The One Thing Literally Everyone Judges Each Zodiac Sign For

The Zodiac signs–Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Based on our birthdays, we all fall under one sign. Whether we truly buy into the way our Zodiac signs can tell us things about our future, there’s definitely a lot we can learn from our Zodiac signs. At the core, we can see our personality and our behaviors in our sign. It’s a fantastic place to turn and learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible. They can help us grow and become the kind of person we want to be. Our strengths, our weaknesses—they’re all right there in our Zodiac sign.

The problem is that other people are able to use our information on our Zodiac sign in the exact same fashion. It’s hard not to judge people based on their Zodiac sign. It’s all fun and games learning about other people’s signs until we start to think about the negative connotation it can bring. It suddenly becomes really easy to say, “Oh, you’re a Cancer” or “That’s just how Scorpios are.” Unfortunately, every Zodiac sign has that one trait that sets them apart—the one trait that makes other people raise an eyebrow when they hear us utter what our sign is.

19 Fire Sign—Aries, Leo, Sagitarrius

It's not a wonder that Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius tend to thrive on passion. Those of us belonging to the fire sign will fight for what we want, but that doesn't mean we won't face judgment for how we go about it. We live for that initial firework-induced stage of every relationship, and might even be a serial dater just so we never have to give up the feeling of those butterflies and sparks whirling around us.

These are the elements others will find in folks like us. They must keep in mind that just like fire, the Aries, Leo or Sag individual can implode when gas is tossed on our flames. People involved with fire signs need to tread carefully, or they just might get burned.

18 Aries—The Foolhardy Risk-Taker

Aries the Ram. We’re the first mention of the Zodiac signs–our symbol being the ram. Whenever we mention to others that we’re an Aries, it puts people on the offense. They suddenly don’t feel they can trust our instincts. After all—as an Aries—we’re believed to be complete risk-takers. They think they’re looking at someone who has no regard for other people.

We’re inconsiderate risk-seekers who don’t think things through. We have no mind of the consequences. We’re definitely risk-takers. We’re adventurous and like to try new things—we never shy away from them. That being said, we’re not stupid about it, either. We know there are consequences for our actions. We like to think them out and weigh them before we make any move. Once we know our course, though, there’s no stopping us.

17 Leo—The Attention Hog

Leo the Lion. Like an alpha lion, people hear the sign Leo and immediately assume we want to be the center of everyone’s attention. All the world is a stage and we’re the main actor. We’re the person who has to be in the forefront of everyone’s mind at all times. That and we’re just concerned with ourselves at any point in time.

As entertaining as that sounds, we’re just not interested in being the center of attention. We do love people and we love being around people, but it’s more than that. We like to think we’re warm-hearted and generous people—we like to put other people ahead of ourselves. It’s fun for us to take care of others—to make others feel good about themselves. There’s nothing self-centered about that.

16 Sagittarius—The Wandering Fool

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Sagittarius the Archer. The Archer is pictured in nature—wandering through the forest—seeking out the game of their hunt. That whole concept is exactly how people see us. We’re wanderlust. We have no desire to set our lives up in a single place. Instead, we’d rather be wandering the earth for the rest of our lives.

Now, that’s not entirely true. We do love a great adventure. We do love the idea of traveling—there’s nothing wrong with that. What we want is to find a way to join this desire to see the world with our everyday life. We know the importance of a stable life and we yearn for that, too. We just have to learn how to conquer the wandering world while we’re at it.

15 Sagittarius—The One Who Wants To Be Alone

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If being a wandering fool isn’t enough of an assumption about those of us who are a Sagittarius, we’re also thought to be complete commitment-phobes. We see a relationship and we run the complete opposite direction. People think we can’t form long, lasting relationships with others because we have to travel the entire world. It makes people think we’re unreliable. In fact, it’s the opposite.

We are reliable and we do care about the people in our lives. The biggest issue is that we get a real rush from meeting new people. It’s that same rush we get whenever we get out to travel. We just have to figure out how to find a balance between our ideal home life and getting out to meet brand new—excitingly new—people.

14 Earth Signs—Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

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You know that friend we all have that totally centers us when we're having a bad day and brings us back down to reality when everything gets to be a bit much? Any chance your pal was born with an Earth sign?

Earth signers are friends for life. We like commitment and companionship but also respect solitude. We understand how easily a house can crumble if it’s foundation isn’t build properly. So, we work slowly to make sure our roots are strong and stable. We know our best chance of prosperity and success is through hard work, yet it often looks like we’re in no rush to get to the finish line.

Of course, this can come with a backlash from onlookers who think we’re lazy or unmotivated. Sometimes our desire to be slow and steady does cost us the race after all.

13 Capricorn—The Unfeeling Stuck-Up

Capricorn the Goat. For whatever reason, we Capricorns have this reputation for being stuck-up, according to Your Tango. We have a high and mighty complex apparently. We’re more important than others and we apparently don’t care who knows about it. It leaves people thinking we’re unfeeling—that we have no emotions.

While other people want to talk about their feelings, we’re thought to have no feelings left to talk about. In fact, we’re actually just so busy getting through our daily schedules and smashing our goals that we don’t get around to expressing our emotions. We have all the same emotions that other people have and we even feel them. The issue is we just aren’t good at stopping our lives to talk about them. We can definitely see how that would make us look like we’re stuck-up. We don’t mean to be. Honest.

12 Taurus—The Stubborn One

Taurus the Bull. The entire fact that the symbol for the sign Taurus is a bull speaks volumes to the way we're perceived by others. Bullheaded. Stubborn. Fixated to a point that could be conceived as insane. We've heard it all before. When people hear we're a Taurus, we know the eyeroll is about to happen. They think nothing will ever get done unless it's done our way because we're that much of an immovable force.

Because they have this ridiculous impression of us, they don’t hear us when we tell them that’s not quite true. Sure, we are stubborn—but no more stubborn than any other person. We have a reasonable level of stubbornness. We also have the ability to know when we’re wrong—and we’re okay with admitting it, too. We might do so begrudgingly, but we’ll still do it.

11 Taurus–The Food-Loving Couch Potato

As a Taurus, we have the house people love to come to. Why? The food. Everyone thinks we love, love, love food. Supposedly, we're the type that likes to sit around all day long and veg out as we eat. The couch, our bed and food are our best friends in the eyes of others.

Now, we're not going to deny that we do have a love for food—but it's a love for good food. We like the finer things. A nice restaurant is something we'll never say no to–who would really? However, it's not like we sit around all day and just eat food. We'd pack on the pounds that way. No, we like the comforts of home and all it has to offer, but we work our rears off every day.

10 Virgo—The Naive Personality

Virgo the Virgin. If that’s not a set-up for being judged, we don’t know what is. We’re used to being called naïve, unknowing. It’s as if we’re a virgin to the experiences of the world. We’re not to be taken too seriously because we don’t have the expertise that other people do. It’s like we get a nice pat on the head and are expected to listen to what other people have to say so we can learn from them.

However, if people would let us talk, they’d see that we’re actually really intelligent. We love to problem solve and talk things out. We like to inspire growth and change. Our input is quite invaluable and could really help those who judge get to the bottom of the problems they need to be figured out.

9 Air Signs—Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Okay, so we might have trouble making up our mind sometimes. Who doesn’t? Have you looked at the latest restaurant menu or tried picking out a new phone recently? There are too many options! In typical air sign fashion, we may flit and flutter from one goal to the next. We just might be diagnosed with ADHD in the process.

Truth be told, we’re just trying to find our way, and we like to have fun while doing it. Air signs struggle to make it through life without giving into the urge to do whatever they want, whenever they want. As one can imagine, this sometimes looks like we’re just selfish. One thing’s for sure—you’ll never be bored with an air sign by your side. But you might not stay on task, either.

8 Libra—The Indecisive One

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Libra the Scales. The ever-balanced scales. The fact that our sign features evenly balanced scales means that people see us as indecisive. We can obviously see both sides of the argument—thus making it impossible for us to decide. Some people think it can be so bad for us Libras that we can’t even decide what we want for dinner. We couldn’t be more opposite if you ask us.

We value the concept of weighing our options—seeing an issue from all angles—and then choosing the one that makes the most sense to us. We know what we stand for and we’re not afraid to chase down that path. We’re not huge fans of confrontation, but if a fight is to be had, we’ll take it head on with no issue.

7 Aquarius—The Cold Heart

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Aquarius the Water Bearer. People say we’re cold-hearted, per Boldsky. We supposedly don’t care about anyone or anything. We are all about taking care of our number one—that’s us. Everything else and everyone else is just cannon fodder for when we need them to be. We find it absolutely absurd that people see us that way.

We’re the complete opposite. We care a great deal about everyone—even people we don’t know. It’s why—more often than not—our lives are put on the path of caring for others. Some of the greatest humanitarians out there are Aquarians. We find great internal satisfaction in helping the world and helping others. Even if we’re just tossing a few coins in the cup of a homeless person because it’s all we have, it means a lot to us.

6 Gemini—The Two-Faced Personality

Gemini the Twins. As a Gemini, we literally have two people as our symbol. That spells out disaster whenever people hear we are a Gemini. Obviously, it means we're two-faced—we’ve got the side we show people and the one that comes out when they’re not looking. We have that side of us that’s friendly and all about getting close to people.

Then our other side is all about snide comments and doing things behind their back that would hurt their feelings. It makes us untrustworthy in such a way that people are wary around us. That’s just not the case. Instead, we have the unique ability to look at situations from all sides. It lets us adapt easily and make more informed situations. We’re the kind of friend whom everyone should want—even if it’s just for the advice.

5 Water Signs—Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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So we’re a little rough around the edges. Who isn’t? So we’re extremely passionate about the things we believe in and extremely adverse toward the things we don’t. Who isn’t? Okay, maybe everyone isn’t that way, but for those with a water sign, this is our way of life.

We take our friends and lovers on some pretty crazy adventures if they are willing to let their guard down and not judge us on the way. The water sign allows us to ebb and flow a little bit more than other signs do. Some would take this to mean we go with the flow. That certainly isn’t the case for most of us. We whine and lament when things don’t go our way, but this is just our coping mechanism. In true water sign fashion we say, get over it.

4 Cancer—The Tough Outer Shell

Cancer the Crab. Everything about us seems to be right there in our symbol. We are the crab. We have a hard, crusty exterior that serves as our people deterrent. We use this hard shell to keep people away—don’t let anyone in. Just shut everyone out. That’s how people see us. We’re obviously trying to keep people at a complete distance because we hide behind that shell as often as we can.

Truth be told, we know we have a shell. We use it to protect our emotions. However, we desperately want to connect to people and find the right people to have in our lives. We don’t use our shells to push people away. We have them to make sure that we are protected from anything that could possibly happen along the way.

3 Cancer—The Waterfall Of Emotions

Another fabulous quality of Cancer is that we are a water sign. We love the ebb and flow of water. What’s more like water in that sense than our emotions? As a Cancer, people roll their eyes instantly. They think we’re big emotional wrecks all the time. We’re happy then angry then sad then happy then sad—over and over. It’s something that makes people think we’re borderline crazy on a daily basis! We have to be psychologically unstable, right? Wrong!

As a Cancer, we’re empathetic and we’re highly compassionate. We’re totally in tune with our emotions and have complete control of them. We let our emotions guide us in helping others understand their own feelings. We want to help people experience the great emotions and keep them from drowning in the sad ones. Our emotions are our greatest attribute.

2 Scorpio—The Fiend

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Scorpio the Scorpion. When we tell people we’re a Scorpio, we get the little snicker and a laugh. It’s something that we can’t help but roll our eyes. We know what they’re thinking. The entire world thinks it. Scorpios are fiends for intimacy. No matter how dark or crazy it may be, apparently, we’re enticed by it. We’ll happily engage in whatever—or whoever—comes our way.

The idea that people think of us that way makes us shudder. We’re not about just anything. We’re about passion. Whatever it is that makes us passionate—whatever sets our souls aflame—is what we engage in. We spend our lives, our minds and our bodies chasing down dreams and things that make us completely happy. Really, we think everyone should live this way.

1 Pisces—The Cry Baby

Pisces the Fish. Cancers may be considered the emotional ones, but Pisces are the real crybabies—at least that’s what people say about us, according to Your Tango. We focus on all the negatives in our lives. We’re said to be so busy doing so that we end up consumed by our lives—meaning there’s no room for anyone else in our lives.

Others think they cannot go to a Pisces if they have a problem. In fact, we’re always there for the people who need us. We’re honest to goodness relaxed people and we like to be able to share that with others. Sure, we have issues. Who doesn’t? That doesn’t mean we don’t have time for other people and their problems. Give us a chance. We like to be there for other people.

Sources: Your Tango, Boldsky

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