The One Reason You Missed Out On The Love Of Your Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We can’t always be lucky in love. It’s unfortunate, but it’s just a fact—the vast majority of relationships end with a breakup. In the long run, you either get dumped or get married. That’s the way love works.

But sometimes, a break up isn’t such a bad thing. Chances are, you’ve dated someone who you weren’t really meant to be with, and you figured that out before things even ended. Every once in a while, a break up is actually a good thing. You walk away from someone who was holding you back, and you may be sad in the moment, but eventually, you realize that it was the right decision.

But sometimes, a break up will leave you feeling totally shattered for months because you genuinely believed that this person was The One. Yea, we’ve all been there—it’s part of growing up. These types of breakups occur for many different reasons, but the bottom line is that you never truly know what you have until it’s gone. Here is the one reason that you missed out on the love of your life, based on astrology—the stars always tell you the truth!

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16 Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius

Fire signs love dating. In fact, they might be the only group of signs that actually enjoys playing the dating game. They love the chase. They love meeting new people. They even love telling their friends all of the awkward stories from first dates gone wrong! But while fire signs love dating, they are often horrible at keeping a relationship going. Each fire sign struggles with relationships for different reasons—after all, they do have very different personalities. But they all share one thing in common—actually staying in a long-term relationship always proves to be very challenging for fire signs. They will find someone to stick with for the long-haul eventually, but before that, they will lose someone they love because they didn’t value commitment.

15 Aries: Unwilling To Compromise

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Aries is one the most stubborn signs in the entire zodiac, and this always proves to be an issue for them in relationships. Aries is set in their ways, and they do not like to change for anyone. But the problem is that successful relationships involve a LOT of compromises. Therefore, Aries often ends up facing a big dilemma. Budge and compromise, or lose the person they love? Well, unfortunately for Aries, many of them are completely unwilling to compromise, even in dire circumstances. After a big fight occurs because Aries was completely opposed to even considering another point of view, it could be the last straw for their partner. This is one of the most common ways that Aries will end up losing someone they truly love.

14 Leo: Overconfidence

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Leo, you might think that things are going great in your relationship. You might think that your partner is totally head over heels in love with you, and everything is moving along just perfectly. But this is how problems sneak up out of the blue. You’re just going through the motions, thinking that your partner is just as happy as you are, when suddenly, a big issue blows up. And you didn’t notice that your partner was miserable all along! Leo is a super confident sign, and that means they occasionally overlook nasty issues that are brewing right under their nose. And when your partner realizes you weren’t paying attention, they’re going to be upset—and they may not stick around for much longer. That’s how Leo loses out in the end.

13 Sagittarius: Couldn't Commit

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Sagittarius loves to run free and do their own thing. They don’t like schedules, working long hours, staying super organized...well, you get the idea. Basically, you can sum up this sign in just two little words: free spirit. And because of this, it might seem like dating a Sag is all fun and games, but it’s the opposite—if you’re actually emotionally invested, that is. If you’re just in it for a short fling, you’ll have the time of your life. But let’s say that you truly fall head over heels for a Sag, and you realize that they’re just interested in a carefree, friends with benefits arrangement. Well, this is how Sagittarius ends up losing someone who could have meant the world to them—they just can’t commit, even for the perfect person.

12 Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

How would an earth sign lose the love of their life? Well, the answers may seem fairly obvious if you know any earth signs! Earth signs are often the least emotional signs in the zodiac. They don’t get super invested in someone unless they’re certain that this person is The One. So what happens if they feel unsure about their connection with someone, and don’t realize how important that person really was until it’s too late? This is how earth signs end up letting a good thing go. They don’t always appreciate what they have until it’s far too late. But each earth sign screws up a little different—here’s how Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn might end up losing the one they love the most.

11 Taurus: Stuck In Your Own World

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Taurus takes everything very seriously. They are very career-focused, and they also care a lot about health and fitness. They stay super organized at all times, they stick to a tight schedule, and they plan everything very carefully. The truth is that Taurus may see themselves as very mindful and pulled together, but they get “stuck in their own heads” a lot. They are so concerned with succeeding and staying on the right track that they aren’t always aware of all the important things going on around them. The right person could be right in front of their face, and they wouldn’t even know it! And eventually, that person is going to get sick of waiting around for Taurus to care. It might take Taurus months of even years to realize what they let go of.

10 Virgo: Couldn't Let Go Of Your Plans

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Just like Taurus, Virgo is a serious planner—this is a prominent trait among all earth signs. Virgo doesn’t like to stray from their plans, either, and they tend to view any romance as a distraction from anything else they had in mind. Whether it’s work, school, family obligations, travels—it could be anything under the sun, really—Virgo will usually have one priority in mind and go full speed ahead towards that one thing. And while they’re blazing towards this goal, they will miss everything else that they’re passing by—like potential relationships with people who really care. And years later, they’ll look back and think, “Wow, remember that coworker who was super into me? We even went on some nice dates...why did I break up with him again?”

9 Capricorn: Choosing Money Over Love

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Capricorn, you already knew this was coming. You are very career driven, which can be a great thing—you are likely much more successful than most of your friends and family! But then again, you also prefer to hang out with people who on your level of success. However, your success might come back to bite you in some ways—while you might be extremely successful when it comes to your career and finances, you might end up lacking when it comes to relationships. When you’ve got your head down at your desk working late hours, and you’re ignoring your boyfriend, he’s going to feel like you don’t really care. And someday when he gets sick of being your second priority, he’ll turn around and leave, and you’ll be filled with regret.

8 Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You would think that these confident and secure signs could simply move through life without regrets. They don’t care about meeting anyone else’s standards, and when they make a decision, it’s final. They don’t sit around questioning themselves and wallowing in regrets, right? Well, unfortunately, no one has it that easy! Even air signs make mistakes...like letting someone they love walk away. Air signs, like fire signs, can tend towards being overconfident. Sometimes they will feel so sure of where they stand with a person—maybe they’re certain that they love them, or totally convinced that they don’t—only to find out later that they were completely wrong. And most of the time, they will be far too proud to admit that they screwed up.

7 Gemini: Refusing To Settle Down

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Gemini, you always have a ton of fun playing the field. But what happens when you’re tired of the game, you look around, and you realize that everyone who truly cared got bored of your antics? It may sound a little harsh, but we know that you can handle the truth. See, here’s what happens, Gemini—you get a little older and realize the value of having one person stay by your side, rather than swapping out different guys to hook up with every few months—or even every few weeks! At some point, one of those “friends with benefits” probably fell for you, and you turned them down because you didn’t “want anything too serious...” But you may look back on that one day and realize you should have stuck around.

6 Libra: He Didn't Fit Your Image

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Libra, you have always taken a lot of pride in your image. But this doesn’t refer to what you look like—it also applies to your career, your friendships, your relationships, every aspect of your social media appearance. You know, just every area of your life, that’s all. No pressure to be perfect or anything, right? You’ve definitely given up on relationships and friendships because the person didn’t quite fit who you wanted to be. You may not have even noticed what you were doing at the time. But many Libras go through a bit of an identity crisis when they realize they were just trying to fit a certain “cool” image for so long, and they let go of someone who really meant a lot to them.

5 Aquarius: No One Is Good Enough

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Aquarius, you are so picky, it’s ridiculous. But this is usually a good thing for you. You take dating very seriously. You don’t want to spend your time with anyone who isn’t worth your energy. This is a mistake that many people make when they’re young, and you feel like you’re ahead of the game—you’re not dating anyone who won’t treat you right, and you’re not going to chase after a guy who doesn’t love you. Good for you! But you may end up passing someone by because they make a small mistake, or they’re not “perfect” right away. This is one major reason that an Aquarius might let the love of their life get away from them, and getting over it will be rough.

4 Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

We’ve discussed how some of the signs won’t even realize when they lose someone important...it won’t hit them until years later when they’re filled with regret over how things ended. But water signs will feel that heartbreak right away! Water signs don’t pass someone by when they’re interested. They will dive in headfirst and go for what their heart wants, no doubt about it. And if everything goes wrong, they will it feel it in their very soul. Water signs are the most emotional signs in the zodiac, which won’t surprise you if you know any. So if they lose someone they love, it’s not going to be an easy road ahead for them. They’ll be crushed for a long time, because they always knew just how much that person meant to them.

3 Cancer: Couldn't Handle Conflict

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Cancer is such a sweet sign, but they genuinely cannot handle conflict at all. They crumble under the slightest amount of pressure. Here’s the problem—even the most peaceful, loving couples will fight once in a while. And when that does happen, Cancer just feels crushed. They feel like the relationship is no longer worth it—how could the person they love so much snap at them like that? How could they be upset at all in such a happy relationship? Well, human beings are imperfect, and sometimes even the best of us let our emotions get out of control. Cancer might walk away from an otherwise good relationship because of a little fight, and then look back to see that this was a huge mistake.

2 Scorpio: Too Many Battles

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So, remember how we just said that Cancer might give up and walk away after one small fight? Scorpio is kind of the opposite. They’ll stick around for plenty of fights—the real issue that Scorpio is starting all the fights. Not so much fun for their partner, right? Nope. And the thing is, Scorpio doesn’t really view fighting like that as such a huge deal. They can take it, so everyone else should be to as well, right? Wrong. No one wants to fight all the time! Eventually, the other person in the relationships gets sick of dealing with the endless drama, and they decide that they’re done putting up with it. When they walk out, Scorpio is left to pick up the pieces.

1 Pisces: It Wasn't A Fairytale

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Pisces has very high expectations whenever they get into a relationship. Roses, romantic candlelit dinners, expensive presents, Instagram-worthy dates, riding off into the sunset together...yea, you get the idea. How many men can really live up to that? Hmmm, not many. That’s why Pisces may end giving up on a relationship that isn’t quite what they wanted it to be—only to find out later in life that no guy can ever meet their crazy standards, and they let go of someone who was doing his best. Ouch! This is a tough realization for any Pisces, considering how sensitive they are. But as every Pisces grows up, they will learn to have more realistic standards for their relationships, unless they want to risk losing The One again.

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