The Nerve: 25 Things The Bride Actually Asked Her Bridesmaids To Do

Being part of a wedding is all fun and games until the bride turns into a bridezilla. When that happens, it becomes a bad dream for those poor souls who’ve agreed to be in her bridal party.

Weddings are stressful, and we understand brides being a little tense, especially as their day approaches. It's an anxiety-inducing time! But there’s definitely a difference between being touchy, and making crazy, entitled demands. Here's a round-up of the internet’s most laughable bridezilla demands, as told by the bridesmaids themselves.

It’s hard to know at what point a bride officially transforms into a bridezilla, but it’s likely right about the time she forgets that the planet earth doesn’t revolve around her wedding. Her bridesmaids have a job to do, and they’re there to help her, but there are other things to think about too.

They have different things going on in their lives, and while they probably care about the bride a lot, they also care about their families, their jobs, their bank accounts, their partners, their health and their dignity.

These bridezillas don’t seem to get any of that! Keep reading to find out what crazy and outlandish demands these real brides have made.

25 “Don’t Take Any Medication On My Wedding Day”


Some bridal demands are reasonable, but this one just goes too far. One maid of honor online has revealed that her bride “friend” told her that she wasn’t allowed to take any pain medication at her wedding.

The bride was worried she’d be too “out of it” to perform her bridesmaid’s duties.

Yikes! To make matters worse, this MOH suffers from lupus, so medication was kind of important. A MOH’s tasks are important, but you know, so is her health.

24 “Being My Bridesmaid Is A Full-Time Job"


We couldn’t believe this one either, but it’s true! One demanding bride told her bridesmaid, who goes by Dinken_flicka84, that in order to be there properly for her on the big day, she should quit her full-time job to focus on the wedding. No, really. “I was already spending so much money and time, so she figured I could sacrifice my [work], too,” revealed the offended bridesmaid.

Understandably, she told her bride friend where to go and held onto her job.

23 “All Bridesmaids To Have Dyed Hair For My Wedding”


Most bridal parties are required to have their makeup and hair done to the bride’s satisfaction on the day of the wedding. That’s not an unreasonable request, and if you dislike the way you look for the day, sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

But it’s a whole different issue when the bride requests that you dye your hair.

CharmedIsTheOne said her best friend asked her to dye her blonde hair brown because she, as the bride, wanted to be the only one in the wedding with blonde hair.

22 “All Pregnant Bridesmaids Must Be Induced”


Life doesn’t always go to plan. It might be a little inconvenient to have one of your bridesmaids due to give birth right around your wedding day, but it’s one of those things that people have little (actually, they have NO) control over. Chloe explained that her bride pal actually asked her to be induced a little while before the wedding day so that she was “bridesmaid” ready, and able to walk down the aisle in her dress.

As if an expecting mother doesn’t already have enough to stress about! We know we'd bow out of that wedding after those insane requests.

21 “All Ears Must Be Pierced To Wear These Earrings I Bought”


It’s pretty standard for all the bridesmaids to wear the same jewelry. If one doesn’t have her ears pierced and the others are wearing the same earrings, the logical thing to do would be to organize clip ons.

But one bride was so determined for all her bridesmaids to wear the exact same earrings that she forced her friend to pierce her ears.

The bridesmaid said that “… one of the other bridesmaids) who happens to have quite a weak stomach for this kind of thing) and I went into the other room and re-pierced my ears.”

20 “Stay Behind And Clean The Venue”


Yes, there are certain tasks that the bridal party have to perform. We know this. And the bridal party knows this. It’s not all glam! That said though, bridesmaids aren’t there to be servants to the bride, even if they are there to make her day just a little easier.

One bridesmaid revealed that her bride friend “expected us to stay behind and clean” after the reception was finished and all the guests returned home. “I mean everything: sweep, mop, all of it.” After being in a wedding all day, that’s a pretty big ask! It's definitely not something we'd be up for!

19 “All Bridesmaids To Have Long Hair For My Wedding”


Having your hair styled in a particular way as a bridesmaid is one thing. It’s a different story when the bride wants you to completely grow your short hair out, especially if short hair is your thing. “She demanded that I grow my [bangs] out months before because ‘I don’t want anyone’s hair blowing in the wind, it all has to stay perfectly still’,” confessed the bridesmaid.

She was also made to get a fake tan that stained the pink bridesmaid’s dress.

18 “Make And Pay For Our Reception Dinner”


One bridesmaid, who was taking a course at a culinary school during the engagement period, was literally asked by her bride friend to take care of the reception dinner.

Unfortunately, she didn’t just mean prepping or chopping.

“No, she wanted me to handle the whole dinner. As in, cooking for two hundred people … she also wanted me to pay for the food I’d be making, as their gift.” Talk about expensive and totally out of line.

17 “No Bridesmaids Can Be Pregnant”


Cutting someone out of your wedding because they’re pregnant seems a bit harsh to us. One bridesmaid revealed, however, that it definitely happens.

He bridesmaid was kicked out of the wedding after announcing she’d fallen pregnant because the bride didn’t want a pregnant belly in her pictures.

The story gets worse, though. Sadly, the bridesmaid lost the pregnancy. The bride’s response was to invite her back in the wedding, which (as you can imagine), she declined. In the end, she decided to not even attend.

16 “Pick Between Moving And Being In My Wedding”


Having someone who lives overseas or interstate in your wedding might get complicated, but it’s not impossible. That’s especially the case if they will be flying to you for the different pre-wedding events. But one bridesmaid has revealed that when she told her bride pal she was moving states five months before the wedding, she was kicked out of the wedding.

The bride said it was incredibly selfish of her to move while her friend was planning her wedding …

15 “Bridesmaids To Keep Away From Their Boyfriends At My Wedding”


We can understand a bride wanting to be the center of attention on her big day, and in all honesty, it would take something pretty extraordinary to steal the limelight from any bride.

One disgruntled bridesmaid noted that she was banned and couldn't even “look at, speaking to or [dance] with” her significant other at the wedding, since he was a groomsman.

The bride believed that if they were seen canoodling, it would divert the attention from the main couple.

14 “Don’t Bring A Handbag”


A girl needs a handbag on the best of days. Without a doubt, she needs one when she’s a bridesmaid. There are just essential items that you can’t go without when you’re in the same dress and shoes all day and there’s a camera following you around. “I was a bridesmaid and I was told I wasn’t allowed to use a handbag on the day as it wouldn’t look right,” said Kate.

“I asked where I was supposed to keep all my stuff and she said, ‘Get someone to hold it for you.’”

13 “Pay $300 For Hair Extensions”


Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but you’re lucky to get away without paying a cent for the privilege. Expenses tend to build up as the big day draws near, but at some point, you have to draw a line.

A bridesmaid who goes by the handle ShinyShinyRedThings explained that her sister who was getting married wanted her to have a brown classic updo.

At the time, her hair was a cropped auburn bob. Not only was she asked to dye her hair, but she was also asked to purchase quality hair extensions for $300 so she could wear it up.

12 “Wear A Wig To Hide Everything”


One bridesmaid has told of her wedding horror story, which involved her being pressured to wear a wig in order to hide her short hair while standing by her friend’s side. In actual fact, her hair was short because it had become brittle due to her Grave’s disease and had begun to fall out in clumps.

The bride’s mother put an enormous amount of pressure on her because she didn’t want all the wedding photos ruined for her daughter. Now that is not laughable at all, but rather very sad...

11 “Bridesmaids Must Change The Way They Look To Fit In My Wedding”

Demanding that a friend lose a few pounds is beneath even the most obnoxious of bridezillas. Sadly, a former bridesmaid who goes by the name Yeehasmush online has revealed that this is exactly what happened to her.

At a size eight, she was the biggest of the bridesmaids and was ordered to drop pounds by the bride so they would all be the same size.

Perhaps some women would have signed up for Atkins, but this bridesmaid decided to keep eating cheeseburgers “to spite her.” Love it!

10 “Pull The Weeds Out Of The Garden”


Speaking of having your bridal party at your beck and call! One maid of honor explained that the bride was making all sorts of demands before the wedding day.

But the one that crossed the line was demanding that she come and pull the weeds out of her parents’ yard.

The reception was to take place there a few days later. The MOH didn’t reveal whether she agreed to get on her knees and do the weeding …

9 “Lie To The Groom For Me”


Ouff. Some brides don’t just demand you to push yourself physically for them. Oh, no. They also ask that you go against all of your morals and values and lie for them. “… I was tasked with lying to the groom,” said Brooke N. The groom in question already had suspicions about his soon to be wife’s loyalty, and he was right all along.

“The bride made me swear not to tell him, and when the groom asked me on the wedding day, I had to look him in the eyes and tell him he was crazy.” What's a bridesmaid to do?

8 “Come With Me To Miami For The Bachelorette Party”


Online user WillWorkForCats has revealed that her sister was required to travel to Miami for a bachelorette party, which in itself, isn’t so outrageous. But in this case, it was quite the request.

For starters, the bridesmaids had to pay for their own tickets and accommodations.

And it wasn’t the kind of bachelorette party you might be thinking of either, as the girls spent the entire time going to spas and had to be in bed by 10 pm. “She also only booked two hotel rooms with one bed each, for eight women.”

7 “Convince Me To Go Through With This”


Jen L. served as a bridesmaid to her cousin but was put in quite a tricky position when the bride asked her to convince her to walk down the aisle. We guess she was getting cold feet, but then again, that shouldn't be a reason to call off an entire wedding, should it?

“About twenty minutes before the ceremony, she pulled me into the bathroom and told me she didn’t want to do this. Her mom came into the bathroom and said if she didn’t go through with it, she’d have to pay her back for the whole wedding … I had to practically drag her to the ceremony and down the aisle.”

6 “Keep The Groom Sober”


Poor Wendy W. was given the huge task of keeping the groom sober on his own wedding day. “She tossed me in front of him and said I had to keep him from taking shots, even if that meant taking them myself before he had the chance,” she explained.

Essentially, she had to babysit the not-so-sober groom the entire day.

"He drank a lot, but less than usual because I was annoying him and the guys to stop. I [drank] too because I had to take shots all day. It was ugly and just annoying to me that I had to do this for the bride.”

5 “Come To My Wedding Instead Of Seeing Sick Family Members”


A good friend’s wedding is an important event, and understandably, it is a priority. But there are some things that are even higher on the list of importance. “My girlfriend was supposed to be a bridesmaid for a friend, but we found out about a week or two before the wedding that [her] mom … was terminally ill and didn’t have much time left,” explained Hertz037. “We decided to spend that weekend with mom instead, and not once did the friend ask how my girlfriend was doing, if she needed anything, nothing.”

We think this bride really needs to learn a thing or two about importance...

4 “Buy Two Bridesmaids Dresses”


Bridesmaids dresses can be expensive, so if the bridal party is paying for their own dresses, they kind of need to be in everybody’s price range.

Unfortunately for Shelly B., her bride friend demanded not one, but two dresses from her.

“She told me that as her maid of honor, I had to do what she wanted and that meant buying two dresses. I spent $500 on two dresses I’ll never wear again. It was ridiculous, and I wish I just said no to her to begin with.”

3 “Pay For Half My Wedding Dress”


Some bridesmaids have to pay for their own dresses, that's pretty common actually, but it’s pretty unheard of for them to have to all pitch in for the bride’s dress, too. A bridesmaid going by the name of OPKC actually said that if she wanted to be in her sister’s wedding party, she had to pay for half of her wedding dress.

“She found a dress she loved that was way out of her budget. She tried to get me to agree to split the cost of the dress with her and [said that I could] wear it when I got married (I didn’t have a serious boyfriend at the time).”

2 “Wear This Short Dress That Shows A Little Too Much Skin”


Does anyone really love the bridesmaids dress they have to wear? If you do, then you should definitely consider yourself lucky, because that's not a common feeling. But still, there’s a pretty big difference between having to wear a dress that’s ugly and having to wear a dress that is super revealing and makes you feel super uncomfortable (in front of family, no less).

One bridesmaid, ViralPlant, admitted that her dress was an orange and red mini that was cut at a cross in the middle: “I had to sit with my bouquet on my lap and hope not to flash 350 guests whilst sat on a stage some five feet above ground level.”

1 “Flirt With The Groomsmen”


Cristy P. was prepared to do whatever her bride friend wanted on her big day.

In this case, that meant including flirting with the groomsmen and showing them a good time.

“One of the deals the bride made with me was that if I flirted with the groomsmen and made sure they had fun, I could pick out any bridesmaid dress I wanted,” she admitted. “So I did. I had to flirt with them before the wedding and [introduced them to] my single friends.” Ummm, what on Earth?!

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