The Olsens: 5 Full House Cast Members They Miss (+ 10 Not-So-Much)

The Olsen twins were a staple in the 90s. We all were first introduced to them when they were just 6-months old on the set of the show 'Full House.' That show ran for a while, and we got to see them grow up right in front of the camera.

They then went on to do some movies and start their very own fashion empire. They have backed up out of the spotlight a bit as they enjoy a more quiet and low-key life. No matter what they do, they will always be known as the Olsen twins who played Michelle Tanner on Full House.

When you are on a show for so long, it is probably safe to assume that you become pretty close to your co-stars. However, when they decided to do the spin-off "Fuller House," Michelle Tanner was nowhere to be seen. This has made us wonder which co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley actually get along with, and who they could be fine never seeing again.

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15 They Miss Lori Loughlin


Lori Loughlin is known for playing Aunt Becky on Full House, and for participating in a bribery scandal. It turns out that she is one that the girls do still keep in contact with.

The proof is in the picture, as Lori posted a picture of her hugging one of the twins when they got together for a birthday party. These three definitely keep in touch.

14 Big Sister Steph Is Missed, But Questionably!


Jodi Sweetin played Stephanie Tanner, the middle child in the Tanner brood. While they may not keep in touch all the time, there has not been any outright snubs for Jodi.

This is a bit questionable because Jodi went through a hard time and when she was attending the premiere of one of their movies, she was not in the right state of mind.

13 The Producers Saved Them, They Probably Like Them


There are a lot of people behind the scenes of a TV show that never really get a lot of attention. However, they are as much part of the cast as those who are on camera.

It is safe to say that the Olsen girls probably are a fan of the production team as they saved their job. There was a point when the girls were almost fired from the show until the producers stepped up and said they needed to stay.

12 Are Critics A Cast Member? Unofficially Yes, And They Are Liked!


We are counting the critics as part of the show, as a critic can have a big influence on how well a show does.

While the show did receive some negative attention, and there was a time when no one thought the show was going to last very long. The critics were big fans of the Olsen girls. They were always saying how good the two were and that the show needed them.

11 Uncle Jesse Can Stay …


John Stamos was one of the biggest stars on the show, and he continues to be quite relevant in the world today. He played the Elvis-obsessed Uncle Jesse on the show. It was adorable to watch Uncle Jesse and Michelle and their super-close relationship.

It turns out that the Olsen twins didn't forget about their favorite uncle and still continue to keep in touch with him.

10 Or, Uncle Jesse Can Go!


John Stamos is a tricky one because while the small group does still keep in contact, there has been some animosity surrounding their relationship.

After it was revealed that the Olsen twins would not be returning to the reboot of the show, John Stamos had some questionable tweets that involved Mary-Kate and Ashley. The main one is simply, "That Is Bull$*^#."

9 He Only Plays Their Dad


Bob Saget played Danny Tanner on the TV show, and he was known well before that for being a comedian who had a routine that was not really family-friendly.

It is safe to assume that the girls do not talk to Bob Saget anymore, especially after it was revealed that Saget used to make some pretty inappropriate comments and remarks about them when they were little girls on the show. They were even seen snubbing him when they were at the same restaurant.

8 D.J Who?


Everyone sure looks happy in this picture, but that was a long time ago. Candace Cameron-Bure played older sister DJ Tanner on the show. She was always there to lend a helping hand and advice that Danny Tanner would be proud of.

However, when it was revealed that the girls would not join her on Fuller House she said that she was very disappointed in them.

7 Didn’t Even Go To A Wedding! Shameful!


Dave Coulier played the cool Uncle Joey on the show. The struggling comedian was the funny-guy who always had a joke or an impression up his sleeve. However, even he seems to be snubbed by the Olsen twins.

When Coulier got married, the Olsen twins were the only cast members not to attend the wedding. It makes us wonder if they even got an invitation, or if they just choose not to attend the celebration.

6 The Creator Can Go To H*#$


You would think the Olsen twins would owe a lot to the show's creators for giving them their big break and making them household names. However, that is not the case.

The only thing that makes this known is that they just refuse to talk to him. Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, has stated that he is not even going to bother asking them to join anything anymore.

5 Still Hating On The Neighbor!


Andrea Barber played the annoying neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler, on the show. She was always the butt of everyone's jokes, but she was still well-loved behind the scenes. She is also one of the main cast members of Fuller House.

However, the Olsen twins don't seem to have any relationship with Andrea. There is no mention of her, and Andrea makes no mention of the twins.

4 What About The Fellow Show Twins?


There were another set of twins on the set of Full House. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky had twin boys named Nicky and Alex. They came on the show later on, but were quickly adored.

Sometimes, the best way to tell if someone doesn't like someone is if they talk about them. The Olsen Twins have never acknowledged the fellow twins, and maybe they were jealous that they both got to be on the show at the same time.

3 The Step-Mom That Could Never Replace The Real Thing!


Going on the idea that if someone isn't mentioned, then they aren't really thought of, we come to our next few members.

On the show, Danny Tanner, spent most of the show single. He did not have many lady friends until Vicky showed up. She was pried to be the girls step-mom on the show. However, the two girls make little reference to her at all.

2 What About Steve? Can’t Forget About Steve?


Steve was the heartthrob of Full House. He was the main man for older sister DJ and has even reprised the role in Fuller House. He was always nice to Michelle on the show, treating her like his own little sister.

However, judging by how little the girls talk about him, we are positive that they are not thinking about him too much.

1 Comet? Not Even The Dog?


Who couldn't love a sweet animal? Comet the dog was the family pet on the show and he was loved. While he was on the show anyways.

The dog actually went on to some pretty well-known roles, including Air Bud. However, we have to wonder if the girls even think about the dog at all, since they seem to have forgotten the rest of the main cast as they've grown up.

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