24Aquarius (Him): Taking Forever To Make A Move

The Aquarius guy is a social butterfly. No one knows what he's going to do next so he's definitely not boring or dull. He also has trouble making decisions and can overthink absolutely everything. The most embarrassing thing that he does when he's in love is it takes him forever

to make a move.

He just can't seem to let the girl of his dreams know that she's, well, the girl of his dreams. He's going to think it over for way too long... and he's also going to be annoyed with himself since he'll realize that if he had just asked her out earlier, he could have saved a whole bunch of time. But this is just the way that it goes for the Aquarius man. He can't help it. He'll be embarrassed, though, because he won't believe how long it takes him to finally ask her out on a first date.

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