The Most Creative Face Paint Ever

Halloween is right around the corner which means that everyone is planning what to do for an epic costume this year. One way to take your costume to the next level is to add some awesome face paint. this can transform your whole look as you really become the character you are trying to be.

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We have uncovered some of the most creative face paints that people have come up with over the years. These will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and create a truly amazing outfit. Keep reading to learn about ten of the most creative face paints!

10 Become A Piece Of Abstract Art

Face painting is an art, which is why some of the best are based on different paintings. You could base your artwork off of several different artists like Pollock, Delaunay, or Rothko. This idea could be ditched altogether and you could create your own personal masterpiece that is unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

You will become a walking and talking masterpiece that everyone will be talking about this Halloween. It might take a steady hand and a few mistakes, but the end result will be nothing short of a miracle.

9 Let Your Skin Melt Away

This was a combination of face paint and some 3D props that were added to her face, but the end result is something we all wish we could achieve. This look was created by a true artist as it looks like her face is really melting away to expose the skeleton underneath.

It is quite scary, but it is also beautiful in a sense as it highlights her best features. Not everyone will be able to pull off this look, but those that will go down in history as epic face painters.

8 Join The Stars

Not all looks have to be complicated to be considered amazing, and this constellation makeup is one of those. It is simplistic in design as it is similar to watercolor paintings in a sense, but the layout and small added details are what make this one of the most creative designs we have ever seen.

She even matched the color of the galaxy to her hair, and it would make for an epic costume. If you are a fan of astronomy or the galaxy then this is one look you should consider trying this Halloween.

7 Robots Are The Future

The future always discusses the coming of intelligent robots, which is why this face paint is so perfect. She captures the essence of a humanoid robot in this look between the metallic paint and the sharp lines that define her face.

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This paint could even be useful for fans of Marvel who wish to look like Nebula, as the same concept applies for that costume as well. It is hard not to be jealous of the skill of the artist who created this paint as every detail was captured in this modern rendition of a robot.

6 Become A Creepy Kitty

Many of us have a love for cats and dressing up as our cats for Halloween. This creative face paint is a bit creepy, but it is the perfect mask to wear this frightening season. You will transform into people's worst nightmare, while still honoring your furry friend as you travel from house to house for candy. Armed with your Cheshire cat smile, you will blow away the competition with your epic face paint that few are able to replicate.

5 Make Farming Beautiful

This is a masterpiece that deserves to be hanging on someone's wall, but instead, this girl had it applied to her face. The way the artist managed to define her face with the rooster amazes us and the color scheme was a perfect match for her hair.

Her lips almost seem caged in by the rooster's tail feathers, and this alone takes our breath away. It gives new life to farming as we appreciate that this can be an art form, as much as it is a career.

4 Give Yourself A Bigger Mouth

If you want something simple, that will still bring a scare out of your fellow patrons who are out on Halloween, then you should try and replicate this look. This paint gives the illusion that your mouth is prepared to swallow anyone whole between your razor-sharp teeth and the black abyss at the back of your throat.

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When you pair it with some crazy eyes it will truly sell the fact that you are looking for trouble. Children will run from you in fear and even a few adults might be screaming for their own mothers if you decide to copy this creative face paint this year.

3 Pumpkins Are Standard Every Halloween

People carve and eat pumpkins during Halloween, but many also choose to dress up as one during this season. These costumes lean toward a scary jack-o-lantern, and it only works when the person has some creative face paint.

They seek to hide the human underneath as you turn into a deadly orange predator of the night. The darkness of your eyes and the checkered smile, combined with the lines of the pumpkin down your face will make your outfit complete.

2 Who Doesn't Want To Be A Mermaid?

The tale of the mermaid comes from that of sirens, who were girls that would sing sailors to their death. They were beautiful and had long glittery tails, and this is the part that many people choose to focus on when dressing up for Halloween.

This face paint, in particular, is beautiful, but it also gives off some sinister vibes that one might relate more with sirens. The darkness of her eyes combined with the scales lining her blue skin gives her the appearance of an ethereal being that we may or may not fear.

1 Transform Into Your Favorite Princess And Predator

This costume combines both Jasmine, the princess from Aladdin, and her tiger named Rajah. It brings Disney into the adult world as the scratches portray a falling out between the princess and her pet, while still allowing you to show your tiger stripes. You can choose the beauty of the princess with the power of the tiger into a singular costume with this creative face paint, and it is like nothing we have ever seen before.

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