The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Must Do In Order To Find Love

The quest for love is one that seems not only elusive, but never-ending. Even for those who find true love, there’s always a doubt –is this the right one and is this one that will last a lifetime? Well, in all honesty, it depends on how we perceive love. If we want to find true love, we must first love ourselves. There is no question about that. Self-love is the quickest road that will lead us into a pure love that fulfills us in ways we never thought imaginable. In order to find love, we must first search self. That, in and of itself, is a whole other journey –one that isn’t easy, yet one that’s full of revelation.

Knowing self means several things. It means knowing your life’s purpose. It means knowing what you like and don’t like. It means knowing what you deserve. It means not settling for second best. It means knowing your dreams inside and out. So first, love self and then, consider searching for that special someone. If your path has led you here that might be a sign from universe –telling you to love yourself or hinting at what you can do in order to find true love. Good luck on both endeavors! And never stop believing in love, no matter what.

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15 Aries –Stop Being So Active


Aries, you are the epitome of fire. As the first sign of the zodiac, you set everything into motion, including love. Without you, the zodiac wheel would not turn. And you know that. You know your energy is need to put many things into motion on this physical plane. The world depends on you. But sometimes you’ve got to give into the chill vibe and sit back and just kick it. You’re liable to be so active that you don’t even notice love when it arrives. Or you have a bad habit of starting romances prematurely. You can’t help yourself but be one step ahead of the game. But if you could relax and enjoy life and unplug once in a while, you might see the right one come your way. Not everything that happens needs your Martian vibes to spark it into existence first –this goes for love, too.

14 Taurus –Let Love Find A Way


Taurus, you are always on the grind. It’s time to get off that train and see if you can’t just let love find its way to you. You pine after love. Being under the Venus rulership, its natural that you attract what you want easily. And lawd almighty, do you attract a lot. It’s because you want a lot, too. And sometimes you want too much, often leading into excessive territory. You can’t help yourself –when you see something you want, you gotta have it. No second thoughts what-so-ever. But as you might have noticed, that hasn’t gotten you very far. Instead of hustling towards love, albeit slowly but surely, how about putting out your love intention and letting love find a way to you. Love knows where to find you, you’ve got all those Venus fumes oozing out your luxurious pores.

13 Gemini –Give Into Shyness


Gemini, you need to reel it back in. Being as flirtatious as you are, you send off the wrong message. Well, sometimes. There are times you want to send off certain messages because you’re a master communicator and ultimately know what you want. However, there are moments when you’re so used to putting out that coy vibe that you end up getting all the wrong love potentials. If you really want to find love, you’ve got to put out those creative forms of expression on hold. Playing hard to get could work in your favor, especially if you’ve got your heart set on that love of a lifetime. Misleading others doesn’t just send the wrong intention, it also misleads you on your path towards a compatible love interest.

12 Cancer –Not Fall Victim To All The Feelings


Cancer, if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice or rather a hundred times. You’ve really got to stop giving into all your emotional whims. It’s one thing to be in touch with your emotions –let’s say sensitive, intuitive, or otherwise. But it’s another thing get buried by your emotions to the point of being defensive. You push more people away that way. You get so deep in your emotions that you don’t even see them for what they are –vibrational forces that are controlled by you and only you. Only you can control your emotions. No one makes you act a certain way, you are to blame. So catching all those feelings and being emotionally unstable is a surefire way to send love running in the other direction. It’s also exhausting.

11 Leo –Let The Heart Shine


Leo, you love to let the spotlight shine on you, but have you considered letting your heart shine. The heart chakra is your gem. This is where you truly connect to people, but more importantly to self. When you can tap into your heart chakra, you tap into source. And when you know source, you become as shining gold. Don’t give into ego, but rather let the heart guide you. Pull on your heart strings and see where they take you. Not everything is about you. Learning how to give of your heart to others will surely bring a perfect match to you sooner rather than later. Let your heart shine in ways you didn’t think were possible. Your creativity is limitless just as much as your possibilities for love interest will be.

10 Virgo –Be A Receiver Of Love


Virgo, stop serving others all the damn time. Not only are you exhausting self, but your exhausting the truth. The truth is, everyone will accept your kindness. Those that don’t shouldn’t be thought about twice. But those that do, well, there are so plentiful that picking out the right one from the bunch could feel like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re constantly giving of self and serving others, how can you be still and see who will give back to you. If you stop helping for once and sit still, you miss an opportunity to serve others. But if you keep moving, you’re busying the body and brain to extremes which might cause a lost love opportunity. Isn’t it better to have tried and received than never have

9 Libra –Don’t Focus On Fairness


Libra, you love to weigh the pros and cons. It’s part of your identity to find fairness in everything. It comes second-nature. But when loves comes into the picture, perhaps you can let go of the fairness you so desperately adore in order to attract a love that authentic. All is not fair in love and war. As a matter of fact, there are no rules when it comes to love. And as much as you’d like to apply rules and figure out the best way to manage love, you have to face the truth –love is not something we can define, control, or even treat as one single concept. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can attract a love that’s free of constraints –one that will sever your love nature even better than one you try to quantify.

8 Scorpio –Come To The Surface


Scorpio, you have to come up for air at some point. Whether you bury yourself under desert sands or delve into the liquid abyss, one thing is for sure –you love getting lost in nether regions. You have a real longing for self-flagellation. And you’d much rather torture yourself than allow someone else to have that power over you. Behind your cold exterior is a human who’s easily hurt. This is why you go deep into self –to deal with the pain and to learn how to survive it. However, you can’t do it all alone. Sometimes, you need to realize there are people who genuinely want to help you –and love you despite and in spite of your hurt. Someone is out there with a mission to love you, flaws and all. It’s not that you shouldn’t be your own savior of sorts, but maybe you could realize that having a support system will make love feel that much more comfortable, a real warm space.

7 Sagittarius –Pay Attention To Red Flags


Sagittarius, you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. Quite literally, you’ve searched the world over with aspirations of a personal sort –you want to discover self, sure, but more than that, you want someone to share in your adventures. And because you have so many adventures, both planned and unplanned, you tend to grab the nearest body and start some sort of fling that later turns into something it shouldn’t –serious. Stop turning momentary fun into something serious. These humans are temporary. And most of them display red flags left and right. But so blinded by your new adventure and new boo, you don’t pay close attention. Well, start. The sooner you can identify that which doesn’t serve you, the sooner you’ll get closer to a love that’s more exciting that any trip you’ve even had or haven’t had yet.

6 Capricorn –Find A Laid-Back Approach


Capricorn, stop working so hard for love. Let love work for you. You are one of the few signs that will stop at nothing to make love a reality. If you see an inkling of love, you go after it. You don’t just love to chase love, but you love to feel desired. Come on, who doesn’t, right? But for you –feeling needed is almost as equal to a good romp in the hay for you. It’s dangerous to confuse being helpful in a way that serves others and makes you feel good with being helpful in a way that sucks you dry of life force. You often take it there, though. Don’t look at love as just an action work, a verb. It’s much more expansive. So while you contemplate what love is, the type of love you deserve, and your love language –maybe you can chill out enough to let love come to you rather than furiously going after it.

5 Aquarius –Set Notions Of Love Aside


Aquarius, it’s not love that needs a revision, it’s the way you perceive it. Love is an enigma, much like yourself. Accept this and you’ll not only feel lighter and brighter, but you will be able to connect with love on a different level. When you realize love is as temporary as you are, when you understand that love is constantly changing –you can see love as a concept of self that exists within and without the body. Whatever you thought love was, let it go. Whatever you’ve been taught about love. However, love has disappointed you. Move on and move forward. Holding onto notions of love that no longer serve you will keep you at a distance from others and do serious damage to your heart and soul. Learn to look at love with fresh eyes in order to breath new life into a love you’ve never felt before.

4 Pisces –Get Noticed Like Never Before


Pisces, you often go unnoticed. Not because you want to be, but because you are often somewhere lost in your own world. Being so spiritual causes a divide between you and the rest of the world. This creates internal conflicts, surely. But this also creates a lot of misunderstandings about who you are. You’ve been thought of as the outcast or the daydreamer for far too long. Now it’s time to show who you are like you’ve never done before and get ready to embrace a little of this physical world in order to tether the spiritual self. Of course, love is spirituality, but it’s also the body. You forget that too often. This is where you trip yourself up and separate yourself from the world. You slip under and everyone around you forgets you exist. Fight the need to go under and be more present. Staying more alert in the physical realm will fortify your spiritual world and both will work together to get you a love that satisfies the soul.

3 Meditate


The best way to attract that which you desire is through the mind. Whatever you create in the mind has the potential to transfer to the tangible world –all you have to do is believe and visualize on a regular basis. Meditation and astrology go hand in hand. Meditation and love are ideal partners. When we can sit still and focus on the type of love we want, especially a love that is compatible with our astrology charts, then we tap into energies that are in our favor. Take five minutes each day to build your dream love life. How does is smell, sound, feel –and how does it make you feel? Focus on the smallest details first and move to larger ones. Don’t forget to give plenty of attention to the type of love rather than the type of lover you want. There’s a big difference and you don’t want to meditation on lust over love or you could be running in circles.

2 Manifest


Write what you want. The sooner you can write down the type of love you want, the sooner the universe will chime into those desires. Energy flows where attention goes. So start building a love that suits you best. Don’t self-doubt or engage in negative self-talk. Stay positive and be realistic. Literally, sit down and write what you want out of love. Be as honest as possible. Don’t hold back. And, more important, don’t lie. What you put out into the world will come to you, so be careful what you wish for. When you take action to write what you want, you’re showing the universe that the love you seek is already seeking you. And things will start to align before you know it.

1 Magic


There are various magic practices that you can employ. To achieve the love you desire, consider doing magic spells. It might sound woo-woo or from another era, but know that magic practices and witches never die. Doing magic is summoning energies that have existed since forever to work in your favor. Magic is goddess worship, too, which wakes-up the divine feminine. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own spells, there are plenty of spiritual experts who can guide you. Be warned that you should do heavy investigation and go based on word-of-mouth before anything else. Magic is not fiction and it’s not a joke, so take it seriously. Find practices that makes you comfortable and build your self-esteem –when your heart and soul are at peace, there are not limits to what you can achieve.

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