relationship. Yes, it's awesome that you want people to get along and love each other, but living in a Utopia is not always realistic.

If you're a Libra sign, then the one thing that you absolutely do wrong in a relationship is avoiding any problems. You might think that this is a good thing because then you don't fight and that means your relationship will be happy and peaceful. But, actually, the opposite ends up happening. Not every serious discussion turns into a massive argument or a breakup, but avoiding problems probably will send you far away from each other. You just can't avoid problems. You have to talk to your boyfriend so the two of you can figure out a solution.

9 Gemini: Expecting Too Much

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Gemini signs hate when things are dull and routine. They don't thrive on following a schedule and they get sick pretty quickly of the same old, same old. Since you're a Gemini sign, the one thing that you do wrong in a relationship is expecting too much.

What do you expect? Well, you always expect things to be super exciting and full of adventure, and that's just not possible. While couples who never, ever go out on date nights aren't really going to be super happy, most couples agree that staying in can be really nice and romantic. Not for you. You hate being bored at home and would rather your relationship be one thrill after another. Unfortunately, you always wind up disappointed and bored.

8 Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus): Staying Too Long

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Earth signs are said to be very stable and loyal. Unfortunately, if you're one of the earth signs (a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn), then your loyalty is your downfall when you're in a relationship.

You are so loyal, in fact, that you often stay in a relationship when you should have left long ago. You can't help but always want things to work out and you will stand by your boyfriend even when everyone around you is screaming that he's the worst and that you need to run far away. You're romantic and want to have a happy, long-term relationship. But that's not going to happen if you don't know who is the wrong person for you. Once you figure out who you deserve to be with, you won't need to stay in the wrong relationship, and you can find the right one.

7 Capricorn: Never Thinking Things Will Work Out

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Capricorns can be pretty pessimistic people. When it comes to relationships, you definitely tend to think on the negative side, and you never think that things are going to work out.

While it might be better to expect the worst so you don't end up disappointed, which is something that a lot of people believe, this is only going to upset you. How can you ever find real love if you keep telling yourself not to hope that this love will actually be real? How can you be with someone if you don't think that he'll still care about you a year from now? This is definitely the one thing that you do absolutely wrong in a relationship, and it's something that you need to fix if you want to find love in the future.

6 Virgo: Being Too Shy About What You Want

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Virgo signs are said to be shy and quiet, but that doesn't mean that you're that way all the time, of course. You're better one-on-one or in smaller groups instead of larger ones, and you can definitely a hold a conversation because you're so smart.

The problem you have in relationships is related to your shyness. Even when you're really into a guy, you still find it tough to open up to him and talk about what you want, and that goes for absolutely anything related to your relationship. This does get a bit easier for you if you're super comfortable with someone, but it's still difficult, and it's something that you have to work on for sure. Once you can conquer this, just imagine how great your love life will be.

5 Taurus: Refusing To Compromise

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Compromise might sound super boring but it's an important part of relationships for a reason. You just can't always do what you want when you have someone else's wants and needs to consider.

If you're a Taurus sign, the one thing that you always do wrong in a relationship is refusing to compromise. This makes sense, of course, since if there's one thing that is clear about you, it's how stubborn you are. Even if you try not to be, you can't help it -- this is just you. Although people say that you can't change someone else, you can definitely make a change yourself, and that's exactly what you should do so you can have a happy, good relationship full of compromise.

4 Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio,): Crying A Lot

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Yup, water signs are really emotional. If you're a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer sign, then you most likely already know that this is true. You're the kind of girl who cries all the time, whether you're listening to a legitimately sad song or watching a sad movie or, yes, watching a random commercial. You can't help it.

Being emotional is awesome in some ways but in others, it can really hurt you, and when you're in a relationship, you tend to do something wrong: you cry way too much. Not every argument is going to break you and your boyfriend up and not every discussion needs a lot of tears. Once you can get a handle on your emotions and your crying, you'll definitely be well on your way to finding love.

3 Pisces: Getting Emotional Every Chance You Get


Pisces signs are super emotional. Most of the time, it's pretty cool that you are so in touch with your emotions. People are totally jealous of you because a lot of others can't say the same. Most people are too closed off and don't know how to open up, but you don't have that problem.

You still have a problem, though, and it's something that messes up your relationships. When it comes to dating, you always get emotional, and that's true whether you and your new guy are talking about making things official or moving in together or about something less happy and more serious. If you don't want to scare guys off, it's a good idea to calm down and be calmer about things.

2 Cancer: Getting Too Upset During Serious Talks

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Cancer signs are very emotional and sensitive, just like Pisces, and this can really affect your love life.

On the one hand, it's great that you're in tune with your emotions and doesn't try to hide from them, but on the other hand, your feelings can get in the way for sure. In the past, when you and your boyfriend have had a serious conversation about literally anything, you've got super upset. And you've been so upset that it was hard to reach a logical conclusion or figure out whatever was going on. As you can see, that's not the best way to go. The only way to be in a successful relationship is to move on from this behavior and not jump to conclusions or get too sad or mad.

1 Scorpio: Being A Green-Eyed Monster


Scorpios are jealous people, so if this is your zodiac sign, then this is the thing that you have to watch out for in relationships.

This is a tricky subject since you might think that your jealousy is always totally warranted. You get upset when your boyfriend looks at or even says hi to another girl, so if he says that you're acting jealous for no reason, you don't think that's true. In your mind, there is always a reason. The problem with acting this way, of course, is that you prove that you find it really hard to trust people, and you can't be in a real relationship if you don't have mutual trust. It's basically in your nature to be envious of every girl that your boyfriend knows, but there's no reason to act this way.

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