The One Thing That Will Carry You Through 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We are equally always ready for a new year and never ready for it. We romanticize the new year for what it offers and promises, but we also use the previous year as the standard by which we fear the new year. It’s a paradigm. We anticipate the new year to be better than before, but we also know that history repeats itself. Being one part excited and one part afraid of the new year is normal. After all, humans are but an enigma unto ourselves. But what would happen if you knew which strengths would allow you to be carried through 2018 with greater ease and less stress. Not only would it be a relief to your body and brain, but your spirit, too. The truth is we must live for spirit, i.e. our dreams. The more we can tap into our strengths in order to make our dreams reality, the better we live and the truer we become. And there’s nothing more magical than becoming the best version of ourselves. So on that note, see which strength speak to your 2018 spirit and go forth with boldness and sheer determination.

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15 Aries –The Ability To Step Back


You’re always thinking, Aries. If you’re not thinking, you’re acting upon your thoughts. You don’t waste time. And that often gets you into trouble. You get run down or, worse, have accidents. Now it’s about taking a step back and evaluating what things deserve your time and attention. Not every thought needs to become a project. Not every whim needs to manifest into reality. When you give into everything, there’s not much left for you. While you are completely selfish and full of ego, most of your energy goes outward rather than inward. That’s exhausting. If you step back and ask yourself which thoughts deserve transformation, you can offer yourself the best gift of all –self-care. Remember, in order to make dreams reality, you must first be right with yourself.

14 Leo –The Audacity To Be Crazy


You’re known to be outlandish, Leo. But this year, you’ll need to take that to the limits and really push your creative juices until you wring source dry. Known for being an attention vampire, you’ve gotten a bad reputation over the centuries. Don’t let that bother you, though. You need attention because it’s your fire that gives life to this world. You are under the rulership of the Sun, so of course, the world must revolve around you to some degree. Whatever garners you the attention you seek, do it. Don’t be controlled by social norms or held back by self-doubt. You are full of creative power that is begging to be unleashed and this year will demand more of you. Ignite self in order to set sparks flying –see what catches fire and admire how it all glows.

13 Sagittarius –The Gift Of Gloriousness


That’s right, Sagittarius, you are at your best when you reach your glory. But first, you’ve got to recognize your gifts, then set them on the altar to brew. Your glory is a many-splendored thing. It’s full of adventure and energy, yet quiet with introspection and philosophy. When you can divide your time between those two selves, you’ll reach those peaks, even if it not on foot, but by an arrow you’ve shot from far off in the distance. Learn to be gracious and accept your ability to be both boisterous and silent. There you will find the glory that will push you into greatness. Don’t hide behind masks and don’t focus on others. Take that honesty and apply directly to self. Uncover your true character and point that arrow at your heart –you’ll be happy you relied on self to get you through another year.

12 Taurus –The Power Of Elbow Grease


No one knows how to put the nose to the grindstone and get down to business, Taurus. You rival even the hardest of workers like Virgo and Capricorn. Where they lack stamina, you pick up that slack. Your workload is one of slow and steady measures. This year, find the work that makes that elbow grease feel like the most luxurious cream gifted by the gods and goddess themselves. You don’t need to give into all the work projects and hourly demands, but you will need to find the most efficient way to get the job done in order to pamper yourself. It’s a game of finding out which elbow grease suits you best. It could be finding the right time of day or it could be working in tandem versus alone. It could be finding the work that makes you want to get up. But don’t work for the sake of work, but work for spirit.

11 Virgo –The Will To Develop


You are not that uptight perfectionist everyone claims you are, Virgo. You are so much more. Where you true strength lies is in the intuitive nature to find ways and methods to develop –and not just self, but the entire world around you. The world is dead-set on labeling you the perfectionist and on some level, this rings true. But before perfectionist tendencies come into play, there’s the developer on the horizon. She’s the one that encourages and never gives up. She’s the one that says yes when everyone else says no. She’s the one that believes when it seems impossible. The one who develops has good interests at heart. Tap into that self-developing energy and watch what unfolds. Like a stunning forest flower, not only will you blossom, but your scent will attract more than bees and butterflies.

10 Capricorn –The Determination To Climb


It’s time to come out from the depths of Hades and put those hooves to use, Capricorn. No more can you just be the keeper of time, but you must do something to maintain the ticking hands of time. Perhaps you’ve been idly sitting by, waiting patiently for that special something to come along and give you some incentive. But wait no more, for now is the time to put thought into action. Stop working so hard to please others and the world around you. Be your own incentive. It’s time to climb to the top of what it is you want for your life. In order to find the peak, question self. Ask what is it is you want from this life and start there. No other sign is as determined and ready for the challenge, so take those strengths and elevate yourself to the top –today.

9 Gemini –The Gift Of Gab

If talking off heads was a sport, you’d come first, Gemini. But while many see all that blabbering as a weakness, you know how to use it to your advantage. How you ask? Simple –you are networking the pants of the savviest networking boss. Put the gift of gab to work and get to know people, but not on a surface level which tends to be your go-to style. Try building relationships that serve a purpose –one that goes beyond the physical realm and into bettering your life in some way, shape, or form. You are all that is light, airy, and ethereal, so take those qualities and use them to your advantage and find your community. Having a community to support your will ensure that your dreams don’t fade away into the distance and become vapor.

8 Libra –The Ability To Let Love Be


It should be a sin to love the way you do, Libra. And as much as you’d love to keep going down those head over heel moments that inevitably crash into heartbreak, you’ll be at your best if you learn to let love go. You could learn a lot from your time alone. You could learn even more from loving self. Switch on the self-love button and go to town. Immerse in a world where you are free from the chains of romantic love. This year is about letting love go and being ok with that. Don’t completely forget love, no, however, don’t hold fast to it as you’ve done in the past. This year you will grow by leaps and bounds if you allow self to find love in unexpected places. Take a cue from Rihanna and search for a love in a hopeless place and see where it takes you.

7 Aquarius –The Audacity To Create


You are, by nature, an inventor, Aquarius. In your mind, you’re always building something. But this year, may those ideas come to fruition and may your pioneering character shine like crystal waters under a vibrant sun. To create, one must be brave. You know that. You’ve been constructing utopias for too long now –this is nothing new to you. In order to manifest those powers, you need to go forth and believe in self like you’ve never done before. Don’t get caught up in details or the how or why –just know that this desire to invent is part of you and something you can no longer deny. Set up moodboards and collages to guide you. And find the breath with which to animate your dreams.

6 Cancer –The Determination Of A Household


You are strongest when you are with family, Cancer. Or at the very least, when you have your home in order. Having a safe place to lay your head will give you peace of mind, but also the best sleep of your life to tackle all that 2018 has in store for you. It’s probably been a while since you’ve felt super comfy in your own space. You might have had to share or been somewhat displaced, but this year, you will find your resting place. It could be alone or with family –but whatever it is, you will feel so good about your new living arrangement that you’ll bolster enough energy to accomplish all the projects you’ve had floating on deck. With that power, you’ll be an unstoppable force this year.

5  Scorpio –The Power To Speak


You’ve been quiet for too long now, Scorpio. It’s time to let the world know what you’re thinking and stop dwelling in those deep, dark waters of emotional torture. In order to prosper this year, you’ll need to put a voice to those emotions and let them out into the world. Whether that means having a heart-to-heart with someone, building a dream project, or writing a book –just do it, don’t wait any further. Since you’ve been on mute for quite some time, now it’s time to let loose –but like really give into spirit. Stop holding back and let your strength be your vulnerability. Nothing can manifest faster than a body and mind in harmony and under the power of vulnerability. Come to the surface and shout –the world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

4 Pisces –The Will To Be Here

Too often, you get lost, Pisces. And the truth is, the world needs you. More than that, you need yourself. With 2018 holding a lot of promise, you need to be more present than every before. Stop getting lost in your dreams. Rather, use them as signs and inspiration that will lead you to the self you’ve always wanted to become. Hiding in dreamscapes is all fun and games, but after a while, you must realize you can’t dwell there. The real world, the planetary one, the one you often try to escape from needs you. Your will to make your spiritual realm a permanent fixture is key –it’s the same technique you will apply to manifesting in your waking world. Stop being misunderstood and come forth and let the world know what you’re really about.

3 North Node


Knowing where you north node is placed in your natal chart can improve the way you look at life overall. The north node is the driving force –it is your reason for living. Once you know what your north node is all about, it will be the reason you wake-up in the morning. The house where your north node is located tells you about which area is the most important for this lifetime. It could be anything from self to work to friendships to travel. The sign in which your north node finds itself will be how you approach your goals. Earth signs will make a plan of attack and work in a consistent pattern. Air will pull inspiration from high and low in order to manifest. Water signs will depend on emotions to bring them to the finish line. Fire signs will go after goals quickly and with tons of energy.

2 Chiron


Chiron is the wounded healer. This is the planet that show us where the illness is and also presents us with the antidote. It is both the sickness and the cure. It is our strength and weakness. Understanding our weaknesses is a form of power –it gives us the strength to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves and with the world. When we can identify our Chiron nature, then we know how to locate, accept, and heal that which ails us. This is a huge benefit to our life path. Get to know Chiron and you will open doors and windows into worlds you didn’t know existed. And you will see impossibilities become realities. Facing our weakness is like looking in a mirror and facing our toughest demons –it’s here where we become the strongest version of self.

1 Ascendant Versus Sun


Your sun sign is the spark that drives you to your heart’s desire. It’s the way you respond to the world. It’s your most basic identity and your most authentic self. Whereas your ascendant sign is a mask that you wear when you go out into the world. This is how you want the world to view you –this is what you put forth. While this self isn’t as accurate as the sun sign, the ascendant is a strength in the fact that is allows you to maneuver this world and stay protected. Wearing a mask protects our true self –it’s a deflection from our sun sign (our true self and ego) and our moon sign (deep emotions and inner identity beyond the physical realm). Knowing more about your ascendant will allow you to let your sun and moon signs world behind the scenes without giving away your ego or your private life.

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