The One Question Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Ask Themselves Before Getting Into A Relationship

So you think you're ready for a relationship! That's great and congratulations on taking this step! You might be just thinking that you're ready for a relationship or actually actively talking to someone about getting into one, but either way, relationships aren't all about the two of you together, they're also about each of you individually. In order to decide whether you're ready for a relationship, you need to ask yourself a simple question. However, depending on who you are, that question can be different. Depending on what your answer is, you can find out a lot about whether you're ready for a relationship or not.

Some people might need to ask themselves why they're getting into a relationship. Are they doing it because they want to or because they feel like others want them to? Others might need to ask themselves whether they're expecting too much of themselves or of the other person. Do they expect perfection where perfection cannot exist? Still, others might need to ask themselves if they can step up in a relationship and be the person they need to be to make it work. Regardless, the question you're going to need to ask yourself is simple and it can actually be determined by your zodiac. Here's the question you absolutely need to know if you're trying to get into a relationship. Make sure to check out your moon sign as well!

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15 Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): Are You Willing To Open Yourself Up To New Things?

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Fixed signs maintain energy and are known as the most stubborn signs of the whole zodiac. You will never find people who are more stubborn and even stuck in their ways as these signs, which is really saying something because all four Fixed signs can be very open-minded. The issue is what they're open-minded about and whether it's on their terms or not. Fixed signs might not be as willing to open themselves up to new things if they're not doing it for themselves. If you're a Taurus, you're stubborn about just about everything, and while that's not a bad thing, it can leave you a bit stuck in your ways. If you're a Leo, you're a powerful and dynamic person, but you might be a little stubborn about where the center of attention should be. If you're a Scorpio, you're stubborn about your feelings and you might have a problem empathizing with your partner. If you're an Aquarius, you're really stubborn about your ideas and while you're an innovative thinker, you might not be that open to the way others think.

14 Taurus: Are You Willing To Let Yourself Be A Little Vulnerable?

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If you're a Taurus, you're straightforward, sensual, and strong, and everyone around you knows it. Your sign is represented by the bull for a reason: you charge into the things that matter to you and you're not going to put effort into anything that you don't feel passionate about. This can make you a little lazy when it comes to dealing with things you don't want to deal with, but when it comes to the things you want to deal with, no one will work harder than you. Relationships certainly fall into this category: when you fall in love you will almost literally fall in love. That being said, while you are open about your feelings for someone else, you are most certainly not open about your own feelings, making it difficult for you to open up in the same way you expect others to open up to you. Can you trust the person you're dating? If you can't, can that trust be developed? If you can, what's stopping you?

13 Leo: Are You Looking For A Partner Or A Groupie?

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As a Leo, you're a person who is self-assured: you know your value and you aren't afraid to let the world know as well, just in case they aren't aware. At your best, you don't play head games, which makes you a very attractive person to date. You're a person who inspires others just by being around, and chances are you know this because you have no shortage of admirers. When you choose to date someone, you need that person to inspire the same devotion and loyalty from you that you inspire in others. That being said, you're often so used to the blind admiration of those around you that you might be a little befuddled when you don't have that admiration all the time from everyone. You're not an egomaniac or anything (although very insecure Leos tend to be), you're just used to being treated a certain way and sometimes relationships don't fulfill that for you. Are you looking for an equal partner or someone to admire you and follow you around? Are you willing to shower your partner with the treatment you get showered with?

12 Scorpio: Are You Getting Blinded By Chemistry And Missing A Red Flag?

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As a Scorpio, you're deeply intense and often kind of scary for those who are jumping into a relationship with you. Scorpios tend to get a pretty terrible reputation for giving their partners emotional whiplash, and to be fair to that reputation, some insecure Scorpios are more than capable of doing that. Assuming that's not you, you're actually one of the most genuine partners anyone can have. The way you feel emotions so intensely tends to get you into a place where you experience love, at first sight, a lot. More importantly, you tend to get stuck on people because of that quality, which can bring out your more obsessive side. Even more, unfortunately, you could end up getting blinded by that and missing something huge that could get you hurt. Are you acting too impulsively and flying right into a relationship? Is this love or lust? Does it make a difference to you?

11 Aquarius: How Do You Feel About Them? Not "What Do You Think About Them?"

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As an Aquarius (of which I am one myself!), you're pretty slow to commit, but when you do, you'll jump with both feet into a relationship with someone who you connect mentally with. You value your own freedom very highly and aren't really a jealous person at all, which makes you the perfect person for the right person. Luckily for you, you're not really a "love at first sight" person: you're far more likely to fall for a friend than a stranger. The right person will bring the romance out of you. Your big issue, and I can empathize with this on a personal level, is that you're very likely to let your brain do the work your heart should be doing. For you, love will be intellectual, and relationships don't live entirely in that space. Can you articulate how you feel about them in your heart and in your gut? Do you have chemistry?

10 Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): Are You Deciding To Be In A Relationship Or Just Falling Into One?

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Mutable signs change energy, and while the four Mutable signs are very different, they do all change energy in some way. These are your "chill" signs, your "go with the flow" types who are great at dealing with whatever life throws at them. However, this comes with a pretty big flaw: they sometimes don't make final decisions for themselves, preferring instead to let life take them where they're going to be taken. When it comes to relationships, a good bit of that is okay, but the last thing you need is to leave huge decisions like that up to fate. If you're a Gemini, you might be moved by someone's words and totally change the course of your life over them, which can be a great quality but it can also be an issue. If you're a Virgo, you will follow your head and let logic dictate things, but you'll find yourself frustrated when you realize that's not how life works. If you're a Sagittarius, you love adventure and will fall into one easily, even if it's not your best decision to make. If you're a Pisces, you're such a dreamer that you might find yourself falling in love with the idea of someone rather than who that person is.

9 Gemini: Are You Willing To Listen And Not Just Talk?

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As a Gemini, you're probably the easiest person to start a new relationship with because you're so forthcoming about your feelings and thoughts. You're curious about people and are by far the best conversationalists in the zodiac, so you make friends pretty easily and dating comes naturally to you. You're intellectual, but you're not stodgy or stubborn about it: you're a fun person about everything. Your romantic partners have a ton of fun with you. However, where your biggest issues lie tend to be not with your ability to talk, but with your ability to listen. You're so used to filling the silence that you have a big problem stopping and listening sometimes. When you catch yourself talking to the point where you're stifling your partner, can you focus the conversation on them? Do you even want to? Are you willing to show then the level of attention you get most of the time?

8 Virgo: Do You See Them As A Partner Or A Project?

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As a Virgo, you feel most comfortable behind the curtain and working to help others shine. You're not necessarily a shy person, but you love helping others. You're often pretty slow to start a relationship and would probably benefit from someone a bit more outgoing and forthcoming with their emotions, but when you feel comfortable with them you have no problem showing your love for them. You honestly love dealing with people who are a bit louder in personality than you: they might be a bit high maintenance, but you really love maintaining them. That being said, you might end up falling for someone for their potential rather than for who they are, making you the person who's most likely to jump into a relationship to "fix" the person rather than enter into an equal partnership. If you weren't there to fix them, would you still like them? Can you take them as they are if they don't change?

7 Sagittarius: Do You See Yourself Committing To Them?

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As a Sagittarius, you love to go with the flow, but you don't fall in love easily. Serious relationships don't come all that easy for you because you feel like you need freedom, but the right person will bring your romantic side out like nobody's business. You're a lot more comfortable with casual relationships and even hook-up culture than most, but when you find the right person, you're full speed ahead into committment...at least until your commitment issues come into the picture. You're actually much slower to commit than most: you refuse to settle and your zest for life might lead you to become way more comfortable single than you are in a relationship. Is there someone you like a lot right now? Can you get them out of your head? Do you see yourself committing to them, and if you can, can you commit to that commitment?

6 Pisces: Are You Getting With Them Because You Think They'll Change?

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If you're a Pisces, you're a person who feels your emotions deeply and are very intuitive about the emotions of others. Even if you're not a person who sees themselves as emotional, chances are you are a person who can sense when others are upset and you know just what to say to comfort them. You are a lot more likely to be looking for a soulmate than most, which is one of the most beautiful things about you: your idealism. You apply this idealism basically everywhere, including with people, making you a great friend and significant other. You expect the best in people, much like you expect the best in yourself. That being said, your idealism can also push you towards people that aren't really right for you or that aren't ready for relationships because you're not necessarily seeing them, you're seeing the idealized person of them that you think they can be. Are you only attracted to them because of their potential? If you're not, can you love this person as they are right now?

5 Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): Why Do You Feel The Need To Rush Into Things?

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Cardinal signs create energy, and the four signs that count as Cardinal certainly does that well. The issue with being a person who's always initiating things for whatever reason is that you're always trying to jump into something new. If you're an Aries, you're a leader at heart, and you honestly love to charge for new things, deep down. If you're a Cancer, you love the idea of falling in love and new relationships feel incredible to you. If you're a Libra, you're deeply charismatic and people fall for you very easily, but you're also a person who prefers to go with the flow, so you keep bouncing from new relationship to new relationship. As a Capricorn, your ambition and dreams are everything to you, and while you tend to take relationships slowly, you will jump right into a relationship that fits into your life plan.

4 Aries: Are You Willing To Give Up A Little Independence For Them?

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As an Aries, you're a person who is direct and straightforward in everything that you do. It's just how you are and it's something that the people in your relationships tend to appreciate. You're very physically demonstrative and protective of your significant other, which is also something they appreciate. One thing they might not appreciate as much is your jealousy issues and how you want to take charge of everything. This is something that could cause a lot of problems for your relationships, especially if you're dating someone as headstrong as you. The question you need to answer is how much do you value your independence. Are you a person who would rather take charge of every situation all the time, or would you rather defer to your romantic partner in a decision that includes both of you? Can you compromise? Can you be honest with yourself about how much you can compromise?

3 Cancer: Do You Have The Expectation That They Have To Be Perfect?

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As a Cancer, you love the whole idea of love and it's honestly very easy for you to fall so hard for someone that you literally can't name anything bad about them. You're so sensitive and caring, to the point where you're kind of willing to put the other person above yourself even if you really need the attention or the love at that moment. You give your all to this person that you feel is perfect, and that can be a wonderful quality. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, and when you realize it you find yourself devastated because you literally couldn't see anything wrong with them. Because they've revealed themselves to be imperfect, you then villainize them, you break up, and then you go off in search of the next perfect person. Do you need someone to be perfect to love them? Do you need to be perfect in order to feel worthy of a relationship?

2 Libra: Are You Going To Change Your Mind About Them Anytime Soon?

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As a Libra, you exude a self-confidence that's very subtle and not so in-your-face as some other signs. You're charming and kind-hearted, and you will never refrain from standing up for what's right for whatever reasons. If you're the type of Libra who knows how charming you are, you're probably quite the seducer. You are sure of yourself at your best, but when you're not at your best, you tend to get a little lost in your own head. This can be terrible for a relationship because you can't figure out how to make a decision and stick to it. At your worst, you might be consistently waffling about the relationship itself. Are they the one for you, and if they are, can you put in the work to make the relationship work? Are you going to change your mind about them the second things start to go south, or are they worth working on yourself and the relationship?

1 Capricorn: Are They Good For You Or For Your Life Plan?

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As a Capricorn, you are probably the most ambitious person you will ever meet in your life, and other people look to you to tell them what to do because you're such a practical, pragmatic type of person. You make an excellent long-term partner because you're always thinking in the long term, and you tend to know this, or at least you learn it the more you get into it with someone. Love at first sight simply isn't in your vocabulary: you're more likely to develop a friendship first and then let the relationship progress. However, when you do decide to date (and for you, it's a straight-up decision to fall in love, there's no romance here), you tend to leave emotions out of it, preferring to date people whose goals suit your own. Why are you choosing this person? Do you genuinely like spending time with them or do you both have something to gain from each other? Is there a spark, and if there isn't, can you live with that?

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